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Drama Details
Telecast:2001-01-08 to 2001-03-19
Season:Winter 2001

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:11 Episodes
1 Special
1 Movie

Kohei Kuryu, played by Takuya Kimura, is a former juvenile delinquent that drops out of junior high and goes on to earn a high school equivalency diploma. After passing the law board exams, Kuryu becomes a prosecutor. Not your typical prosecutor, which is quickly seen through the clothes that he wears, Kuryu possesses quick instincts and a kind of cleverness that only someone raised on the streets could have.

Although earning a reputation as a bad apple, the influence from Kuryu's strong pursuit of justice slowly begins to change things around him.
Fuji TV

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Actor/Actress Cast (54)
Kimura Takuya
Kuriyu Kouhei
久利生公平 (27)
Matsu Takako
Amamiya Maiko
雨宮舞子 (24)
Abe Hiroshi
Shibayama Mitsugu
芝山 貢 (36)
Otsuka Nene
Nakamura Misuzu
中村美鈴 (30)
Katsumura Masanobu
Egami Tatsuo
江上達夫 (32)
Kohinata Fumiyo
Suetsugu Takayuki
末次隆之 (40)
Yashima Norito
Endo Kenji
遠藤賢司 (25)
Kadono Takuzo
Ushimaru Yutaka
牛丸 豊 (50)
Kodama Kiyoshi
Nabeshima Toshimitsu
鍋島利光 (60)
Tanaka Yoji
Okayama Hajime
the policeman
Masana Bokuzou
the security guard
Shimizu Shogo
(ep 1)
Sakai Toshiya
(ep 1)
Koyama Shigeru
神山 繁
(ep 2)
Nakagoshi Noriko
(ep 2)
Moriguchi Yoko
(ep 3)
Miyasako Hiroyuki
(ep 3)
Ukaji Takashi
(ep 4)
Kajihara Zen
(ep 4)
Sakurai Sachiko
(ep 5)
Masu Takeshi
(ep 6)
Murai Katsuyuki
(ep 6)
Terada Minori
(ep 7)
Ishimaru Kenjiro
(ep 7)
Kaneda Akio
(ep 7)
Miyata Sanae
(ep 7)
Toji Takao
(ep 7)
Sato Ryuta
(ep 7)
Iijima Naoko
Tatsumi Eriko (ep 8 + special)
Tayama Ryosei
(ep 8)
Kinouchi Akiko
(ep 8)
Takahashi Katsumi
(ep 9)
Aijima Kazuyuki
(ep 9)
(ep 9)
Takahashi Issei
(ep 10)
Hada Michiko
(ep 10)
Anan Kenji
(ep 10)
Shirai Akira
(ep 11)
Konno Masato
(ep 11)
Asano Kazuyuki
(ep 11)
Sasai Eisuke
(ep 11)
Ogi Shigemitsu
(ep 11)
Toda Keiko
(ep 11)
Miura Tomokazu
(ep 11)
Tsutsumi Shinichi
Tsugaru Yasushi (special)
Ayase Haruka
Izumitani Ririko (special)
Shiomi Sansei
Nishiyama Goichi (special)
Nakai Kiichi
Takita Akihiko (special)
Tezuka Satomi
Furukoshi Hiroko (special)
Ishibashi Renji
Oyabu Masahiro (special)
Sato Jiro
Yoshino Kimika
Masana Bokuzo

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Drama Reviews (77)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. A Bad Casting Call [Rating: 5/10]
It wasn't too long ago when I saw Hero, the deliciously quirky "detective" story that followed Kohei Kuryu and his offbeat sleuth skills that caused the heads of his fellow prosecutors to spin. While not the most memorable series for me, it was fun, inviting, and utilized the massive talent that made up the cast to the fullest. So now Kimutaku returns as the Hero, only this time he's transferred to a new city, with a new case to solve, and a whole new cast.

It is the cast that brings the show down to a disappointing level. It is not so much because they cannot act; on the contrary, I think Tsutsumi Shinichi is an excellent actor. However, when a special airs of a show that previously ran, one would expect the entire cast to return in full force. This was not the case, and for the most part I believe it was a rather large letdown for many viewers, including myself. This became apparent to me when the last several minutes of the show was the most satisfying; no thanks, however, to the central storyline.

To be fair, the subtitles that I was reading were not very good. I really don't wish to say this because I am very appreciative of the ample time and hard work that goes into translation and subbing (I'm just now beginning to learn Japanese). Still, there were parts that left me dumbfounded, and because I couldn't pick up smaller bits of information, the epiphanies in the show were lost on me until later when it was spelled out for me. With this in mind, it would be unfair for me to judge the writing. Regardless of the intricacies of the plot, the overall plot was completely transparent and after watching the first several minutes I was able to outline what was going to happen through the whole story with abnormally high accuracy. This is not a good thing when I can't understand people's lines half the time.

The acting wasn't all too good either. Tsutsumi-san was great to watch, becoming a completely different duo with Kimura-san than that in Good Luck!!. To be able to portray characters that are so different is a sign of incredible ability. Kimura-san was decent. I think he tried hard and did the best he could, but the writing for his character didn't seem to match quite right with the writing for the original series. I recall him being quirky but somewhat cool and quiet, doing things without explaining them to others. In this special he talked far too much. Notably, Nakai Kiichi landed a great performance as the prime suspect.

