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Fukigen na Jiin [不機嫌なジーン]



Drama Details
Title:Fukigen na Jiin
Grumpy Gene
Telecast:2005-01-17 to 2005-03-28
Season:Winter 2005

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:11 Episodes

Yoshiko Aoi has just started her career as an "ethologist" to study animal behavior.

As a dedicated researcher, her whole life seems to revolve around insects and animal behaviour... so much so, that her involvement with men, including Minamihara Takashi, a Professor and her ex-boyfriend, can be analyzed using her research.

This drama takes you into the world of science, and through various incidents resulting and various theories, reveals the truth behind human nature.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (2)
1. Feel My Soul [YUI]
2. Lover's Concerto [Sarah Vaughan]

Actor/Actress Cast (15)
Takeuchi Yuko
Aoi Yoshiko
蒼井仁子 (23)
Uchino Masaaki
Minamihara Takashi
南原孝史 (35)
Kobayashi Satomi
Jinguuji Jun
神宮寺潤 (36)
Kikawada Masaya
Shiraishi Kenichi
白石健一 (23)
Odagiri Joe
Katsuta Hayato
勝田隼人 (27)
Hirayama Horiyuki
Wakasa Muneo
若狭宗夫 (28)
Okada Yoshinori
Abe Keita
阿部啓太 (23)
Inoue Noriko
Maoka Sachiko
真岡早智子 (23)
Yamada Yu
Yamagawa Miyuki
柳川美幸 (21)
Ootaka Akira
Mitsui Shigehito
三井茂人 (40)
Kobayashi Shun
Sasaki Kyouta
佐々木京太 (22)
Motai Masako
Yoshida Kei
吉田佳 (50)
Itou Masayuki
Yotsuya Yuuya
四谷雄哉 (40)
Cheon Jeong Myeong
Sakurai Yuusuke
桜井祐介 (22)
Jinnai Takanori

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Drama Reviews (10)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Fukigen na Jiin [Rating: 9/10]
This is an unfortunate example of an intelligent comedy completely destroyed by the translation. Initially I bought this series in the Japanese language version. Since I found this comedy very well-written and intelligently executed, I decided to buy it with English subtitles from Singapore so that my non-Japanese speaking family members could also enjoy the drama. Unfortunately, the translation is abominable. It is not just inaccurate, but it has completely changed the story and the characters.
Of course, it would be impossible to provide a �gperfect�h translation to this type of comedy with fast-paced dialogue. Some mistakes are easily identifiable such as �geggplants�h translated as �gtomatoes�h in the scene where Yoshiko is experimenting in organic farming with ladybugs in a greenhouse full of eggplants.
Some of the simplifications or losses of nuance may be tolerated: such as the word �gitoshii [meaning an affection for something precious]�h simply becoming �gcute�h in the translation. Some mistakes are actually funny: such as �gbulky prince�h (correct translation is �gaging prince�h (the rescuing scene in the mountain: the translator mistook �gfuketa (aging)�h as �gfuyaketa (swollen, sodden).�h
What is inexcusable is the translator�fs lack of respect for this award winning script, arbitrarily changing the story and the characters when the translator does not understand the dialogue. (The playwright, Mika Omori (woman), received the prestigious Mukoda Award for the best TV script in 2005).
Here are some examples.
Correct translation
�gWhen my hair has become elegantly silver-gray.�h�@[Minamihara to Jinguji in the gym where he is fantasizing about seeing a long-lost daughter. He does not like parental responsibility, but like to have a child to hold and to give new year�fs presents.] �gWhen I become a play-boy�h (subtitle)

�gSometimes it is OK to feel that you want to be coddled.�h (In the bathing scene, Minamihara to fully-clothed Yoshiko, comforting her.) �gBehave like a woman�h (subtitle)
[mistaking �gamaeru (want to be pampered, ask for a favor)�h as �gama = a derogatory way of calling women]
If anything happens to you, I�fll find you a new research lab job.�h [Minamihara to Yoshiko, who is worried about losing her job.] �gIf anything happens [, I�f]m looking for [a] new researcher.�h [Here the subtitle indicates Minamihara is threatening Yoshiko whereas in fact he is comforting her.]

�hI am a petty man.�h [Minamihara is talking about his lack of courage, not a social position] �gI am a low position (subtitle)�h

�graise the child together�h [Minamihara, a parting scene toward the last.] �gfoster him (subtitle)�h [as if Minamihara was ordering Yoshiko to raise his son. The Japanese original says a child, not the son, and also raising the child �gtogether.�h]
There are numerous other serious mistakes.
Reviewed by Tokumei on 23 March 2007
2. What a disappointment [Rating: 5/10]
I think it is the first time I fast-forward the end of a j-dorama.

The dorama is set up to be a romantic comedy between 2 lead characters, with a third one who comes for a few episodes to make the romance last a little longer. There is a recurrent theme with insects at each episode to bring some different flavor to the show, and some second plan characters to add some comic relief.

