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Mukodono! [ムコ殿/女婿大人]



Drama Details
Son in law/My Husband
Telecast:2001-04-01 to 2001-06-30
Season:Spring 2001

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:12 Episodes

Nagase Tomoya is a famous pop star with two secrets: He's been keeping the existence of his serious relationship from his fans; and if that wasn't bad enough, he's not nearly as cool as his image makes him out to be. To make life more difficult he has to deal with problems at home: a father who doesn't want him to marry his daughter and family members who might leak his secret.

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Mukodono MV - Hitoribocchi no Habrush


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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (2)
1. 7 Truths 7 Lies 7LIES〜ヴァージンロードの彼方で [Matsutoya Yumi 松任谷由美]LYRICS ]
2. Hitoribotchi no Haburashi ひとりぼっちのハブラシ [Sakuraba Yuichiro 桜庭裕一郎]LYRICS | RINGTONE ]

Actor/Actress Cast (18)
Nagase Tomoya
Sakuraba Yuichiro
桜庭裕一郎 (23)
Takeuchi Yuko
Arai Sakura
新井さくら (21)
Utsui Ken
Arai Masumi
新井 真澄 (64)
Akiyoshi Kumiko
Takeyama Kaede
武山かえで (40)
Suzuki Anju
Arai Azusa
新井あずさ (33)
Shinohara Ryoko
Arai Satsuki
新井さつき (29)
Aiba Masaki
Takeyama Ryo
武山 亮 (17)
Kamiki Ryunosuke
Arai Tsutomu
新井 努 (7)
Danta Yasunori
Hakozaki Otohiko
箱崎 乙彦 (39)
Komine Takuro
小峰 卓郎 (32)
Okayama Hajime
Takeyama Taichi
Nomura Hironobu
Yajima Masaki
Tatsuyama Chitsuru
遠山 千鶴 (25)
Endo Kenichi
Chihara Tsuyoshi
千原 剛 (38)
Kazahana Mai
平本 恵美 (28)
Naito Yoko
Mochiduki Kana
望月 加奈 (22)
Yahagi Miki
Kunieda Mayumi
国枝まゆみ (20)
Toyama Toshiya
Endo Tomoaki
遠藤 友明 (35)

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Drama Reviews (57)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. ah sigh [Rating: 7/10]
show started off very well, light hearted and funny and then started to stumble very early on and never got back on track. the middle had too much filler about the uninteresting arai family members, altho the ep with koyuki (from last samurai) was pretty good. final couple eps were total turnoff, no way someone who betray their family over something so petty, no way would a couple so in love breakup at crucial situation. *rolls eyes*

nagase tomoyo - competent but tends to overact alot... does he only know how to sing one song?
Takeuchi Yuko - has the cutest smile ever, very natural performance, not enough for her to do except look cute and sometimes act sad or angry
1st sis - annoying, selfish, ugly
2nd sis - annoying, selfish, boring
3rd sis - annoying, selfish (sense a pattern?), but gets more likable or rather pitiable
lil kid - cute but nothing special
older kid - boring, unlikable
dad - one of the worst fathers ive seen, he's not forceful enough when hes mad and doesnt show enough emotion when hes sad
chief and manager - very well acted and funny, danta-san from good luck is brilliant here

also theres way too many manipulative depressing scenes that involve crying and everyone brooding over how pathetic they are... (at least one per ep) and what kinda @#$% sugarcoated BS ending was that? 'the most disgustly mushy couple in the world' indeed.
Reviewed by kikkuman on 30 September 2004
2. Good, but Overrated [Rating: 8/10]
This drama is overrated. If I werenft such a fangirl, I would have given this drama a 7/10, which for me means gmediocreh.

I liked the concept and the storyline wasnft bad, but I found the plot to be drawn out. Especially in the last few episodes. I mean, regardless of the fact that Tomoya-kun AND Yuko-chan were both on screen, I sometimes got bored.

Donft get me wrong. I LIKED the drama. But it could have been two episodes shorter.

The cast was superb. If anything, it was the talent that held my attention. Yuko-chan is, of course, my favourite actress. Period. Tomoya-kun is my ultimate wet-panty-causer. Aside from these two, you have Akiyoshi Kumiko, who plays my favourite character (Kaede); Shinohara Ryoko, who is the most charismatic actress Ifve come across; Utsui Ken, enuff said; and even Kamiki Ryunosuke, who is the cutest lilf boy EVAH.

There were a lot of great moments between the Arai family members and each character was strong and willful. I can understand the high ratings of this show, but I blame these very ratings for causing the writers to draw out an otherwise entertaining drama. >>sigh<<
Reviewed by Wynter on 26 March 2008
3. Highly Recommended [Rating: 10/10]
Nagase is damn handsome, macho, kawaii, cute and lovely.

In this drama he have 2 different personality.
1- In front the media, he appear as a cool tough guy.
2-The real him, funny, crazy, and family man.

Humm... i prefer the 1st personality!! He look more macho than wearing that spectacle and that hair band? the thing on his head! It is so annoying.

