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Itoshi Kimie [愛し君へ]



Drama Details
Title:Itoshi Kimie
To the One I Love
Telecast:2004-04-19 to 2004-06-28
Season:Spring 2004

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:11 Episodes

What if the one you love were destined to lose his eyesight in three months?

What would you like him to see last?

If you were him, what would you want to see last?

Shiki Tomokawa is a new pediatrician who is enjoying her life. She falls in love with Shunsuke, a cameraman, who is destined to lose his eyesight in a couple of months. How will Shiki react when she finds out Shunsuke's destiny?

"To the One I Love" takes place in two contrasting cities—in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, and in the peaceful city of Nagasaki, and depicts both the joys and sadness of life, and the interaction with family and friends.
Fuji TV

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 Itoshi Kimie
Itoshi Kimie


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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (3)
1. Ikitoshi Ikeru Mono e 生きとし生ける物へ [Moriyama Naotaro 森山直太朗]LYRICS ]
2. Itoshii Kimi E 愛し君へ [Moriyama Naotaro 森山直太朗]LYRICS ]
3. Sakura さくら [Moriyama Naotaro 森山直太朗]LYRICS ]

Actor/Actress Cast (14)
Fujiki Naohito
Anmo Shunsuke
安曇俊介 (31)
Kanno Miho
Tomokawa Shiki
友川四季 (26)
Itoh Misaki
Asakura Ai
浅倉亜衣 (26)
Tamaki Hiroshi
Orihara Shingo
折原新吾 (26)
Moriyama Mirai
Tomokawa Mitsuo
友川満雄 (17)
Yachigusa Kaoru
Anmo Yoshie
安曇良枝 (62)
Izumiya Shigeru
Tomokawa Tetsuo
友川鉄雄 (55)
Tokito Saburo
Furuya Keisuke
降谷圭輔 (44)
西谷陽平 (24)
Yajima Kenichi
小笠原行彦 (45)
Kurotani Tomoka
高泉諒子 (27)
Shida Mirai
Yamada Natsumi

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Drama Reviews (26)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Tug at the heartstrings [Rating: 9/10]
After watching this drama, I remember staring at a lush tree, thinking how beautiful it truly was. The power of sight can be overlooked in our daily lives, but this drama stirs me to think ponderously of hypothetical questions of 'what ifs?', and begin to appreciate life and its beauty much more.

The story embraces the progression and struggles of a famed photographer played by Fujiki Naohito who's about to go blind in 3 months, and the support he receives from an unlikely love interest. Fujiki incorporates his rather complex role a heart and frailty to a character that can be construed as delusional and headstrong, giving a great, breakthrough performance. In every episode, the story is beautifully enveloped with insightful and deliberative thoughts by Shiki, played perfectly by Kanno Miho, that adds a reflective depth to the story.

The development of the storyline is wonderfully-paced, with gorgeous sceneries and a solid supporting cast. The theme of family is prevalent in the drama, weaving it with both touching and funny moments. It's very much true that this drama is tears-inducing but it's not too maudlin and not contrived in being sentimental. The last scene will surely create a huge lump in your throat and poses a strong and lasting impact. Highly-recommended.
Reviewed by Mint on 8 May 2008
2. Nothing special [Rating: 5/10]
Ugh. After hearing all the rave reviews, I was expecting a masterpiece.

I guess my expectations were too high?