Since the original cast was absent for the most part and the location was entirely different, the music was a welcome hit of nostalgia as it remained largely in tact. I enjoyed the music just as much as I did when I watched the original, and the themes carries the excitement of the hunt for the truth as well as appropriate themes for the emotional parts.

Hero was hard to watch as I struggled with the subtitles, but regardless the story was simple and predictable. While the end was very rewarding, it was not so because of the main story which means I felt like I had to trod through two hours of tediousness for four minutes of fun. A decent special, but disappointing for its primary audience -- the watchers of the original series.
Reviewed by chesed on 22 January 2007
2. HERO WORSHIP [Rating: 10/10]
The Cast:
Kimura Takuya, Matsu Takako, Abe Hiroshi, Otsuka Nana, Kadono Takuzo, Katsumura Masanobu, Kohinata Fumiyo, Yashima Norito, Kodama Kiyoshi

In a Nutshell:
Self-taught public prosecutor Kuryu Kohei brings his unconventional crime-busting methods to the Josai district office, much to the consternation of the other prosecutors and law clerks.

I�fm trying to rack my brains for something about this drama that I hated, or disliked�\even just a teensy bit. Nothing comes to mind. Even the semi-crummy production values (which would seem more at home in 1987 than in 2001, the year the show aired), �gspazzy music�h (as a user from another forum so brilliantly put it), and odd, quirky editing style�\they all just GROW ON YOU. And to think these are just the technical aspects of the drama.

The soundtrack is SO effin�f catchy! By the end of the first episode I was jerking and twitching along to the now-familiar music, a sly throwback to those old-school detective comedies a la Pink Panther: jazzy and off-beat, with just a hint of sleaze. Brilliant!

At first the directorial style caught me off-balanced: the actors speak directly into the lens while the camera swoops in for a close-up, and the dialogue ping-pongs from one person to the next at such a frenetic pace. But the style of Hero actually lends itself well to the screwball, sometimes campy atmosphere. I soon realized how much it reminded me of Baz Luhrmann�fs Velvet Curtain oeuvre (Strictly Ballroom, William Shakespeare�fs Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge!, and even Australia), dubbed as such because of his penchant for the theatrical. But you know what? I loved every Luhrmann film to freaking BITS (and wish he were more prolific) and he remains to this day my favorite director ever. So going back to Hero, it�fs all good, baby.

The great thing about Hero was that despite the drollery and high dramedy, the actors were so completely into their character. Hero scores some of the best ensemble acting I�fve seen in a drama, in a loooong time. That easy rapport among the cast was undeniably there, the comfortable system of trust and reliance so apparent in the way they�fd riff their lines off each other, scripted or ad-libbed, any which way. It�fs also quite obvious how much the actors simply enjoyed being with each other, and what they were doing�\otherwise, this renzoku wouldn�ft have had that intangible quality that makes an ensemble drama truly�c transcendent.

Full-length review:

Reviewed by Ender's Girl on 15 June 2009
3. Seven and a half stars [Rating: 7/10]
Not really a fabulous drama...but never the less very entertaining.Watching this drama doesn't really require u to think much...with the show being surrounded by a quirky sense of humour.A thing to point out for mentioning is that finally,Takuya is showing a bit of changes in his acting,which is very commendable.A show that defers from other 'Detective' stories..it being light hearted and not those super serious stuff.Matsu is still pretty much her same old self.Not much of romance in this show..in fact it kinda seems very shallow.A quirky obession of Takuya's character of buying TV products added spice to the overall unique sense of humour that shows throughout in the show.(heard that it was Takuya's own idea to give that to the character)However,the show wun really leave much of a deep impression on the viewers as the storyline isn't really that fantastic....just that it is boosted by good performance from the cast.In conclusion,the show is really entertaining,worth the $,though I feel it is kinda flattered by its TV ratings in Japan.And of coz...a must for Takuya and Matsu fans.
(I will give it 7 1/2 stars not 7 hmmhmm)

Reviewed by GunGod on 21 June 2001
4. wow... [Rating: 9/10]
i watched it for the plot though i must admit that takuya kimura looks cute... haha! the cast is alright but i'm starting to get sick of the takuya-takako pair-up... (they look great of course)

