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First Kiss [ファースト・キス]


Drama Details
Title:First Kiss
Telecast:2007-07-09 to 2007-09-17
Season:Summer 2007

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:11 Episodes

A bitter-sweet and uplifting comedy drama about a young girl Mio and her brother Kazuki. To treat her illness overseas, Mio has been living away from her older brother Kazuki for the past ten years. After learning about the upcoming surgery, which she has only a fifty percent chance of survival, Mio decides to fly back to Japan to spend time with Kazuki.

Looking forward to seeing his sweet younger sister, Kazuki anxiously awaits Mio's return in Japan. However, their reunion is nothing but full of surprises as Mio has transformed from the innocent, sickly girl Kazuki remembers, to a sassy woman with an attitude. Kazuki has difficulty dealing with his wickedly selfish younger sister, but soon learns about the truth of her medical condition and has a change of heart.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Kokoro こころ [Oda Kazumasa]

Actor/Actress Cast (13)
Inoue Mao
Fukunaga Mio
Ito Hideaki
Kano Kazuki
Hiraoka Yuta
Yuki Akio
Matsuyuki Yasuko
Takagi Renko
Gekidan Hitori
Shindo Ichiryu
Abe Sadao
Nikaido Masaru
Takenaka Naoto
Banba Dai
Natsuki Mari
Fukunaga Rieko
Sakai Wakana
Saito Haruna
Warabino Tomoya
Shohata Takeo
Kashiwabara Shuji
(epi 3)
Daito Shunsuke
(epi 5)
Sugawara Eiji
(epi 7)

Drama Reviews (8)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Superb acting by Inoue Mao [Rating: 10/10]
Inoue Mao is definitely a great actress. Probably one of the best from the younger generation. She was great in Hana yori dango but I think she's better in this drama. In HYD, her character is just strong. But in this drama, her character is so much more complex and has so much depth. She can convey all types of emotions without saying a single word. Her facial expressions are just adorable.

Like other great JDramas, this one deals with many issues instead of just love. It deals with the psychological and emotional aspects of a brother trying to do everything he can for his dying sister. It puts out the problem of prioritizing love vs work. It deals with finding the strength and the courage to face possible death. It challenges us to find the motivation and dedication to chase after our dreams even when we keep failing and it seems like everyone is telling us that it's impossible. The complex problems of a doctor/patient relationship are presented in this drama. In a sense there's also a coming of age aspect in this drama when the brother decides to stop relying on his friend's help, and to stand on his own two feet. Certain scenes in this drama also force the audience to think about the emotional and social defensive walls that a person puts up when they have been living with a life-threatening illness their entire lives. And how those walls of hers can manifest itself in a sword like tongue that slashes at anybody who comes too close and might hurt her. I was moved at how they presented the sad truth of nothing lasts forever. Usually, I don't really think about losing happiness. I'm too busy doing things and taking people for granted to think of losing this happiness. To many people, it might sound corny, but the whole message on love was a crucial part of this story.It was both sweet and refreshing to see love blossom through the eyes of a girl who wasn't interested in love because it "doesn't last"
Reviewed by schezarde on 14 February 2010
2. fun and sweet drama [Rating: 9/10]
I think it is defineatly underated, i personally enjoyed it.
The main focus of this story is not about love between man and woman, it is about relationship of sister - brother, friends, pateint - doctor. The siblings has a very strong bound, the way they express their love to each other was very sweet.
The sick sister Mio portrayed as a cute girl but has annoying character, she has difficulties to express her feeling at the beginning but slowly she turn to be more open and getting close to others. You will also see how sweet the love of Kazu to her sister Mio, and also the two friends of Kazu were very funny.
Reviewed by Steve on 3 March 2008
3. Mediocre [Rating: 7/10]
Okay, here's the thing with First Kiss. I thought Inoue was great (though sometimes annoying, but still great), and of course Ito, who is extremely good-looking and exudes sex appeal - was as charismatic as ever.

But nothing really happens in this show. The plot is slim and the focus is more on character development. It was fun to watch while it lasted... but there's no pleasant after taste. There's no bad after taste, either. It's just... there.

I'm almost wondering if they're making a second season, because the first was left unresolved.