I found Itoshi Kimie to be completely underwhelming. We've seen these characters before. We've seen this romantic set-up before. What annoyed me the most, overall, is that we have seen these plot points before. Rather than being touched by the inspiring dialogue, I found myself rolling my eyes at the unoriginality. Every aspect of this drama felt very contrived and forced. It was hard for me to make any emotional connection with these characters because they never felt like real human beings. It felt like they were just going through the motions, wherever the screenwriter would take them. As another poster said, you could have replaced his disease with any other life threatening one and you would have gotten the same result. And that�fs�c.disappointing.
Reviewed by spazzy06 on 6 February 2011
3. Who Says Love is Blind? [Rating: 7/10]
There was nothing unique about this drama, perhaps "blindness" as the only special theme. But that could have easily been subsituted with a "guy has a few months to live" instead of "a few months left to see". Other than that, it's the classic formula: guy and girl meet, they go through a lot of pushing each other away, and finally after the girl nearly exhausts herself, the guy finally comes to his senses and goes after the girl (but that's also because all the side characters come in and save the day).
It's still a good drama though; they did a great job with the cinematography, and they were excellent in developing the plot. It's just that this formula has been done so many times in the past and in so many recent dramas that I felt it was just plain. Again, for this kind of drama following this kind of storyline, it's as good as any.
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 5 January 2006
4. Heart-wrenching dorama [Rating: 10/10]
Wow... the writer really knows how to squeeze tears from viewers... I cried from the first episode right till the last. This is a really touching dorama, it left my heart feeling warm long after watching it. The relationship between Shunsuke and the children, Shiki with her family, and Shunsuke's struggle against himself and Shiki's support all the way... simply must watch.
This series reminds me a bit of Virgin Road, not with the storyline but more to the same tear-jerking and warmth effect... The most memorable part is the final scene, when Shunsuke is finally losing his eyesight (it's not a spoiler cos we all know it's gonna happen anyway), it's just one of the best ending scene in a dorama that I ever watched (T^T) If u gotta watch one episode only, watch the last scene!!!! It's the most worth-watching 3 minutes scene I ever seen!
Reviewed by c_linxi on 5 September 2004
5. very very touching and heart warming [Rating: 9/10]
I love Naohito Fujiki, he never fail to make me love him more with his shows. what i want to say about this show had been said by other viewers here. I found the first two discs average, but started crying from the 3rd discs to the last 8th. I am so touched by Miho's love for him, i am also very touched when his mother said she wanted to donate her eyes to him. I also kinda like the rich girlfriend, i don't know if she could hang on as long as miho if Azumi had chosen her, but I admire her love too, don't you? and her dad's support... there is so much love in this show, and yet it is not the cheesy and overdoing type, just so natural....

Naohito's face a little sunken, please eat more and take care of yourself if you are reading this (fat hope i know.). But he is still my dashing naohito. Hope to see more good show from him.
Reviewed by ladyelf on 1 December 2004
6. Great romance - superb acting [Rating: 9/10]
Although this romance is triggered by the blindness of the male character, it is not like the other tearjerkers where one of the 2 lovers is about to die. I watched this dorama as a wonderfully written romance. The story is without too big surprises (except for the expected twists to the plot) but well written anyway, all actors are very good (as always Kanno Miho is unbelievably good), and the love story unfolds at a perfect pace along the episodes.

The dorama in itself is funny, light and enjoyable, at no moment dark or depressing, it is really a wonderful and fun Love Story.

Recommended for anyone looking for a good Love Story (compare it to Long Vacation)
Reviewed by Jackykero on 19 May 2008
7. One of the best fighting-with-illness series [Rating: 10/10]
The first three episodes of this series weren't very convincing to me, there were way too many cheesy lines and corny scenes.
But eventually all the characters started to grow on me, and I was completely drawn into the series.

Kanno Miho, although there were few lines that sounded a bit too unenthusiastic, gave a solid performance. I used to dislike Fujiki Naohito's acting and thought he was all about the looks, but he was great here.
Many beautiful scenes, memorable lines, and an EXTREMELY strong ending. It's one of those rare series that you won't get bored of even when you watch it for the second time.
Reviewed by 8thSin on 11 November 2007
8. The Eyes The Eyes... [Rating: 10/10]
Another amazing and heartfelt performance by Kanno Miho, as a pediatric intern who fell in love with a photographer (played by Fujiki Naohito) who's destined to lose his eyesight in a few months. The ironic thing is that in real life Kanno Miho's eyesight is probably much worse than that of Fujiki Naohito, because Kanno Miho has serious myopia and has to wear contacts. I think this at least in part contributes to the very unique and mesmerizing stares and blinks that are the trademarks of Kanno Miho. Her eyes are so oddly expressive that they can almost tell a story by themselves ^^
Reviewed by Ming on 2 January 2007
9. one of the best dramas [Rating: 9/10]
with fujiki naohito & kanno miho leading, i knew it was going to be heart-warming n tear-jerking :) nevertheless, both leads gave excellent performances, especially fujiki who portrayed his playful-outside-vulnerable-inside character to perfection. he is seriously getting hotter with his age *drool*