i love the rest of the cast too. they have a different story which they do not want others to know. and when they shut their doors after some conversation, it's like shutting out the whole world from urself. i love kuryu's office and all the wacky things he buy. and as sarafina has pointed out, kuryu's colleagues are so weird that he is normal. it's an enjoyable show and the romantic element is nicely blended into the entire story without emphasizing too much on it. i realised it's becoming more of the trend of the japanese drama scripts to simply add some romantic element into the main focus of the show nowadays
Reviewed by Ryvyan on 9 November 2001
5. irresistable [Rating: 9/10]
what a great ensemble comedy, drama, & some mild mannered suspense! i must have seen this at least 3 times now over the years. it's a seductive view of office culture, where friends and enemies still coexist in harmony. for my money, matsu takako is the secret ingredient. you can almost put any other genial, sweet-faced young "slacker" opposite her goody 2-shoes stickler, and still have the formula work. except, of course, kimura's saucer-eyes are adorable & his close-ups save him from any heavy-duty acting (let's face it: even his role in GIFT '96 was more demanding.) the supporting actors are all hilarious caricatures. the only downside is whenever kimura breaks out the family values-sermons. overall a FUN, FUN, FUN series!
Reviewed by alfiesgal on 22 October 2004
6. Excellent drama [Rating: 9/10]
This is one creative and original drama. The plot is excellent, the characters are strong, and the setting (the district attorney's office) is original, and the pace is fast. I liked the direction of this drama, it's serious, yet not dull, and they add a bit of humor at the right places, while at the same time there's a bit of romance, not too much, but just enough to keep you interested.
I enjoyed the cases that Kimura Takuya had to solve and how each case gets progressively harder, and how his character comes out more and more, and changes the hearts of those around him. Although this has been used before in other dramas, it doesn't feel the same in this drama for some reason. A great drama to watch!
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 18 January 2004
7. remarkable Hero [Rating: 10/10]
i watch this show becoz of matsu takako and i ended up liking both her and takuya kimura even more. They were great. I had expected a love story at first but nevertheless, the unexpected storyline really blew me off and i love it, its different from other dramas and the content & process of every case is really captivating and funny. He's a hero i will always remember. i think the romance part was pretty good too becoz its down to earth and believable. not every story have to have those dying romantic storyline, isnt it? anyway... overall, love every part of it, the characters, storyline, flow were all pretty great. suitable for all, must watch.
Reviewed by ivy on 1 July 2001
8. Overrated [Rating: 7/10]
This is another blueprint drama that is predictable and lacking variety. Although some of the cases (one case per episode, of course) were interesting, the show failed to hold my attention. It was boring and dull.

That being said, the discourse between Kimura and Matsu was fun to watch. The presence of Abe Hiroshi, and later of Iijima Naoko and Ryo is probably what prompted me to give this drama a 7 and not a 6.

I would recommend this drama to KimuTaku fans. Otherwise skip it.

O, and is the Special worth mentioning in this review? Nah.
Reviewed by Wynter on 9 July 2009
9. Awesome [Rating: 10/10]
I love Kimura san in Hero. The story is fast paced and there are many funny moments.The accentric characters of Kuryu's colleague makes Kuryu's character seem to be the normal one.Of course there is Amamiya Maiko. She is tough and share a great chemistry with Kimura. We are to guess what are their real feelings for each other due from their gestures.
The cases are interesting and shows the brilliance and astuteness of Kuryu's who did not just take things at a face value.
Really recommend it!!
Reviewed by sarafina on 20 April 2001
10. Disappointing to say the least [Rating: 4/10]
I expected a lot after reading the other reviews, but what a disappointing, poorly directed drama.
1. very weak plot
2. filled with cliches, every scene is so predictable
3. third rate music (except for utada hikaru's song)
4. every episode is on its own, no flow in the story.

The only positive thing about this drama is Matsu Takako's acting. Kimutaku is boring as usual, gives his weird smile from time to time.
Don't waste your time seeing this drama!
Reviewed by makkumatr on 10 August 2008
11. cool [Rating: 9/10]
Cool filming technique the way the camera pans the characters and the ofice. Also an interesting storyline although the ''romance'' between kimura and takako is VERY trying. do they get together or not!!!?!!! but a good performance by kimura I think, different from the rest of the shows. Critics that say he can't act for nuts should try opening their eyes a bit more. There is nothing more difficult than to make acting look as though it is NOT acting.
Reviewed by chentnk on 14 June 2002
12. not so romantic..not so serious..just fine!!:) [Rating: 8/10]
i love it!!kimutaku is great in this one and it's nice to see him playing a prosecutor this time after that long lists of other characters(pianist,architect,hairstylist..everything,u name it).This drama is very balanced too..it has the comedy stuff,the love bits,the serious parts..just perfect.and its really fun to watch the chemistry between Kuryu and Amamiya..very funny and sweet.But i really wished the finale would be more romantic though...:)
Reviewed by divineyutaka kimura on 18 April 2001
13. Refreshing KimuTaku-san drama! [Rating: 10/10]
Hero has a well-balanced story of comedy and drama. If you recently watched his other drama "Beautiful Life", this is different from it since it has a more mellow love story, unlike the latter.

KimuTaku fans might like this one since it's spiked with lots of humor, which IMO, makes up for the lack of romance. ^_____^

I have to agree with Sarafina-san that KimuTaku-san acted really well in this one, and didn't take things at a face value.
Reviewed by Jalapeno on 11 June 2001
14. Junior-High Educated Prosecuter = Hero [Rating: 8/10]
Amusing courtroom drama...Kimutaku plays his usual role and looks pretty good...Takako gotta lose teh glasses to look better (as takuya said in show as well)...the supporting cast did a really good job (that Abe guy is fuuuuuuunny)...drama basically about a few cases that kimutaku and his bureau takes on and solves against the odds...romance wise not much...ending wus kinda meh...still pretty funny...watch it when u have the time
Reviewed by Baka Senpai on 26 March 2004
15. A surprisingly enjoyable lawyer show! [Rating: 9/10]
I'm typically not a lawyer show fan but this one was pretty entertaining. Takuya's a pretty hilarious and unconventional public prosecutor and putting him together with Takako here was a good match. The rest of the cast was pretty well cast with some good comedic moments by Hiroshi, Fumiyo and Takuzo. Overall, a light and thoroughly enjoyable series that will leave you amused and probably give you a few laughs every ep!
Reviewed by Shindou on 13 March 2006
16. better than i expected - though without too few lo [Rating: 8/10]
i was told there wouldn't be too much weigh on the love elements in this drama and i thought i wouldn't like it as i LOVE watchinig teary romantic bits in a jdorama.

