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Water Boys [ウォーターボーイズ]


Drama Details
Title:Water Boys
Telecast:2003-07-01 to 2003-09-09
Season:Summer 2003

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:11 Episodes

Who has ever heard of men's synchronized swimming?! Two years after the release of "Water Boys"-the mega-hit movie about high-school boys obsessed with synchronized swimming-an even hotter summer hit is about to arrive to your television screen.

Fans of the movie "Water Boys" loved the amazing acrobatics performed by the actors. So they are sure to love the new Fuji Television drama which features even more sensational routines, stunts, and dancing than in the movie.

The 32 swimmers in this drama were carefully chosen by audition to fill each role-of course, none of them had ever done synchronized swimming before. Each swimmer that was selected, participated in intense training sessions, and through this they have become very proficient at the sport. Their performances are powerful, and at the same time, very original.

The Story

During the summer two years ago, five high-school boys brought fame to a small town in Japan. What was so unique, was that they formed a "men's synchronized swimming club." Their involvement and struggles while learning synchronized swimming-known to be a sport for girls-brought much attention to their school and town.

Two years have passed since that summer, and the boys of Tadano High School are still in the club. The Fuji Television drama "Water Boys" shows how these young boys fight to learn synchronized swimming, fall in love, and enjoy friendship with one another.

The First Episode

The school festival of Tadano High School is best known for its synchronized swimming performances, which attracts many tourists as well as the media.

Kankuro Shindo belongs to this now famous swimming club. He is a good-for-nothing that has no confidence in himself, and usually refrains from speaking up.

At a school festival during his freshman year, Kankuro was fascinated by the exciting performance of the men's synchronized swimming club, and decided to join. No matter how much he was made fun of being a terrible swimmer, he never gave up.

But on the day of the school festival during his second year, he became so nervous that he got diarrhea, and was unable to participate in the event schedule for the club. Kankuro, now a senior and the leader of the synchronized swimming team, is determined to take part in this year's event no matter what.

Unfortunately, the Board of Education has requested the team to "voluntarily tone down" their activities. To Mr. Yamaoka, the Vice Principal of the school, nothing is more important than maintaining a high standard of education. According to him, not one member of the synchronized swimming club has ever passed a university entrance exam directly out of high school. So, he insists that they study harder in order to earn recommendations for college.

Most members of the swimming club comply with this request, and begin spending more time on their studies and less in the school practicing synchronized swimming-including Kankuro, who is left with no other choice.

Amidst this commotion, Norio Tatematsu transfers to Tadano High School. He was strongly moved by the news footage of the men's synchronized swimming team, and decided to join. So, naturally he does everything he can, to have the team participate in the school festival.

Norio's aggressiveness helps motivate Kankuro, and together, they start collecting signatures to oppose the Board of Education's decision to "voluntarily tone down" club activities. Masatoshi Tanaka, the student council president, absolutely hates synchronized swimming, and says it's a sissy sport.

In the faculty room, Miss Sakuma who supports the men's synchronized swimming team, and Miss Onogawa who opposes the sport are having a quarrel. Mr. Sugita who usually acts cool in front of his students, is caught right in the middle of their argument. Mr. Ozaki, the Principal of the school, tries to avoid trouble at any cost, and sits by and watches them as they continue their debate.

There's one other person that's watching--Go Takahara. Go has had to repeat the same grade because of his violent behavior.

One day, Kankuro comes across Kyoko, the most popular girl in Sakuragi Girl's High School. He accidentally sells her a ticket to the synchronized swimming event that is scheduled during the school festival. But under the present circumstances, there is no way the event is going to take place.

This wasn't the first time Kankuro and Kyoko met. Two years ago, Kankuro was just about to ask Kyoko on a date, when the ticket he had in his hand flew high up in the air, and got trampled on by a huge crowd of people. Feeling miserable, Kankuro followed the crowd and saw the men's synchronized swimming team performing in front of a swarm of people. There, he also saw Kyoko's beautiful smile.

After three long years of having a crush on Kyoko, Kankuro finally gets the chance to talk to Kyoko-thanks to the help of Kankuro's childhood friend, Asako. Kankuro is so excited that he is unable to tell Kyoko that they have been "voluntarily toning down" synchronized swimming club activities.