even the supporting cast did a great job in the drama. shiki's family & the kids in the hospital made the drama more diverged & interesting. heart-warming, touching, romantic, amusing, hilarious at times... definitely one of the better-class j-dramas around
Reviewed by youhei_mito on 16 April 2005
10. Love & Strength [Rating: 10/10]
If you can get pass the first 3 episodes which progress rather slowly, you will fall in love with this one. The delivery by the director is like you are seeing it from the characters' eyes so you feel like you are a part of the story. Shiki's love and strength touches me deeply. Kanno Miho's acting is indeed superb! Subtle yet naturally convincing. The story portrays the different types of love & sacrifice in times of obstacles. Very moving story that lingers in my mind even after I've finished watching. Beautiful soundtrack too.
Reviewed by aki_07 on 30 September 2005
11. amazing [Rating: 10/10]
I loved this drama. Although I had a really hard time watching it, I absoluetely loved it. Many of the people close to me (my father and friends) are visually impaired, which made this drama super painful for me to watch at times. I cried so much it. But it was really a beautiful drama. Sometimes a bit slow, but I really enjoyed it. Fujiki Naohito and Miho Kanno are really good actors. And I thought that the ending was just so touching and beautiful. It was also cool how they contrast nagasaki and tokyo. i recommend it.
Reviewed by noodlefreak on 18 March 2006
12. Just too good! [Rating: 10/10]
I picked up this set box by accident. Got mistaken with another title which got to do "To My Love" or something like that. Well, I have no regret buying this 'cos I was glued throughout the story. It never fails to make me feel special to fall in love with a man who is destined to lost his eyesight in three months time.

Every scene was perfectly crafted and backed-up by a string of wonderful songs by Moriyama Naotaro which scored this series to a higher level. A very touching story that all must watch!
Reviewed by Pluto_girl on 19 October 2005
13. Very touching [Rating: 9/10]
A very good drama that is sadly overshadowed by Orange Days of the same season. It's a touching and mellow love story without being overly melodramatic.
A story told more from Shiki's (Kanno Miho) POV and she does a very good job as the very selfless and likeable Shiki who never gave up on Shinsuke. The superb cast, esp Shiki's family and friends, is another reason to watch this drama. One of the better dramas I have watched the last few years.
Reviewed by ashley on 26 November 2004
14. So So [Rating: 7/10]
I think the story is quite good, but I can't feel any emotion from this drama and I'm not sure why. Miho acted bad, she's not showing her best performance it's look like she acted not with all of her heart (she's disappointed me). Fujiki always acting like that, but it seems like (for me) he also acted not so good in this drama.

The ending is too short and just like that (happy ending).
Reviewed by rinarina on 22 March 2005
15. Horrible Ending [Rating: 10/10]
Like everyone else, this drama had me in tears the entire time. But the only complaint I have is the fact that she is pregnant. That was just overkill. No wonder she wanted to be with him so much; Hormonal imballance due to the pregnancy�BNow there will be one more ��q�ƒ�B�@I find such an ending so irresponsible!�@But at the same time, perhaps they will meet again in the future...�@
Reviewed by Goodearl on 2 April 2008
16. enough tears to drown in [Rating: 7/10]
weepy, horribly melodramatic dramas arent really my cup of tea, but i can understand their appeal. if you like to see beautiful people torture themselves(and eachother) emotionally, then this is this drama for you. this isn't as over the top and ridiculous as the korean tearjerker 'winter sonata' but its getting there. if you liked that drama, you will like this one.
Reviewed by YgY on 13 June 2006
17. A real tearjerker [Rating: 9/10]
Just re-watch this drama for the second time and I still cry all the way to the end. Normally I don't prefer tearjerker dramas but this one just sooo good. I would give it 10 actually if it's not for the first few eps that are slow moving.