Unfortunately, even with a popular and talented lead actress (Takeuchi Yuko), this dorama proves that putting the ingredients together is not enough, it needs something more. Everything in this series is not good enough.
- The story is not elaborate enough, some episodes seem just to be dragging
- The relationship between the 2 main characters is superficial
- The acting is so-so (Takeuchi Yuko is great as usual but that is not enough to make it up for the other actors)
- The references to the insects might be fun the first couple of times, then it becomes forced into the story
- The comic relief is far from good.

I am a big fan of Takeuchi Yuko and this is what took me to the end of the dorama, and made me give it a 5, but all in all, it is a disappointment.
Reviewed by Jackykero on 13 February 2009
3. Scattered.... [Rating: 6/10]
This is a simple love story with insects as its main setting. I had a hard time seeing anything special with the plot and as the drama progressed, anything that was interesting from the beginning just fell apart. I couldn't see where the love story was going,and neither of the two guys(one in the beginning and one at the end) made any difference to the general development of the overall plot. This whole drama is tied loosely on the study of insects and although there are some interesting and rather creative cinematagraphic scenes, it didn't hold my attention at all. The main guy basically tries to win her back throughout the whole series, and the stories jumps from present to future to past, making it difficult to really relate to any of the moods the drama is trying to convey.
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 17 September 2005
4. Pleasant distraction [Rating: 7/10]
Definitely not one of Yuko-chan best work but if you can drop any pre-expectation that you have and just enjoy the show as it it, you would find yourself pleasantly entertained by it.

The story, set around biology (especially the study of insect), is essentially at its heart a love story. It talks about how Jinko (yuko-chan's character) goes through her life (5 years in all, 2000-2005) and falling in and out of love, much in the mould of tokyo love story, albeit more lighthearted.

Well it is enjoyable to see yuko-chan and uchino-san let go of themselves and be totally dramatic (as compared to the restrained actings of many today's series). Overall, it is a enjoyable outing as you follow Jinko-san through life's ups and downs. But don't expect any oscar-winning story tho:)
Reviewed by dashx on 29 September 2005
5. A bit of a mess [Rating: 5/10]
Takeuchi Yuko is such a likeable actress but is pretty much wasted in this drama. There's very little logical flow to the series and there was only about three episodes worth of plot; the whole thing felt very drawn out. The lead male character is not particularly endearing and Uchino Masaaki's poor acting didn't help matters. There just wasn't much interest in seeing the two leads get together. If you're looking for a romantic comedy/drama there are many more better choices.
Reviewed by johnjeon on 30 April 2008
6. Huge Disappointment [Rating: 6/10]
I was expecting a lot... given the cast. This drama started off strong, but lost it's speed really fast. By the end I felt it was a huge disappointment. It's really forgettable, there is little chemistry between the characters, and some of the plot is just ridiculous. I hope these actors make better choices in future!
Reviewed by Wynter on 20 November 2011
7. LOVE IT [Rating: 8/10]
Woo..I got so glued on this dorama..I really got to have it once it's available on DVD or VCD..hehehe.. you really got to watch it.
So hilarious and unpredictable...too..the kind of love story that I like!! well done Yuko!
Never thought she has great chemistry with Uchino Masaaki.
Reviewed by Akakage on 5 March 2005
8. Below expectations [Rating: 3/10]
Didn't like this dorama very much, Takeuchi's character got quite irritating in many parts of this dorama. I've only watched the 1st 5 episodes and the last episode. And when i saw the ending, I didn't even feel like watching the rest of the dorama, waste of my $$
Reviewed by momoechan on 13 July 2005
9. Enjoyable [Rating: 8/10]
From the creator of Long Love Letter and Queen of Lunch comes this new series. So far so good on the love triangle with Yuko as its apex. Uchino is cooler than what he was in Love Generation, too.
Reviewed by UWFShooter on 12 February 2005
10. Kikawada Masaya ^_^ [Rating: 8/10]
Only watched 3 episodes but quite interesting and special! Kikawada Masaya is very cute in this drama, like him so much!!!
Reviewed by clcs85 on 13 February 2005

Comments From Users (41)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by SayaOtonashi [Rating: 6/10]
At first I could not guess what they were trying to explain with this story. There's a brilliant female researcher, a prideful ex, and a gentle guy who seems to be put in the story just to create a 'love triangle' so the show lasted a bit more. My thoughts are that they were trying to explain the 'truth' behind each person's life: why we get in love, what we expect from our partner, why we feel upset or betrayed, why we keep failing and repeating the same mistakes. I liked the show, and I sincerely think that the complicity between Jinko and Minamihara is one of the best ones I've ever seen: they made a wonderful couple and you could truly think they were made for each other. It was a surprise to see Uchino Masaaki in this one; I had only seen him in JIN and I absolutely loved him as Sakamoto Ryoma: he's also great in Fukigen. Also the scientific details were OK for me, but all that insect thing was a bit forced from my point of view.
2. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 5/10]
This drama, although it had a somewhat interesting and comical premise, did not have a strong plot or romantic story. Takeuchi Yuko, as great an actress as she is, annoyed me to some degree with her character. Also the use of comparing and contrasting humans to animals and insects was innovative at first but quickly became boring because it was overused and abused to say the least.