Katsumasa Sato is a former member of the swimming team, who now teaches synchronized swimming to the women in the district. He takes Kankuro and Norio to a dolphin trainer named Mr. Isomura, and his brother Kiyomasa-both of whom appear to be shady and good-for-nothings. When Kankuro and Norio are about to go home, they meet a woman who runs a nearby "old-lady bar." She (he, actually) talks the two boys into going directly to the Board of Education together, and protesting. This woman brings along with her, several owners and workers from stores in the local shopping district.
Fuji TV

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Niji 虹 [Fukuyama Masaharu 福山雅治]LYRICS ]

Actor/Actress Cast (26)
Yamada Takayuki
Shindo Kankuro
Moriyama Mirai
Tatematsu Norio
Tanaka Masatoshi
Ishigaki Yuma
Takahara Go
高原 剛
Ishii Tomoya
Ishizuka Futoshi
石塚 太
Miyaji Mao
Onishi Asako
Kashii Yu
Hanamura Kyoko
Tani Kei
Mr. Ozaki
Fuse Akira
Mr. Yamaoka
Sugimoto Tetta
Mr. Sugita
杉 田
Manabe Kaori
Miss. Sakuma
佐久間 恵
Kikuchi Maiko
Miss. Onogawa
Emoto Akira
Mama (of a bar)
マ マ
Tokui Yuu
Takenaka Naoto
Mr. Isomura
磯 村
Yashima Norito
Isomura Kiyomasa
清 正
Tamaki Hiroshi
Sato Katsumasa
Takahashi Hitomi
Shindo Miwako
Asano Kazuyuki
Shindo Kanichi
Ikari Yukiko
Shindo Hitomi
Nishida Naomi
Katayama Reo
Kitajima Daichi
Hiraizumi Sei
Mr. Tatematsu
Aibu Saki
Hayakawa Atsumi
Tanaka Kei

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Drama Reviews (43)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Can They Synchro?! [Rating: 6/10]
And so.. maybe you�fre thinking it�fs boys making a fool of themselves yet again. Maybe so, but wait till you watch this stupidish yet thrilling TV series. �gWaterboys�h the series was released by Fuji Television two (2) years after the success of the mega-hit comedy motion picture �gWaterboys�h directed by Yaguchi Shinobu.

Obviously the Japanese, being so popular for creating numerous drama series each year, it isn�ft anymore surprising that they created this television series. And did you know that because of the series�f success, they released a series sequel, �gWaterboys 2�h (also from Fuji Television), but were not going to talk about that for now, so back to �gWaterboys�h the first series:

Going back (referring to the movie �gWaterboys�h), during a summer two years ago, five (5) senior high-school boys brought fame to a small town, as they formed a �gmen�fs synchronized swimming team�h to the delight of the locals (and most of all -- the all-girls high school not so far away). Their undying efforts to put up a great show made them the unprecedented town heroes, who made their school -- Tadano High a pioneer for men�fs synchronized swimming, on which the school is now popular of.

Now two (2) years has passed since that summer, and the boys of Tadano High School are still eager to keep the �gsynchro�h spirit alive. Unknown to them however, are the improbable obstructions they have to face as the school�fs famous synchronized swimming is threaten to be put to an end.

With five (5) new unlikely �gsynchronites�h leading the cast, along with some fresh new faces, and a few not-so-fresh faces, �gWaterboys�h the series promised some amusing entertainment yet again for it�fs viewers. However, compared to the movie, the show seem to have had too much irksome elements added in it�fs 45-min-running, 11-episode-series. Along with that are some really annoying characters (those old brothers are immensely irritating) who seem to go over-to-top with their performance.

The lead casts did a excellent job though especially with their pool talents, they however look conversely annoying at times when they try to look all-funny as a few of them tend to exaggerate on their acting which ruins most scenes. Norio Tatematsu, played by little known actor Moriyama Mirai, obviously had the most interesting role. His acting was not just impressive; he was awfully funny as well. His happy-go-lucky character seems so natural, and his boyish-gaggish demeanor simply makes him so adorable. Lead actor Yamada Takayuki who plays Shindo Kankuro was the improbable captain. His acting makes his character convincing, despite the noticeably cheesy script at times, he was able to make his role believable. As for the rest of the cast, of course there are other good ones and not-so-good ones. It�fs a relief that in spite of all the imperfections of this series, they were able to pull-off an impressive ending.

Pretty much like the movie, Fuji Television�fs �gWaterboys�h is a light-hearted comedy for all-ages, the series, like the film shows how these young men struggle to master and perform synchronized swimming, and with that, they discover friendship, love, and the real essence of team spirit.
Reviewed by Padme on 9 May 2005
2. Boys in Speedos? What else is there to say... [Rating: 7/10]
I haven�ft decided yet whether Waterboys is a work of genius, or utter rubbish. I mean, on the surface it�fs just a bunch of boys in teeny tiny speedos prancing around, slapping each other on the back, and rising above the criticisms of the general public to do what they love to do best �| synchronize swimming. After watching the skinny, sun-burnt pubescent boys shake their severely lacking money-makers, I wouldn�ft be surprised if viewers find it hard to continue watching the series after the first episode.

But I continued watching.

I continued watching because I found the idea amusing. If you look at the events as satires, it makes sense. I mean, women are always trying to do what men can do. If men can do it, women can, too. Here we have an example of men trying to do something that is predominantly feminine. When they perform, or throughout their dance sequences, when they�fre moving their skinny bodies in less than flattering ways, it made me feel like there was an undertone of mirth, as if the writers/actors are making fun. And it�fs definitely funny when watching. Men are doing what women do best, and it�fs hilarious. The idea of synchronized swimming in general is so random hat I�fm sure a group of creators spent hours coming up with the idea to begin with. Mix this with a story about friendship and hardship, school spirit and personal satisfaction, and you end up with an okay drama.

