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Aiken Rosinante no Sainan ~ Mukai Ryuuta no Doubutsu Nikki [愛犬ロシナンテの災難]
Surprising Boring [Rating: 4/10]
First of all,after seeing the reviews above,I guess I am not the only one amazed with Tsuyoshi's acting.I precisely brought this Vcd bcoz of him after seeing his brilliant performance in Summer Snow.(Highly Recommended!)I thought that someone of his stature would participate in quality productions,but this show is surprisingly boring.Unless you are a die-hard fan of Tsuyoshi,otherwise this is just a waste of time,not to mention $.
Beach boys [ビーチボーイズ]
Simple the best!! [Rating: 10/10]
I guess I can say that this drama is simply the best at a fair point of view because I started watching this drama when I have simply no ideas about Doramas,so I am not saying that this dorama is superb because of the two leads because I did not know who they are while watching.(though I became a fan of theirs after the show).Brilliant cast,brilliant soundtrack and superb sceneries in the show makes it my all-time fave.The story....well..kinda has no plot at all....a 'feel-good' drama,but the attraction of the drama lies in the chemistry between the cast and the very meaningful dialogue used between them.To many people,this show is simply just a drama that's entertaining.However,I guess people who think that way failed to look deeper into the dialogue between the leads...(which is really meaningful and kinda like......makes this drama have a strong storyline despite not having a strong storyline....if you know what I mean...haha)A light hearted entertaining drama coupled with brillaint chemistry between the leads(makes u think whether Yutaka and Sorimachi are like that in real life....I guess they aren't)makes this a must watch for Dorama fans.Not to forget the lovely soundtrack of the show.My personal all time fave!
Beautiful life [ビューティフルライフ]
Hmm...nothing spectacular... [Rating: 7/10]
First and foremost...I have to say that this is indeed a heart warming drama,which is at the same time inspiring.But to say that this drama deserves to be addressed as a "classic" is too far-fetched.The story opens with a typical hate-u-so-much realtionship that develops into a do-I-like-him/her thingy.Well,though used over and over agiam....I guess we still enjoy watching sweet bickering between the leads.However,the story soon develops a slower than slow-mo pace,which makes it tiring to watch.The pace picks up in the last few episodes,but I guess by then viewers have became numb to the developments.(unless of coz,staring at Takuya's face is entertaining to you...which is to me...hmmhmm)So the plot moves to a predictable ending(which became predictable after the middle episodes).Though touching,it fails to impress.Thus this drama can only be said as a quality star-studded production,but not a classic.
Seven and a half stars [Rating: 7/10]
Not really a fabulous drama...but never the less very entertaining.Watching this drama doesn't really require u to think much...with the show being surrounded by a quirky sense of humour.A thing to point out for mentioning is that finally,Takuya is showing a bit of changes in his acting,which is very commendable.A show that defers from other 'Detective' stories..it being light hearted and not those super serious stuff.Matsu is still pretty much her same old self.Not much of romance in this show..in fact it kinda seems very shallow.A quirky obession of Takuya's character of buying TV products added spice to the overall unique sense of humour that shows throughout in the show.(heard that it was Takuya's own idea to give that to the character)However,the show wun really leave much of a deep impression on the viewers as the storyline isn't really that fantastic....just that it is boosted by good performance from the cast.In conclusion,the show is really entertaining,worth the $,though I feel it is kinda flattered by its TV ratings in Japan.And of coz...a must for Takuya and Matsu fans. (I will give it 7 1/2 stars not 7 hmmhmm)
Kimi to ita mirai no tame ni ~ airu bi bakku [?N???]
Very special.... [Rating: 8/10]
Either I haven't watched enough doramas.......or this show is really in a class of it's own.The plot stands out from the rest.While watching,it inspires....and the viewers will think what would they do if they were in the lead's shoes.Despite saying that it's special,it does not have that kind of entertainment value though,and that the fact that the 'cycle' or death and reborn being repeated too many times does not do it any favours.However,the charm of the drama does not lie in entertainment value,but the special taste and yes,after-taste it leaves you.Coupled with a haunting track....this show really leaves an impression on the viewers.Creditble acting from the cast lifts the show to greater heights.If not for remote publicity here in Singapore,I believe it should have been a cult hit.(I don't think it's able to be a huge hit though,given the storyline).