however i didn't find hero boring and it kept me watching from the start to the end. the supporting cast is great. love the way the director shot the scenes from random angles. very funny to see kimura takuya's addiction of tele-sales products.
Reviewed by leftleg on 8 July 2007
17. Bland... [Rating: 7/10]
Considering the star power of Kimura Takuya and Tsutsumi Shinichi, this was definitely not among their better works. The plot was rather uninventive with very little entertainment value and it was a shame we only got to see the original cast for a couple of minutes. Should this turn out to be a bridge to either a movie or a 2nd season, hopefully, the plots improve and we get to see the original cast return.
Reviewed by Shindou on 21 August 2006
18. Quirky... But Not Enough to Keep Me Watching [Rating: 6/10]
While Hero did have some sweet undertones, curious characters, and somewhat involving stories, I found that the episodes were very formulaic. After watching half of the series, I began to feel myself losing interest. I did enjoy the series, and it was indeed very quirky with enough suspense to keep me watching it. It wasn't a total loss. But I feel like it could have been so much better.
Reviewed by Susan on 5 August 2006
19. Kimuya Takuya and Matsu Takako are so great togeth [Rating: 6/10]
i don't really find it interesting... still, kimura takuya and matsu takako are really great couple... they are so funny... matsu takako is sooo adorable whenever she gets mad at Kuryu's actions that seems to make her angry... *^^* well, i'd only like the first episode because it was really funny... but i dun think that 'HERO' was a really drama worth to watch... this is my oppinion...
Reviewed by jaycee on 19 October 2002
20. great one... [Rating: 10/10]
i really enjoy the pairing of Takuya Kimura and Takako Matsu. They both look so cute together.... Well... anyway, this show is very interesting. I bought the series.. and I think I had watched it over and over again for a millionth time and still not bored with it yet. This dorama is funny and very interesting. Takuya especially, did a wonderful job... as always...
Reviewed by yuri_suzume on 19 May 2004
21. A Japanese version of Ally Macbeal [Rating: 10/10]
Hilarious drama, although this one set on a prosecutor office, i find it almost looks like Ally Macbeal. Well sort of. But still its good to watch every character act every day. Especially Egami's jealousy on Kuriyu about Amamiya that being Kuriyu's assitant. As a romantic comedy drama, it's one of my favorite. But i still can't understand the ending......
Reviewed by kuuryu on 29 October 2001
22. GTO in the courtroom [Rating: 8/10]
Hmm a educational flunkie with unconventional practices and unappreciative colleagues. Does this sound a little familiar? Haha I swear this JDorama has its roots to GTO; down to the very love story. On the other hand I do not think you can deny the megastar matchup of Matsu and Kimura. Matsu is just too gorgeous in this one to make me degrade this dorama.
23. very funny, quirky, enjoyable [Rating: 10/10]
great cast, really unique (in a good way) camerawork and style, overall refreshing and just FUNNY (like surprisingly so). It's a drama based on subtlety, which I like. No outright romance but I still find the interactions between Kuryu x Amamiya cute!! And the supporting characters... OH GOD. They are superb. the fast-paced dialogue adds a great energy.
Reviewed by elalendi on 5 December 2010
24. Hero is Great a Must see drama [Rating: 10/10]
In this drama

the story is great.
it had the best cast
it had great characters
the best acting.
it did not try to be funny all the time
it stars Takuya Kimura (every thing that I have seen him in has been really good.)
it kept me watching

These are the reasons that I am gladly giving this drama
10 out of 10
Reviewed by johuth on 18 November 2004
25. All-round entertainment ! [Rating: 8/10]
This drama has all the elements of comedy, romance, suspense..etc in the right combination, proving to be a highly-entertaining and enjoyable watch ! Die-hard Kimutaku/Matsu Takako fans may wish the ending were more romantic but I believe the producers wanted to leave it to the viewers' imagination. ;) I highly recommend this drama !!
Reviewed by esther27 on 4 June 2001
26. Watch this with your gf! [Rating: 9/10]
Maybe it's cuz I'm mostly a fan of love stories which keeps me from giving this a 10. Well, what attracted me to this drama was the KimuTaku/Matsu connection. That duet is unbeatable and with great supporting characters like Hiroshi, this drama really deserves a 10, but it's not really a love story....gosh, why not!
Reviewed by gizm092 on 23 August 2003
27. It's great [Rating: 8/10]
of course I'm not sure it's possible to go wrong when you have, Takuya Kimura, Nene Otsuka, Hiroshi Abe, Takako Matsu, Masanobu Katsumura, Fumiyo Kohinata, Takuzo Kadono, Kiyoshi Kodama, and Yoji Tanaka all in the same cast also some great guests. However I don't think it's anywhere near the best jdrama ever.
Reviewed by Sajen16 on 14 February 2011
28. BEST DRAMA I VE EVER SEEN!!! [Rating: 10/10]
10 plus plus plus!!!

