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Dekichatta Kekkon [できちゃった結婚]




Drama Details
Title:Dekichatta Kekkon
Shotgun marriage
Telecast:2001-07-02 to 2001-09-10
Season:Summer 2001

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:11 Episodes

Ryoko Hirosue stars as Chiyo, 20, a department store clerk, whose first encounter with Ryunosuke (Yutaka Takenouchi), 30, a carefree bachelor friend of her sister's, leads to a pregnancy. Although of different worlds, they fall in love regardless of the various obstacles set in their path.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (2)
1. Is it you? [Hitomi]LYRICS ]
2. Your Eyes Only [Exile]LYRICS ]

Actor/Actress Cast (19)
Takenouchi Yutaka
Hirao Ryunosuke
平尾隆之介 (30)
Hirosue Ryoko
Kotani Chiyo
小谷チヨ (20)
Ishida Yuriko
Kotani Aki
小谷亜紀 (29)
Abe Hiroshi
Kawaguchi Eitarou
川口英太郎 (33)
Katase Nana
Arimori Misato
有森みさと (20)
Tsumabuki Satoshi
Shinjou Takumi
新庄巧 (22)
Sawamura Ikki
Komatsubara Juuzou
Kinomi Nana
Hirao Kimiko
平尾公子 (53)
Chiba Shinichi
Kotani Ittetsu
小谷一徹 (60)
Takabayashi Yukiko
Kotani Toshiko
Sakai Toshiya
Tanaka Kazumasa
Imai Yoko
Tanaka Masako
Inoue Yoshiko
Ayanokouji Rena
Kondo Yoshimasa
Yusuke Santamaria
(intro, epi 1)
Kobayashi Susumu
(florist, epi 3)
Okayama Hajime
Yamazaki (epi 5-11)
Masu Takeshi
(epi 8-11)
Shibata Masashi

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Drama Reviews (42)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Writer's Block [Rating: 6/10]
Although I tend to watch almost any drama thrown at me, I took particular interest in this drama because the subject matter was something that someone close to me has experienced: becoming pregnant and wondering what happens next. The show would obviously show things differently as Japan has different customs regarding marriage and such, but the emotions and reactions are similar... that is, human.

Although after each episode I wanted to see the next one, I had a hard time empathizing with Chiyo. Her character was all over the place. For example, in the beginning she was naive, a child. As the story progressed she became more mature. Then in the last few episodes she somehow loses that maturity and becomes a child again. The rollercoaster continues and by the end, I really didn't care what happened, I just wanted it to be over.

That is not to say Ryoko Hirosue didn't do a great job acting; quite the opposite, I think she did very well in portraying the wide range of emotions expected of a character going through the difficult decisions of pregnancy and marriage. The writing, however, could have been much better. Chiyo didn't need to be so whiny at times and some of the situations felt forced, especially the ending. Takenouchi Yutaka was more... genki in this role than his usual stony-cool persona. I enjoyed his character, but not as much as in other dramas.

The moments that made me tear up were entirely the dialogues between Ryunoske and the father. Perhaps it's because I have a similar quiet but strong connection with my own father. Still, Chiba Shinichi did a very good job playing the serious, stubborn father and even pulled of some of the funnier moments in the show while staying in character. I almost felt he made the show. Just as Ryunosuke and Chiyo couldn't marry without his consent, I felt the show itself couldn't progress without his consent.

The show was fun, and it has great moments that allow you to capture the emotions the characters are feeling, but I believe this was only because of the good acting on the show... the writing really didn't seem up to par on this one and it lowered the enjoyment factor drastically. I recommend it if you can relate to the subject matter, if you're a fan of Ryoko or Yutaka, or are bored.
Reviewed by chesed on 30 July 2006
2. BAM! [Rating: 9/10]
This was such a fun drama to watch! There were a lot of serious parts but an equal amount of comedic parts: an excellent balance, in my opinion. As a female viewer, I found that this drama covered all my female needs in terms of male actors. You have Abe Hiroshi, who plays the tall, chiseled, handsome loafer who lacks all ambition but tries so hard when it comes to the woman he loves; then you have Tsumabuki Satoshi, who plays the cute, adorable �gsidekick�h type character who is genuinely sweet and nice with strong morals that eventually backfire when he tries to be aggressive in his relationship; and lastly, there is Takenouchi Yutaka who, other than the fact that he is drop dead gorgeous (both cute AND rugged!) he also plays a very attractive character. He is shy and romantic, corky and cool, childish and sexy. The female actresses play the perfect compliments to the men, and vice versa. Because each character is so specific, it�fs easy to find qualities in each that are appealing, and therefore make the characters �| all of them �| quite memorable. (Kinomi Nana�fs character and Chiba-san�fs character stand out particularly for me!)

