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Odagiri Joe オダギリジョー ( Joe Odagiri )

NameOdagiri Joe

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Odagiri Joe

After graduation from College of Arts at the California State University, Joe Odagiri set foot in the lime light as a model which later on landed him a role as ...

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Filmography (24)
Juhan Shuttai! [2016]
Iokibe Kei
Okashi no Ie [2015]
Sakurai Taro
桜井太郎 (33)
Yume wo Ataeru [2015]
Shinya Shokudo Season 3 [2014]
深夜食堂 3
River's Edge Ookawabata Tanteisha [2014]
リバースエッジ 大川端探偵社
Alice no Toge [2014]
Nishimon Yusuke
Yae no Sakura [2013]
Niijima Jo
Kazoku no Uta [2012]
Hayakawa Seigi
Toshi Densetsu no Onna [2012]
Kaga Haruki (epi. 9)
Atami no Sousakan [2010]
Shinya Shokudo [2009]
Boku no Imoto [2009]
Egami Mei
Kaette Kita Jikou Keisatsu Season 2 [2007]
帰ってきた時効警察 2
Jikou Keisatsu [2006]
霧山修一朗 (30)
Fukigen na Jiin [2005]
Katsuta Hayato
勝田隼人 (27)
Kaikyo wo Wataru Violin [2004]
Aikawa Sensei
Shinsengumi [2004]
Saito Hajime
Beginner [2003]
羽佐間 旬
Kao [2003]
西島耕輔 (27)
Satorare [2002]
Satomi Kenichi (27)
Tentai Kanzoku [2002]
Kisaki Takeshi
木崎タケシ (25)
Hatsu Taiken [2002]
Koda Atsushi
甲田 敦史 (23)
Le Parfum De La Jaolusie (Shitto no Kaori) [2001]
Visual Battle Season 2 [2001]

Users who voted for this artiste (100)
1. Patazilla
When I started watching dramas, Odagiri mainly seemed to star in films. Only having watched Satorare and Jikou Keisatsu for dramas, I already liked him for his film acting (it was Maison de Himiko in particular, which made me notice him, but there's lots worth watching). Odagiri sure stands out, having some special appeal that is hard to put into words. (His looks sure don't hurt, either.) He clearly is a versatile actor, portraying lots of different characters, but at the same time there is something unique that is visible in each role he plays. More current dramas I've watched include Kazoku no Uta and Juhan Shuttai!
2. anasstassia
I have encountered Joe Odagiri when I read about him playing a very unique roles in a movie. Since then, he has been selected and playing a various roles with a very outstanding performance. Despite his not so popular among young viewers ( an under rated actor I agreed) whom rarely knew him, he is one a a very talented actor out there and he will be go up further because of his pure talent and versatility.

I have watched a lot of Japanese actor, but he and Takuya is one of a few outstanding and impressive actor out there.

Joe, indeed will be continuing shining with his extremely excellent talent.
3. CiaoCiao
how did i describe the feeling when i saw his eyes on screen? it was definitely a shock!!! what a goodlooker with perfect acting! soooooooo talented, he has a magic power to grasp people's eyes at first sight! Odagari Joe would absolutely be part of backbone in Japanese TV shows and movies, furthermore i assume that being a super movie star seems to be much easier for Odagari Joe, such a gifted actor! as the proud of Japan, Odagari Joe's performance deserves to be kept eyes on!
4. wai
Been watching more of his shows before deciding whether to vote for him...hilarious in 'Hatsu Taiken', loving in 'Tentai Kanzoku' and showed all areas in Satorare...laughed and cried with the character. There's more but too much to type here... Definitely should give a vote to this great actor! ^_^
5. hirowei87
he's so cute!!! My 1st saw him was 2 years ago in KAO..I got attracted to him..he so cool in that drama..then I started to watch his movies and dramas..Platonic sex 2001 has already impressed me althought he just started his acting career not long before the dramas...
6. MixxDreamer
he's been and always will be my #1 ideal man for me heheh.. this guy can act!! i know he's also a model but ive never seen him model only in magazines, but yeah he has a great funny and serious expression, u should watch him on 'Satorare' made me cry every episode.
7. supaflysista21
Mr. Jo-Jo Odagiri. I thought he was the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen on the T. V. screen. Then I started watching a couple more of his films thats when I saw that he not only had the looks but He could act really well.
8. Q-chan
Love him a lot since Kamen Rider Kuuga! A very talented actor... Always act very good in every movie/dorama he played. Very successful in playing different characters. Can't wait to see his next project.
9. Tukata
Joe Odagiri... a true artist...he has so much to offer in acting.. one of the most talented actors in Japan. I think he will become a great actor one day soon..watch him closely...
10. ester_grace
He's so charming, handsome and georgeous. He is very talented actor, I love his funny character in satorare and the outstanding performance as a bishounen psycho in azumi.
11. Akakage
I always remember him as kamen Rider kuuga- the most gorgeous Kamen Rider ever. But now I will always see him as a good actor and not just another pretty face. GO JOE!!
12. ladyusagi
he's just got this uniqueness to him. it doesn't hurt that he's handsome either. i really like how he plays such quirky and eccentric characters
13. Mylene
Joe is one of the most talented actors i know. It could be enough to vote for him. But he is also very handsome man.
i just love him ^_^
14. joeodagiri
He is my most most most favourite actor,
from movies to dramas, he simply dazzles in everything that he is in! Joe Odagiri is BEAUTIFUL!
15. arumndalu
He is a great actor, he dares to act such a unique character that possible to make him look weird or ugly...
Luv Joe
16. monmon
great actors. can have many characters in different dramas. I'm totally impressed to see his acting in Satorare. It's amazing!
17. eugenia_b
my favourite actor so far.Even if I just watched 1 movie with him..But his perfomance in Azumi was just unspeakable, awesome!
18. Lady Zhuge
He's a very versatile and talented actor who's really cool and has this endearing look about him that grows and grows on you.
19. iez
i dont know why i votes him.... :p.... but he done very well in Tentai Kanzoku.... & Shinsengumi as well.....
20. arwenna
Versatile and hunky. This guy could act!!! Laughed and cried with him in all the doramas that I watched.
21. saille_rose
Yay, I finally found the vote button...oh hello I'm am a totally psycho fan fo his beautiful self.
22. milk
i know him bcos of kamen rider kuuga!!! wow... wat a great kamen rider!!! he's a good actor!!!
23. iedot
his good.. and cool. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not in this picture ;p but in satorare!!! ^_=)
24. Higa.*NkmYkie.fan*
He makes a nice couple with Ueto-san ^^
And looks so handsome in army's uniforme *-*
25. wintersweet
Bad photo above. But he's so very nice to look at as Saito Hajime in "Shinsengumi!"
26. addie
another actor that needs no explanation why i voted for him!! simply amazing!!
27. ainangst
captivating, very talented actor (he made me cry in satorare)..he's my type.
28. flowerman
Kamen Rider! I liko so...
He's very good looking man with his tall. Kakoiii
29. cami
I don't know what it is, but I just can't stop staring at his pictures
30. tabemonster
Japanese Johnny Depp? But somehow more approachable. Spiffy hair.

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