Well i don't really think there is any extreme touching part that will make you cry. I think they just trying to exaggerate the part. I don't think there is anything sad at all.

And the funny part, some of it are cute but some are stupid. Trying to make something not funny, funny. More like a stupid joke.

But oh well, Nagase is a major hunk so i will still give 10/10 to this story. Afterall i love the theme song by Tokio!! Ne~
Reviewed by Michi on 25 February 2002
4. Tugs at the heartstrings [Rating: 10/10]
Very few dramas can deliver such a thick plot and at the same time possess a lot of originality. This drama does both, and therefore it is not surprising so many people, including me, gave it such high remarks. The drama doesn't tread on just one single plot, but three or four, but doesn't confuse you by bringing them out all at once, but rather in single increments, and while one part of the story is taking place, another is developing in the background. Also, the drama doesn't leave anything unfinished, nor does it end it in a rush. I really like it when the drama ties everything in nicely and doesn't leave you wandering or questioning some of the plots. To top it off, it just has so many touching moments that it's hard not to like the drama nor the characters in there! A must see!
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 26 December 2003
5. i loved it :) [Rating: 8/10]
It wasn't exactly the best drama I've seen, but it doesn't mean that I didn't find this drama enjoyable and yet touching at the same time. It was the typical type of drama: cheesy with a bit of comedy. I had a great time watching it though, especially since the drama wasn't all about the love story but it gives special importance to family.

I found Tomoya Nagase really silly, funny and good looking. I was contented with his performance, overall. Takeuchi Yuko is adorable! Sakura got annoying at times for me, but most of the time she was just being cute and hilariously mushy. And a special mention to Shinohara Ryoko, because I thought she stood out and she's absolutely beautiful and very talented. :)
Reviewed by Antique Pop on 7 December 2005
6. Heart-felt... And the popstar angle is genius. [Rating: 8/10]
This is a good, heart-felt, family-oriented drama. It has a tendency to go overboard sometimes, but the entire series was really very entertaining. The popstar angle was incredibly funny and I think the series clicked [the first time] because there is an associated fascination with popstars. Tomoya Nagase pulled off the suave-on-the-outside, geek-on-the-inside Sakuraba Yuichiiro very well. I was surprised by the sheer decency of his acting. :p The other family members were also highly interesting... I almost thought everyone was a basketcase. Then I settled to thinking the eldest sister was the crazy one.

It really was very amusing.
Reviewed by yetters on 31 August 2006
7. Quite disappointing [Rating: 6/10]
I had huge expectations for this dorama (having Takeuchi Yuko and Nagase Tomoya as leads...plus Shinohara Ryoko among the supporting actors!) but imho it was quite disappointing...I din't find it well written at all, dialogues were even boring at times and the plots were, again imho, way too plain/obvious/cheesy.

The leads have played better roles than these and the supporting cast had a mixed performance imho: some of them (Utsui Ken and Danta Yasunori most of all) were good, others (particularly Akiyoshi Kumiko! >__<) were really annoying...

