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Blackjack ni Yoroshiku [ブラックジャックによろしく]



Drama Details
Title:Blackjack ni Yoroshiku
Say Hello to Blackjack
Telecast:2003-04-11 to 2003-06-20
Season:Spring 2003

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TV Station:TBS
Duration:11 Episodes

Eijiro Saito (Satoshi Tsumabuki) is a graduate of the prestigious Eidai Medical School and is sent to Eidai Hospital as a trainee doctor. There, under the supervision of Dr. Shiratori (Tomokazu Miura) at the surgery department, Eijiro trains hard with Dekune (Koji Kato) and Munekata (Masatoshi Matsuo). But all they seem to do is take care of the menial work. They work on average 16 hours a day for \38,000 per month. It's so bad that they have to do part-time work at other hospitals just to make ends meet.

Eijiro picks Seido Hospital, run by Dr. Hattori (Ken Ogata), for his part-time job. The surgery is like a battleground. Eijiro is very impressed by his senior Dr. Ushida (Tetta Sugimoto) and the nurse Kaori (Kyoka Suzuki). But one night, when he is on duty, Eijiro runs from the surgery leaving a badly injured patient behind!

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. LIFE is... ~another story~ [Hirai Ken 平井堅]LYRICS ]

Actor/Actress Cast (6)
Tsumabuki Satoshi
Saito Eijiro
斉藤英二郎 (24)
Suzuki Kyoka
Akagi Kaori
赤城カオリ (32)
Kato Koji
Dekune Kuniya
出久根邦弥 (29)
Ito Shiro
Kasukabe Ichiro
Miura Tomokazu
Shiratori Takahisa
Ogata Ken
Hattori Osamu

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Drama Reviews (5)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. That's why it's a melodrama. [Rating: 7/10]
First couple of episodes were slow, but OK. However, the story about this medical resident gets old quickly. The theme of him being a heroic figure who fights for patients is repetitive and too fictional for me to relate. His personality would have made a horrible doctor in the real world... Residency is about learning quickly, but he still does not get it in the last disc. I will recommend it to those who wants get an intro look to japan's hospital or watch an idealistic (sometimes disillusioned) young doctor matures... Don't know what the ending is like.
Reviewed by Chu Chu Train on 4 January 2004
2. New Japanese Doctors - are they really ready? [Rating: 6/10]
This drama is about a new doctor fresh from med school and we see the good, bad, and ugly of the Japanese hospital system. Of course a lot of things rotate around money. The main character has to work part-time at night to make some cash but he just loses it. From there he has to figure out what it is to be a doctor. The shows pretty slow and the stories are pretty boring but if you like the actor and actress it is somewhat viewable.
Reviewed by moku999 on 11 November 2003
3. WONDERFUL SERIES [Rating: 10/10]
I was kind of turned off by the darkness of the first episode, I almost didn't watch the rest. Now though, this is one of my favorites. The portrayal of life as a new doctor is so painfully honest, Saito Sensei was so earnest too. Tsumambuki Satoshi did an awesome job here. He's definitely one of my favorite actors ever.
Reviewed by effronterie on 12 October 2004
4. Should You Trust Doctors? [Rating: 7/10]
The beginning was very good but story did not pick up later on. I like how the story depicts the dark side of medical healthcare and leaves viewers feeling paranoid about trusting doctors. Issues are very real and thought-provoking. Idealism vs practicality.
Reviewed by aki_07 on 10 January 2006
5. worth watching [Rating: 9/10]
nice but sometimes tsumabuki just gets on ur nerves
Reviewed by juliana_phang on 18 June 2004

Comments From Users (46)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 6/10]
A drama that had a promising premise - a young, idealistic doctor who is ready to take on the challenges of working in a hospital, but finds that things just aren't as simple as helping people. Tsumabuki Satoshi, newcomer to the JDorama scene, plays a recent Med School graduate who begins his residency at a prestigious hospital.

Each episode focuses on a different patient or different situations that the young doctor has to face, sometimes the conclusions aren't all that happy. In fact, this drama overall is pretty dark. It shows the darker side of being a doctor and the entire hospital insurance system (or faults thereof). Tsumabuki pulls off a decent job, but I didn't find his character very endearing or memorable. It's certainly not one of his best works.

