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87%~Watashi no Go-nen Seizonritsu [87%〜私の5年生存率]
Educational [Rating: 4/10]
Not much to comment about this dorama. Quite a bit of info is provided on how they go about checking for breast cancer & the treatment involved. Pretty informative for women in this era as breast cancer is on the rise but other than that, can't say much about the dorama, just felt very draggy, couldn't wait for it to end.
Anego [アネゴ]
Engaging dorama [Rating: 9/10]
Enjoyed the dorama, it's very funny & thought provoking at the same time, gets you thinking about certain moral issues & you wonder if social norms should change now that we're in the 21st century. Great performance by the cast, including the supporting actors, very enjoyable show.
Engine [エンジン]
Cool Kimura Takuya [Rating: 9/10]
Overall, I enjoyed this dorama, it's very heartwarming (seems like Spring is the time for children-related doramas, this and Ruri No Shima) and the children are so adorable. Kimura Takuya, as always, is very convincing in his role as a former F3 champion who's trying very to bring back the joys from his glory days. Everything in this dorama is perfect except for the forced romance between Kimura Takuya & Koyuki. I got a feeling that the writers were just trying to bring the 2 together quickly in the last episode eventho there weren't much romantic developments between the 2 of them throughout the dorama. It'd have been better left as a platonic relationship between the 2 of them. Hence, a 9 for this dorama instead of a 10.
Fukigen na Jiin [不機嫌なジーン]
Below expectations [Rating: 3/10]
Didn't like this dorama very much, Takeuchi's character got quite irritating in many parts of this dorama. I've only watched the 1st 5 episodes and the last episode. And when i saw the ending, I didn't even feel like watching the rest of the dorama, waste of my $$
Gokusen Season 2 [ごくせん2]
Too fake [Rating: 2/10]
Honestly, I don't understand the fuss over this dorama. The fighting scenes are all so fake, anyone can tell that Nakama Yukie is not a fighter and the 'fights' that she puts up are pure acting, it's even worse than the fake fights I see on WWF. I don't understand how she can win the award for Best Actor for this season, it doesn't take a genius to pretend to fight the way she did. The only saving grace for this dorama are the young kakoii actors, looks like they have a pretty good acting career ahead of them.
Hotman Season 2 [ホットマン2]
Hotman was better [Rating: 7/10]
I preferred the 1st Hotman due to a few reasons: 1. Nanami was younger & cuter 2. I liked the blossoming romance between Sorimachi & Yada and had hoped to see more of it in Hotman 2 but was disappointed that it wasn't continued 3. They changed actress for the eldest sister, Shima, which was totally way out cos they retained everyone else but her. I found it hard to accept her as the same sister in Hotman. otherwise, the dorama is pretty ok, the family bonding is still very strong amongst these siblings eventho it's been 2 years since we last saw them and they've each moved on in their lives.
Itoshi Kimie [愛し君へ]
Great story with superb casts [Rating: 10/10]
Wow, this show is fantastic. I'm re-introduced to Fujiki Naohito in this dorama. Did not realise that he was in GTO cos his character is very different in this dorama. The flow of the story is good and it helps that it's got a great ending :)
Kanojo ga Shinjyatta [彼女が死んじゃった]
Terrible dorama [Rating: 1/10]
If there's a ZERO rating, I'd rate it ZERO cos it's not even fit to be given a rating, it's THAT bad. It was a struggle trying to get thru the 1st disc. I quickly watched the last disc after that and I thought the story was too silly for me to continue watching the rest of the discs. what a waste of my money. And yes, I agree, Nagase's hair is terrible, someone should sack his hairstylist!
Koi ni Ochitara ~Boku no Seikou no Himitsu~ [恋におちたら〜僕の成功の秘密〜]
Enjoyable dorama [Rating: 8/10]
Not a fan of Kusanagi Tsuyoshi but I enjoyed Tsutsumi Shinichi 's acting. Overall, the show is watchable, with some good issues being mentioned, such as, to what extent will one go to be rich. And, the higher you climb, the harder you'll fall. My only problem with this dorama is that Kusanagi's character's supposed fantastic IT programming skills seem incredibly ridiculous. But of cos, this is a dorama and everything is always sensationalised so I can't blame the writers and producers in overdoing his supposed amazing programming skills. Oh yes, I also noticed a familiar caucasian face in this dorama. The actor who acted as a sports star in Last Christmas appears as a prolific opera singer here. Somehow, I couldn't quite picture him as this opera singer character cos i've already gotten a deep impression of him from Last Christmas. I'm glad that the dorama has a happy ending for all although I felt that the ending looked kind of rushed. Otherwise, it's a watchable dorama.
Last Christmas [ラストクリスマス]
Love it! [Rating: 10/10]
This is the best Xmas dorama I've seen so far. The chemistry between the 2 leads are so good and the plot is fantastic. I'm inspired to go do Yellow Knief to see the Aurora Lights! Even my husband, who doesn't watch doramas liked this dorama, so, what else do I need to say? :)
M no Higeki [Mの悲劇]
Interesting Plot [Rating: 9/10]
I like mystery shows and this show definitely appealed to me although the 1st few episodes were very disturbing as Hasegawa's character is too psychotic for my liking. But overall, the plot was fantastic and the acting was good also.
Medaka [めだか]
Ok only [Rating: 5/10]
Actually, bought this dorama by accident cos they put "Gokusen" as the english title of this dorama on the cover of the VCD box and I thought this is the first part of the Nakama Yukie Gokusen series. I thought the producers had cast the wrong person for the lead role as Mimura didn't look like she fitted in this role, her acting was very fake and I thought she was trying to act cute throughout the show. I felt that the supporting characters put up a better performance and I wouldn't have continued watching this dorama if not for them.