It's more like a 5.5/10, but not being able to cast that vote I'll give it a 6/10.
Reviewed by pash on 14 September 2011
8. Haburashiiii!!! [Rating: 8/10]
Since most dramas are love stories there tends to be alot of copy cats and tendencies; but this drama decides to add a very unique and interesting twist! The idea of a ordinary housewife and a pop star makes this drama very interesting and entertaining from the start. Not only did was this drama entertaining but it also taught me alot about the workings of a Japanese family and how they cherish family values. On the other hand this drama also has its pitfalls. I got tired of the "earning trust" theme which the played out too long. Also the main character is both comedic and anoying. However I still recomend this drama to everyone
9. fave drama of 2001 [Rating: 9/10]
i really loved this drama.. every episode made me cry right from the beginning.. nagase tomoya in his most memorable role ever as sakuraba yuichiro.. takeuchi yuko did a great great job.. protraying a very convincing sakura.. sweet and always there for yu-chan.. the banter between the family is interesting to see too.. timing of the scenes were perfect and that made the show go on really smoothly.. aiba was kakkoii to the right extent as takeyama ryo.. probably the role that i would like him best in.. and the rest of the family sugoi.. great casting.. i loved kaede and azusa and satsuki and tsutomu and everyone in the show..!!
Reviewed by arashinokoto on 3 July 2003
10. The world's mushiest couple... [Rating: 7/10]
It's really between a 6 and a 7 I feel. The show has a number of issues, but at the same time it ahs strengths. I think really the show accomplishes nothing, they end up where they began essentially. Acting is solid and the TWO songs that are in the show are likable, but you may get sick of them. All the characters are done well except the main couple who don't really get much in the ways of development or screentime compared to everyone else. It's a good show sometimes, and sometimes I press pause and go read a comic book for an hour then come back to watch 15 more minutes. Classic cheesy drama, but I'm glad I watched it.
Reviewed by gohmifune on 17 August 2005
11. Best drama ever!!! [Rating: 10/10]
Another of my all time favourite (ranked way up there wif GTO)... this is one drama tt cannot be missed.... i was crying during nearly every episodes (as was the case wif mukodono 2003) and this show is funni like hell too... loved the role of yuichiro sakuraba (nagase tomoyo is way too likable in this role)... takuechi yuko is also veri likable and sweet as his wife..... i personally loved shinohara ryoko (too bad she's not tt popular in japan), so seeing her in this show was a big bonus.... lastly, the song "Hitoribotchi no Haburashi" is juz too nice!!!
Reviewed by ben_soh23 on 11 March 2005
12. Fun family drama [Rating: 8/10]
A feel good comedy with it's share of heart ache and pain. A bit formulaic in its execution but nonetheless enjoyable to watch. If you've seen Otousan and/or Oyaji don't expect something fresh but if you enjoy indulging in those types of shows this is one drama you can't afford to miss! Great acting by both male and female leads respectively. I really enjoyed Ryoko Shinohara as Satsuki (nee-chan) Arai. Pulled off the cool, well-finished woman off perfectly!! O, just watch it...you'll like it :)
Reviewed by Tu_triky on 29 March 2005
13. Tomoya, what a surprise... [Rating: 9/10]
I still didn't see the whole drama, but the most important thing I noticed is how Nagase Tomoya is good. Peachy! I never would think he could be such an amazing actor (also because I didn't like him very much before :P). So, he really give an excellent performance! Then, this drama has, yes, a ''stupid'' story, some corny sentences, but you can't deny that it is a sooo sweet drama, when at the end of the episode you find yourself crying.
I hope everybody will watch this drama!
Reviewed by Myri on 31 January 2005
14. Greatest of them all. [Rating: 10/10]
I guess this will always be my all-time favourite J-dorama. Why? Cuz it's able to get me hooked on it the very moment I played it. It's funny, it's touching, it's warm, it's just simply great. All the artistes seemed to have a great deal of chemistry going on among them..and you'd hardly find any boring moments in it. And of course, Tomoya-kun was able to carry out his role so well you'd find no fault with him. I'd say any fan of J-dorama SHOULDN'T give this a miss.
Reviewed by sparklie on 27 July 2004
15. Lots of Excitement: Best drama after GTO! [Rating: 10/10]
Yuichiro gets married in a VERY fast paced first episode. The rest of the episodes, he must conquer one family member per episode. Thus each episode has a memorable storyline with non-stop action. All the characters are loveable, and the excited pace of this drama make it one of the BEST I have seen. (I've seen about 10 full drama) For people with short attention spans that need excitement and need to smile/yell out loud. The soundtrack is awesome as well.
Reviewed by PepeLePiu on 27 April 2004
16. Highly enjoyable!! [Rating: 9/10]
Another highly enjoyable drama. Filled with very touching scenes and also very funny in places. I love it when he acts all cool YOSH!!~ and then when Sakura calls, claps boths his hands on his geeky face and yells out SAKURA!!~ This drama also makes you think deeply on how ruthless the media can be at times, and how they can make or break someone's career. Hitoribotchi no Haburashi is also one of the BEST songs I've heard.
Reviewed by DragonSpirit164 on 6 January 2004
17. Hilarious!!! [Rating: 10/10]
Mukodono! Very Funny!! Very sad!! Even enraging at times!! And so it's a real roller-coaster ride!! Its familyish, every character played their part well here!! Watch out for its theme song Hitoribotchi no Haburashi 'cause its mesmerising. Tomoya Nagase was mesmerising too with his mimical face and heart-touching character! He was so good that you might end up calling him Sakuraba Yuichiro instead!! Highly-recommended!!
Reviewed by Hide on 7 January 2002
18. Ridiculous! [Rating: 5/10]
As far as ridiculous dramas go, this one takes first prize! From this point on I will never be able to take Nagase Tomoyo seriously. But at the same time, he should be praised for his undeniable mastery of portraying completely unbelievable and stupid characters. At times I found this series mildly amusing, and it's not completely unwatchable, but sometimes it just went way too over the top! I'll pass on Mukodono 2003.
Reviewed by Susan on 5 August 2006
19. One Funny...One Serious...One Guy...GOT TO LOVE NA [Rating: 10/10]
This was a hilariously, funny drama...if I do say so myself...which I do...I couldn't stop laughing...If you want to watch a drama that makes you happy with the occasional sad moments...and it shows how the power of love will over come popularity and fame...then it gives all of us, the average dreamers the hope that we might end up with Nagase in the end...hee hee ^_^
Reviewed by miakasan21 on 9 June 2004
20. One of the greats [Rating: 10/10]
This was enjoyable from start to finish. So was the "Lonely toothbrush song," which was good since they played it in every episode.

This was a really good family oriented dorama and was enjoyable on many levels. Really gives a different glimpse on a stars personal life.