Do I recommend it? Only if you have nothing else to watch.
Reviewed by Wynter on 26 May 2009
4. Not really right... [Rating: 2/10]
I thought this series would be good.... The main character has a similar disease as i do, and thus i thought it would be at least a little interesting... But, it was really just about a spoiled brat... This series really didn't make it happen for me, and it really made me disappointed... I know there are sick people out there who act like this, and i was a little spoiled too when i was younger, but this is just too much! A serious matter like this should have been treated a little more like 'Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu'.

Reviewed by Etsuko on 22 November 2007
5. eh it's alright but not something I'd watch again [Rating: 6/10]
It's really slow in the beginning and I got caught up with other dramas that kept me interested. After the 4th ep is when it got a little better but overall, it wasn't all that great. If it wasn't for Dr. Yuki, I would have probably stopped watching haha.
Reviewed by sw33t_laydee on 17 October 2007
6. well [Rating: 7/10]
A twenty-year-old girl, the heart is ill, tries the summer holidays with his brothers exploit! That sounds amusing!
Well, the series is enough for me! Toll not so!
Reviewed by jed_ka on 26 May 2008
7. First Kiss [Rating: 7/10]
I must say, first few episodes are kinda boring.. got better when i went past half way. Also, I was expecting the ending to be better..
Reviewed by tinx3 on 20 January 2008
8. sup [Rating: ?/10]
good so far, i suggest watching it
Reviewed by mr_dreamboy on 12 August 2007

Comments From Users (105)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by yurifly [Rating: 8/10]
8.5 for me...the story is quite sweet. At first i thought it's gonna be one of those sickly girl story with all the corniness...but instead this was a spoiled brat who annoyed everyone. Inoue Mao is definitely a great versatile actress. She makes her character believable..an annoying girl with her insecurity. I love how the focus of her story is her relationship with her brother...and added in a lesser extent is her relationship with Yuki. Had it been about her and yuki, i would be bored to death. Hiraoka Yuta is a good actor. It's a pity that he can't seem to get bigger and more interesting role. He has lots of potential. the middle part of the drama gets a little repetitive though with Mio, Kazu, Takagi and Yuki going back and forth. I have to say, the brother is a little too overprotective.But its cute...with the overload of idol dramas and good-looking actors with subpar acting skills recently, this drama is a refreshing change.
2. Comments by Kitsuchi [Rating: 6/10]
A drama which encourages you to love and be happy. Some people are afraid of loving and be honest to oneself, the feeling of being happy can scare a few. Through this drama you'll learn that this is an abvious thing, to be scared of happiness because you're afraid of losing it once you recognize it, but at that instant you know about it, you're happy and that's how it should be. This moment is the most important. Don't worry about the future, believe in your own happiness, that it will last forever. And even if it ends, don't regret anything. "Love is amazing", as the series states itself. Instead of thinking how it ended, think about all the amazing memories you gained, both happy and sad. Give a "thank you" for meeting each other.

Well, that's kind of the message I got from the series. It's worth watching, though not "superrecommended".... But worth it anyway. o.O

I give it a 6 out of 10.
3. Comments by bubblieri [Rating: 10/10]
I'm on the last episode, and I really love this drama. My favorite jdrama so far. I'm surprised with the low ratings....maybe it's because I don't watch too many jdramas, but this one is one of the most decent ones. I laughed a lot and I didn't get bored watching it. I loved all the actors.....you would think that one of them would get on your nerves, but the closest was Kazu who kept trying for his sister. And there were moments where I was scared that it would turn into a cheesy life lesson type thing, but it didn't. Gosh, I really fell in love with this drama. Great actors, I thought the tension with all the actors was really good, and it didn't drag for me and I loved the cast. I can't wait to finish this and watch the ending :)