I�fm glad I watched the movie first (like you�fre supposed to) because it helped me place the plot better. Would I watch this drama again? God no. But I will admit that I had a lot of fun watching while it lasted.
Reviewed by Wynter on 9 June 2007
3. A feel good hilarous drama [Rating: 10/10]
This is the first JDorama I've watched and it rocks. I don't write reviews but I'm writing for this one because it is really a good drama. First off, don't get put off by the cheesy WaterBoys name. It may sound gay, but basicly it's about male synchro swimming.

What's so interesting about a drama based on male synchro swimming? Well, you can't create much from it, but with the great vision of the director and the actors, they made this drama and fun one to watch. It is funny, hilarous and touching at the same time. It tells about the brotherhood of friendship, love and determination to achieve one's dreams. Added all that, there are lotsa funny scenes inside.

The story is about this group of male synchro club which consists of Shindo, Norio, Tanaka, Takahara and Ishizuka fighting their way for a chance to stage a performance during their school's festival. Throughout the journey, they came through obstacles together, suffer love lost, breaking up friendships and etc etc. Seems like a standard drama story, but it is actually better.

The 1st quarter of the whole drama is very interesting and funny and fun to watch. Throughout the middle part towards the end, it becomes rather dull as things gets repetitive and predictable. Nonetheless, the finale performance paid off all. It was really good and if you actually watched the whole drama from start til the end, you would be at the edge of your sit watching the finale.

Overall, a feel good drama that will last in your memories for years to come.
Reviewed by Balmung on 10 July 2005
4. Heartwarming [Rating: 10/10]
Sorry to disappoint harsh critics,but i am giving 10.This show is heartwarming.With the obstacles they passes through each episode and the determination they showed.And it shows me what japan morning sun are like,really shining.Except for some parts which i think may confuse me a little.With each of them having their own problems and troubles from school and family.They keep spurring on to follow what they think.And the ending came,sad but the performance was cute and superb.I imagine it if i was at a scene,i really felt the feeling of happiness and the overwhelming joy.Sad,how come water boys 2 main actors and actress are gone.ARGH.The ending was indeed 1 of the best i came across.Putting 3 songs that i know.Individually from Momusu, Aya Matsuura, Do as Infinity. And 1 more i only heard misono version,although the song was sung by a man in the show.Argh,give me another drama with all of them.
Reviewed by rhninjaxe on 11 June 2007
5. One of those must watch [Rating: 9/10]
Why a 9? .. hmm.. although the idea is not completely original since the movie existed before it, I have to salute the work of the boys still for putting up a great show. Parts of it really cracked me up.. quite hilarious. Overall it gave me a nice feeling once I got done with it and I strongly recommend it to anyone who were either fond of the movie, or even don't know what this is yet. You'll be sure to enjoy at least good parts of it. ^^

Also after an extensive analysis (which you can find in the Water Boys thread) I have discovered differend endings to most episodes. Also note that the 'Flying Fish Trio' are always doing something completely hilarious in the background (like one of them being tied up after they re-open the pool in episode 10) and are truly a must see. People should pay attention to small details int his drama, it's packed with them. ^^
Reviewed by Nermal on 5 February 2005
6. Yamada leads strong support cast [Rating: 8/10]
Having breifly watched waterboys 2, and before that the movie, I was pretty skeptical about this drama, but i think that this one might be the best out of all of them. the reason for this is the strong cast led by yamada and mirai, as well as eita, whom i personally think deserves a stronger reputation for his onscreen work. There were a few cheesy bits and a few hiccups in the script (I kept telling myself "how come all these guys can just enter the syncro club about a week before the festival? Was was the point of the last 8 weeks then? Like why was Kankuro's friend suddenly able to practise syncro when he seemed so devoted to study?") Apart from these questions, I really enjoyed it...
Reviewed by dekatrain on 11 December 2007
7. Great drama! [Rating: 10/10]
If you liked the movie you'll really enjoy the drama. Taking place 2 years after the movie, the series even brings back some familiar faces. What's better about the drama is that it gives writers a lot more time to develop stories between the characters. You can see how the bond between the teammates develops and even some romantic relationships. What I liked most about the drama compared to the movie was that it showed a lot of the family aspect, especially with the main characters Shindo and Tatematsu.