Although the storyline is simple enough �| a one-night-stand that results in pregnancy �| the plot was entertaining. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters and the events that take place in order to shift the characters onto different paths. The various situations (for example, the father�fs reluctance to accept Ryu) were handled realistically and believingly. At the end I found the drama dragged a bit and got somewhat repetitive, but I still enjoyed those final episodes.

If you're looking for something well written, tight, and deep, then I woundlt recommend this drama. I highly recommend it to all those who enjoy light humour and entertaining plot.
Reviewed by Wynter on 12 October 2007
3. Pretty good [Rating: 8/10]

i like how the purpose of the dorama is entirely fulfilled even though everything is reversed: pregnancy, caring for each other, falling in love, baby delivery, and then marriage. the title is unique..reflects what Takenouchi says at the very end to Ryoko's father outside of the hospital building. through the dorama, i've learned so much more about life and the little important things that most people avoid and have trouble with when problems hit. responsibility and the love of parents are also huge messages.
aside from the story and its meaning, i like the cast. takenouchi's looks fit his character pretty well lol. i love the hat. ryoko is finally smiling when crying..i think she looks better that way; also, i'm pretty sure she had a cold..it was the time when she had almost lost her voice (read it from the news). yuriko, katase, hiroshi, and tsumabuki = well-selected cast! all of them have well-distinguished personalities. music = REALLY, REALLY good.
Reviewed by pandaguitarist on 17 January 2006
4. Pretty Good [Rating: 8/10]
Dekichatta Kekkon is a well put together romantic comedy. The story is amusing yet heartwarming at the same time. However, the subplots are just as good as the main plot, particularly the plots involving Abe Hiroshi and Ishida Yuriko. I also liked the plot involving Tsumabuki and Katase.

The cast was good. Ryoko's character was kinda annoying the first three episodes, but from the moment her and Yutaka left together, Ryoko's character grew on me. Yutaka was good in his role as Ryuunosuke, a common guy who's talented in the commercial making industry, yet tries to deal with Chiyo's situation. I loved his interaction with all the cast. However, the supporting cast was just as good. My favorite was Sonny Chiba. He was quite funny as Chiyo's overprotective father.
Reviewed by mrsmith10 on 8 July 2011
5. Watch this with your gf! [Rating: 9/10]
Crap, I forgot to review this after I watched it, and now I've already finished another drama. I'd like to give this drama more of a 9½ because the style that this drama was filmed was sugoi sugoi. It was memorable and helped me see some aspects of people that are difficult to contemplate at first eg. a prying dad, an unstable pregnant woman. This drama could potentially make you cry, because the characters would just touch your heart in the things that they would do (not like I did though!). This drama is also great because when things happen even the viewer wouldn't be able to decide what's right and what's better. It's like you just have no answer to the problems and it bends your mind and you wanna see what's really gonna happen next. Touching moments.
Reviewed by gizm092 on 7 March 2004
6. This drama has my blessing [Rating: 9/10]
What made me enjoy this drama was that the characters were so down to Earth and the situation was so real. It was hard not to root the characters on from begining to end. The drama does a great job of really putting you into the Chiyo/Ryonsuke relationship strugles. One was happy when things were going well for them yet one was sad when they run out of luck. The relationships of the side characters really add an extra kick to the drama. It is fun to see how each of the relationships in the drama get resolved as the drama progresses. It is also great to see two megastars Ryoko Hirosue and Takenouchi Yutaka working together. To sum it up this is a great drama and I'd recomend it to anyone.
7. Funny and Touching! [Rating: 9/10]
I was a bit skeptical of this drama at first because I didn' t think Yutaka could pull off such a comedy. He's been riding on his cool looks all this time, and to go wacky would, in my mind, not work too well. But I was wrong, and he proved his range in this drama. Some still couldn't accept him in this one, but I give props for him going outside of his comfort zone, and now to me, he's an all around actor.
Hirosue Ryoko is excellent in here, and they actually have quite a chemistry. What's surprising are the supporting characters, their stories are quite interesting in of themselves, and it just made this whole drama all the more complete and fun to watch.
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 10 January 2004
8. overrated [Rating: 7/10]
after hearing all the hype, i was expecting alot out of this show. unfortunately, it did not meet expectations.

it had promising start then it focused too much on pleasing the dad. one ep, he gets pissed, they make him feel better. next ep, they piss him off again. rinse and repeat and u have whole show. the guy really likes to screw up at key moments. just when dad starts to like him, he $%^@'s up big time. ryoko, r u sure u want husband like that?