On an aside, I bought a Tokio CD after watching this Dorma.
Reviewed by Electro43 on 23 April 2006
21. Very funny but.... [Rating: 7/10]
I didnt like Sakura. I thought she was really cute at times when she interacted with Yuiichiro but...toward the end I thought she needed more character....she was such a coward...that really messed it up for me...I didnt think she would be that helpless. But aside from that, it really was a funny funny drama. It made me lol many times.
Reviewed by k4g0me on 29 May 2006
22. 3.8 liters of tears [Rating: 4/10]
A dumbed-down drama in which a pop star invades an ordinary family to play busybody and village idiot. When not acting the buffoon, Nagase Tomoya sputters moralistic speeches as hollow as the music score. My heart goes to the behind-the-scene janitor who has to mop the gallon of tears Mr. Pop Star sheds every time he gets emotional.
Reviewed by shari on 30 January 2008
23. Very funny! [Rating: 10/10]
Wow! This is one of the best series I had ever watch! Very funny & touching at the same time. I never know that Tomoya can be so funny! And after watching this show, I start to like Yuko too. She is so sweet looking & natural in her acting. Looking forward to her new series with Tsuyoshi Domoto.
Reviewed by pearl on 21 August 2001
24. good insight on teh entertainment/media circle [Rating: 8/10]
an interesting spin on teh usual "family-type" drama...teh identity changes are pretty hilarious...at times, it dragged a little more than i had hoped...but still a good drama nonetheless...tomoya is quite talented...supporting cast were aiite as well...i rate it 8.5...
Reviewed by Baka Senpai on 4 April 2004
25. MUST WATCH!!!!! [Rating: 10/10]
I have watched and re-watched this drama many times. Good beginning good ending. Just a bit sad towards the middle and just before the ending. Be prepared to laugh a lot. Many touching scenes. Best performance from Nagase. Started to like him after watching this drama!
Reviewed by piglet44 on 15 April 2002
26. neat! [Rating: 9/10]
mukodono's a really neat drama. if you've got time (and money) to spare, you oughta watch it. the chemistry between yuko & tomoya's really cute, they're both great actors. and you should see the transition of the ubercool tomoya to really funny (and corny) tomoya. ^_~
Reviewed by Jalapeno on 1 January 2002
27. marveLlous and cOrnie shOw [Rating: 9/10]
wow, this show is so farnie and v.touching towards the last part...nagase in his private life is so farnie and interesting...although a bit irritating...and in his public life..so cool...the other actors and actresses oso acted well...=)...great show...
Reviewed by snowie_cool on 16 March 2002
28. Grrreat ! [Rating: 10/10]
Hilarious and original. Wondered why someone haven't come up this is idea before, well maybe they have but I havent seen it. It was refreshing. His off stage character was so dorky and lovable. But I like both of his personalities.
Reviewed by muffin707 on 3 May 2006
29. Funny and sweet [Rating: 9/10]
I found this hilarious at times a little repetitive at other times but very enjoyable. I wished for a bit more developement but other than that it was a great drama well worth checking out. You can't help but cheer on the charachters.
Reviewed by MonsterZero-65 on 13 November 2009
30. comedy that 'll make you cry buckets [Rating: 9/10]
Its funny, captivating and sad at the same time. Believe you me, you'll cry at almost every episode. At the end of it you'll cry tears of joy. The cast is fantastic and the chemistry is awesome. Tomoya's character is lovable.
Reviewed by aida11sg on 1 December 2001

Read all 57 reviews from users

Comments From Users (312)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by michelle [Rating: 10/10]
Watching this at the moment (up till the '4th Try!' [which means the 4th Episode]) ! This drama is extremely, extremely, extremely GOOD! Nagase Tomoya is such a sugoiiiii actor! He can really protrayed Sakuraba Yuichiro well! Frankly speaking, I prefer the kakoii Yuichiro rather than the sloppy one...ee...my personal opinion lah...But then again, the sloppy Yuichiro is very loveable~ ^_^ Anyway, back to the plot....it's about this guy called "Sakuraba Yuichiro" who is a huge superstar. In front of the screens, he is a very cool and suave guy. Girls drool over him~ But in real life, he's just a normal and simple guy. In fact, he's those sloppy type who wears glasses, hairbands and huge sweaters. Besides that, he also has a sweet girlfriend, Sakura whom he know for 6 months. One day, he proposed to Sakura and Sakura agrees!! ^_^ That's where the story start whereby Yuchiro have to go through a lot of funny obstacles in order to be with dear Sakura-chan! ^_^ First family, then the media...Each episode has its own story! This drama is really humourous at times and certain scenes are very, very touching! I love the song sang by Yuichiro in this drama! Absolutely fabulous!!!!!!! People please! Get this drama and drool over kakoii Nagase Tomoya!!! ^_^
2. Comments by dnie [Rating: 9/10]
Nagase plays a top pop superstar who looks darn kakko ii in they eye of
public and fans but his other face, that only his closest and loved ones can see,
is a quirky, too-happy and perhaps annoying, but very much lovable and
a person hungry for love and attention. So when he met the love of his life,
Sakura, he cant think of anything but to marry her. Well, Sakura has all the qualities that
he seeks, besides being very kawaii, she is full of love. The comedy starts when
Sakuraba Yuiichiro has to marry in Sakura's family in order to be a part of family.
He has to convince them how worthy he's to be their family member-the father is not
keen on him, the oldest sis is a business freak, the second is allergic to men, the third is
manipulative. He also has this cho kakko ii teenage niece fallin in love with his
class teacher(again!) and the youngest niece who is sided coz he's no father.
The dorama shows how he works hard to prove himself and to be accepted in the
family as what he is. I give this dorama a thumb and recommended for everybody!
oh, dont forget the haunting "Hitoribochi Haburashi" to add in your collection
of good J-Ent songs. sigh *dreamy*
3. Comments by ScrappedShinigami [Rating: 8/10]
Wah I really enjoyed this drama it was light-hearted and sweet.
Nagase was fantastic as Yu-Chan it always made me laugh a little in shock that he could go from being the cool, hunky Sakuraba Yuchiro to the geeky, uber cute, track suit wearing Yu-chan. He was funny and adorable. This is the first drama I have seen Yuko Takeuchi in and she was absolutely adorable. It's hard not to love her.
All the supporting cast were fantastic too by the end of the show I really liked and felt for all of the characters. It was interesting to see how people changed as Yuchiro touched their lives.
Anyway it's a must watch, it's not too deep and not too angsty (the angst is upped in the last couple of eps but it's nothing really major). Just nice light-hearted family fun! ^_^
4. Comments by Michi [Rating: 10/10]
Nagase is damn hot in here!!!