I can't wait to watch the second series once it is subbed and if this series is any indication of its quality, we'll have another great drama to enjoy.
Reviewed by chicken boo on 11 September 2004
8. Beyond Words [Rating: 9/10]
This series was a fine follow up to the film of the same name. Although it's plot was rather obvious and formulaic, it was well acted and had some great comedic moments! But what impressed me the MOST, was the SUPERB synchronized swimming performance!!! If you watch this series for no other reason than to see the performance in the final episode, then you will NOT be dissapointed. It is BEYOND WORDS, the quality and strength of that performance. They took what the movie did and improved upon it 10 times over! And it lasts for 20 MINTUES!!! For that reason alone, I give this series a 10!
Reviewed by Susan on 5 August 2006
9. Can anyone tell me the title of the 1st song that [Rating: 9/10]
I watch the water boys 2 first before watching the original version. First I was a little bit hard to get used to the people in the drama as I was comparing both the Water Boys 2 and Water Boys. After I managed to get a clear mind by not comparing both, I start to enjoy this drama.

I strongly suggest those have watched the WB2 to watch this too. You will eventually enjoy the show.

Can anyone tell me the title of the 1st song that they use for their performance?
Reviewed by Scott on 14 January 2006
10. Unexpectedly Good [Rating: 10/10]
i never thought a drama about a bunch of high school boys indulging in syncronised swimming could be so funny and exciting! perseverance, hardwork and friendship made this drama a meaningful one...theres a lot to pick up from the moral of the story and that being an enjoyable watch, makes it one of the BEST i have ever watched....
did i mention the boys are super-kawaii? especially love mirai moriyama!!
Reviewed by missie on 30 August 2005
11. I'm impressed! [Rating: 8/10]
At the beginning of the drama,i kind of find it boring so i stopped watching for a few days.After that i continued watching and somehow find it interesting again! Actually in the movie,the thing that i find most interesting is the syncronize swimming at the last episode.I was REALLY impressed! They danced as if they were not even shooting the show ^^.It was soo natural.
Reviewed by joychin on 17 November 2004
12. ���� !!! [Rating: 10/10]
I really liked this show. This was my first drama I seen all the episodes to, I think, no wait edit..... this is like my fourth. The storyline was good :D . And so was the actors..

������ �R�c ���V ^�� �ƂĂ� �ˆ��� �ł� ��~

������� ���� ���� ���O���l��

�v�`�s�d�q�a�nYS!!! �v�`�s�d�q�a�nYS!!!�v�`�s�d�q�a�nYS!!!

w00tw00t for waterboys!! ^(^.^)^
Reviewed by Rio on 25 June 2004
13. The Best! [Rating: 10/10]
This is my #1 most favorite j-dorama so far... and I'd go as far as saying that it's my favorite television show ever. Water Boys has a timeless appeal that reaches out to people of all ages... and it manages to be entertaining practically the whole way through. While it has a few similarities to the movie, it still managed to surprise me again and again. =)
Reviewed by karmyk on 2 June 2006
14. Fun show [Rating: 8/10]
Its a great teen drama and feel good show for those who don't give up. All the boys went up to a lodge with boarding to get trained on their "synchro" routines for the show. Theres not much "synchro" in the show except the final episode but their hard work getting there in the show and real life pays off with a lot of hoopla.
Reviewed by moku999 on 11 November 2003
15. sugoi! [Rating: 9/10]
I never thought that a story about male sychronized swiming could be so heart felt! This is my first Japanese Drama that totally warmed my heart! I am still watching the series now but I do admit, I LOVE the characterssss! Gotta love Tate-kun's aspiring and hyper attitude!
Please please please, go and see this one!
Reviewed by chibiandor on 15 November 2004
16. hooray for yamada-san [Rating: 10/10]
the show was excellent!i felt like going back to my old school days where we had to wear uniforms.i'm even thinking of wearing the uniforms back to college!actually, i never heard of a men's synchronised swimming team before i watched water boys,really good!!!taka-san acted brilliantly!!hooray for him!
Reviewed by kintaro_kun on 22 August 2005
17. Must watch! [Rating: 9/10]
At first it seemed boring and having the idea of watching men in trunks is not a pretty sight lol.. but soon you forget all of that and start to scream at the school commitees and cheer for the guys hehehe... This show is about friendship, teamwork and perseverence. Face your obstacles! Never give up!
Reviewed by kurusawa on 20 November 2004
18. Nice and refreshing [Rating: 10/10]
I first thought that this one is weird, childish and stupid but it was not. I was immersed on this drama from episode 1 till the end. It is one of those dramas which you will cherish it for days after watching it. It is a comedy and a light hearted drama that cherish love, friendship, and passion.
Reviewed by Dorobou on 13 June 2004
19. Sound tracks... [Rating: 8/10]
this is truly a nice and heartwarming show which i just caught on tv not too long ago. Kinda makes u want to go back to those times in school.. Anyway does anyone know the singers and titles of the songs played in the show? would appreciate if someone could tell me..thanks!!
Reviewed by jnxco on 29 March 2004
20. So great! [Rating: 10/10]
I loved thos drama! It's the kind of show you don't want to end after 11 episodes! After watching so many sad, sentimental shows, watch this one. It'll cheer you right up! It was a bit nostalgic for me because I did syncro a very long time ago ^-^. So good!!
Reviewed by suki_beth on 31 March 2004
21. Highly enjoyable show [Rating: 9/10]
This is one of those underdog shows that really gets you rooting for the team. This was the first one I saw (missed the movie initially) so it was all fresh in my mind. Plus Yuma Ishigaki was just awesome in this show as the big buff guy ;).
Reviewed by zoglog on 6 September 2006
22. Heartwarming tale about determination and friendsh [Rating: 10/10]
First i thought it was stupid as someone else wrote, but then it grew on me. I never think ive seen such a great portray of friendship, in terms of chemistry. Damn i love it. And a great soundtrack!

