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kiba92's dramas (39)
Aisuru Tame ni Aisaretai [愛するために愛されたい]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
This drama is very different from all the other dramas I've watched. This is a very serious drama without 1 line of comedy in it. This show is about life, work and love. The show is very slow but I thought it was interesting at the same time.
Akimahende! [あきまへんで!]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Very light heart drama. There are some funny moments, but it got a little repetitive after a while.
Beautiful life [ビューティフルライフ]
Rating: 5/10 (Watched)
Not great. This drama is very slow and kind of boring. I did not see the love chemistry between Kimura Takuya and Tokiwa Takako. The ending was very predictable, I was waiting for it to happen.
Bijo ka Yajuu [美女か野獣]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
Good drama. each stories are very touching. The drama teaches you about morals, how to work as a team and trust each other.
Blackjack ni Yoroshiku [ブラックジャックによろしく]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
Very slow drama, but it has it's touchy moments. Overall the drama is quite boring.
Cheap Love [チープラブ]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
A semi dark love story. The ending was sort of expected.
Food fight [フードファイト]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Typical Japanese drama. Each eposide is deicated to help a person. Nothing special.
Friends [フレンズ]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
A simple love story. It's not very good or really bad. Lucky it is short, although they kind of drag it out a little.
GTO [麻辣教師]
Rating: 10/10
Great Drama. Another family oriented show. Very good simple story line. A story about a high school teacher that did things for the students to gain their trust.
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
I enjoy this drama very much. It is very much like the American show Law & Order but not as serious. They tone it down with some comedy. I think Kimura Takuya is very adorable in this show and everyone else had a good role.
Hito ni Yasashiku [人にやさしく / 3ピース]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
Good light heart family oriented drama. Suga Kenta is a good actor. There are touching moments.
Itsumo futari de [いつもふたりで]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
This show is just like Long Vacation. The layout of people are almost the same, the music is similar, but Long Vacation's soundtrack is much better. If you like Long Vacation you will enjoy this drama also. A light heart love story with comedy
Kinyoubi no Koibitotachi e [金曜日の恋人たちへ]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
A semi serious love story among 3 people. 2 female friends falls in love with the same guy. Interesting to watch until they tried to wrap up the story to quickly in the last episode.
Koi ga shitai Koi ga shitai Koi ga shitai [恋がしたい恋がしたい]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
Very interesting plot. I like the way it started the show. It has some touching moments but the ending was a little to quick. The drama finish too quickly to please the audience.
Koori no sekai [冰の世界]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
Good suspenseful drama with a suprising ending.
Long vacation [ロングバケーション]
Rating: 7/10 (Bought & Watched)
Great Music but I think this show is overrated. I did not really see the love connection between the two. The story line is okay but the music for this show is wonderfully done.
Love complex [ラブコンプレックス]
This show is really funky. I just stop watching after 2 episode. It is not your typical Japanese drama.
Majo no jouken [魔女の条件]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
This is a more serious version of the Korean drama Romance. There are some part of the story that seem kind of ridiculous.
Manatsu no Merry Christmas [真夏のメリークリスマス]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
Slow and boring drama. I don't think it is worth watching. It is suppose to be a simple story but they try to make it more interesting and suprising in the middle of it. Oka ending.
Messengers [メッセンジャー]
Rating: 9/10 (Bought & Watched)
Funny love story. Very entertaining.
Mukodono! [ムコ殿/女婿大人]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
This drama is great. I love Nagase Tomoya, he is so cute and adorable in this show. Mukodono is a typical japanese drama which each eposide is dedicated to help a family member/friend in the time of need. Overall the drama is good, but I am little disappointed at the ending. I think the ending was kind of abrupt because they did not tied up all the loose ends.
Narita Rikon [成田離婚]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
A pretty boring love story. If it wasn't for Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, I would not have been able to finish it. I am not saying that Kusanagi Tsuyoshi was great in this, I just happen to like him very much.
Nemureru mori [眠れる森]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
Very suspenseful drama. The ending was kind of predictable.
News no onna [ニュースの女]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
Story was simple but the cast was great. Everyone did a wonderful job in this drama. However, I thought it was pointless for Fukada Kyoko to be in the show.
Otousan [おとうさん]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Another family orient show. This is just like oyaji but with different kids. The episode got kind of repetitve after a while.
Oyaji~ [オヤジぃ]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Good light heart drama. Another family oriented show. There are some funny moments not something you have to rush and watch.
Sensei shiranaino? [先生知らないの?]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Is GTO in elementary school. Another family oriented show. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi made a great teacher since he is always so clam.
Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi [空から降る一億の星]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
Interesting plot and it is interesting to see Kimura Takuya playing such a different role. Kinda lagged in the middle but the ending was a suprise.
Star no Koi [スタアの恋]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
Great love story. It is just a much longer Japanese version of Notting Hill. It is a very heartwarming entertaining drama. I thought that Fujiwara Norika is very pretty in this show. Love must of her outfit. This had a nice ending unlike some of the jodrama out there. I would recommend people to watch this.
Strawberry on the shortcake [ストロベリー・オンザ・ショートケーキ]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
This drama is so-so. It is very slow, they dragged it out a little to much so it got kind of boring.
Summer snow
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
Good touching love story. The ending was very unexpected.
Toshishita No Otoko [年下之男]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
A serious love story which they try to make a dark one but fail. I expected a different ending but I guess they were trying to please the audience
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Entertaining but slow drama. There are some funny moments. Only watch it if you have not else to watch.
Uso Koi [ウソコイ]
Rating: 2/10 (Watched)
This dorama is quite annoying. Faye wong is one of the worst actress I have ever seen. The first couple of episodes she kept on grinning for no apparent reasons, it's like she is not taking the show very seriously or that she does not know what kind of face to put out when the camera is filming . After the 3rd episode, I just gave up and decided to watch the last 15 minute of each episode. I must admit that Faye's English is not that bad however, it just seems like she was reading cue cards during the whole show. The plot is quite annoying because it's so simple but they had to dragged it out for 12 episodes.
Utsukushii hito [美しい人]
Rating: 4/10 (Watched)
In the beginning it was very interesting but towards the middle it starts to suck and it gets even worse towards the ending. They try to make this show very mysterious and complex but it did not live up to it's expectation at the end. I would give it an 8 in the beginning but after the ending I'll give an 6.
Virgin Road [バージンロード]
Rating: 1/10 (Watched)
Worst drama I have seen. This show is completely a waste of time, it was a drag to see it till the end. I should of stop watching it after the first episode. Do not watch it even if you have nothing else to watch, find something else to do.
Wedding Planner [ウエディングプランナー]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
I cute heart warming light romance story. This show is kind of funny.
Rating: 7/10 (Bought & Watched)
This movie is alright. It is very entertaining however, there are some parts that are totally unrealistic like guns never run out of bullets, things like that.
Yan Papa [やんパパ]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
This series is okay. I think this show is very family oriented. Another one of Nagase Tomoya drama that gains everyone's trust with his kind heart.

kiba92's drama reviews (1)
Long vacation [ロングバケーション]
Great Music [Rating: 7/10]
I think this show is overrated. I did not really see the love connection between the two. The story line is okay but the music for this show is wonderfully done.


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