In this drama we can see the two sides of him-
1- In front of the media, he acted as a cool tough guy.
2-The real him, funny, crazy, and family man.

Humm... how much i prefer the 1st personality!! He look more dashing than when he is wearing that glasses and the annoying headband T_T

Well i don't really think there is any extreme touching part that will make you cry. -_-

And the funny part, some of it are cute but some are stupid. Trying to make something not funny, funny. More like a stupid joke.

But oh well, Nagase is a major hunk so i will still give 10/10 coz its a nice drama to watch~. i also love the theme song by Tokio!! Ne~
5. Comments by BOGCHI [Rating: 7/10]
There are moments where it'll make you "roll on the floor laughing", but the beginning of each episodes are the only interesting parts. Then it just drags on until the last 5 minutes of the episode - the resolution.
Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little. Really.. it's not that bad.
Nagase Tomoya did a great job on it. It's funny how he goes from "baka" to serious before going out in public. His interaction with Takeuchi Yuko is something to look forward too, expecially when they're talking on the phone. The whole family did a great job portraying their charaters. Overall, the story is fun and touching but gets boring at times.
6. Comments by Lulurz [Rating: 8/10]
the concept of the drama is pretty good ~ like superstar on the outside but goofy crazy guy inside~ haha
Nagase Tomoya is his baka self and he can also be very charismatic ahah~
@watched this marathon in like 2 days~ but i find the ending a bit BLEH~ about the bro and stuff~ but the beg was def pretty good~ had funny times and touching times hehe
Also the couple was cute ~ the KID IS SO CUTE!( i recognize him in GakuenQ !! ) and of course Shinohara Ryoko is always good actress..~
if you want to watch Mudokono, what this not the 03 version ~ i couldn't even stand 1 epi of that ~ that was is so BLEH)
7. Comments by kikkuman [Rating: ?/10]
the leads are terrific and make a nice couple. they seem to genuinely care of each other. tomoya is competent altho he tends to overact alot, yuko has the cutest smile and is very sweet. the rest of the arai family are totally unlikable, their very annoying, selfish, and dull. it gets worse when the story becomes centered around them. the manager and chief are very funny tho. ending was kinda stupid. totally ridiculous that masaki would do that to his own family, more ridiculous that they would break up at a time of crisis, and also stupid that the lil boy gets ill for no reason.
8. Comments by SayaOtonashi [Rating: 6/10]
I had high expectations on this dorama because of the ratings, but sincerelly, it's not that good. Maybe it was original in 2001 but not in 2010. I didn't believe the roles and plot; it didn't make sense many times. I have to admit that pace was quite good (a bit boring at the beggining). It is touching though, but I only cried a bit during the last episode, and I didn't laugh one single time in all show. Nagase Tomoya is great but I liked him much more in My Boss My Hero. For me this is a so-so dorama, but maybe it is a classic and I've waited too long to watch it...
9. Comments by ben_soh23 [Rating: 10/10]
Another of my all time favourite (ranked way up there wif GTO)... this is one drama tt cannot be missed.... i was crying during nearly every episodes (as was the case wif mukodono 2003) and this show is funni like hell too... loved the role of yuichiro sakuraba (nagase tomoyo is way too likable in this role)... takuechi yuko is also veri likable and sweet as his wife..... i personally loved shinohara ryoko (too bad she's not tt popular in japan), so seeing her in this show was a big bonus.... lastly, the song "Hitoribotchi no Haburashi" is juz too nice!!!
10. Comments by Eyrien* [Rating: 5/10]
Interesting drama where you get to see Nagase Tomoya act really "kakkoi" and REALLY "dasai" He stars as a popular male singer/songwriter who although outward appearances show him as kakkoi, in reality he's a big "dasai" nerd, who'd cute in a dorky way. He falls in love with a normal girl, proposes to her, and then they have to deal with her family and his popularity, and not letting the secret of their engagement slip out into the general public. Really not a bad drama at all, just for some reason not my type.
11. Comments by madsky [Rating: 7/10]
I enjoyed this drama. I cried many times, and laughed as well. The last few episodes, in my opinion, were outstanding. The episodes where Yuichiro would help a different family member were enjoyable, don't get me wrong, but I just feel that theme has been done before. Yuichiro (Nagase) and Sakura (Takeuchi) were adorable together, it was cute how they acted so mushy. I'm a fan of Takeuchi, and this was my first time seeing Nagase, and I like him now as well. The supporting cast was good too, yay for Aiba Masaki!