Noone should miss it.
Reviewed by Shounen Terrorist on 21 June 2005
23. wow.... [Rating: 8/10]
what a drama that get so many supports....
so many ppl love it!!!!
and .....me too!!! hahaha.....;p..........
get me feel like go on to put on effort on everything to get what i want, what i dream of!!!
Reviewed by Rui ERn on 9 September 2005
24. Okay for me~~~ [Rating: 7/10]
Still think that the movie is much more better after watching this, all the casts are excellent but I think the story line is a bit boring... Anyway, the ending part (the performance part) is really very impressed!
Reviewed by clcs85 on 13 January 2005
25. 100% worth-watching and must watch nihon no dorama [Rating: 10/10]
hontou,hontou ni sugoi na!!!just one word to describe it : ICHIBAN!!!! it's very hilarious.strong determination to pursue your dream.durable friendship.loads of boys-kawaii and kakkoii ne!!!!!*nose bleed*
Reviewed by pedang_patah on 10 July 2004
26. ishigaki yuma [Rating: 5/10]
i am actually looking for someone who could help me coz i am looking for some movies or series that ishigaki yuma has already done. i am from philippines and i hope someone could help me... tnx!
Reviewed by dee_yuma on 5 October 2005
27. Great Dorama~~ [Rating: 10/10]
This dorama was very entertaining for me. It was great to see something that is different from the ordinary. The characters all together made it comical and also serious. It was great!!
Reviewed by jfallonismine on 12 October 2003
28. Great!! [Rating: 8/10]
This is a feel good drama with life lessons along the way. Never give up on ur dreams. This show makes me fall in love with Mirai's character, although he is just a supporting role.
Reviewed by acit on 21 February 2010
29. Synchro!!!Synchro!!!Synchro!!! [Rating: 9/10]
It's very funny and very inspiring series. I loved the way they did their best to reach their goal of doing synchronized swimming for their last year in high school.
Reviewed by aiscess on 29 June 2005
30. Splash! [Rating: 9/10]
This show is one humourous one!The boys perseverance really impressed me!I like the storyline alot and i think it is really rather meaningful!
Reviewed by beryl_28 on 11 November 2004

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Comments From Users (241)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Kitsuchi [Rating: 9/10]
I liked this series alot. When I started watching the first episode, I didn't really get much of it, seemed boring.. But I gave it a chance since I've downloaded all the episodes, and watched the second episode. Then I got a picture of the plot and began to like it! It began being interesting and funny, and I'm glad I didn't throw it away.. It's really good. I like the music used in the series, it fits perfectly well. It's actually really funny, yet there are touching scenes. I liked the five boys in the Synchro Swimming Club - they were excellent actors in this series.
I really liked Moriyama Mirai's personality in this series. So energetic, he's funny, has a warm smile yet he's hiding so much, it seems. He catched my attention, to summarize it ^_^.
However, I recommend this series. Don't stop and back off when watching the first or second episodes.. The nice and interesting plot comes later, so you'll regret it if you don't watch it 'till the end. Give it a go! ^_^
2. Comments by dekatrain [Rating: 8/10]
Having breifly watched waterboys 2, and before that the movie, I was pretty skeptical about this drama, but i think that this one might be the best out of all of them. the reason for this is the strong cast led by yamada and mirai, as well as eita, whom i personally think deserves a stronger reputation for his onscreen work. There were a few cheesy bits and a few hiccups in the script (I kept telling myself "how come all these guys can just enter the syncro club about a week before the festival? Was was the point of the last 8 weeks then? Like why was Kankuro's friend suddenly able to practise syncro when he seemed so devoted to study?") Apart from these questions, I really enjoyed it...
3. Comments by subaruppi [Rating: 10/10]
I have NO COMPLAINTS about this drama. It was highly inspirational, and moving, great soundtrack (yay for Satou Naoki - who did the OST for Good Luck!! and X TV -the anime- as well)....and Fukuyama Masaharu's "NIJI" as the title song!! Yamada Takayuki, Moriyama Mirai, extremely promising actors. I was in Japan when they were filming this, and believe me when I say that the work that went into this show was incredible. Hours and hours of intense training, and the end result was amazing. I don't know about other people who've seen this, but I cried like a baby in the final Synchro Kouen!!
4. Comments by Susan [Rating: 9/10]
This series was a fine follow up to the film of the same name. Although it's plot was rather obvious and formulaic, it was well acted and had some great comedic moments! But what impressed me the MOST, was the SUPERB synchronized swimming performance!!! If you watch this series for no other reason than to see the performance in the final episode, then you will NOT be dissapointed. It is BEYOND WORDS, the quality and strength of that performance. They took what the movie did and improved upon it 10 times over! And it lasts for 20 MINTUES!!! For that reason alone, I give this series a 10!
5. Comments by Nermal [Rating: 9/10]
Why a 9? .. hmm.. although the idea is not completely original since the movie existed before it, I have to salute the work of the boys still for putting up a great show. Parts of it really cracked me up.. quite hilarious. Overall it gave me a nice feeling once I got done with it and I strongly recommend it to anyone who were either fond of the movie, or even don't know what this is yet.

