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Tamaki Hiroshi 玉木宏 ( Hiroshi Tamaki )

NameTamaki Hiroshi
Star SignCapricorn
Birthday14 January 1980
Blood TypeB
B/W/H93 / 75 / 88

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 玉木宏 - 約束 .mpg
玉木宏 - 約束 .mpg

 Nodame and Chiaki-I just need you now
Nodame and Chiaki-I just need you now

 Tamaki& Juri chan in iitOMmO(2009)
Tamaki& Juri chan in iitOMmO(2009)


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Filmography (27)
Career ~ Okite Yaburi no Keisatsu Shochou [2016]
キャリア ~ 掟破りの警察署長
Tooyama Kinshirou
Asa ga Kita [2015]
Shirooka Shinjirou
Kyowa Kaisha Yasumimasu [2014]
Asao Yu (35)
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Ukai Morio
Jiken Kyumeii ~ IMAT no Kiseki ~ [2013]
Hyoga Akira
Dinner [2013]
himself (ep. 1, cameo)
Kekkon Shinai [2012]
Kudo Junpei
Kagi no Kakatta Heya [2012]
Satou Manabu/Shiina Akira (ep. 10-11)
Taira no Kiyomori [2012]
Minamoto no Yoshitomo
Guilty Akuma to Keiyakushita Onna [2010]
ギルティ 悪魔と契約した女
Mashima Takuro
Love Shuffle [2009]
Usami Kei
Shika Otoko Aoniyoshi [2008]
Ogawa Takanobu
小川孝信 (28)
Atsu-Hime [2008]
Sakamoto Ryoma
Hoshi Hitotsu no Yoru [2007]
Iwasaki Daiki
Nodame Cantabile [2006]
のだめ カンタビ−レ
Chiaki Shinichi (Piano/Conducting)
Top Caster [2006]
Hyoheki [2006]
Koumei Ga Tsuji [2006]
Yamauchi Yasutoyo
Akai Umei [2005]
Akai Unmei [2005]
Last Christmas [2004]
Higaki Naoya
日垣直哉 (26)
Itoshi Kimie [2004]
Orihara Shingo
折原新吾 (26)
Water Boys [2003]
Sato Katsumasa
Kokoro [2003]
Remote [2002]
Tsuhan-Man [2002]
Boku ga chikyuu o sukuu [2002]

Users who voted for this artiste (123)
1. mitchyko
he's so cute in "last christmas"
i like his character in that series cause its like he's a hearthrob but he only has one love, Ritsuko, who keeps on dumping him for 4years. you can see how determined he is on persuing Ritsuko because he never gives up and when she wanted to go to NY to pursue her dreams, he let her go because he love her. ahw.....thats true love. i think he's one brilliant actor. the way he dresses, cuts his hair, smile and walk makes him very confident and comfortable. whenever i see his dimples when he smiles.....it just melts my heart. i hope and wish that i can see more of him.
2. elyse
Fell for him in Nodame Cantabile (but who doesn't? :P), his Chiaki look is the best for him & his acting there simply moves me! Hiroshi has a very good facial expression, you can easily tell what he's feeling/thinking/etc on screen. He changes personality with his role, an awesome actor. Oh, because Hiroshi's face is very bony & structured, he can't be too thin or his cheek will be very sunken (like in Nodame SP). But his good smile never changes, it never fails to make me smile as well. His laugh? Priceless! ^^
3. junie1028
only start to take note of him after watching nodame cantabile...
and determined to watch his other doramas...
now watching shikaotoko~
though totally different genre from nodame...
but his actings totally blown me up!!!
will continue to support this hardworking artiste!
not forgetting he can sings quite well too..
though not really a great singer...
but his attitude towards his career is totally worth our support!!!