12. Comments by Tu_triky [Rating: 8/10]
A feel good comedy with it's share of heart ache and pain. A bit formulaic in its execution but nonetheless enjoyable to watch. If you've seen Otousan and/or Oyaji don't expect something fresh but if you enjoy indulging in those types of shows this is one drama you can't afford to miss! Great acting by both male and female leads respectively. I really enjoyed Ryoko Shinohara as Satsuki (nee-chan) Arai. Pulled off the cool, well-finished woman off perfectly!! O, just watch it...you'll like it :)
13. Comments by michiru3 [Rating: 10/10]
no need to say more. you just GOT to watch this. Nagase Tomoya surprised me with this role and he's super funny. a must watch drama for everyone. at first, some characters were annoying (like Kaede) but they got better and i end up liking everyone basicly. i am NOT gonna watch Mukodono 2004 b/c i liked the original too much and I dont want a sequel that's not really a sequel but just a retelling of the same story to mess me up. my 2nd fave dorama thus far.
14. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 8/10]
Great series with comedy, drama, and romance intertwined together in a most fantastic plot. Just as the synopsis implies, it deals with a man who deals with two identities: his famous self, Sakuraba Yuichiro, and his family side, Arai Yuichiro. The drama parts were magnificently done and some situations made more realistic and touching than other dramas that I have seen. I absolutely loved this show and the last episode brought me to tears. It's a must watch!
15. Comments by strawberrynkiwi [Rating: 9/10]
My #1 favorite thing is the soundtrack. It is really touching. Nagase Tomoya is a great actor, playing two totally different roles. His artist look is so cool & hot. I would have been one of those crazy fan girls. As for his home look, he is such a cute dork. I enjoyed a lot. Something didn't make it a homerun for me though. Maybe it is because I never saw the power of Yuko's acting yet. It is still a highly recommanded family/comedy/romance drama.
16. Comments by akane_MYV [Rating: 8/10]
The beginning was interesting, but the more I watched, the more it became boring. It was little bit too "slow", I expected more romance although I read some reviews which says it is more about family. If it showed the scenes, when the couple first met and the following scenes it would be more interesting!
But the Yuichiro was great, his acting skills of the two different personalities was amazing! It's awesome seeing him acting the cool one!
17. Comments by Nermal [Rating: 8/10]
At first I couldn't stand the silliness of Yuichiro (Nagase's character) but I've grown to like him thoughout the series. Some parts are very touching and I was also surprised to see Aiba in this drama about superstars dating since he himself, had a similar story come out in 2002. (although without the happy end). Very nice drama! Just a tad over-acted maybe.. ^^; Still worth the watch.. don't expect anything too serious..
18. Comments by Susan [Rating: 5/10]
As far as ridiculous dramas go, this one takes first prize! From this point on I will never be able to take Nagase Tomoyo seriously. But at the same time, he should be praised for his undeniable mastery of portraying completely unbelievable and stupid characters. At times I found this series mildly amusing, and it's not completely unwatchable, but sometimes it just went way too over the top! I'll pass on Mukodono 2003.
19. Comments by mizsymurda [Rating: 8/10]
a very meaningful/touching drama LLOl..its touching in a funny way kinda..but the moments are deep although sometimes i think its a little too cheezy..i think this is a great drama! it teaches you alot of things in life..and even near the end where i thought the main characters didnt get each other..i usually hate when that happens but not in this drama!! my favorite character in here is probably Satsuki the 3rd sis!!
20. Comments by nishishi [Rating: 7/10]
Finally watched the first one... Well.. the story is better than the second one... but the characters were better in the second one. All the rest is pretty like the same.... Nagase's char helping each family member withe their problems and showing them the importance of family. They could probably work more on the eldest brother..... his part on the story was to plain and dull.... Nways... its worth watching....
21. Comments by minochi99 [Rating: 8/10]
Great show. Has it's hilarious moments. It's more a kawaii show. Yuko and Nagase were great in here. A truly believable couple. The theme song is one of the best in the Jdorama world. Haburashi.... :-) you know the rest ;-)

