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Shida Mirai 志田未来 ( Mirai Shida )

NameShida Mirai
Star SignTaurus
Birthday10 May 1993
Blood TypeAB

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Filmography (27)
Rental Kyuseishu [2016]
Momochi Reiko
百地零子 (23)
Masshiro [2015]
Matsuoka Nana
ST Season 2 ~ Aka to Shiro no Sosa File [2014]
Aoyama Sho
Nobunaga no Chef Season 2 [2014]
信長のシェフ 2
Naruyouni Narusa Season 2 [2014]
Uchida Yoko
Naruyouni Narusa [2013]
Uchida Yoko
Nobunaga no Chef [2013]
Ghost Mama Sousasen [2012]
Uehara Aoi
Kagi no Kakatta Heya [2012]
Nakata Tomoko (ep. 8)
Bull Doctor [2011]
Himitsu [2010]
Sugita Monami
Tachibana Kaede
Sotsu Uta [2010]
Takano Ayumi (Story 1)
Shokojo Seira [2009]
Kuroda Seira
BOSS [2009]
Ishihara Yuki (ep. 6)
Seigi no Mikata [2008]
Nakata Yoko
Dream Again [2007]
Fujimoto Hina
Tantei Gakuen Q [2007]
Watashitachi no kyokasho [2007]
14 sai no Haha [2006]
Ichinose Miki (14)
Sapuri [2006]
Konno Natsuki
Tantei Gakuen Q (Special) [2006]
Haru to Natsu/Haru e Natsu [2005]
Jyoou no Kyoushitsu [2005]
Kanda Kazumi (12)
Itoshi Kimie [2004]
Bara no Jyujika [2002]
Hatsu Taiken [2002]

Users who voted for this artiste (46)
1. Takekaze
Just like Fukuda Mayuko she is one of the big names in the future and she has the talent to back this up. I remember some of her first interviews on tv shows and how nervous she always was in those days. But meanwhile she has become a lot more professional. In five years she will be one of the really big names in the business, definitely. She can play almost any character in any setting or genre. Comedies, check. Detective dramas, check. And now even a more tragic character in "Dream Again". Just you wait and see. She'll be one of the big names in a few years.
2. sadacori
While quite young, Mirai is a mature actress who is delightful and amazingly talented. Her roles in Joou no Kyoushitsu and 14-sai no Haha were just wonderful and acting-wise, she's a milestone ahead of her peers.
3. kewell
I can not stop beeing impressed by this young girl. She acts like a pro well beyond her years, and can portray any type of character. Bright,bright future if she continues.
4. oluap
Very talented and a great actress she does such an amazing job at such a young age, I am really looking forward to see her in the future.
5. Sun_Shang_Xiang
A very promising young actress, always performs well in every drama.I just hope that her size doesn't get in way of her future career.
6. tobu
Very matured acting for a young girl esp in 14 sai no haha. She shown her cute girl's side tho, in recent Tantei Gakuen Q.
7. zdorama
Gotta be one of the most awesome child actresses and promising young talent! Everything this girl is in blows me away!
8. Shiftyblu
Outstanding actress!! Not your typical actress! We can definitely expect more of her in the future! GO SHIDA!
9. Hisako-desu
I love you Shida! So cute!! Great actor too! So young, but way better acting than many older actors out there.
10. Lindsey
She is going to be a great star one day. Her performance in 14-sai no haha was amazing
11. marthapido
Very talented young actress..Like her acting..great future to go girl!!
12. robetella
She's just so adorable. And she can really act well. Thumbs up for her!
13. Frits
the most potential young artist
OUTSTANDING in seigi no mikata
14. chiLe6irL
Very potential, the next generation of great japanese actress
15. jdoramadotcom
Hilarious actress can boost a project by her mere presence.
16. ojouprincess
so young yet so good! she was amazing in 14 sai no haha...
17. rafinharomano
I love her part in Segi no Mikata! Very Cute girl! :)
18. ihvana_003
she's so cute and only one yr older than me!!! xDD
19. jessica161285
she always got my attention in her roles..
20. xayaxceresx
She is incredibly amazing for her age. :]
21. lalagonca
Great actress with only 14 years old!
22. outlaws0025
Such a great actor and so young!
23. kirtil
very good actor despite her age
24. josie8
she is so good at her age!!!
25. Anime Dad
Awesome talent, and so cute!
26. Deastomian
the only one I love ^_^
27. joykimlee
Best young actress.
28. Spirit_Moon
Great Artis !
29. hurh.
30. jasp10n

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