the parts where their actually acting like a couple and working towards starting a family were touching tho. i lfound the side stories much more interesting. enjoyable if u dont expect too much.
Reviewed by kikkuman on 25 September 2004
9. Absowittylutely [Rating: 9/10]
A must seen sitcom. You don't want to miss to watch this one. Though you've to spot it a bit in manga(japanese comic) ways, still it has a smart relieving outcome; out of a simple earnestness plot and a great sappiness script.
Start with a one night stand. Usual mix; girl got pregnant, boy got panic, and dad got furious. One closure that says it all.
The chemistry between main characters played by Takenouchi and Hirosue doesn't really work well for a romantic comedy, even though they're a cute couple to look at. A high-five, dude...?
No doubt: best composer and screenwriter.
Reviewed by rhave on 26 December 2003
10. well.......... [Rating: 8/10]
beginning and last 4 eps were pretty good....kinda dragged a bit in the middle...ryoko hirosue and yutaka did a fair job...nothing spectacular...the show was humorous with some serious scenes thrown into the mix...to be honest, ryoko seemed a bit too loud and whiny at times, i wus surprised at the solid contrast from yuki to chiyo...but when shes smiling and being happy, she still has that cute charm of hers...not as much as in summer snow though...this was the first one i saw yutaka...he seems to deliver what is needed...but doesn't add much....drama deserves a viewing...
Reviewed by Baka Senpai on 16 March 2004
11. A lot of ups and downs [Rating: 9/10]
The ups and downs of a relationship based on making a baby that turns into 9 months of learning about each other and love. It depicts all of the responsibilities, sacrifice, and change in life that happens when a new life comes into the world. I enjoyed each episodes new problem and the fix or re-fix that happened. It is a good drama with plenty of ups and down that really makes you wonder what will happen in the end. All of the actors do a good job of making their characters funny and interesting. I enjoy how J-dramas do come to an end.
Reviewed by 206 on 2 November 2003
12. Dekichatta Kekkon [Rating: 9/10]
Yeah, this serie rocks. I'd say that Dekichatta Kekkon is a first class serie with highly entertaining plot and characters. The story is very exciting and I'd say that some ebisodes are a little bit fearsome with the crazy old man.
Hirosue Ryoko's acting was as splendid as always. Kotani Chiyo might be Ryoko's best part which she has played.
The character of Takenouchi Yutaka is also very intresting. Takenouchi is playing a part of Hirao Ryunosuke who is a video editore in advertising industry.
Reviewed by Freigest on 27 March 2005
13. romantic comedy??? [Rating: 9/10]
At first i thought this drama was confusing.....well since the first scene is completely out of my head. But then after i wacth it until the last episodes, i find it was interesting drama. I even played it once more. Ryoko and Takenouchi's act are great. I call it romantic comedy since at the beginning, Ryunosuke( takenouchi) always forget Chiyo's( Ryoko) name^_^ Even almost every body in his house always call Chiyo as Chika......Overall its a good romantic comedy drama. Gotta love Ryoko's act
Reviewed by kuuryu on 12 November 2001
14. Review by [email protected] [Rating: 8/10]
Ryoko Hirosue is quite good in this show. Yutaka Takenouchi is in his
familiar cool/carefree guy image. There are limited romantic moments between the stars. The plot is simple but this is an above average show. With these two stars in the cast, rating was not a problem. The supporting cast was quite good. This drama past season seems pretty dry but this one may be the drama that will catch the audience's attention due to the top two actors in this drama.
15. Up there with the best [Rating: 9/10]
Once I got into this story it was entertaining to follow. I think there was a nice chemistry between the leads Hirosue and Takenouchi. The supporting cast's doing a great job and make us care about their characters as well. The father played by Sonny Chiba was quite funny. And scary too.
There were a few draggy moments in the show but overall a high class drama. Not the best, but as the voting shows on this site, it's in the top-10.
Reviewed by kaonashi on 11 June 2004
16. Watch this!!! [Rating: 10/10]
I loved every part of this drama. I admit that I am a big fan of Hirosue Ryoko and bought the vcd because of her so I am happy that it was worth the money. Very touching interactions between Chiyo and Ryunosuke, and each of them with the father as well. The rest of the cast did okay too, with their little side stories and advice giving. Ryoko with dyed hair DOES make her seem somewhat younger doesn't it?