Long vacation [ロングバケーション]
Entertaining [Rating: 7/10]
This show is really entertaining and has a superb cast.My personal fave is Yutaka,with his bearded look he simply lights up the screen whenever he appears.The story,well,can be said to be one of its kind in its era,but I guess I will enjoy it more if other doramas don't use the same plot over and over again,which kinda makes this show look...well...plain if you don't watch it first.However,that's not neccesarily a bad thing as a quite similiar drama to Long Vacation,Overtime,has bettered it.Takuya's acting is still the same,totally no changes in whichever drama he acts in,Though he is still comfortable to look at,it can be kinda a drag at times.(heaved a huge sigh of relief when I saw him in HERO,finally some changes).The music is good,but I think it's over-hyped.In conclusion,I still think this drama does stand out from the rest and it's worth the $.
Nisennen no koi [二千年の恋]
Ey..ey..eye...can..can..candy...zzZZZzz(need I say [Rating: 5/10]
A fabulous OST (and a ridiculus plot,ridiculus even for Jap dramas)is/are all this drama can boast of.U will cry for Takeshi as you watch...pathetic acting and even pathetic-er chose to participate in this drama.
Risou no kekkon [理想の結婚]
Pretty Bland.... [Rating: 6/10]
Well...the story is quite bland..and what makes it worse is that the role that Yutaka has been given leaves him no space to perform,though he still put in a commendable performance.Takako tried too hard to be cute....these together with a umimpressive anime-like OST will leave you with no impressions after the show..the story is as predictable as a Disney happily-ever-after tale but which will nevertheless entertain you on certain occasions,especially if you are a fan of Yutaka or Takako.
Seikimatsu no uta [世紀末の詩]
Fantastic!! [Rating: 9/10]
I brought this VCD because of Yutaka...but the entire show left me in tatters.....it was so GOOD!!So meaningful!A lot of 'love',''ai',but only in theory.You will only understand if you watched.I watched it onve 1/2 year ago,then I was feeling..'Nah,nothing spectacular'.I just finish watching it again...only then did I really get the meaning of the whole show.It's moody,huanting and sometimes creepy,but there's a lot of fun elements too between the characters.Yutaka was fantastic,he didn't give a thought about 'idol image' and gave a terrific performance.(This was post-beach boys mind you).Yutaka and Domoto and the only ones that I really feel can act in many various characters and be so convincing for male artists.But Sorimachi's still my fave,thought he can only act "one-wayed",but that's absolutely enough...sheer joy to watch him act.This Drama is so good,it ranks as 2nd for me,after Beach boys and just ahead of Summer Snow.
Strawberry on the shortcake [ストロベリー・オンザ・ショートケーキ]
Meaningful [Rating: 6/10]
Hmm...meaningful show...despite its shallow story.It is meaningful not bcoz of the story itself,but the dialogue between the actors...which really leads u to think further and at the same time reflect upon urself.This drama would have gotten a lower rating if not for it's finale being it's saving grace.The main leads did a good job,though Yosuke seems to be trying too hard to stand out. (note to "ana":eh...I think the last thing to do is to waych Doramas "in English"coz I really dun see how the "feelings"are to be conveyed into English.)
Summer snow
Fabulous!! [Rating: 9/10]
This show is just one of the many showcases of Tsuyoshi's acting muscles...coupled with the fact that it has a fablous story and supporting cast..(though Ryoko only knows how to smile throughout the show,but I can say she kinda fits the bill of the female lead's character) this is a must watch for dorama fans.If not for a certain scene in the middle episodes of the show,the ending is kinda unpredictable,which is nevertheless just as touching.


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