Recommended drama. Even has it's villian too, which I think every decent show kinda needs. Gives it an extra kick. The show can be a little over the top. But it's a minor complaint.
22. Comments by aki21 [Rating: 8/10]
Kyaa.. At the end of that clip they show at the beginning of each show, he looks like the Nerd then turns into the Rock Star, and *winks* WINKS! OH GOD, so hot. No matter how many times I saw him do that, it still gets to me. A terrific drama. Freaking funny. I see Takeuchi Yuko on the cast list, but don't really remember her in the drama. Weird. Maybe she looked different and I didnt recognise her..
23. Comments by Sorata [Rating: 7/10]
This is a great dorama, every episode Tomoya helps a member of his "new" family to solve their problems and deepens the bounds with them. Very well balanced between comedy and drama, a must watch to everyone.
IMO Nagase Tomoya is that kind of actor that actually makes a big diference, his screen presence and acting are just...diferent, unlike most actors not everyone could play his parts like him.
24. Comments by Hoshi [Rating: 8/10]
The idea for this show is fresh, and I like it. Nagase's portrayal of Sakuraba is kinda OTT, but I suppose it compliments quite well with Takeuchi's Sakura. The storyline is pleasant, with every episode concluding something. The family here is better than that in the second Mukodono. And unfortunately, the super-star-with-boy-next-door-character idea got stale on the second installment as well.
25. Comments by gohmifune [Rating: 6/10]
A very weak show, there is a lot going for it, but it really doesn't have the quality writing or pacing on other dramas. Acting is good, but for a show about a musician, it is a shame to only have the into song and the one song the main character sings. It's worth a watch I guess, but only if you've got nothing else or don't want to see Pride or Dekichatta Kekkon another time.
26. Comments by Szabotage [Rating: 9/10]
Really funny, really sappy. Nagase Tomoya shines as a pop star who in his heart is really a nerd longing for a cozy home. I laughed until I cried every time he and Takeuchi Yuko did their disgustingly cute couple routine, especially at the reactions of all the relatives and his managers. Good stories, too, especially the one about the brother. Very much a feel-good drama!
27. Comments by kiba92 [Rating: 8/10]
This drama is great. I love Nagase Tomoya, he is so cute and adorable in this show. Mukodono is a typical japanese drama which each eposide is dedicated to help a family member/friend in the time of need. Overall the drama is good, but I am little disappointed at the ending. I think the ending was kind of abrupt because they did not tied up all the loose ends.
28. Comments by TempestRider [Rating: 10/10]
Sakura!!!(",) i think Tomoya did really well in portraying Yuichiro!i love his acting, i love his role,he's really cute in this series, i can watch it over and over again!..(",),, the story is great, and the actors did their part really well..."Hitoribocchi no Haburashi" is good as well with Yuichiro singing it for the crowd..a must-see for all Tomoya fans!=)
29. Comments by Sailorprinzess [Rating: 10/10]
After watching My Boss My Hero, I wanted to watch more of Tomoya Nagase's dramas, so I came across this one. I'm glad I did. After the first episode, I was hooked. It's such a light-hearted and sweet drama. The chemistry between the two leads is just amazing, and the plots of each episode don't drag. All in all, it's a great drama. I totally recommend it! ^_^
30. Comments by Jalapeno [Rating: 10/10]
Here's Tokio's frontman Nagase Tomoya acting oh-so-loony when he's with "love-of-his-life" Takeuchi Yuko. A notable comedic performance by Nagase - from a ubercool Japanese pop idol to a slobbering, lovestruck boyfriend Sakuraba Yuichiro of Arai Sakura. Pretty neat, really. And it does remind you of "Notting Hill" but to a much comedic level. :)