Reviewed by biga816 on 29 May 2002
17. Fantastic all around [Rating: 10/10]
I love this drama, all the characters were likable, happy ending, good music, especially since the thems play about 96 throughout the show, but I didn't find them tiring. The acting was really good as well, I was shocked to find Sonny Chiba in the role, but he was one of the best characters, as well as Hiroshi Abe. Everyone did a great show, and I very much hope to see great dramas like this in the future.
Reviewed by gohmifune on 16 February 2004
18. gotta watch this one! [Rating: 9/10]
Refreshing!great perfomance by all the actors,especially Yutaka as this character is kinda different from those he played before,and also Ryoko as the very young mom-to-be.Check out those very simple yet poignant and sweet moments between ryunoseke and chiyo.also the entertaining stories revolving between people around them.
Reviewed by divineyutaka kimura on 11 November 2001
19. Interesting subject matter [Rating: 9/10]
I just started this series and really like it. The subject matter of shotgun marriages seems like something that would not be so "Japanese" and be on TV. I'm only at ep 4 and the situations seem real. I like the straight forward approach about working out problems. Ryoko's role is very good and she is very kawaii.
Reviewed by 206 on 22 September 2003
20. Great Cool funny Dorama [Rating: 8/10]
I like it coz..this drama make me laugh and understand the problems of unmarried girls..futhermore this drama shows how the guy determine to be a good husband, dad and a responsible person...They learn to love each other for about 10 Months...day by day they learn to love slowly...It's great u should watch it...
Reviewed by Lilynadia on 20 October 2001
21. A MUST WATCH!!! [Rating: 9/10]
This is gotta be one of my most favorite dorama! The atmosphere, the acting, the storyline, the music, the dialogues, are all in a perfect composition!!! Not to mention the comedy plus touching scenes!!! I'm not bored to watch it over and over again ^_^ And, gotta love Yutaka's acting here, superb!
Reviewed by yanie_chan on 19 December 2001
22. Not bad, but not fantastic [Rating: 7/10]
I watch it because of Takenouchi, not impressed by Hirosue, can't stand her voice breaking when she talks. Takenouchi is as usual, very cute and baby and charming. Certain parts are quite funny, like the ending very much especially when Take appeared at the hospital.
Reviewed by ladyelf on 10 September 2003
23. Great show [Rating: 9/10]
This show was very good in dealing with the feelings of couples involve in unplanned pregnancy. I enjoy the performances of Abe Hiroshi and Sawamura Ikki more than the other casts. First half was a bit boring but from episode 5 onwards was captivating.
Reviewed by muffin707 on 24 April 2006
24. great show [Rating: 9/10]
this show is close to perfect...it is a great show..watched it many times..never ever get sick of it..the casts are great...yutaka's acting is great in this show..the show is humourous too..this is definately one show ought not to be missed!!!
Reviewed by foxy-prix on 17 June 2003
25. DRAMA of THE YEAR~~!!!! [Rating: 9/10]
This is real good show....really pity those who havent watched it yet...great actor and actress...plus a great theme song......what more could you ask for. Well only wished that good shows like this never had any endings.
Reviewed by cyclones90 on 14 November 2001
26. Wacky show~! [Rating: 8/10]
A light-hearted romance comedy, love it~! Hirosue is sooo cute in this drama, while yutaka always looked so helpless... the soundtracks are also good. Overall, the drama is very worth watching...
Reviewed by eugeneyan on 23 June 2002
27. You Got To Watch This Dorama [Rating: 10/10]
One of the top doramas out there in my opinion, who knew that yutaka could be so funny. Great cast, very funny throughout the dorama, yet very touching moments. This one is a must watch.
Reviewed by dys199 on 20 January 2004
28. Funny and Great Drama [Rating: 9/10]
Yutaka and Ryoko displayed a good performance and this drama can be quite heart-touching and the back-up cast did a great job to add in the humuor.A drama not to be missed this season
Reviewed by curian4 on 26 October 2001
29. funny story [Rating: 7/10]
Funny story between Yutaka and Ryoko, I like them played together since "beach boys". But the ending is too simple, and it seems that the kiss between Ryoko and Yutaka is gone.
Reviewed by rinarina on 30 October 2002
30. Disappointment [Rating: 5/10]
Have no idea why but this is one of my least fave. doramas. Maybe it's the hype about this show that resulted in my disappointment when I watched this show.
Reviewed by Ryvyan on 2 July 2003