A lot of stuff is always happening without it being the main focus, people should really opay attention to the Flying Fish Trio XD They are hilarious. ^^
6. Comments by tsuyoshi7nhwi [Rating: 8/10]
I had my doubts about this show--it seemed more than a little gay. But after watching it, YES, it IS gay, but it knows that and, rather than try to play it serious, it uses the gay undertones and turns it into laughs! A great story about friendship and knowing that life isn't always about test scores, but about character. Oh, and there are lots of pretty girls in bikinis, too (to offset the guys in Speedos)--especially Miyaji Mao (hated her in "Manten," but she's hot in here!)!
7. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 9/10]
A fun series with a few off the wall antics, jokes, and jabs but all around heartwarming show about the importance and strength of friendship. The end scene was so well done that I, along with the other members of the synchronized swimming team and audience felt so proud after their performance. Great show and I hope the sequel can be just as good.

Great group of actors (especially the main 5 boys).
8. Comments by nishishi [Rating: 10/10]
Great Dorama... Really funny (i couldnt stop laughing from the beginning to the end of this dorama!!!!)
Awasome casting...!!! An original plot...
Honestly one of the best doramas ive ever watched!!!!
Definetly a MUST-SEE!!! If i could i would give a 11 out of 10....
Seriously... ITs REALLY FUNNY!!! Funnier than Gokusen, Kisarazu, Tiger & Dragon, Densha Otoko, or n other dorama ive watched!!!!
9. Comments by michiru3 [Rating: 7/10]
I've only watched 7 eps so far, I'll edit this comment when i've seen more. So far, it's interesting. Some acting is too over exaggerated and I still HATE "deebu" b/c he's so annoying! why doesnt he get decent swimming trunks?? the story's slowly picking up speed, getting better and better. and happily, kankuro's finally developed a backbone. and Tatemasu isnt as talkative as before.
10. Comments by minochi99 [Rating: 4/10]
Movie was better. If you watch the movie, then the TV series gets tiresome. It's a rehash that's played over 11 episodes. So, if you want to enjoy this, probably don't need to watch the movie. Watch either but no need for both. A lot of young boys in speedos. So, if you bend that way, then I'm sure it's heaven. But if you don't, like me, then your eyes get really numb. Be forewarned!
11. Comments by outlaws0025 [Rating: 9/10]
Awesome dorama! Very refreshing, original story, great acting and very funny!:D There actually wasn't anything I didn't like in this dorama. Good on all possible ways, but it just needs just~ a little bit more for me to give it 10. Maybe a little more humor like "My Boss, My Hero".