The worst thing about this drama is that there were many parts where the story seemed to just drag. It moved terribly slow and there is little to no motivation to continue watching it.
3. Comments by occultangle [Rating: 7/10]
I found the plot pretty much totally uninteresting, but it is a good role for Takeuchi Yuko, and her performance carries the show. It is also decently humorous, and I liked the sequential relationships she is involved in. However, both the male characters are frankly speaking assholes, and considering that, I think the ending was perhaps appropriate, but it certainly wasn't satisfying. I guess I would sum it up as sort of a "mixed bag".
4. Comments by natzumi [Rating: 9/10]
Depsite the bad magazine reviews about the show, I really enjoyed this drama. Yuko did a great job playing a not-so-cheerful character who great passion for insects and scientific researh. This drama has it's funny, realistic and bitter sweet moments. It would be great interest for those who are into interest in genetics or biology.
As the theme song suggested, Fukigen na Jiin is 'Just as wonderful'.
5. Comments by rainbowglasss [Rating: 10/10]
This show can be funny at times, touching at times. First time animal behaviour is touched on in a jdorama that I had seen, and makes me believe that Yuko is one who likes animals & insects. I like the comical behaviour of Jinko, and the chemistry between Jinko and Minamihara (hilarious when they try to catch the animal in the toilet).
6. Comments by AngelXing [Rating: 8/10]
I found it really cute how Aoi was so obssesed with bugs bugs bugs and nothing else but bugs. But it came to a point that she was overly obssessed with bugs that she neglected her point. Not a good thing....i was rooting that she'll be with Kenichi..but...Anyway...Joe Odagiri was really 'a character' here...suits him...:)
7. Comments by yume [Rating: 10/10]
Still watching with bated breath. Absolutely hilarious. Reminiscent of great comedies with perfect timing such as TRICK, Gokusen, etc. Takeuchi shines like the star she is! Supporting cast is unbelievably good.
8. Comments by williu [Rating: 7/10]
To be honest, I just didn't get the point of this drama. The ending wasn't satisfying and in retrospective the whole show feels pointless. And the acting ranges from just okay to horrible.
9. Comments by v1olet [Rating: 7/10]
It's funny to compare human and animal behavior when they are in love. If you like biology, especially 'world of animal', you're gonna enjoy this dorama.
10. Comments by Signo [Rating: 6/10]
a boring, never ending love story. there are some funny parts and also some shoots are very nice, but it's not enough for more points...
11. Comments by Aunty Coco [Rating: ?/10]
Managed to watch only 1 episode cos the stupid disc was unreadable... Will con't after I exchange for better quality ones...
12. Comments by Alatariel [Rating: 6/10]
Explanations & experiments on insects are interesting enough. Story moves on a slow pace. Disappointed with the ending.
13. Comments by Wynter [Rating: 6/10]
This drama started off strong, but lost it's speed really fast. By the end I felt it was a huge disappointment. >>sigh<<
14. Comments by Megumi_Nagase [Rating: 2/10]
So boring! I didn't get throu ep. 3!!! Takeuchi Yuko's character is annoying as well as Uchino Masaki's one =/
15. Comments by glyq [Rating: 4/10]
i dnt like whoever the main guy character is... n the storyline its not attractive at all to me at least.
16. Comments by lovejdorama [Rating: ?/10]
avail for trade, 3-DVD English Subbed http://www.geocities.com/reddashay/jdorama.html
17. Comments by kamikaze54 [Rating: 1/10]
Don't waste your time on this drama. By far the worst drama I have ever watched.
18. Comments by loveaomori [Rating: 7/10]
nothing special in it but I liked the chemistry between the 2 main characters
19. Comments by ct_subang [Rating: 6/10]
a rather an unusual drama...liked Yuko in this one...she's just charming...
20. Comments by hikki88 [Rating: 7/10]
i wished they end up together :( .. if it so, it would hav been nice *lol*
21. Comments by Ikuko [Rating: 7/10]
Nice drama, funny, romantic and ecologic :) I really liked to watch it.
22. Comments by jdoramafreaks [Rating: 8/10]
���̂�Lover Concerto�D���ɂȂ���������I�ō��I�I�b�����\�����Ă�����
23. Comments by laylowmay [Rating: 5/10]
Even my love for Yuko couldn't help me finish this boring drama.
24. Comments by syahir [Rating: 7/10]
you devote your life to wht u study...indeed a noble effort....
25. Comments by jessiesoon [Rating: 7/10]
i really love takeuchi yuko's acting...
she is really good!!
26. Comments by lilly_pad [Rating: 4/10]
i couldn't understand the relationship. love is nonsensical
27. Comments by Jackykero [Rating: 5/10]
Takeuchi Yuko is good, as usual.
All the rest is mediocre.
28. Comments by Jewell4 [Rating: 2/10]
Still find a time to finish it up. Kinda booooring ...
29. Comments by momo_chan [Rating: 10/10]
its soooooo funni!!!! and i love the songs!!!!!
30. Comments by NurulMayfair [Rating: 7/10]
interesting, not happy wit the ending though..

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