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Comments From Users (205)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by zenith777 [Rating: 10/10]
I've watched this dorama twice and I still amazed and fall in love with the storyline, the actors/actress, the plot and everything so perfectly orchestrated. First, taught me how to treat any girl/boy esp boyfriend/girlfriend, what they're thinking in general, the needs to be loved. Second, strong-will character in fighting for your true love in whatever situations, how to deal with stubborn future father-in-law without giving up yet expressing your true feelings towards him. Third, to be honest with your own feeling towards your girlfriend/boyfriend because he/she is the one you will cherish on for the rest of your life, growing old until death apart. Fourth, maturity goes on along with relationships, indecisive guy became a responsible decisive maker, doing what's right at right time. Lastly, I really like the soundtrack (Is it you - Hitomi & Your Eyes Only) even I remember the lyrics so well :D hontou ni hontou ni suteki subarashi sekai ichiban ga suki no dorama~!
2. Comments by Sorata [Rating: 8/10]
Well the first 5 episode of this are pure gold, super funny and entertaining, one can really watch without noticing the time passing.
But it looses a lot during the last 6 episodes, but it�Ls still entertaining.
The cast is pretty good, specialy Abe Hiroshi who plays Eitaro and Ishida Yuriko who plays Aki, they are by far the best thing in this dorama. Ryunosuke(Takenouchi Yutaka) and Takumi(Tsumabuki Satoshi) are good characters but they just can�Lt compare to Eitaro.
I laugh really loud when Eitaro was explaining the 4 times he got beaten up by Aki�Ls father and his marriage proposal ideas, specially the one: "do you wanna be the woman who�Ls gonna wash my underwear for the rest of my life?" lolol.
Didn�Lt like Chiyo(Hirosue Ryoko), the character was annoying and the acting had some bad parts, the only thing that saved this character was Ryoko�Ls cutness.
3. Comments by ginger ale [Rating: 7/10]
Thank goodness it just lasted 11 episodes. It was both funny and real. Girl gets pregnant after one interlude with carefree bachelor. Tackles the issue of unmarried pregnancy realistically. Loved Yutaki Takennouchi's carefree fun loving bachelor character who had to take responsibility for the one night stand. Kyoko Hirosue was a natural but then she was great in the Franco Japanese film Wasabi. Kinda strange watching Sonny Chiba in a different role as father and first time to watch Abe Hiroshi and he is good. But the drama was worth it because Satoshi Tsumabuki the next big thing in Japanese cinema was so kakkooi and sugoi as Shinjou Takumi, Ryunosuke's assistant.I really like the ending but do people in real life give up their dreams just like that?
4. Comments by Patazilla [Rating: 5/10]
Most of the time it's somewhere in ok-territory, it even has a few nice moments; however, there are various things which I found annoying. First off, the characters are mostly over the top and inconsistently so. They may have their quiet, reflective moments (nice!), but then problems get changed or lost and you end up with one mess after another. I missed motivation behind most characters and even rather flat characters like Chiyo's father were horribly incosistent and lacked any depth and sensible reasoning. I usually like Ryoko Hirosue, but this character was mainly annoying with her often shrill and thoughtless antics. Inconsistency and stupidity spoiled this one for me.
5. Comments by Ralbol [Rating: 3/10]
Ca aurait pu etre sympa MAIS:
-les personnages sont tous completements cons (a part abe hiroshi, qui est comme d'habitude tres bon), franchement c'est facile de creer des peripeties quand les personnages font n'importe quoi lorsqu'un quelconque probleme apparait.
-le je prends une decision, puis finalement, puis en fait oui, mais bon non, ca va deux minutes mais voila quoi.
-c'est trop niais pour moi, franchement le mega happy end (auquel on ne s'attend pas du tout, olala, non, quelle surprise...) c'etait de trop.
Donc voila, grosse deception, le casting avait vraiment du potentiel, le scenario aussi d'ailleurs, mais la je dois dire non, passez votre chemin.
6. Comments by amane [Rating: 10/10]
what a superb performance from both takenouchi yutaka and hirosue ryoko.i'm a big fan of yutaka but i never know he could act this good.what an outstanding performance.he always acts well,but this time his acting was really excellent.what else could i say,he is on top of my chart as always.and he couldn't make it without his great co-star hirosue ryoko.so she did deserved a credit here too.hirosue ryoko as always never failed in developing great character in her acting.surprise it may be as for her very young age but her performance is full of charisma.and great soundtracks too from hitomi and exile.
7. Comments by dnie [Rating: 8/10]
Dekichatta kekkon is a sweet but perhaps one in a million life story about a girl who found true happiness after one night stand and recklessly got herself pregnant, The father however is a total chaos person but
tries hard to make evrything work for her soon-to-be-wife and baby. He ofcoz has to ave a stable income and the hardes-past his father-in-law's dissapproval of her.Cant blame the father tho. If i were him, i'd rather
take care of my daughter than let her life be destroyed by this irresponsibleman! but he proved his worth, and as they say, a baby glue a family together
8. Comments by GreenIce [Rating: 9/10]
I love this show!!! Take it wif a pinch of salt, though. Yutaka n Ryoko go through the 'nightmare' of a shotgun marriage.. talk about major decision making. The show is a bit too light-hearted for such a serious topic, and despite all the problems they encountered, it still feels abit optimistic. However, the acting of those 2 is convincing enough to make u empathise wif 'em, which is enough 4 me. It definitely has its sweet moments. Overall, a feel-good movie => - I like. Dun miss Sonny Chiba's performance as the disapproving father!!! Hilariously excellent!!
9. Comments by aliceeatcow [Rating: 6/10]
this dorama was something i watched on a whim.. i wasn't expecting much but i just wanted something fairly light to pass the time. it wasn't amazing but it wasn't bad either. i could only bring myself to really like the main character because the other characters were a little too over the top or unbelievable.. in the end i came to like the female lead because although she was a tad irrational, i could see where she was coming from. in all, not the worst, but definitely nowhere near the best. good to pass the time with though (=
10. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 7/10]
It was a fun series to watch and both Takenouchi Yutaka and Hirosue Ryoko's characters were very endearing. I especially liked the chemistry between the two of them and how friendly they were with one another. Aside from that, the plot was a bit unrealistic. I wanted to see more of a development of romantic feelings between Takenouchi and Hirosue. Things turned out to be almost too perfect.