i simply loooooove this drama!!!!! the first vcd i ve bought and it's really WORTH it!!! takuya is sugoi and the way he acted as an unorthodox prosecutor is very...undescribable!! he's just way too cool!! and congrtas for being awarded the Elon award!! YOU DESERVE IT KIMURA-KUN!!!
Reviewed by miyakuryu on 9 February 2002
29. Delicious crime dorama [Rating: 8/10]
Stories are very entertaining and creative. Kimutaku's acting is neat, but Takako Matsu is "underutilized" in this Kimutaku-dominated dorama. There should be more relationship development between the two. Stories are good just by itself, but a little more character development would give it a 10/10
Reviewed by adhi-kun on 17 July 2003
30. Humanity is propagated [Rating: 10/10]
Great team work made a fantastic Hero with low cost.Some plots are unbelievable,incredible and dumbfounded,but humanity is propagated.The produce team try to ,I guess,explicate the twilight zone of the legal system need a Kohei Kuryu.So far, many Asian country need such guy also.
God bless us !
Reviewed by hic2518 on 17 June 2007

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Comments From Users (393)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 7/10]
Kimura Takuya plays Kuryu, a public prosecutor who has just started and Matsu Takako plays Amamiya, a woman who strives to become a public prosecutor also, but at the moment she is assigned to work with Kuryu. The two don't get along very well in the beginning since Amamiya finds it hard to work with his rather outlandish antics, which to her makes no sense. However, later on she discovers that he solves a lot of cases by doing what he does - being meticulous and thinking beyond the situation.

It's a fun series, enjoyable sometimes, but surprisingly I felt that this drama just wasn't for me. I liked the bits of comedy, but I found that the way they approached Kimura Takuya's character was a little far-fetched and unrealistic. The story lacked a lot of continuity and in this case, it kind of bothered me. However, Kimura Takuya still pulls off a winning performance as Kuryu and I would highly recommend this to other Kimura Takuya fans. If nothing else, they will surely enjoy his acting in this one.
2. Comments by minochi99 [Rating: 9/10]
I really liked this show. Not many legal Jdorams out there. Takuya really played a character atypical of him. He wasn't too cocky or flashy. He's more down to earth, which makes his character very likable.

Wow, is M.Takako cute with glasses or what? Love her here in this series. Strong willed yet vulnerable and kawaii at the same time.

Abe is Abe. Ever since I watched him in the Trick series, he's been one of my favorites. He seems to be a natural in comic roles.

The cases that they work on and how the team resolves each is interesting. I wish they elaborated more on the kindling romance between Takuya and Matsu. They make a nice couple in this drama, but it never got enough play time. So, I was a little disappointed with that. The ending seemed a little rushed. The series flowed, but maybe had enough material for 2-3 more episodes to tie it up better. Still, a great drama that I whole heartedly recommend.
3. Comments by Akiiness [Rating: 10/10]
I get absolutely, crazy bias when I start recommending HERO as a must-watch for others. Not only is Kimura/Matsu my absolute favourite pairing, but this is also my very first (technically, anyway) Kimura jdrama. So if anyone happens to be reading this and trying to figure out whether or not to watch HERO... here it is. :P I loved it, as if you haven't figured it out already. I wouldn't say this was Kimura's best, but it's somewhere up there. Other than Kimura himself, I think the other cast members did a lot of justice to this drama. If they weren't there, HERO wouldn't exist as a comedy and it would be... pretty dull. Because I mean, the romance between Kimura/Matsu are super minimal (not to say there wasn't any tension between them) and the crime cases aren't exactly a wow factor. But somehow it worked for me, and do give this a try :)
4. Comments by yurifly [Rating: 6/10]
Takuya plays an idealistic public prosecutor who pursues justice with his own unique ways. He is dazzling like always (though that brown jacket is hideous) but I really cannot stand how his characters are always so unhumanly perfect. Perfect character does not have a room for development and watching 11 episodes of the same guy trying to solve cases can be quite tedious. The drama is enjoyable enough to watch and the supporting actors are all great, but their characters are so flat that i can watch the first and last episodes and still know what the story is about. There is no chemistry whatsoever between the male and female lead, and more often than not, I got annoyed by Amamiya's self-righteousness. Overall, not the best of takuya's drama.
5. Comments by yetters [Rating: 9/10]
Hero was a good drama, one of Kimura's better dramas. His acting was solid and the on-screen pair-up with Matsu Takako couldn't be better. They really look good and act well together. The other cast membere were very funny. The series had a lot of nice, light and funny moments that will definitely give an impact to viewers. The storyline was kind of predictable and at certain points became quite blurry. I guess that's to be expected from a law profession-related series... the jargon was a force to reckon with. All in all, it was still a good drama to watch. Not just because its a Kimutaku drama.
6. Comments by Jalapeno [Rating: 9/10]
Ok, so it wasn't A BIT as romantic as the other Kimutaku-Matsu starrer "Love Generation", but it still manages to unleash the magical chemistry between the two. Loads of funny and witty scenes in this particular drama.

