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Tsumabuki Satoshi 妻夫木聡 ( Satoshi Tsumabuki )

NameTsumabuki Satoshi
Star SignSagittarius
Birthday13 December 1980
Blood TypeO

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Tsumabuki Satoshi

Tsumabuki Satoshi has grown from an unknown to an A-list star in great demand within only a few years. It is no surprise, however, as he has been praised for hi...

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Filmography (16)
Wakamonotachi 2014 [2014]
Sato Asahi
Higashino Keigo Mysteries [2012]
Kitazawa Takanori (Story 6)
Tenchijin [2009]
Higuchi Yoroku -> Higuchi Kanetsugu -> Naoe Kanetsugu
Slow Dance [2005]
Serizawa Reach
芹沢理一 (25)
69 sixty nine [2004]
Orange Days [2004]
Yuuki Kai
結城櫂 (22)
Kyou no Dekigoto [2004]
Dragon Head [2004]
ドラゴン ヘッド
Aoki Teru
Blackjack ni Yoroshiku [2003]
Saito Eijiro
斉藤英二郎 (24)
Lunch no Joou [2002]
Nabeshima Junzaburo
鍋島純三郎 (23)
Wedding Planner [2002]
Narumi Shuhei
鳴海 柊平 (25)
Long Love Letter [2002]
Fujisawa Ryuta
Chuushingura 1/47 [2001]
忠臣蔵 1/47
Takada Gunbe
Dekichatta Kekkon [2001]
Shinjou Takumi
新庄巧 (22)
Tengoku ni ichiban chikai otoko Season 2 [2001]
天国に一番近い男 - 教師編
隠岐之島 正 (22)
Ikebukuro West Gate Park [2000]
Saitou Fujio