Both leads were excellent and I love their pairing. Nice soundtrack by Moriyama Naotaro. A MUST WATCH drama!
Reviewed by A_rika on 14 February 2008
18. Excellent soap drama. Must-watch!! [Rating: 9/10]
This has to be the best Jdorama of year 2004. Excellent script, brilliant director, talented casts and superb storyline. It took me merely two days to sum up watching the entire story. I love the songs so much! To say less, good stuff are all packed in this series. Grab a set for yourself. It's worth your money and time.
Reviewed by Scarlett on 9 May 2005
19. One of my fav dramas for years [Rating: 10/10]
My first time watching Kanno Miho and Nao Fujiki. Really, they gave a wonderful performance. Every time I saw Shiki crying, I literally cried with her. The ending wasn't too painful. To be honest, I think it was a beautiful and touching ending. Plus, it had awesome theme and background music that really touched my heart.
Reviewed by Nori on 4 February 2015
20. cried non stop [Rating: 10/10]
the beginning is not really that interesting, but when it gets closer to the ending, i just couldn't control myself.. i cried non stop starting from the 6th disc onwards...
a mixture of touching n sadness
the ending was really good..
highly recommended~
Reviewed by juliana_phang on 15 August 2004
21. Great story with superb casts [Rating: 10/10]
Wow, this show is fantastic. I'm re-introduced to Fujiki Naohito in this dorama. Did not realise that he was in GTO cos his character is very different in this dorama. The flow of the story is good and it helps that it's got a great ending :)
Reviewed by momoechan on 13 July 2005
22. Rather touching drama.. [Rating: 8/10]
Quite a nice show on the whole. I didn't really cry for any parts the show.. some parts are quite heartwarming.. but i found it abit draggy at the same time. Nice ending.. overall it's good! :)
Reviewed by paripy24 on 29 November 2004
23. the best drama [Rating: 10/10]
this is the best drama i ever seen..this drama can 'call' my tears out..in episode 10 &11..i crying non stop....fujiki naohito & miho kanno are kawaii in this drama..
Reviewed by shidotaki on 25 May 2005
24. Good show but..... [Rating: 7/10]
One of those doroma that focus on human illness to evoke viewers' emotions. However, something is lacking in this drama. The plot doesn't seem complete though.
Reviewed by popdod on 21 July 2008
25. True love [Rating: 8/10]
The story tells us what love is..not just about lover, but also about family, friendship, etc.. Sweet acting by kanno miho but low chemistry with nao.
Reviewed by ester_grace on 19 February 2011
26. Nao is the best actor [Rating: 10/10]
I love Nao in this drama...
Reviewed by myboo on 31 August 2005

Comments From Users (131)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Dabbies [Rating: 10/10]
23.11, 5th November 2004
Right at this very moment, I had finish watching the drama & writing this, with tears in my eyes which doesn�ft seem to fade away�c if possible I will rated this drama high up to 100 to give its fullest mark�c it really deserve it�c this story is about a love story of a doctor & a photographer�c u may think what is so special about them�c but if u watch this drama, u would definitely agree to what I say a sad, warm & touching story�c