I personally wanted a bit more romance (since I'm way into romantic dramas) but it didn't hurt a bit with the lack thereof. But the storyline's still great and a lot of fast-paced, hard-core acting courtesy of Kimutaku himself. And may I add he looks DEE-LICIOUS sporting a leather jacket (or was it?). Haha, it's been a while since I saw this drama. :)
7. Comments by yuka [Rating: 8/10]
Captivating public prosecutor�fs case stories episode by episode pepped up by a hint of romance between a laid-back, unconventional, inquisitive prosecutor and his earnestly ambitious, straitjacket go-by-the-rules legal assistant. The direct contrast of their characters played upon the opposite attract theme. In between fencing around the underlying attraction for each other were some rare tender moments which serves to lure the wishfully romantics. The much touted Kimura-Matsu on-screen chemistry provided the catalyst.
8. Comments by catcat [Rating: 9/10]
pretty good, but not as good as everyone else says it was. kimura takuya is a public prosector who just got transferred to tokyo and matsu takako, who hated him at first but later likes him, is his clerk that helps him solve cases so he could win the court case. the other characters spice up the drama with their unique characteristics and special mention to utada hikaru who had her first drama performance in a cameo role as a waitress. recommend to those who like kimura takuya and matsu takako dramas.
9. Comments by Tu_triky [Rating: 3/10]
undoubtedly one of the worst doramas i've seen....completely implausible, poor casting --which surprisingly includes the choice of kimura takuya in the role as public prosecutor. took me several months to finish. felt like a succession of unrelated episodes with a very poorly developed story arc. though many appear to like this show....i think many are "blinded" by their allegiances to the popular actors in this show. matsu takako and kimura takuya ultimately suffer at the hands of a terrible script.
10. Comments by �ؓގq [Rating: 9/10]
This Kimutaku drama was pretty hilarious! Kuryu is so suave and cool, the calmness he possesses while solving difficult cases had me fall for him! The chemistry between Amamiya and him was great. This drama was inspirational in that I am aiming to be as good at something as kimutaku is in being a public prosecutor, even if the pay isn't high etc.. I guess it's not a full 10 only because I felt the chemistry wasn't as perfect as the drama almost was :) can't put any spoilers so I won't elaborate
11. Comments by GreenIce [Rating: 8/10]
Cool plot twists in this detective-type of show, with investigative revelations in every episode, like a whodunnit series. Brilliant acting by Kimura as usual, this time he's the cool, easily-underestimatable credential-less detective stuck in a ridiculously incompetent and political back-stabbing legal department. Intrigueing will they?-wont they? relationship wif Takako. It started off slowly for me, but had a respectable run-in to the ending. Interesting...
12. Comments by Angry Machines [Rating: 10/10]
Kimura, Abe, Takako, Iijima Naoko, Ryo, Nene, etc. this is the show of jdorama stars. The cast is top-notch. I have to admit that this along with shotgun marraige are the first dramas I saw for abe hiroshi and I was really impressed by him, I kept a mental note about him and I was surprised by his roles in further shows, he's always been a star. back to hero, don't miss on this show because if u didn't see it, then stop watching jdorama in general!!
13. Comments by icpmat [Rating: 7/10]
i am not really a fan of Kimura Takuya, but there is something about him in this drama that got me very hooked. there is no over emphasis on romantic relations (as most of kimura's dramas tend to be), and the tone on the individual cases is pretty light. There isn't much links between sucessive episodes except the last two, and it seems that the aim is to extract as much 'human story' as possible out of even the most trivial of a case.
14. Comments by yourasthma [Rating: 9/10]
i am not a fan of any of the leads, and i wouldn't say 'hero' made me one... instead, i'll admit to being a fan of the show itself. the story was not all that great because the conclusion was too convenient for me, but the humour was effective. kudos to the director, the show could have gone off-track but the cast was in control all the time. episode 9 cracked me up so much... watch it and i promise no regrets.
15. Comments by leftleg [Rating: 8/10]
i was told there wouldn't be too much weigh on the love elements in this drama and i thought i wouldn't like it as i LOVE watchinig teary romantic bits in a jdorama.