But it was a feel good drama and one that is definitely worth watching. Great acting. I got a little teary-eyed in the end.
11. Comments by Susan [Rating: 9/10]
A good drama! I've come to truly adore Ryoko Hirosue. She's been so cute in the past, and she's becomes such a lovely actress. I'm not quite sure why I chose this drama to watch. I was mostly just bored and missed watching dramas in general! I liked the progression of Ryunosuke and Chiyo's relationship throughout this series. It was definetly not a conventional start to a relationship that would last a lifetime! Worth watching, for sure, if for nothing else than Abe Hiroshi's hilarious portrayl of Eitaro!
12. Comments by Lucian Dureau [Rating: 8/10]
This dorama is so hilarious, especially at the beginning, in the first episodes, and in spite of treating more seriously each situation in the rest of them, the supporting cast, special mention to Hiroshi Abe, help to maintain the laughs. Another thing to emphasize here is seeing how a bunch of good folks, confronting all their fears and problems, becoming step-by-step in adults. And although it's not a great perfomance like in Summer Snow, Ryoko Hirosue is who represents better this change.
13. Comments by Oba-chan [Rating: 7/10]
Just an ordinary drama. Yutaka and ryoko are done a good job, but this drama is gettin plain in the end. They are also a lot of disturbers who got too much scene. Just like Rena-chan and yamashita. Rena is funny, but to bring her in Ryu and chiyo trouble is just useless for me. Thankfully Abe hiroshi did a very good job, superb, i give 9 point to Abe-san. Also ryu's mother scene when she look at her past husband are very hilarious.
Theme song: Is it you? [Hitomi]: 9
14. Comments by Jeanxi [Rating: 9/10]
A wonderfully developed story. Don't think there was a single episode that was boring or meaningless. Definitely one of the greatest j-dramas I've ever seen in my opinion. Love the chemistry between Takenouchi and Hirosue and the selection for the cast, although Hirosue's acting was horrible in terms of crying scenes. EDIT: In retrospect, a lot of it was quite cheesy. Maybe you'd like it if you are a high schooler? (since that was when I watched it)
15. Comments by bigfire [Rating: 10/10]
I wasn't expecting much from this, but it's SO good! While a lot of love stories focus on infatuation, this story goes deeper by getting the infatuation out of the way early. What's left is a mature relationship... very real and sometimes kinda disturbing as some of the points that they touch on are very near to me or to someone I know. This is a movie for people have been in real relationships and experienced all of the ups and downs of those ties.
16. Comments by jdfan [Rating: 9/10]
Hirosue Ryoko was quite good in this show. Takenouchi Yutaka is in his familiar cool/carefree guy image. The plot is simple but this is an above average show. The story is about a couple trying to get married because of a baby is on it's way. With these two stars in the cast, rating was not a problem. The supporting cast was quite good considering many of them can be leads in other shows. This was the season's best.
17. Comments by 206 [Rating: 9/10]
I have come to enjoy Ryoko's acting. She does a great job depicting her character's feelings and is a good cryer. I like how the main characters grow and learn about one another each episode and how mistakes and promises are made, broken, and cured. I was very happy that this one (as tragic j-dramas go) came together and did not end up a tragedy. All of the characters are quite funny and support the story.
18. Comments by Szabotage [Rating: 9/10]
Do yourselves a favor and watch this drama! It was absolutely beautiful! Very funny, yet also touching. I've never cried so much while watching a comedy before. All the cast does a superb job, especially Hirosue Ryoko and Takenouchi Yutaka as the young parents-to-be. It can be a bit sappy at times, but what the heck, that's why we watch these things, right?