Mother and Lover [マザー&ラヴァー]
Entertaining dorama [Rating: 9/10]
I enjoyed this dorama cos I liked the story and it also helps that the producers have included eye candies in this dorama to make the show more endearing :) Ridiculous as it may sound, I think it's amazing that a grown man like Sakaguchi Kenji's character can still shower so much love and attention on his mother. He's definitely a rare bread and it's refreshing to see a man who doesn't mind showing his love for his mom once in a while. Shinohara Ryoko's character is very comical and she's always a pleasure to watch, it's no wonder she won an award for her role in this dorama. Overall, this dorama is definitely entertaining and you shouldn't miss it.
Ningen no Shoumei [人間の証明]
Interesting plot [Rating: 9/10]
This has got to be one of the most intriguing doramas I've seen to date, I like the different twists & turns and how each character is sort of connected to another in this dorama. I thought Takenouchi put up a really good performance in this dorama. My only dissatisfaction with this dorama is the fakeness in using a Japanese man and covering him with black paint and an afro weak so as a disguise him as a half Japanese, half black man. It's so fake. And for someone who grew up in the US, this character can't speak English to save his life, the producers should have spent more effort in hiring a more suitable person to act as Johnny.
Pride [プライド]
Ice Hockey at its best [Rating: 7/10]
One can never get tired of looking at Kimura Takuya. He's so convincing in his roles and I wouldn't believe it if he'd never played ice hockey prior to the filming of this dorama, he's a natural. I enjoyed this dorama also because it gives me a feel good feeling and of cos, I like happy endings :)
Ruri no shima [瑠璃の島]
Heartwarming drama [Rating: 8/10]
Pretty hardwarming drama, and it's amazing how a tiny island in Japan with less than 60 inhabitants tries to survive in a modernised world. Some pretty good lessons to learn from this drama as well, especially from an 11 year old gal (ie Ruri, the protaganist in this dorama). Normally, I would have fast forwarded the dorama to get it over with but for this drama, I patiently sat thru all episodes without forwarding it. It also helps that the characters in this dorama are all pleasant looking, especially Takenouchi Yutaka ;)
Sekai no chuushin de, ai wo sakebu [世界の中心で、愛をさけぶ]
Fantastic [Rating: 10/10]
I hesitated buying this drama cos i hate sob stories, only bought it recently cos it's selling for $9 at TS. And am I glad I bought it. I've only seen 3 episodes but wow, I'm already blown over by this wonoderful dorama, it's simply the BEST!
Tiger & Dragon [タイガー&ドラゴン]
Japanese version of "xiang shen" [Rating: 10/10]
This is the first time i've seen rakugo, never knew that the japanese have this. I'm amazed at how well the stories are interwoven in this dorama, the writer & director did a good job in giving a modern touch to old rakugo tales. Very engaging performance by the cast as well, though sometimes exagerated, i think it's necessary in this drama, else it'll not be what it is. Definitely a must watch for a different kind of dorama.
Umizaru [海猿]
Great movie to view cool hunks [Rating: 7/10]
Ok, this is definitely a typical macho movie where the guys get to flex their muscles and show off their superiority but it's also a very enlightening movie, never knew much about the dangers divers had to go through till I watched this movie. It's also a movie for us gals to drool and the hunks in this movie, the guys certainly worked out well to show off their well toned bodies here. One of my fav scenes in this movie is of them in their birthday suits standing at the full length window looking out into the sea, phew, the temperature in my room rose to an all time high! hee hee As the rest have said, it's mainly about the importance of the buddy system in this movie and about male bonding and working as a team and having faith in ur team. I'm looking forward to watching the dorama once it becomes available in vcd later this year.
Umizaru [海猿]
Fantastic [Rating: 9/10]
Although this dorama was released last year, I've only recently managed to find the vcd. I must say, if not for the quality of the vcd which i'd bought (it's original & yet it's not perfect), watching this dorama would have been a joy. The production team & cast put in a lot of work into this dorama, in terms of filming all the challenging underwater scenes. Although focus was on how Senzaki evolved to be a top notch JCG diver, I was glad that the romance between Senazki & Kanna went well :) I thought that it's good that the writers have included the personal lives of these divers so it gives them a well rounded personality & a better understanding of the sacrifices they have to make for the love of their job. Overall, great dorama, well paced without much dull moment.
Wonderful Life [ワンダフルライフ]
Love it [Rating: 8/10]
I think this is the kind of dorama where you either love it or hate it. I love it cos I'm a Sorimachi fan and I think he did well in this dorama and it's refreshing to see him act as a selfish and inconsiderate father/husband. The little children in this dorama are very adorable too. Watch it if you're a Sorimachi fan.
Yume de Aimashou [夢で逢いましょう]
So-so dorama [Rating: 5/10]
Nothing fantastic about this dorama, in fact, there's no specific high or low points in this dorama. I agree with kinkitsuyo, Yada & Oshio just do not look loving enough to convince me that they are truly in love with each other and will go through all difficulties to get married. As mentioned before, it's mainly a dorama about a father and daughter relationship and a father's reluctance to let his daughter be married off because he thinks no man is ever good enough for his precious princess. Pity that Yada and Oshio wasted their talents in such a lacklustre dorama. Only watch this if you've nothing else to watch.


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