The story is also pretty slow, the episodes becoming monotonous after the first three or four. I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to watch this series even if you're an avid fan of Tsumabuki Satoshi.
2. Comments by compaqmac321 [Rating: 6/10]
tch..eijiro is the WORST character ever...i hated him...i hated everything about him...he was terrible...the only thing i can say is tsumabuki satoshi did a good job playing him, in the process i hated seeing his face, but thats when i just take a deep breath and remember that its JUST tv...there were a lot of great actors in this though...tsumabuki, kuninaka ryoko, suzuki kyoka, ogata ken, and even ayase haruka. there stories were interesting, but the annoying main character made me not want to watch chunks of episodes..overall...it wasnt bad...it was funny in parts...i guess you could say it was touching sometimes, but the main character is the worst ive seen so far in any drama so, ill drop the score for that
3. Comments by icebaby028 [Rating: 4/10]
Oh God. I think Tsumabuki Satoshi has to fire his agent for getting him these awful scripts. He always gets casted as the good boy who can do no wrong and it's just so tiring to watch him try to fight human temptation and evilness all the time. It's a pity since he's such a great actor but he definiately needs better roles. The drama itself is boring, the script is blah, the story is eh...it's just not worth watching. As a matter of fact, I didn't even finish watching it. It was hard just to get through the first four episodes.
4. Comments by tabana [Rating: 6/10]
Loved it at first, but once the 3rd story, which is the major part of this drama starts, it gets boring. Maybe it's because I was feeling the opposite of what I was suppose to... The guy tries too much and he's a damn crybaby. Running into your room crying and slamming the door, you can't do that at 25...
5. Comments by AngelXing [Rating: 6/10]
If it wasn't for Tsumabuki, i wouldn't have watched it. At times i wanted to kick him in the ass for being such a wuss and a busy body but then his cuteness makes up for it all...ehehhe....Kinda predictable....but it's worth watching if you're a Tsumabuki fan....
6. Comments by aki_07 [Rating: 7/10]
The beginning was very good but story did not pick up later on. I like how the story depicts the dark side of medical healthcare and leaves viewers feeling paranoid about trusting doctors. Issues are very real and thought-provoking.
7. Comments by aoi_dolphine [Rating: 8/10]
Very idealistic doctor Eijiro who sees the system of the hospital going against his principles. However, when things were thrown in his path for him to react on, he fails miserably. Isn't this what Life is all about?
8. Comments by yolande [Rating: 8/10]
very impressive acting from tsumabuki. i'm impressed.
not your typical hospital doctor show, but it feels much more real compared. more personal and not as shallow.
9. Comments by yume [Rating: 7/10]
What an intense cast and first episode. I am still watching this gripping series. But I must admit, it's a bit too bloody for my normal tastes...
10. Comments by Blood_Berry [Rating: 3/10]
watch it for Satoshi and Satoshi's beeeeehind :D... nevermind his character here and the rest of the story. Nyahaha!
11. Comments by dokaben [Rating: 5/10]
Not very good. The actors were all excellent but the script was lacking. The medical side wasn't very believable.
12. Comments by groink [Rating: 8/10]
Great drama! Depressing for the most part, but hell it's a DRAMA!!!!!! Dramas can't always be candy-candy, y'know?
13. Comments by maguro666 [Rating: 8/10]
Honestly the first couple eps are a bit slow but the story developed very well over time. It is very touching.
14. Comments by IniQx [Rating: 9/10]
ahhh...my Satoshi Tsumabuki. the storyline's very similar to Shiroi Kyoto but this one's more heart-warming
15. Comments by buzzybug [Rating: 7/10]
argghh...penatnya tgk citer nie...problem dalam hati...hehe...overall, ok laa...sib baik hero hensem
16. Comments by crimsonRED [Rating: 6/10]
Satoshi is so goodlooking here. But I cant stand his role when he portrays an inconfident doctor.
17. Comments by ct_subang [Rating: 4/10]
kinda slow at first...ur typical medic drama...a young dr in the making...the ups & downs...
18. Comments by kiba92 [Rating: 6/10]
Very slow drama, but it has it's touchy moments. Overall the drama is quite boring.
19. Comments by Kendesu [Rating: ?/10]
I watched episode one but never got to watch other ones so i dont have a clue yet.
20. Comments by lovejdorama [Rating: ?/10]
Avail for trade! 2-DVD English Sub http://www.geocities.com/reddashay/jdorama.html
21. Comments by juliana_phang [Rating: 9/10]
touching..cried almost every ep, but at times i just felt like kickin tsumabuki
22. Comments by tInoltin [Rating: 3/10]
slow...boring....the only POSITIVE think for this drama is satoshi tsumabuki...
23. Comments by raei [Rating: 9/10]
Great drama! Not your usual "happy-go-lucky" drama, but I love the story.
24. Comments by ephesus [Rating: 7/10]
He's kind of annoying honestly. There are better doctor dramas out there.
25. Comments by Q-chan [Rating: 8/10]
One of the best Tsumabuki Satoshi's dorama ever! Love the soundtrack...
26. Comments by fuqinlan [Rating: ?/10]
quite boring, do not know why get the best drama for last season???
27. Comments by Dorochive [Rating: 6/10]
Probably the best bad show I ever watched, it's just suffocating.
28. Comments by mezoomozaa [Rating: 10/10]
One of the best JAPAN has ever produced , I rate it 110 %
29. Comments by oshio_minahmi [Rating: 10/10]
i think it's real.
coz i study medicine too and it sux!
30. Comments by jdoramafreaks [Rating: 7/10]

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Users who voted for this drama (5)
1. tight
Great!! It's well deserved as the winner of the best drama award for that season. It's deep, dark, and still realistic. Those who have had enough life experience would definitely appreciate this.
2. effronterie
ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITES. Underrated, but this drama is a poignant and honest portrayal. As always, Tsumambuki Satoshi rocks!
3. enrique
Everyone said this is slow or boring. But it starts to seriously grab me ever since the 1st episode, very good stuff!
4. mezoomozaa
I am medical student , and I feel every second of this epic drama , one of the best jdramas EVER
5. raei