19. Comments by zealous [Rating: 8/10]
This is a funny dorama. Worth to watch and bought. Have a very good message delivery to audience, when Ryuu try to get approval from Chiko father's to marry her daughter, how Chiko so patiently wait and try to understand Ryuu situation about his work and how nice when we see Chiko feeling for the baby. End with happy ending for everybody.Hehehe
20. Comments by heavenightmare2k [Rating: 8/10]
A very very good drama. Yutaka was awesome! And Ryoko was super cute! The storyline was fair, wasn't too bad. There is a bit of a comical atmosphere in this drama which makes it more interesting. There should have been a good kissing scene in this drama though! That would have been AWESOME. It's a drama that is definately worth watching!
21. Comments by tsuyoshi7nhwi [Rating: 9/10]
A great drama about a guy (Takenouchi Yutaka) and girl (Hirosue Ryoko) who have to get married after she gets pregnant (hence the title). Funny, touching and fairly true-to-life, this is a great drama. Oh, and Chiba Shinichi (Sonny Chiba) is perfect as the over-protective, samurai-sword wielding, wild-eyed, former policeman father.
22. Comments by yanie_chan [Rating: 9/10]
Another one of the BEST dorama!!!^O^ A perfect mixture of ridiculous comedy and heart-touching drama!!^_^
Not to mention, I looooove Yutaka so much here! Perhaps, the best role he ever got!!^_~ And the themesongs! Oh, my gosh! I reeeallly want to buy the OST!
You have to watch this, no....buy it!! Definitely worth it!!!^^
23. Comments by ashitaka [Rating: 8/10]
This dorama was pretty good. Hirosue was as good as she usually is (which doesn't say too much for her credit), but it was a the dorama itself was well written. The story really sucked you in, and though the ending may have been a bit rushed, it still left me feeling better for watching it.
24. Comments by williu [Rating: 9/10]
This is just a fantastic drama, I can't find anything negative to say about it. I'm surprised it's not more popular! Not only are the actors doing a superb job, but the storyline is just amazing as well! This is definitely a must watch, a drama that makes you feel great in all ways!
25. Comments by Ezalor [Rating: 8/10]
Top acting performance, very lovely plot & storyline. The end is a bit disappointing, ist's much like a standard ending for this type of story. The screenwriter should have put more thought in this part.
I can't remember a dorama where I laughed out loud more than in this one.
26. Comments by kaonashi [Rating: 8/10]
I liked this drama. It's about a couple who don't know each other but decide to marry because of an unexpected pregnancy. Very nice chemistry between the two leads & a great supporting cast. Would've enjoyed it even more with a bit better english translation. Recommended, 8+
27. Comments by z123_us [Rating: 9/10]
ryoko is kawaiii as usual and yutaka is cool as usual. good drama has fun, love, seriousness. being a continuous storyline one gets attached to watching it to end. One knew the ending in a way but the series did not give a reason to not see it till u finish it. must see!
28. Comments by isvandiari [Rating: 10/10]
It's a hilarious but also sensitive dorama. Of course Shotgun Marriage is still being a taboo subject in most Asian countries, but the way the actors carried out their parts in comical ways but still being serious are AMAZING...!! 2 thumps up for Ryoko & Yutaka..!!
29. Comments by takuya_angel [Rating: 9/10]
This show had turned me into Ryoko Hirosue's fan. I really liked her as she is so kawaii and put up a good performance. I didn't really like her much in LV and Summer Snow but this show really proved me wrong. Yutaka...is not bad too. Hilarous drama. Worth watching!
30. Comments by yume [Rating: 7/10]
I have watched this so many times! There's always something going on and the story doesn't sag in any of the episodes, so you always have something to laugh at or get all "Aww" over! Abe Hiroshi, as usual, is a good laugh! And Hirosue is as realistic as ever.