however i didn't find hero boring and it kept me watching from the start to the end. the supporting cast is great. love the way the director shot the scenes from random angles. very funny to see kimura takuya's addiction of tele-sales products.
16. Comments by ScrappedShinigami [Rating: 8/10]
Another KimuTaku great. No wonder it pulled in such high ratings!!! It's funny and serious, it's spirited and has a bit of romance.
I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought, I was put off initially about people going on about the open ending, but it was not half as bad as I'd thought, I have seen endings a LOT more open. Anyway look forards to the new movie in September ^_^
Favourite episode... 9 ^_^
17. Comments by akane_MYV [Rating: 8/10]
At first it was boring, but afte some episodes, it was getting better. For me the drama was little bit slow, everything was about the different cases, would be better, if there was little bit scenes between Kyuru and Amamyia. The end was relaxing but not the best, as for me a little too open ending.
Expected more from this drama, cause the casting and the ratings...little bit disappointed.
18. Comments by Susan [Rating: 5/10]
While Hero did have some sweet undertones, curious characters, and somewhat involving stories, I found that the episodes were very formulaic. After watching half of the series, I began to feel myself losing interest. I did enjoy the series, and it was indeed very quirky with enough suspense to keep me watching it. It wasn't a total loss. But I feel like it could have been so much better.
19. Comments by uchi23 [Rating: 10/10]
started out kinda slow.. the first episode didnt grab my attention as much.. but when i kept watchin thank goodness it was soo worth it.. kimura takuya can play any role you give him.. thats the kind of talent that he posseses.. i enjoyed watchin him solve cases n also b so passionate abou it.. the main actress also does great job.. n i look forward to watchin more dramas with them =]
20. Comments by yanie_chan [Rating: 8/10]
I luv this one!!^O^ Probably, not the best....but the composition is just perfect : comedy, blur-romantic, and y'know...sometimes, interesting cases!
Maybe, some people find it boring...but I don't!! The HILLARIOUS funny scenes over-shadowed the boring cases =P I also love Kuryu and Amamiya's on & off chemistry here^^ Takuya & Takako is just the best duo EVER!!!
21. Comments by DragonSpirit164 [Rating: 8/10]
Quite entertaining because of the great acting by Matsu and Takuya. They always seem to have that kind of spark togther. I didn't understand Hero deeply because the Chinese subs in this one was too complicated, but I got the gist of the stories here and there. I loved Kouhei's quirky TV shopping addiction, whenever he was using his exercise machines it was hilarious!!
22. Comments by esc507 [Rating: 9/10]
This show could have been so much longer. It made me laugh a lot. To be honest, I find Matsu Takako's character very attractive. Those thick frame glasses are really something...haha. Spunky KimuTaku really lighted up the show. The other characters' seriousness, as well as "foolishness", paired together with TV-shopping madness made the show a very interesting watch.
23. Comments by Love Revolution [Rating: 8/10]
Oh this Hero! Not the same as I expected!! I thought it's a very nice drama..nevertheless, not to say dissapoint me, but unexpectedly!! I never expect the storyline could be like that..it was a type of detective drama. KimuTaku and Matsu Takako had no chemistry at all in the drama...too bad... but wat i can say is that KimuTaku really had a smart mind in the drama!
24. Comments by Aurora [Rating: 10/10]
I found it a bit too serious and uneasy to comprehend at the beginning, well luckily i continued to the end of the drama, if not I would have surely missed an excellent drama. How can a public prosecutor's office be in peace with people like abe hiroshi working there. I like the "Aru yo~" bartender, he always come up with unbelievable stuff at requests of kimutaku.
25. Comments by ogonbato [Rating: 8/10]
its a nice drama, seems difficult to understand at the beggining, but at the end of the first episode you get the idea, kind make you feel the justice and the hero inside you, all of us can be some kind of hero in our lives...but man that bartender is so suspicious, i was wondering hes is so cool, he have anything, when he gonna commit a crime huahuahahuahuah
26. Comments by tetsukei [Rating: 8/10]
Off-beat, with lots of exaggeration and anime-style scenes. Really entertaining stuff. The romance between Kuryuu and Amamiya is interesting, as they unknowingly fall for each other, but fall asleep when confronted with the question. Haha... Everybody in the prosecutor's office has his/her own personality, and you can't do without any one character. Love it!
27. Comments by jo [Rating: 10/10]
I was kind of tired watching regular dramas, THIS ISN'T ONE OF THEM. This has all the ingredients of a great series: comedy, adventure, mystery, romantic scenes, it some hard drama acting by Kimura along with his strange and crazy antics. Just really funny for me, 2 THUMBS WAY WAY UP IN THE AIR! Watch it! Though do not expect too much from Kimura and Matsu.
28. Comments by z123_us [Rating: 8/10]
fun fun fun .... very light drama series, so fun to watch and can stop when u like. actually i did not like the looks of matsu takako so much in long vacation but in this one .. she looks real pretty must say.. nice drama. Oh yes!!! the OST theme song is EXCELLENT.. by my choice it is the best theme song for me till now.. "can u keep a secret"
29. Comments by SayaOtonashi [Rating: 7/10]
I really like Kimura Takuya but I don't quite see why this dorama is so popular. I liked him much more in CHANGE! Anyway Hero is interesting though pace is a bit slow. I liked how the second stories were explained but not given much more attention. And I loved the barman hahahah It seemed to me that he was going to kill somebody some day! XDD
30. Comments by pandora [Rating: 10/10]
Love love loved it. Was all that. I was really skeptical at first cause I'm not so much into the police invesigative type dorama. But Hero was definitely nothiong of the normal police dorama's. I really loved Kimutaku in this. It was great seeing him in such diverse roles like in beautiful life. A definite must watch. thumbs up from me.

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Users who voted for this drama (182)
1. yuko^
sum ppl might not like this drama due to itz lack of romance story, ending sloppy and etc, but for once, im happy to see kimura takuya finally not in a totally romance story, it feels great to see a change in the character he acts, every episode is carefully planned, cases solved intelligently, and how this 'country pumpkin' show everybody thru his ability dat he is not juz a 'country pumpkin' he is a great and righteous prosecuter....this once again brought out kimura takuya's versatility in acting, of course not forgetting the other casts, whu's acting skills are superb as well...:P
2. chyra
a very light hearted drama, tho, but one cannot afford to miss a single episodekimura once again depicts a prosecuter, but not the kind that wear suit, but one that wear janes and jacket. his determination and of course with matsu's help, help him solved many cases, and showed his ability. his acting here is different from the love heros he had been acting. in fact, this show is largely a comedy instead of the normal love story. tho the ending is abit confusing, but nevertheless a wonderful drama..how wonderful, it is hard to put into words, watch it for yourself!this is a MUZ C
3. minochi99
A wonderful law drama. Very funny in an understated role. I think Kimura's performance here is one of the best. Not his typical all cool know everything kind of guy. Loved Takako Matsu in here. She was so beautiful. Definitely enjoyed it.