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Users who voted for this drama (171)
1. Yumechan
It is a very touching drama about a megastar, who gets married, but has to keep it a secret because of his popularity. You can see how hard this is for him and his wife.
But it is also a very funny drama most of the time. Because Sakuraba Yuichiro (the megastar) is very cool on stage and in puplic, but when he is at home, he is a happy-go-lucky - and acts like a little child sometimes <3
The acting of Nagase and all the other actors is also very good! This drama is really worth watching!!!!
2. PepeLePiu
This is my 2nd favorite drama after GTO because it is just as if not more fast paced and funny, each story he must conquer new family member. You will be yelling "Yosh!" with the main character everytime something good happens (often). Last three episodes a bit sentimental though(thats ok). Awesome characters to look at and laugh, nonstop action you will be smiling *out loud*
3. michiru3
Soooo funny!! Nagase Tomoya was incredible here! I was so amazed by his acting, I never realized he could act like this but still be so believable! Takeuchi Yuko was good here too, when she smiles, she looks sooo much like a petite Matsushima Nanako. Great cast in general. Very nice story and very very very rememberable songs.
4. Taurmindo
so extremely touching drama. the deeper the story envolved the harder it was watching it knowing you would cry at least once during the next episode. i guess i only "saw" half of the last episode. terrific acting, great story, classic "fix one problem/episode" layout and great development of the relations. a clear have-to-see.
5. Dark^3nforc3r
Man...this is da best drama i ever watched..
Well,it's not about those love triangles,adultery or teenage love..
This story is about a love dat happens in reality not like those mushy mushy stuff...
Well,besides dat it also included all those family values and stuff..
Anyway..Mukodono is da best!!!
6. toHeart_music
A great drama.....I thought the idea of Sakuraba Yuuichiro was refereshing....one drama that can make me laugh and cry so much....I lika the actors' performances here.Nagase.Aiba.Takuchi.Shinohara...the whole family...
It's really brillant...
7. hodgepodge307
My friend told me that this is the first dorama that she relly cried....huh....i thought it suppose to be a comedy and will make me laugh, but she was right....i love it when yuichiro's expression changes from a very cool sakuraba into a geek!
8. Samuel
This drama is nice, the story line also nice... you might learn about the meaning of life... ^.^
About the act.... well they act very well.... Thats all I can say... but you won't feel regret after you watch this drama.. I guarantee it...
9. .k3NiCHi
This show caught me off guard as surprisingly interesting, heartfelt, and addictive. It was lower on my list of shows to watch, but turned out to be one of my favorites of all time! Great performances from Nagase Tomoya and Takeuchi Yuko!
10. Yankumi-Fan
Funny, sad, and touching..one of the best dramas I've seen. The main actors portray their roles so well and bring so much life to the characters. Sakura could have turned out to be really annoying but Takeuchi Yuko did it so well. A+++++
11. Mylani
This was one of the first jdoramas we watched completely, and we were very pleased with the way things were resolved in 1 episode ^^ Plus, Takeuchi Yuko is really sweet and cute, and so is Tomoya Nagase ^^
12. aizawa^hase
i totally love this drama forever!how can they think such a unique concept? a very hot and popular artiste guy who is actually a very sensitive typical guy who loves his family very much!
13. yuichan
a very outstanding awesome drama. The story, the cast, the songs is very great. Really love this drama. Tomoya is very awesome. He is great. I fall for him since i watched this drama
14. saya317
i have a thing for goofy characters so i couldn't help but fall in love with this yuichiro sakuraba. this drama's got a nice blend of comedy, drama, and romance. my kind of show.
15. tiesw
Actor's acting might be over at times... but overall, it captured my vote. Great storyline, even greater actor/actress. Lineup of supporting cast is superb too. Must not miss.
16. arashinokoto
suge dorama.. i really loved it.. made me cry every episode.. sakuraba yuichiro.. arai sakura.. kaede.. azusa.. satsuki.. ryo.. otousan to tsutomu.. kawaii kazoku da ne~
17. ffrostte
This got to be my all-time-favorite. I have never ever watched a dorama that would make me cry (or at least got teary eyes) in each single episode!

Mukodono saikou!!
18. cass_dust
Definite must watch! the whole drama is sooo funny but yet very touching... especially when yuichiro tries to help the family... very touching and heart warming show!
19. areins7
baka bakashi, nagase kun! but i do really enjoy this how.yuko-chan are kawaii..i'm even cried when they have to split off.....do recommend it.people...do watch it!!
20. pcmodem
So well done... good acting, terrific story, even the cinematography and editing and lighting were first rate. Nagase Tomoya was hilarious as Sakuraba/Arai Yuchiro.
21. jafrea
what can i say? this drama is the funniest i've ever watched! i like the chemistry between sakura n yuichiro...so kawai!! and that sakuraba yuichiro, KAKKOI!!
22. gale
You've been warned... One can get really addicted to this drama. Just can't help falling in love with Sakuraba Yuichiro... the geeky look is so adorable!
23. icebaby028
Such a cute drama! I think Takeuchi Yuko is a really good actress and she's underrated. Definiately a must see. Very enjoyable and would recommend it.
24. aki21
This drama was seriously nice. Didnt catch the last few episodes tho', so dunno how it all turned out. If anyone knows, feel free to contact me..
25. UetoAyaFanboy
Nagase Tomoya is as funny as usual. It's amusing to see him wearing a pair of pink pyjamas. I'm used to see him as a Yakuza. It took me aback.
26. sayurikurata
This drama is so goood!! ^^ The plot's great! And it's very heartwarming and sweet. It made me cry a few times throughout the show ^^;;
27. aryena
AHH! Eye candy alert!
Sakuraba Yuiichiro, portrayed by the drop dead gorgeous Tomoya Nagase.

Cute yet cool.

Uhhh-hmmm. Sweet.
28. cheese
I seldom watch Nagase Tomoya's show... but I love this drama...a really touching drama that is full of laughter...& sadness ...
29. baby85
Nothing is better than this drama. Nagase Tomoya shows his acting talent. Good singing too. Best couple with Takeuchi. The best!!!
30. db9paka
Tomoya really wasn't my cup of tea, but he was rather good in this. Yuko Takeuchi was cute. The story was great. Also recommended

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