I can�ft believe myself for playing the ending part of the drama 3 times & each time, it doesn�ft fail to drive my tears in my eyes�c I was very touched by their affection for each other & admire their bravery�c I feel so sad for them in the drama�c I should say that Fujiki Naohito has do a tremendous performance in this drama�c he has success in acting as a person who is having dilemma between his love & illness�c he really relates well the type of person Azumi should be�c. Once again, he looks so good in the drama�c!! Handsome & charming as usual�c GOD�c!! Miho Kanno�fs acting is also commendable as she plays the role of Shiki, with tears & feelings for the one she loved�c she has a soft voice & very gentle, elegant & pretty�c I really like her voice as it makes me feel warm & comfortable when she speaks�c of coz, other than sad things or scenarios, there are definitely some scenes which are really funny�c Shiki�fs brother & father are two people who care about her most in the world�c both of them quarrel a lot in the drama & it is really funny when u heard them speaks�c I should say it is comedy as well as touching drama�c one u can�ft EVER missed in all your drama collection�c a drama worth of your time, $$$ & efforts to watch�c & let alone all the tears u spent watching it�c juz 2 words, NO REGRET�c!!! (^_^) V
2. Comments by pash [Rating: 4/10]
Kanno Miho's performance was very good, but not even that is enough to save this crappy dorama. Poorly scripted, unoriginal, predictable, cheesy. In a romantic drama the audience is supposed to root for the leads, but that's very hard to do here since the main male character is such a selfish, weak, spoilt and despicable 1st-class a-hole. And the way the elderly characters are written is just a disgrace: bidimensional characters, almost caricatures...one is little more than an ornament, always wearing a traditional dress and a faint smile and watering flowers or serving tea or such things, the other's a drunkard who speaks like a punk (those family scenes are supposed to add some comic relief, but they're just embarassingly bad). What a waste of Kanno Miho's talent! :/
3. Comments by Jackykero [Rating: 9/10]
Although this romance is triggered by the blindness of the male character, it is not like the other tearjerkers where one of the 2 lovers is about to die. I watched this dorama as a wonderfully written romance. The story is without too big surprises (except for the expected twists to the plot) but well written anyway, all actors are very good (as always Kanno Miho is unbelievably good), and the love story unfolds at a perfect pace along the episodes.

The dorama in itself is funny, light and enjoyable, at no moment dark or depressing, it is really a wonderful and fun Love Story.

Recommended for anyone looking for a good Love Story (compare it to Long Vacation)
4. Comments by Sorata [Rating: 7/10]
SLOWWWWWW...this dorama is so slow, 11 episodes of the same thing, only the last episode saved it.
I hated how they had potencial good secondary characters: Ai(Itoh Misaki) and Shingo(Tamaki Hiroshi), both had like 2 minutes of lines in each episode, and they didn�Lt do anything with them.
Kanno Miho�Ls acting as Shiki was so bland and boring.
But this dorama was saved by Fujiki Naohito(Shunsuku) and Izumiya Shigeru(Tetsuo), great acting by both man.
Some things i really liked were: the song the hospital kids sang to Shunsuke and the father/son fights between Tetsuo and Mitsuo(Moriyama Mirai).
Overall the dorama isn�Lt bad but it�Ls too slow for my taste.
5. Comments by Lady Zhuge [Rating: 9/10]
I very willingly ate up this formulaic storyline about a cameraman destined to lose his eyesight in 3 months and the pediatric intern dedicated to being by his side and overcoming realistic obstacles to endure the path of life together. The pacing is on the slow side, but to me it's more like stopping to smell the roses rather than an insidious kind. There are many touching scenes (amplified by the memorable OST), especially between the main characters, their interactions with the kids, and several with Shiki and her father. I also love Shiki's profound narrations throughout the series.
6. Comments by aki_07 [Rating: 10/10]
The first 3 episodes progressed rather slowly, but after that, I couldn't wait to see the next episode one after another. The delivery by the director made me fee like I was part of the cast, seeing from the characters' eyes. Shiki's love and strength touches me deeply. Kanno Miho's acting is indeed superb! Subtle yet naturally convincing. When she cries I want to cry too. The story portrays the different types of love & sacrifice in times of obstacles. Very moving story that lingers in my mind even after I've finished watching. Beautiful soundtrack too.
7. Comments by Oba-chan [Rating: 10/10]
This drama Really touch my heart, This the first time i watch Kanno Miho, and i really fall in love with her. Her smile was pure and beautiful. Fujiki always play a cool role like that, but i appreciate it, he always act really well. Don't forget Izumiya Shigeru, shiki no papa, i always laugh when he did something stupid, He always refresh the sad atmosphere. Just see this drama comment, 120 of 125 people rate positively, highly reccomended.
Soundtrack: Ikitoshi Ikeru Mono e [Moriyama Naotaro]: 10 (Perfect song)
8. Comments by xxhiroxx [Rating: 7/10]
I watched this because someone told me it's supposedly very sad, and will make you cry from start to end. In the end, I didn't shed a single tear (came close to it, but the tear never dropped). So it was a bit disappointing. The story is sort of cliched and predictable, a formula that started out fresh and touching and tear-jerking, but has gotten old and needs new innovations to make it work. Though overall not a bad watch, it wasn't extremely good either. You could let this by and not miss anything significant.
9. Comments by IniQx [Rating: 10/10]
A very tear-jerking & thought provoking drama. It left me thinking alot about life. What if I were to lose my eye-sight in 3 months? Will I be strong to live on? Will I be so selfless to bear all the pain alone? What if my loved ones were to lose their eye-sight? Will I be magnanimous enough to give them all I have? The final scene when Shunsuke finally loses his sight is beautiful....no words said, no regrets felt. Just unlimited amount of love that asks for no return. Such sweet sorrow....
10. Comments by Scarlett [Rating: 10/10]
This is the best J-drama I have seen for the past 5 years. It was a great disappointment to note that this series scored only 17% viewership rating. It was so under-rated and deserve a big recognition.