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Users who voted for this drama (108)
1. Valeron
A heart-touching and romantic comedy drama.With an excellent soundtrack,theme song,and interlude.But the most attrative is the storyline.Though Chiyo's father is just so stick a people ,but I really think he's a GFI(Great Father Ittetsu).His objection make Ryunosuke and Chiyo consider their future and responsibility seriously,make them start to know eachother's feeling,learn to love eachother.A so real and romantic dramma.
Yutaka and Ryoko's acting are both excellent too!
Addict to Yutaka's face and beard-kept look from then on.
But really fell in love with Ryoko! So beautiful and KAWAII!!! My Madonna!
2. freak_of_psycho
It was funny in the beginning but serious in the end. Nonetheless, it wasn't bad overall. I've older dramas of Yutaka but in this one, I am surprised by the 'funnier' Yutaka - I have never seen him like this before!
3. Signo
The right sentence for this dorama is "a galaxy of good actors"! Specially Hirosue Ryoko and Abe Hiroshi acts very well! Also the story is not so bad, but sometimes you know what will happen in the next scene.
4. Replicant
Very funny dorama. The first half is hilarious, the second one is a little less exciting, but the ending is great. Yutaka & Ryoko are awesome in this, Hiroshi Abe & Sonny Chiba also.
5. qwiksXnd
I saw serveral series prior to Shotgun Wedding, but this was the first one I really liked. Also the first drama I saw wtih Horosue, which caused me to temporarily become obsessed with her.
6. Chokoreto_Gal
so funny, love the chamistry between the lead actors and the story line is very nice...the supporting actrees really done a great job! 10/10 for the act and 9/10 for aver all!!
7. zenith777
This JDorama was one of touched dorama, it taught us how to make a good relationship with our boy/girl friend. Ryoko chan was my reason also because I'm badly her fan ^^
8. jessiesoon
i really like this drama, i think i watched it at least twice...yutaka is so cute in there even tho he can b quite annoying wit his attitute towards marriage n all...
9. gohmifune
I love this show, it was funny in places, heart warming in places, and all the actors were fantastic, especialy Hiroshi Abe, Ryoko Hirosue, and Sonny Chiba
10. Mister Pozart
Very funny dorama. Komatsubara sensei and Chiyo�fs father were the funniest characters. Takenouchi and Hirosue have an special charming together.
11. Tu_triky
Hilarious cast. Interesting for the supporting cast as well as the protagonist played by Ryoko Hirosue. Great mix of romance and comedy.
12. sadako-sempai
terrific drama! loved the pairing of yutaka and ryokohirosue! excellent frm start till the end..funny and heartwarming..! great fun..!
13. FoSsiL
im currently watching this series and enjoying ever minute of it. This one funny show. More comments when I finish this series. :)
14. Fyxyse
sugoii!! the humour and the sentimental aspect was blend in a perfect manner, leaving no mistakes behind. definitely a must-see
15. ghofigjong
Very good drama. Love the theme song and the storyline, Takenouchi Yutaka and Hirosue Ryoko are really cute in this series.
16. UWFShooter
Great drama, but the reason it's so IMO is because Yutaka does an excellent job of making Hirosue look good as an actress.
17. Ramsus
The Beginning of this drama it's Great, the end too and all the cast make a very good job. A must see for everybody.
18. balflear
Funny, touching and, simply put, perfect. The cast are great, the story great and EVERYTHING is.... great!! Haha!
19. stupidguy_101
Hirosue Ryoko!!!
Its really funny and sweet. A grreat break from the sad and sour stuff. You love it!
20. hopa_boy
always love ryoko, and takenouchi does a good job, really liked sonny chiba as the dad... very touching story
21. foxy-prix
great n humourous show!! totally love it!! u guys gotta watch it!! yutaka looks good in the show too!! : )
22. angelslay
Yutaka and Ryoko have great chemistry. Sonny Chiba is outstanding as the father. Its just a good drama.
23. pj0t
worthable to be watched!!~
yutaka and ryoko very cute in this drama
humorous, kinda touching too!!~
24. gotosira
pissed me of at the beginning... and forced me to almost cry at the end .... ^.^ very good drama
25. heimu
You won't really get tired watching Ryoko over and over again in this drama, she's just so cute.
26. Steve
very funny yet touching.... i really like this kind of drama. ryoko hirosue really2.. adoreable
27. requiem
Highly recommended. Definitely a keeper, with touching moments as well as hilarious ones.
28. muffin707
Very good in dealing with issues of unplanned pregnancy. A simple and enduring series.
29. Bsalez
Really touchy can learn alot from this movie..'use that thing when you make out'!! :)
30. rhave
An outcome of a simple earnestness plot and a great sappiness script

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