Users who voted for this artiste (278)
1. fahsum
this guy is so boyish cute. i want to meet him so bad!! he has great acting skills, super nice, and too cute. saw him in 'blackjack' and really wanted to hate him (becuz he acted so well as a wimpy doctor), then saw him in 'orange days' and didn't really regard him (the story started off so boring), and finally fell in love when 'lunch queen' came out. he did a good job and had a good role... now i want to watch all his dramas. ;)
2. Jani
Next to KimuTaku, Tsumabuki is the best actor in jdramas (which would raise a lot of eyebrows) but honestly, look at his acting and then judge him. Though he is handsome, he does not actually rely on this to carry his jdrama roles like the rest of the other male idols. He has a maturity that will make him one of jdramas best actors in the coming years, maybe even make him one of the greatest actors in jdramas (mark my words)
3. mitchyko
hay, what can i say about this guy....aside from the fact that he's so CUTE and HOT....i liked him in orange days cause he was the lead and he got more close up and i get to really watch him and admire his gorgeous smile.....loved the way he carries himself, with confidence and integrity....i love how he dresses....always so tidy and preppy....i hope in person, his personality is as good as the roles he portrays.
4. aki_07
Watched him in Orange Days & Lunch no Joou. The 2 varied roles are already enough for me to vote this actor because he portrayed these two characters so differently it's amazing! He also has an ultra-pleasent face which I can never get tired fo seeing, kind of sweet... have watched more of his movies & I will be collecting most of them. Excellent actor!
5. xtine888
He's so cute when he smiles! I think he's very talented...I know he often gets cast as the romantic lead, but I think he has a lot of range. He can do comedy well, too. He was terrific in "Orange Days." Also...I paid $9 to see "F&F: Tokyo Drift" JUST to see him for 5 seconds! Hahaha, he's awesome.
6. kchibi
how can i know this guy sooo late??? i fell in love with him in orange days...he is super super kakkoi!!!~ which made me download wedding planner, lunch no joou, bought blackjack and abt to download slow dance! besides his great looks, i need to see more of his acting before i can say he's a good actor..~
7. xiong_here
As a straight-Heterosexual-I like the female sex- male...even I think he's cute. Gohd that sounds so gay. Anyways, he's got strong acting skills and in Orange days and Slow Dance he's a likeable character. He's got a strong aura and well, he's just very likeable...not in a gay sense...no offense to gays.
8. imalone
First saw him in Lunch Queen & really admired him as an actor but it was Orange Days which made me a fans of him. More than a fans, I think I fell in love with him. xD He's so underrated. Wish he gets recognised more. He's a really good actor & his ~forever young~ looks never bores you. =D
9. OCster
I first saw this guy in Orange Days and fell head over heels for him. He has such a handsome, sweet feel about him, the perfect kind of guy to have as a boyfriend. He plays his roles with charisma and conviction. And that smile, really is, to die for. No. 1 Japanese guy in my books. *is in love*
10. aki21
Oh my god. Not to sound stupid, or anything, but right now, I am in love with this guy. Come on! Look at him! Hot!!! I only wish I could go to the fan site.. theres such a cute pic of him there. But, it's in Japanese.. -.-;; Can't help smiling whenever I see him. Such power.
11. ducko
Great Actor! The reason why I started watching Japanese movies and TV is because of him... watched Waterboys a long time ago... and when I saw him in FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT it sparked my memory of him... heh. Loving all the stuff I've seen him in so far too.
12. squallie
He is most likely my favorite actor of a j-drama. Even though he's young, it doesn't stop him from becoming one of the most successful and famous stars in Japan. I just admire him and his talent. I hope he has a great future and more success further on in his life.
13. Tukata
so boyish, so good looking, so talented, so adorable, so handsome, so romantic.... love him in Slow Dance and Haru no yuki... really want to hug him... Hope he will make it to the international fame very soon... he is soon to be the next star of Asia..
14. jrockreien
This guy knows acting!! Orange Days WOOT!!~ oh and Dragonhead was great.. not the best written but his acting in it was still great.. plus a million other dramas (Long Love Letter ~yaya~) OH!!! and I loved him in the waterboys movie pweee!~
15. youhei_mito
brilliant acting in Orange Days. he has this charming look tat j-actors rarely have these days -- a really good-looking boy-next-door. haha. :) the only thing he needs now is the perfect leading role tat would shoot him into instant fame~!
16. lalaland
I admit Satoshi is dreamy, but that's also because he's the best actor I've seen so far. Few actors can make characters that are subtlely different very distingquished and very relatable. I wanna see more of that Satoshi flavor in dramas!
17. aliceeatcow
he is an amazing actor! i first saw him in "Water Boys" and he stood out a lot; very unique face. of course, being attracted to him, i watched some other doramas and he is more than just a pretty face! great actor, one of my favorites!
18. strawberrynkiwi
i love satoshi!!! after watching the 1st episode of orange days.. im completely obsess~ i don't even bother checking out his other dramas. b/c im sure he is amazing and his smiles just melts anything. i love his hair style too~
19. sahabat9
new generation of actor that i really enjoyed watching the acting... he's cho kawai in Lunch No Joou, also such a straight person in BlackJack ni Yoroshiku... and not forgetting a humble and nice person in Orange Days.. *grin*
20. atleast13
If you haven't seen his dramas, you're totally missing out. He didn't win 3 awards for nothing, ne? Also, I love that he shows up in dramas when you don't expect him there (IWGP and Kisarazu Cat's Eye). Nya!!! ;P
21. phlargo
Just saw him in Orange Days and his acting was superb. Sure the writing and directing also really highlighted his character, but he took it and ran. Maybe the best performance I've seen in a Jdrama yet.
22. Shi_4
Sugoi.. i love him in dororo...
im so excited with his next film...
kacchoi dezu ne....
very2 macho and manly..
i love his lips and his eyes... =)
way to go man!!! ganbacchiku neee..... =)
23. shirahime
hehe saw him first in the cm of vodafone, thought he was cute. then I watched his movie Josee, the tiger and the fish and I was waaaaooooooh. Looking forward when jtv finish subbing orange days ^^
24. Asja
I saw him only in Orange days and liked him very much. In a way he differs from sometimes a bit feminine dorama guys. He is a professional actor - you don't doubt that. A charming personality.
25. orangepanda
*hearts* satoshi to death....luv him in orange days n lunch no joou...darn sweet n cute.... great actor wif the sweetest smile n the twinkle in the eye....now who wouldnt fall for tat?
26. zillah
He's one of the greatest actor that i watch, i first watch the water boys and i admire him so much.... and when i wath him in orange days he's the SWEETEST ORANGE that I saw....
27. BijinDatta
I love this actor! He has really nice, young looks but holds a certain level of rugged maturity. He is one of the most talented actors I've ever witnessed on the J-drama stage.
28. fybabe
He seems such an earnest guy... really warms my heart to have him around. Why are guys like him so hard to find nowadays?
And of course, he's a truely convincing actor...
29. keax
I thought he was great in Wedding Planner and Lunch no Joou. I've yet to watch Orange Days / 69 / Slow Dance though I've the DVDs. But I think he's a talented actor!
his smile is soooo sweet and cute! i've loved him since i first saw him in Waterboys. so cute! and it was his birthday yesterday too, so happy belated birthday!

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