sigh i felt so sad at the ending....sad and :) it leaves me just longing for more in a way....great drama!!! i loved it!!!!!
4. Comments by oldasianguy [Rating: 5/10]
A little bad..Not great!...Thought the only highlight of this series was the music of Oda Kazumasa...and the cuteness of Mao....Not much going on after that....The ratings in Japan were pretty bad...and I can see why! Not great were the brother, the two roommates and the photographer boss...they should of concentrated more on the relationship between Mio and the young docter and developed more of a romantic love story between those two....the brother angle was way over blown and didn't work... Also if the brother was to be a member of the cast, they should of kept him overweight in his adult life..It's too bad because Mao needed a better story line for her to succeed..
5. Comments by misaki697 [Rating: 8/10]
not the best drama; i cant place my finger on why. the music timing seemed really off. like when someone was tearing up, there would be no music or the wrong music, so the viewer really has no cue that its a sad moment; cuz otherwise it just seems emotional, but nothing for a guy to start crying over. D: but in the end, the last episode really made the whole drama worth it! it leaves you with a nice warm feeling. o^^o so if you're going to watch it, make sure you watch it to the very end so it's worth the while!
6. Comments by Inujun [Rating: 7/10]
An okay drama, started out pretty interesting but kind of got a bit boring in the middle due to the constant overprotectiveness of the brother, the constant spoiled nature of Mio and the constant...same behaviour by the 2 doctors. Got to admit that Inoue Mao was great as her role though, she totally stood out, her relationship with Yuuki sensei was also rather sweet. Story isn't much to be honest, but then watch for the character interactions, thats the main part
7. Comments by sucigam [Rating: 6/10]
Well it's not TERRIBLE like some people make it out to be, if you like sappy 90s dramas then I would recommend this to you as it gave off that kind of feeling to me while watching it. Nothing really stands out but they had a few good heartwarming scenes which kept me to the end.

I don't understand people sometimes though, it's strange to me that most fans prefer "hallelujah chances" to a drama that actually has a coherent story line.
8. Comments by nishishi [Rating: 3/10]
Damn... First Kiss is all about cliches!!!! The whole dorama is full of them.... Its the most predictable dorama i've ever watched!!! I mean, one can predict the whole dorama just by watching the first episode... Well... at least for me it was really boring.
The casting is good... really good... But the rest is just boring!! Maybe its worth watching if one have watched many doramas... otherwise stay away from this one... =^^=
9. Comments by aiscess [Rating: 8/10]
This is the first time that I have watched Mao in a different series aside from Hanadan. I was thinking that her character will be like Makino, but she wasn't at all. It was not a cheesy drama considering that the lead character, Mio has an illness. A brother & sister relationship which I can definitely relate to. Added laughs from the supporting casts. And you will definitely love their theme song.
10. Comments by sirhin [Rating: 8/10]
I must admit that Inoue's character was incredibly annoying and infuriating to me in the beginning, but the more I watched, the more I understood why that was. It had a slow build up so the romance in it was believable, and it was sweet. The ending left you hanging in a sense, but it was good. :) I myself am not a sucker for romance dramas, but this one was pretty good and I recommend it!
11. Comments by Nermal [Rating: 5/10]
I was extremely eager to watch this series due to it`s incredible cast of actors but it became a bore very soon unfortunately.

Nothing to do with the acting or actors themselves actually, just the whole story and the characters didn`t get to me at all. It just felt like a remake of many other dramas before it. Nothing special.