4. ishikumi
ah, the new love of my life who's, seriously, too beautiful for words. he's a wonderful actor who is great at portraying innocence, romance, and comedy. he has a beautiful singing voice. i loved him in both NODAME CANTABILE & TADA, KIMO WO AISHITERU, as well listening to him sing in RIPPLE.
5. junny
Very versatile and expressive. Love Tamaki Hiroshi's ability to inhabit fully each of his characters, and especially love him as Chiaki senpai in Nodame Cantabile, he was marvellous in there and had fantastic chemistry with Ueno Juri. The man deserves more substantial leading roles!
6. hummer
He was great in Nodame Cantabile. Can't imagine anyone else playing the part. X3 He was also uber awesome in Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru. He plays a character that deviates dramatically from Chiaki-sama as a more awkward, almost bumbling student. Four thumbs up. :D
7. tama_naj
a very talented actor...he got all the package for a great actor...
handsome, funny, cute, nice,sweet..argh, i just love everything about this guy! never seem in a same roles in his dorama or movies...his voice is really sweet and i really adore his singing...
8. ScrappedShinigami
A Gorgeous actor and very talented!
It was his role in Nodame Cantabile that made me notice him. I'd seen him in other shows before but his talent truly shined in this one.
A fantastic actor with a lot of charm! I see many roles for him in the future.
9. Blood_Berry
I just gotta vote for this dude after finishing Nodame Cantabile! (^.^; ) He is just so beautiful in this drama...a far-cry from what he looked like in Waterboys. XD His acting skills are top notch...i just loved the last NC scene where Chiaki's (ToT)
10. aiscess
From a supporting to landing his biggest role ever as Chiaki-senpai in Nodama Cantabile. He really did became a good actor. Who would've thought that the funny guy opposite Tsumabuki Satoshi in Waterboys the movie would made it this big. Sugoi!
11. shinshin
He just won me over in Nodame Cantabile. He played a very convincing and a lovable role that leaves a lasting impression. I expect even more from him in acting as well as his singing career in the future.
12. peipeichan
he is so hot!!
he is so sexy!! *^-^*

i attract to him in nodame cantabile live action

he can acts so cool meanwhile can be so comically !!

uwaaaaaaa love tamaki!!!
13. phlargo
Chiaki - fantastic acting - genuine and deep (even if painfully oblivious to the scenario at hand). Seeing him conduct reminded me of everything I love about music and ensembles.
14. Patazilla
Sadly I didn't like him much in the last dorama I took a look into, but since I actually loved him that much in Nodame Cantabile, I think he still deserves to be mentioned ;D
15. ssie
he was like zheng yuan chang in iswak and because i love my dear zhi shu, i love dear chaki too!! how great it would be if i was his pianist and he my conductor!
16. MissMonika
He stole my heart in Nodame Cantabile. Possibly one of the best looking Japanese actors out there. He does have that uncanny resemblance to Gackt, though.
17. Sumire
He is so cawaii!~ He is so good-looking!
He is so hot in shopping hero and gorgeous in Last Christmas. I would like to see him in a bigger role though.
18. Wu Xueli
Ah, the fabulously fine Tamaki-sama. First noticed him in Last Christmas. Loved him in Nodama Cantabile. Looking forward to seeing much more of him. ;)
19. sara
i watched every drama he was in... but really i cannot link that it is the same person.. so he really a great actor & not afraid to take any role.
20. rhninjaxe
I love him back in Last Christmas, and in Love Shuffle, he have so much charisma that i think i want to catch his future acting from now on.
21. leehy0ri
this prince is really TAMPAN, SEGAK, BERGAYA as Shinichi Chiaki. i fall in love with him <3333...thanks to the producer of nodame cantabile
22. sevenine
He defines hotness. No, really. Just look at him. (Most unusually, he's also quite a good actor.) I loved him as Chiaki Shinichi.
23. kou
omg tis guy has e height n the looks as chiaki in nodame cantabile. in addition, he is e perfect portrayal of perfectionist chiaki.
24. elisa
Recently seen many of his dramas, and I must say that he is one versatile actor. And it doesn't hurt that he is so dreamy either.
25. Hinano
He's so cute~~ I loved his role in Waterboys even if it was a minor one, and he was really beautiful in Last Christmas!
26. jess
awesome acting as chiaki senpai in nodame cantabile! he was so charismatic my heart just went doki doki all over him XD
27. aimare
I haven't seen his other dramas yet, but Nodame Cantabile alone can make me vote for him.
Chiaki-sempai, sukidayo. ^^
28. Fyxyse
extremely cuuuuuteee!!! ::wink wink:: talented as well. he can potray different characters effortlessly n naturally
29. polar1s
Saw him in top caster and waterboys but totally fell in love with him in the drama nodame cantabile!! great actor!!
30. Svetonie
He's definitely a supermodel for his looks and good artist. I like his play. I notice his charisma. My type of men.

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