All the goodies were wrapped into the production of this series. The songs by Moriyama Naotaro worked wonder and no doubt is one of the reason to the succes of this series. The rhythm brought in was so perfect and it further develop the feelings for the viewers.
11. Comments by pandora [Rating: 10/10]
This is one of the best Japanese Dorama's I have ever watched. I recomened it to everyone. It was really differnt I loved the two lead roles, the supporting cast, the theme and it was one of the few well written dorama's that tries to avoid the cliche's. The sound track is reall great especially if you are a Moriyama Naotaro Fan. The only thing is that by the end of the dorama, Kano Miho looks almost anorexic, was she under some stress?......watch it!
12. Comments by Nobita-kun [Rating: ?/10]
I'm debating whether I should continue with this drama. It took me three days just to finish the first episode because the story dragged on at an incredibly sluggish pace. Kanno Miho's soft-spoken, sedate character really puts you to sleep. I also felt some of the scenes were too contrived for melodrama (see the scene where the two leads clarify an earlier misunderstanding while sakura petals flutter around them). What happened to subtlety?
13. Comments by yume [Rating: 8/10]
The combination of Kanno Miho and Fujiki Naohito is a grand idea in this beautiful, painful love-story. I just don't like how it started out from a horrible tragedy of Fujiki going blind in the first episode. He is a selfish bastard, but Kanno Miho, of course, sees through all of that fake exterior and sees the real caring person he is. That's what I liked about it...that chemistry they had. Hence the 8. Also, it's darned depressing, too.
14. Comments by aiscess [Rating: 7/10]
This may seem a star-studded cast, having Ito Misaki and Tamaki Hiroshi as supporting cast plus Okada Yoshinori. Nao did a good job, he really does fit this kind of characters. I also liked Shiki's relationship with his Dad, I cried in their scene by the river. Plus the mealtime scenes of Shiki's family and friends. It wasn't that draggy until the last few eps. I was just glad that the ending wasn't a cliff hanger.
15. Comments by AngelXing [Rating: 9/10]
Although this is your typical Naohito Fujiki drama. He managed to pull it with ease. You hate him and you love him. Then in the end, you wished you've met someone like him. In the course of the whole drama, I wanted to just wrap my arms around him and hug him tightly. Yes, tears is required when watching this drama.
16. Comments by joyluck_sista82 [Rating: 10/10]
cried for nearly 3 hrs after watching each episode...hmmm, maybe i'm too emotional...but it sure is scary to think that i'll b losing my eyesight...yup, i did thought i was losing my sight when i was 12...lucky nothing bad happend, but watching this made me remember what it's like...^_^ the ending's great...
17. Comments by minniesan [Rating: 10/10]
Still remain my fav jdrama. The storyline and plot were beautifully demonstarted. Miho Kanno's acting was superb. She thrilled me off when her acting. She switches her role instantly in every series that she made. She was a nerd in Ko Shigatai and a true lover in Itoshi Kimie. Excellent actress........
18. Comments by EstherM [Rating: 6/10]
Not my cup of tea at all. I don't like Kanno Miho and seing her uber-skinny frame plus listening to her annoying bored voice pretending to be a caring doctor during 11 episodes was painful. If you are a fan though, it should be pleasant enough. The script about a man losing his eysight is decent.
19. Comments by Pluto_girl [Rating: 10/10]
This is one of the best J-drama of the year! Miho Kanno gave a superb performance and Naohito looks gorgeous as ever!! It derives a very warm feeling each tme I watch. The director has done a good job with the fine script, excellent casts and soothing soundtrack. Two thumbs up!!
20. Comments by Deceased [Rating: 7/10]
One of those doroma that focus on human illness to evoke viewers' emotions.

