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Mother and Lover [マザー&ラヴァー]


Drama Details
Title:Mother and Lover
Between his Mother and his Lover
Telecast:2004-10-05 to 2004-12-21
Season:Fall 2004

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TV Station:KTV
Duration:12 episodes

Parental love is a universal theme. There are a lot of stories about father and son, mother and daughter, but few about mother and son. In Japan at least, men who love and cherish their mother are regarded as "mamma's boys": wishy-washy guys who run home to mommy whenever they have a problem.

What do the "mamma's boys" have to say? "All men are mamma's boys! If we can't love our own mother, how can we love our girlfriend and wives?!"

Shingo Okazaki is a 28-year old guy who isn't ashamed to say openly that he loves his mother very much. One woman falls in love with him. It's 31-year old Hitomi Sugiura. She thinks it's beautiful that her boyfriend values his relationship with his mother, but is irritated because Shingo always puts his mother before herself. She is starting to have second thoughts about marrying Shingo.
Fuji TV

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 Angelina / Sounds of Love ~Shiawase ni Tsuite~
Angelina / Sounds of Love ~Shiawase ni Tsuite~


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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Sounds of Love - Shiawase ni tsuite Sounds of Love〜しあわせについて〜 [Angelina アンジェリーナ]

Actor/Actress Cast (7)
Sakaguchi Kenji
岡崎真吾 (28)
Shinohara Ryoko
杉浦 瞳 (30)
Mizukawa Asami
永野 圭
Kaneko Takatoshi
Yazawa Shin
Hotohara Touru
Matsuzaka Keiko
岡崎マリア (54)

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Drama Reviews (2)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Entertaining dorama [Rating: 9/10]
I enjoyed this dorama cos I liked the story and it also helps that the producers have included eye candies in this dorama to make the show more endearing :)

Ridiculous as it may sound, I think it's amazing that a grown man like Sakaguchi Kenji's character can still shower so much love and attention on his mother. He's definitely a rare bread and it's refreshing to see a man who doesn't mind showing his love for his mom once in a while.

Shinohara Ryoko's character is very comical and she's always a pleasure to watch, it's no wonder she won an award for her role in this dorama.

Overall, this dorama is definitely entertaining and you shouldn't miss it.
Reviewed by momoechan on 25 August 2005
2. Mother Complex revealed... [Rating: 9/10]
I liked this drama, a lot of laughs, and precious moments. Sakaguchi Kenji and Shinohara Ryoko made an excellent pair, nice chemistry between the two actors. Some parts may have seemed too over acted, but hard to notice for you can't keep your eyes off the trio, when something may happen with Shingo's decisions. I enjoyed many of the challenges that Shinohara's character put her lover through, to see if he was the perfect boyfriend, and Sakaguchi played the Mother Complex character very well, it's believeable that he's one too...
Reviewed by Kirari Ililah on 16 January 2005

Comments From Users (12)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Akiiness [Rating: 6/10]
I know the title sounds lame, and I didn't quite give it a very good rating... but out of all the dramas I've watched so far in my life, this one is nowhere near the worst I've seen. Shinohara & Sakaguchi actually makes an interesting pairing if you gave them a chance. She's cute, and he's hot. What can I say? :P If you need something that's sort of funny and heartwarming, I do recommend this one.
2. Comments by atheon [Rating: 7/10]
May 2005: This is another drama shinohara ryoko won for best supporting actress, no doubt she a great actress. An average drama,
mostly about the relationship between the mom, son and his girlfriend. And the last episode very heart warming~ (although abit long, one and a half hour =/ )
3. Comments by Kirari Ililah [Rating: 9/10]
Well played by Sakaguchi of the Mother Complex man, always putting his mother before his lover, which is never a good thing either...
Shinohara's character, a very dreamful wisher for the perfect guy, played her part well too, continuously a hyper women...
4. Comments by Aunty Coco [Rating: 8/10]
The storyline is just ok for me... Without the chemistry of Sakaguchi Kenji and Shinohara Ryoko, I would have never finish the whole drama... Recommended if you are looking for a light-hearted romatic comedy...
5. Comments by speed.sheep [Rating: 7/10]
Shinohara Ryoko and Matsuzaka Keiko played the relationship between the mother and lover really well. I just can't understand why there's Japanese who loves mother more than everyting.
6. Comments by IniQx [Rating: 7/10]
the way the 2 leads got together is alittle unbelievable & too abrupt. cant really sense the "mummy's boy" factor in the male lead as well.
7. Comments by Dorochive [Rating: 6/10]
Stupid show, about a stupid man... boy.
8. Comments by yt [Rating: 6/10]
the love for his mum is way over...
9. Comments by Okojo [Rating: 7/10]
Sakaguchi Kenji! *o*
10. Comments by Kendesu [Rating: 8/10]
comedy love story
11. Comments by norani [Rating: ?/10]
Kenji Sakaguchi
12. Comments by Goodearl [Rating: 10/10]
13. Comments by yume [Rating: 8/10]
14. Comments by qiqi_16 [Rating: ?/10]
15. Comments by reli [Rating: ?/10]
16. Comments by effronterie [Rating: ?/10]
17. Comments by darkflame21 [Rating: ?/10]
18. Comments by erubisan [Rating: ?/10]
19. Comments by ditmercury [Rating: 7/10]
20. Comments by mur [Rating: 7/10]
21. Comments by tjddks [Rating: ?/10]
22. Comments by kpeebles [Rating: ?/10]
23. Comments by memphistopheles [Rating: ?/10]
24. Comments by dango [Rating: ?/10]
25. Comments by Michi [Rating: ?/10]
26. Comments by kinki_txr [Rating: ?/10]
27. Comments by Bsalez [Rating: ?/10]
28. Comments by siu dong [Rating: 8/10]
29. Comments by cass_dust [Rating: ?/10]
30. Comments by cokecraze69 [Rating: 4/10]

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funny and entertaining