And the "love story" was really bad.....
12. Comments by modesty81 [Rating: 7/10]
This show was really cute and cuddeling but the story wasnt that great, its really the actors that saves the show from beeing bad. Inoue Mao is as allways really good! just love her and Ito Hideaki does a great job as her big borther.
The story gets a lilte better after awhile there for I give it a 7.
13. Comments by anpanman [Rating: 6/10]
This had tons of potential due to the great cast. However, I was very disappointed with the plot development - the story seemed a bit stale and didn't really reach any climax before fizzling out. A huge waste of talent.
14. Comments by daniela [Rating: 7/10]
Mio's brother was sometimes so annoying with his effort to help his sister..and why the development of Mio's relationship with young doctor was so slow? Having only few months of life (in the worst case)...
15. Comments by rele [Rating: 6/10]
Really annoying brother character, slowly progressing uninteresting, nothing that would make you to watch episodes after another. Boring, would not have watched without Mao and my interest in photography.
16. Comments by Eyeyore [Rating: ?/10]
I didn't finish the show but I like the theme song soooooo much. Oda-san still composes great ballads and sings like a nightingale at the age of 60.......Michael Jackson should learn from him !
17. Comments by yeoni [Rating: 2/10]
I didn't particularly fall in love with the drama, the storyline was so-so in fact boring and lame at times. And Mao, she doesn't seem to be able to adapt into other roles other than Makino.
18. Comments by sawadasmile [Rating: 9/10]
i actually really enjoyed this show, although i had to get past how annoying inoue mao's character was for the first few episodes. it gets better though. yuuta is a very cute doctor. ^^
19. Comments by marspeach [Rating: 7/10]
First time I tried to watch it the main character annoyed me. Tried again and it actually wasn't bad, but not great either. I liked the colors and the bright cinematography and the music.
20. Comments by chibichan [Rating: 8/10]
i dont know if others think its boring, but this dorama is really good. I love the brother-sister relationship, and the love between Inue Mao and Hiraoka Yuuta (aaah, they're so sweet)
21. Comments by SamuelC96 [Rating: 7/10]
First Kiss was an awesome drama, I really enjoyed watching it. It had comedy, romance and a lot more. The acting isn't bad in this either. I would recommend watching it. I liked it.
22. Comments by Angry Machines [Rating: 7/10]
A nice story about an annoying sick sister clinging and freeloading off her useless brother. Prolonged further than it should have been, but its OK. Should appeal to couples!
23. Comments by v1olet [Rating: 8/10]
The story is just ordinary and predictable, however the casts are good. The theme song, Kokoro by Oda Kazumasa, is great. I love the lyric, melody, and his wonderful voice.
24. Comments by jed_ka [Rating: 7/10]
A twenty-year-old girl, the heart is ill, tries the summer holidays with his brothers exploit! That sounds amusing!
Well, the series is enough for me! Toll not so!
25. Comments by dheng19 [Rating: 8/10]
Mao-chan is the best. Mio and Makino (hana yori dango) are extremes but she perfectly played the parts! yes! I love her the most in Hana Yori Dango, though. :)
26. Comments by williu [Rating: 9/10]
Very uplifting story, and filled with funny moments and great acting. Good pace and dialogue too. Not too original, but when the result is so good, who cares?
27. Comments by kireiyuhi [Rating: 8/10]
Inoue Mao was as amazing as ever. This story is a little cliche but I really love how the story is more about the relationship between the brother and sister.
28. Comments by Swedish_Japan_Lover [Rating: 9/10]
The first episode is very boring and lame and I was about to quit watching it but then I gave it a second chance, and DAMN, its very cute! Recomend it!
29. Comments by moonchyld [Rating: 7/10]
stellar performance from inoue mao... but overall the drama was a bit dull and predictable, the sister-brother thing was also a bit too overdramatic~
30. Comments by ct_subang [Rating: 4/10]
gawdd...so much pain watching this one!!too bad for Ito-san in such a role...& Mao-chang...looks like so far...she acts best only in HYD :P

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Users who voted for this drama (16)
1. Jani
One of Inoue Mao's best acting dramas. Though I liked her in Hana Yori Dango, I honestly preferred her to be with Rui than Domyouji in that series. I'm in love with her acting. Though First Kiss's story leaves a lot to be desired(a shift of the storyline outside of the sister-brother plot would have been nice), it still is a rollicking story watching Mao.
2. dheng19
As long as, Inoue Mao is in the cast, I'll always say it's the best! She is a good actress. Althought this drama has a slow storyline, Mao-chan made it more interesting. Inoue in a 'bitchy' mode? I'll definitely watch it! :)
3. shiroi_tora
I love this drama. Mao Inoue does an amazing job in this drama. She has a totally different personallity from HYD. She makes this drama awsome
4. akira luver
i will definitely watch this drama for yuta, mao n naoto...i hope yuta n mao will get paired together
5. KJjap
Really fun to watch and was very entertaining!
Yuuta and Inoue Mao did a great job!
6. na0mi
love mio!!!!
Dr. Yuki is so kawaii!
7. tEpijiN.07
mao-chan was der!
8. serm2802
fresh and naive
9. warden
10. mr_dreamboy
11. RAJIN90
12. lil-devil
13. luci_twiggy
14. Berserkgalaxy
15. katakura_satsuki
16. memory_moua