Unfortunately it lost touch of the story plot compared to 1 litres of tears. Probably 1 litres of tears is based on the true story.

Nonetheless, it is one of the doramas "can watch" for weekends.
21. Comments by delfichacha [Rating: 10/10]
Good.. I like it so much.. was quite touched by some of the scenes in e drama. E ending where Azumi finally lost his sight was especially memorable for mi. E photo wif shiki carrying a child in her arms was a wonderful endin.. Love all moriyama's songs in e drama as well..
22. Comments by youhei_mito [Rating: 9/10]
one of the best dramas i've seen. i'm not used to (let alone like) sob-stories. but this is top-quality drama as it's not cry-cry-cry all the way. the story has depth and many interesting side-characters to make it more diverse. fujiki naohito did wonders in this drama :)
23. Comments by DragonSpirit164 [Rating: 8/10]
It was a good drama, but I found it to be a little too stretched out and thus a bit draggy. Very touching plot though, and the ending was top class tear jerker. This drama has an amazing soundtrack which will definitely tug at your emotions together with the storyline.
24. Comments by laylowmay [Rating: 6/10]
The story is ok, but the storytelling is very draggy. Usually one can summerize a 45-min episode into 1 sentence. It's that draggy. You can watch this drama and watch another show on computer at the same time and not miss anything. Trust me or try it. It's that draggy.
25. Comments by Blood_Berry [Rating: 10/10]
i cried buckets T_T superb acting by the leads & the supporting cast. i love shiki's father! XD very touching.. there's just something about brothers & families that gets me. got teary eyed on the first episode~~sheesh. XD the shots.. the music.. just w(^O^)w.
26. Comments by ashley [Rating: 9/10]
Was pleasantly surprised. A very realistic drama that can be uncompromising as it shows how people would react to someone's misfortune. A very interesting situation, would u allow yourself to love someone whom u know is going blind? A must-watch.
27. Comments by shizukanaotoko [Rating: 10/10]
heheh...gotta love this show...makes the tears fall...but yeah...really good story! imma go out and buy the book and read it hahaha~~ and the actors are great too~~ ^.^ just watch this one! more ppl should watch it...most def!
28. Comments by dreamer10231 [Rating: 9/10]
watched this in approximately in one day...love it...i think more can be expected from naohito...what would you say to your love one if he calls saying he is about to have a plane crash?definitely the story made me teary eyed
29. Comments by Naomi-chan [Rating: 10/10]
This is the first Japanese Drama I've eva seen..lol..yet it's very good and very touching..Make me cry ma..isk isk..Naohito's name is the same as mine..Naohito-Naomi..hahah...both got Nao...I admire him..cute..
30. Comments by maguro666 [Rating: 10/10]
YES!! finally finished watching this. I LOVE this. Not only you have super kakkoi Nao =) The story was excellent too. The main actress was cute too. It is the best love story dorama of this year so far!!!