All 5 lead actors did a great job and all 5 were perfect for the roles they played.
12. Comments by fybabe [Rating: 2/10]
what works in a 2 hr movie may not work in a 10+ hr drama.
this is a proof of that.
where the pacing, humour and storyline was simple and tight in the movie (that i absolutely enjoyed), it's draggy and complicated for nothing in the drama.
and of course, the cast just falls into the shadow of it's movie predecessor. i can't even get pass the 2nd episode... zzz...
13. Comments by Longman [Rating: 9/10]
Like the original, this series is light-hearted and inspiring. The boys have far bigger obstacles thrown at them this time. But still, they take their stumbles in strides and overcome them with the spirit of wanting to perform. Their passion moves me to tears constantly. I dare say it surpasses the movie which wasn�ft long enough to have the characters grow on me.
14. Comments by sabriel [Rating: 9/10]
i love this drama, its funny and inspiring. shindo is so cute in his white or black shirts and jeans. despite all the bad things that happen to shinkuro, the five boys make it. despite individual or group obstacles, shindoo leads them thru their troubles. you also get to see some of the character from the movie. and as you may guess. its a happy ending.
15. Comments by [Rating: 10/10]
There was a movie, now a drama because of the popularity it got. The actors of the movie are different from the drama, which is good because it's a whole different story about boy synchro. I gave it a ten because this is different from the other dramas, which is good considering theres alot of simular dramas. This is a whole new step to the drama world.
16. Comments by aiscess [Rating: 10/10]
This series was very inspiring for me...doing everything they've got to do to perform sychronize swimming in their last year of their High School. It was also very funny...with the comeback of some characters from the movie like Sato Senpai and Mamasan ^-^ Btw, I really liked the soundtrack especially Niji...
17. Comments by Amika [Rating: 9/10]
i rate this drama really highly and among the best of 2003.. the soundtrack is really cool as well really make me feel like beachboys all over again... the story is quite slow from the start but get more interesting as each episode goes by... and it is much more funnier then the movie version...
18. Comments by jdfan [Rating: 7/10]
A story that makes you cheer along! A story about a couple of boys who had a dream and tired so hard to organize a Syncorize swimming team. This dorama is targeted for vacationing teenage students. It's very funny! Even it is predictable but I enjoyed it...especially the last episode!!!
19. Comments by enen_shun [Rating: 10/10]
yeah yeah ~~~ nice nice !!! Mirai's "Tatematsu Norio" is sooooo cute !!!! haha ~~ this show is full of laughters !! Can't imagine Yuuma Ishigaki acting as "Takahara" which is so different wif Gokusen's "Minami" ! Yamada Takayuki's "Shindo" is very cute too ... hehez ~~ worth-watching !!!
20. Comments by Hinano [Rating: 10/10]
Wonderful drama! I saw this after watching the movie and I can't say that it was "worse" or anything! Don't listen to those who thought the movie was better! This drama was great in its own aspect! Both movie & drama were great!! The determination of these guys is inspiring!!
21. Comments by jasonlim88 [Rating: 10/10]
This is one of the best Japanese tv series i had ever watched!!This tv series is full of laughter and also sadness....it tells how a guy aviod all the obstacles just to save his club from being banned...full of courageous too!!!I love mao miyaji...she is so pretty!!!!!
22. Comments by dummyuser11 [Rating: 9/10]
In the begining, i thought i wouldn't enjoy this series. But as i watched on, i found myself changing disc after disc and soon, it was the end. Their courage, determination and friendship really touched me. Somehow, i felt a tug at the heart when it was over.
23. Comments by AngelXing [Rating: 8/10]
In the begining, i thought i wouldn't enjoy this series. But as i watched on, i found myself changing disc after disc and soon, it was the end. Their courage, determination and friendship really touched me. Somehow, i felt a tug at the heart when it was over.
24. Comments by pacchan [Rating: 10/10]
i loved!!!! it was so touching. i loved how the characters developped so well and how the plot ends up so well in the end. there were many disappointing scenes in the plot, but that's what made me want to cheer on the boys even more. and the ending was great!
25. Comments by atheon [Rating: 7/10]
Dec 2003: Typical high school drama, i'm started to miss my school-life....quite slow sometimes, cos shindo kept facing the same problem, after he managed to solve it, another comes. Great theme song by masha plus the opening and closing part was nice too.
26. Comments by Nat [Rating: 8/10]
I thought it was going to be another teenager drama, boring. But noooooo, it was really cool getting to know each character, and the final performancde was WOW! Also the song Niji really fits the drama and the closing sequene at the ending of each episode.
27. Comments by melody-chan [Rating: 9/10]
i like this dorama , it was soo unlike the others on my list i enjoyd my older sibling bought it home and it catched my eye +__+ and when i watched it ......its sooooo pretty ..*nods* very nice *nods again* i liked it ^_________~ WATCH IT!!!!yatta!!
28. Comments by beryl_28 [Rating: 9/10]
I like this show... although i dun know any actors or actresses, i think they really acted well! A very vibrant nad funny show! I like the part where they went to do part-time job and they had to handle many things at a time! It was really humorous!
29. Comments by Padme [Rating: 6/10]
Irritatingly cute and funny. Though i still cannot grasp the boys passion for sychronized swimming.. but i do believe that regardless of all the booboos and shortcomings of this series, believe me you'll be wanting some more once you've finished it.
30. Comments by shinobu_k [Rating: 9/10]
Chiiicos, chiiicos y mas chicoss. Por alguna razon, adoro este drama. Jaja. A parte de la primera, los actores son muy divertidos - sobre todo el amigo del prota, Moriyama Mirai.. - y lo hacen genial. Y ver a chicos haciendo sincro es buenisimo.