The other lawyers were really funny also as the supporting cast. Abe was a laugh a minute with his subtle humor :-) I wish it had stretched a little longer since I was enjoying it so much. Just when the relationship between Kimura's and Matsu's character was warming up, they ended it. So, it seems somewhat of a cliffhanger ending to me.
4. jo
Just love this drama, I thought this was really great. I was kind of tired watching regular dramas(those same plot/story dramas), THIS ISN'T ONE OF THEM. This has all the ingredients of a great series: comedy, adventure, mystery, romantic scenes, it also include some hard drama acting by Kimura along with his strange and crazy antics. Just really funny for me, 2 THUMBS WAY WAY UP IN THE AIR! Watch it! Though do not expect too much from Kimura and Matsu.
5. leftleg
i was told there wouldn't be too much weigh on the love elements in this drama and i thought i wouldn't like it as i LOVE watchinig teary romantic bits in a jdorama.

however i didn't find hero boring and it kept me watching from the start to the end. the supporting cast is great. love the way the director shot the scenes from random angles. very funny to see kimura takuya's addiction of tele-sales products.
6. aitri
Kimura Takuya is one of my favorite actors and he shows why in this dorama! The solo-stories are different from most doramas, but it's a nice change, and each one keeps me interested seeing the quirks and relationships between characters, resulting in a really humourous show that's well worth your time!
7. Eek
A really nice drama with a superb balance between comedy, character interaction and finally subtle romance. It's really nice some of gestures that Kuryu has of Amamaiya...
Plus Matsu Takako is unbelievably adorable...
She's just so cute asleep...
8. naomi14
i've seen this drama..may be in the year 2004..but it was dubbed into chinese..but it's fine because i can understand a bit Mandarin...i like this drama...this was the first japanese drama i've ever seen first before golden bowl and heavens' coins
9. zephyrscarlet
it is probably not a very hot drama here because most fans who vote here watched via subbing or subtitles. the local japanese absolutely love it! anyway, whatever has takuya and takako together gets my vote. they look so cute together :)
10. 206
Almost like a cowboy western, he rolls into town and gets the job done except they are legal beagles. The characters work well together and at the end of each show you get to hear hikaru's "can you keep a secret" too. Can't beat that!
11. kimurababe
anything that has takuya in it is never disappointing. if he's great as a pianist in long vacation and as a sales agent in love generation, he's as equally awesome as an unusual lawyer out to save the day in this delightful dorama.
12. yijing
simply because of �v����'s ability not to be jaded by reality & still holds on to his beliefs even though he's not accepted...which i believe not many of us are not able to handle (the idea of not conforming to the world)
13. halu09
another great series. love it so much. the pairing of matsu and kimura never fails. always had excellent chemistry between them. hope they make more series, hopefully more romantic & better love story.
14. pakanime
Pure Genius! Direction deserves as much praise as the acting does. The writer must have spent a lot of time figuring out all these personas in his head. Schizopherniac maybe?(Sumi masen not English native)
15. obekenobe
This is a great subtle comedy. I love the music and and the irony. The cases are well thought out. Kimura is soo cool and the supporting cast each not only adds flavor but are memorable on their own.
16. nieda
takuya kimura acted really well in this dorama.. his character of buying tv shopping products makes this dorama have unique sense of humour.. takako matsu also makes this dorama fun to watch..
17. ribi
I like this show coz I'm in the same line as Kohei-san and he's really inspiring! Of course, then there's Kimura-san who brings so much character & spunk to the role of Kohei!
18. toHeart_music
One of favourite dramas..one that can make me laugh and think alot..I really like Kimura and Matsu Takako's chemistry here...I great dorama...I can;t stop watching it!!!lol..
19. kirakira
i can watch this over and over again! perfect chemistry betwn Matsu and Takuya.....Great supporting cast! makes me wish i have a work place like that.
20. ilovetakuya
I've enjoyed every episodes of this drama..
Well-made!! really enjoyable, funny, and endearing..It was somewhat Idealistic, yet realistic! Watch it!
21. :::hALuCin8:::
Hilarious! One of my favorite detective show! Has some of my favorite artists. I also like the chemistry between Takuya Kimura & Matsu Takako!
22. z3juk
VERY GOOD DRAMA! watched it twice...LOVE IT! make me realize who and what prosecutors really did for a living..really good. must watch!
23. hide_hikaru_minako
kimura takuya and matsu takako just look so compatible =) takuya is really funny in the show.. great cast and wonderful story lines!!!
24. aghi1004
MY FAVORITE DRAMA!! a drama that makes you think sometimes~ made me want to get into the law business!!! REALLY GOOD! MUST SEE!!!
25. Evilryu
Well eventhough Kimura's and Matsu's relationship differs from other couples, the cemistry between them is still sensational !
26. miriya52
This is a great drama! It's funny, yet it contains mystery... it reminds me of the encyclopedia brown books when i was little.
27. syud
typical 'good guy save the day' kind of story, but it's still interesting to watch! and not to mention funny...
28. plethman
Interesting look into the world of law in Japan.
Great actors helps make up for average but interesting story.
29. Isa
The Ideal theme of Idealism of the story really is an excellent match with Kimura, Matsu and all of the cast.
30. ep:silon
Great dorama, nice plot but the ending seems a little sloppy, isn't it? Nevertheless, I still like it. (^_^)

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