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Users who voted for this drama (53)
1. Dabbies
23.11, 5th November 2004
Right at this very moment, I had finish watching the drama & writing this, with tears in my eyes which doesn�ft seem to fade away�c if possible I will rated this drama high up to 100 to give its fullest mark�c it really deserve it�c this story is about a love story of a doctor & a photographer�c u may think what is so special about them�c but if u watch this drama, u would definitely agree to what I say a sad, warm & touching story�c
2. junny
Fujiki Naohito put in a memorable performance as a photographer struggling to come to terms with losing his eyesight in three months' time. He was very expressive and made me root for Shunsuke every step of the way. Kanno Miho was also very good as the supportive Shiki. Beautiful soundtrack and gorgeous Nagasaki scenery are the other plus points of this touching drama.
3. pandora
I was expecting usual sad story ie dying love interest, but this was such a great Jdorama, way beyond my expectations. The story line and the acting are excellent, though the first episode is misleading (ie I was falling into near chronic depression). Its a heartwarming love story. A sure must see.
4. aki_07
This drama is filled with so much love it makes you cry and cry. It's not tragic but shows how the many different types of love give one strength in times of life's obstacles. Shiki's love and strength touches me deeply. Beautiful soundtrack that lingers in your ears for a long time...
5. Deceased
One of those doroma that focus on human illness to evoke viewers' emotions.

Unfortunately it lost touch of the story plot compared to 1 litres of tears. Probably 1 litres of tears is based on the true story.

Nonetheless, it is one of the doramas "can watch" for weekends.
6. shizukanaotoko
i really like this drama...^.^;; it makes me feel like crying...a lot...very touching story and the actors look great!!! i feel so sad for all the kids in the story! all you ppl, watch and VOTE FOR THIS DRAMA!!! ^____^
7. marienella
sacrifice and love is always intertwined, and that's the message of itoshi kimi e. i was deeply moved by shiki's love for shunsuke that's why i vote for this drama!
8. Pluto_girl
I applauded the director for the good job done. The movement of the camera, the wind, the songs, the cast and everything were really good
9. Q-chan
Very romantic and touchy dorama... Naohito Fujiki played very good! Love the scene of Nagasaki... Must have seen dorama. One of the best!
10. yukari_no_hoshi
I cried in every episode, it is so sad, yet it is so sweet!!! I love the script very much, their dialogues touch me right to the heart!
11. ashley
A very depressing drama which delivers a great message. Good acting by the cast and a plot that compels u to keep watching.
12. curian4
Just watched this dorama and i was touched by this dorama. Too bad that this dorama was overshadowed by Orange Days though
13. Sugarplumie
holy crap - tear jerker!!!!!!! the ost is AMAZING, moriyama naotaro is good too! i could NOT stop crying in this one
14. minniesan
One of the best jdorama I have ever seen. Love the ending very much. Worth watching!! Short and sweet...........
15. darc_blade
very underrated.... the story is much more mature throughout, until the ending where sadly romance wins... again.
16. vero
Heart-warming story, best picture, beautiful Nagasaki landscape, "beautiful" actor! I love Fujiki Naohito!!
17. petevic
I got totally hooked with Naohito after watching this dorama. Just brilliant and touching!
18. c_linxi
very touching dorama with good storyline.... expect a lot of heart-wrenching scenes...
19. cOmic_Luv3r
Touching!!! i cried when i watched this drama..Good story.
20. febRee
Very touching drama...made me cry,but i like the story...
21. MikeNolan
I love this drama, nice acting from Kanno Miho.
22. Orion
lovely......i like the atmosphere of the drama
23. Scarlett
Thumbs up for this heart-wrenching series.
24. galeway
A touching show.. The love between them..
25. Alatariel
Very touching.. I cried towards the end.
26. LisZy
Very touching....love this drama...
27. abubakaz
a good storyline and quite touching
28. ReeNa
Wonderful story and touching
29. nunu
What a touching love story!
30. gakkuken
very touching drama!

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