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Users who voted for this drama (94)
1. insomniac
i love this dorama! i like the way the 5 boys worked together as a team, developed their friendship and strived to do what they want to do.

their performance in the end was so entertaining and amusing. their steps were cute. good selection of songs. their formations were not perfect since some of the swimmers were out of line. but that's what made me like their performance more. i mean, they're not really synchronized swimmers so their performance is not expected to be perfect.

i also love the theme song niji.
2. Nermal
I'm voting for this since I can't vote for the movie here. I liked the completely original idea (that even brought this series and a second one after) and the fact that all of the actors do the stunts/syncro swimming themselves. Also note that the main actor did not know how to swim before this.. talk about some performance! It's one of those 'nice to watch' drama (not deep story kind) but it still goes amongst my favorites.
3. ikadoodledoo
the BEST ever Jdrama for me. even better thant he movie.. even better than the second waterboys drama. Yamada Takayuki is sooo cute here.. I liked how they resolved shindo and asako's relationship... sfilled with a a lot of subplots. a feel-good drama all in all. Shindo Kamkuro is a character easily sympathized because all of has their own specific regrets and frustrations.
4. enen_shun
ahh ~~~ this show is superb !!! Moriyama Mirai is sooooo cute !!! kekez ~~ can't stop laughing while watching the show ! haha ~~ very lively ~~ and funny ~ like Mirai's character most ~~ so active ... but surprisingly so clever in studies .. haha ~~ a very very good show !!!! MUST WATCH !!
5. chinmi
What a great dorama ^^
Maybe it's a litle slow ( the real thing really begin in the end ) but, it's really really fun

I had already wathced the movie before watchin the dorama, and I think that even if u've already seen the movie, u have to watch the TV-serie.
6. littlemissfab
OMF-in GOD.. I will never forget the botched performance in Episode 5. That left me in tears laughing!! I have yet to watch the movie.

Yamada-kun has always excelled in acting. This is a teenybopper show but he is right for the role of Shindo Kankuro. :)
7. azzwipe
The movie was wonderful and the series is better I think, which is probably because the series has more time to grow on you and the bond that's created between the 5 boys therefore seems stronger and more real. Very good show with an amazing finale episode.
8. yt
Well should note that Yamada Takayuki did not know how to swim before this drama. ...Fancy casting someone that doesn't know how to swim as lead.....He pulled it off!!!! This was also his breakthrough performance that catapulted him to leading man status.
9. karmyk
So far, this is my absolute favorite j-dorama. It's a lot of fun to watch, and it appeals to all ages. In the end, it made me reminisce about my own high school days and the hopes and dreams I strove for-- big and small-- together with my friends.
10. pedang_patah
hontou ni sugoi na~! ichiban!!!it makes me wanna watch it again!!!it makes me laugh so hard!!!when they performed in da last episode,and the audience were clapping,i also clapped together.there's never a boring scene in da drama.
11. nunu
I like this drama so much! Funny... entertaining... the 5 crazy guys... n it motivates me... it's full of power n the value of teamwork... a very nice show... I feel so touched by the success of their teamwork...
12. Goodboy
man! tis drama is damn nice! i watched tis drama twice oledi..
n water boys the movie too, but i more like the drama ^^

i think u guys will like it, especially secondary school student.
13. venusling
The most successful and entertaining sport drama I ever watch! I like their spirit and passion for swimming syncro! I like the opening theme and BGM which is really suit the drama!
14. Frits
what a unique story, it was unbelievale to saw guys played synchro hahahaha. very funny of course and ridiculous. i liked the main cast kankuro and his friends all 5 of them.
15. carie_akanishi
The best drama of 2003!!! Shindo, Tatematsu, Takahara, Ishizuka and Tanaka 's passion for synchro will definitely touched you. Can't help but shout Ganbatte water boys!!!
16. nieda
very entertaining dorama.. 5 characters with different personalities makes it interesting to watch.. also enjoy all the song played in this dorama!!
17. Rinrin
After seeing the movie I was pleasantly surprised that this drama was just as good. Yamada Takayuki & Ishigaki Yuma were great in this drama!
18. sabriel
i love this drama, its funny and inspiring. shindo is so cute in his white or black shirts and jeans. norio is funny! i like him the best.
19. toykimura
This program was definitely an experience. Although quite goofy, and a bit of a culture shock, it was still enjoyable and amusing.
20. zchendevlemh
At first I think this was a cheesy story. but i suddeny notice i can't stop watching, cheering and laughing at those guys
21. addicted2tackey
This is a REALY great drama! A lot of laughs and servings of heart-warming moments. ^^; Even the CBB is sugeeeee~!!!!
22. Fuuj
One of the most well-rounded dramas I've seen... with a solid beginning, middle and end. Awesome ;D
23. aiscess
A very inspiring series for me...I really loved it...good thing I watched the movie before this ^-^
24. Kotori
I love it!!!! It's just totally cute!!! And Takayuki is a great actor!!!! >.<I laughed sooo much!
25. ellenfosh
Just say : I Luv It
The five characters in this drama were really great, they acted natural
26. kins
it was comical. didnt understand at first but i rented it n found its funny. sloww~ i know.
27. idetakun
a good piece of teenage drama~~ enjoyable and didactic!! the 5 young actors did it well!!
28. AerialAsian
Sooooo funny and the endings always makes me think and become sad.
29. Ken-chan
Really fun show with the usual messegaes of friendship and love
30. aoi_dolphine
A funny & entertaining drama to see. Not to missed out on.

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