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Boku dake no Madonna [僕だけのマドンナ]



Drama Details
Title:Boku dake no Madonna
You are my only Madonna / ... and I Love Her
Telecast:2003-07-07 to 2003-09-15
Season:Summer 2003

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:11 Episodes

Kyoichi Suzuki is an average college student in his junior year. Although he's not in one of the top universities, he's satisfied with his college life studying architecture. Kyoichi left home and is finally on his own, living in a beat-up apartment in Tokyo. However, this apartment building is home to some out-of-the-ordinary residents, who are always bugging Kyoichi. His next-door neighbor hits Kyoichi up for a loan when he finds out that Kyoichi just got paid. His other next- door neighbor who works at a nightclub, always calls Kyoichi, demanding him to come pick her up, because she's so drunk. Other than that, Kyoichi is satisfied with his normal life, until he meets a girl one day...

Kyoichi comes home from his part-time job as a night-time security guard. He returns to his room to find a girl sleeping on his bed-a girl he has never seen before. She looks a bit older than Kyoichi, and is quite beautiful. Kyoichi can't believe his eyes.

Kyoichi closes the door, and goes outside to the entrance of the apartment, to make sure he's in the right apartment and room. There's no mistake. He returns inside...but the girl is gone.There's nobody in his room. Was it just his imagination? Was he hallucinating? Kyoichi can't understand what just happened.

Later, he discovers that something is missing from his grocery bag-the Chinese noodles he was looking forward to eating are gone...

This is how Kyoichi first meets Surumi Kataoka. After they meet, Surumi continues living in Kyoichi's room.

She points to an apartment visible from Kyoichi's room, and says that the guy living there dumped her for another girl. Surumi says that she's waiting to check out the girl she was dumped for. Kyoichi doesn't know if he ought to believe her or not.

All Kyoichi knows is that while Surumi is such a charming girl, the expression on her face is sad at times.

Kyoichi is not that disappointed about sharing his room with a cute girl. He starts to think that this lifestyle may go on forever, until one day, Surumi suddenly disappears-just like the day she suddenly appeared. All she leaves for Kyoichi are unanswered questions.
Fuji TV

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. 涙の海で抱かれたい〜SEA OF LOVE〜 [Southern All Stars サザンオールスターズ]

Actor/Actress Cast (12)
Takizawa Hideaki
Suzuki Kyoichi
鈴木恭一 (21)
Hasegawa Kyoko
Kataoka Surumi
片岡するみ (26)
Matsuo Reiko
Shimizu Moeko
Konishi Manami
Shimada Rie
島田理恵 (28)
Shiga Kotaro
Prof. Tatebayashi Shingo
Koizumi Kotaro
Nakano Takashi
中野隆志 (24)
Shimatani Hitomi
Imamura Keiko
今村景子 (21)
Maya Miki
Matsuno Shizue
Shimada Kyusaku
Oosugi Kazuma
Morimoto Leo
Kuramoto Shoutaro
Ogata Naoto
Honda Yoshitaka
本田義孝 (34)
Kosakai Kazuki
Ichigaya Sho

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Drama Reviews (37)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Light-hearted and extreme enjoyable [Rating: 9/10]
I have to admit I chose this dorama to watch primarily for Takizawa Hideaki, whom I am the hugest fan of because of the singing duo, Tackey & Tsubasa. I don't have high hopes for it, nor did I expect to love it as much as I do.

The dorama told the story of a chance meeting between Kyoichi, a 21-year-old architecture student and Surumi, a mysterious 26-year-old that somehow appeared in his life. Not surprisingly, Kyoichi fell in love with her although her heart (initially) was elsewhere, and the story revolved around them finding out more about their feelings for each other and the people around them, eventually leading up to Kyoichi having the courage to go after the one he loved.

The story is a very simple one, and cliche, admittedly. However, there was added elements that made this dorama an original one on its own. The plot (although simple) was well-developed and each character was well-explored. I was attached to every single one of the characters - there was not true evil villian, the only "villianous" bits were the very humanistically selfish actions of certain people (Surumi, Shimada, Keiko) that one can surprisingly relate to.

The supporting characters were a delightful bunch, from Kyoichi's nosy neighbours to his lazy security-guard partner, his timid teacher and his other love interest, Keiko.

Nothing Academy award superb about the acting, but everyone gave good performances that made the dorama a very very enjoyable watch. Hasegawa Kyoko is very pretty and pulled off the bratty Surumi well enough. Although she's older than Takki, they somewhat matched because at least she is shorter than him. >.<;; Their chemistry weren't electrifying or anything of that sort, but there was a bittersweetness to it that I really like, particularly when Kyoichi's feelings were obviously unrequited.

I certainly must commend Takki here (not because I love him and therefore biased) but I really could see why people are making the Kimura Takuya comparisms. I was honestly skeptical about his acting, but I can now safely say that Takki is honestly a good actor. He brought a life and a sparkle to Kyoichi that made Kyoichi a wonderful character. I think with the wrong acting and perception applied, Kyoichi would come off as whiny and pathetically stupid rather than the somewhat freshly innocent, lovable and adorably confused yet silly character that was portrayed by Takki. Being that he is only 23, there is definite room for improvement and I can't wait to see his future works. =)
Reviewed by damouse on 13 September 2005
2. SO borning! [Rating: 5/10]
Thank god I made it through this drama! I went through a brief moment of weakness where I considered not finishing it, thus making it the first drama I wouldn�ft complete.

The narration, especially in the beginning of the drama, really annoyed me and turned me off right away. I mean, Kyon would start with �gThis is my girlfriend�c�h and we would see the girl, see her dump him, and then he would say �gThis was my girlfriend, another hurdle I had to pass�h or whatever.

This drama is beyond my comprehension. How does Surumi crawl through Kyon�fs window when he�fs on the third floor? Why does Honda-san�fs girlfriend suddenly suspect him without warning? What is the purpose of episode 5-9 when everything could have been wrapped up within four epis or less?

Even the comic relief (the two men living in the same apartment as Kyon) was pathetic. Takki is a terrible actor, and he makes it worse by playing stupid, pathetic characters that are always dragged around by the overbearing women in the drama. Hasegawa Kyoko CAN act, but her character was so flakey I couldn�ft even appreciate the skill that went into producing such a character.

Mind you, I found the women in the drama good and solid. Hasegawa Kyoko, Konishi Manami, and Maya Miki are grand actresses and even Shimatani Hitomi pulled through. But neither could save this drama in my eyes. It was too whimsy and BORING. So boring, that it was almost painful to watch at times. Initially I planned to give this drama a 4/10, but I think I�fll give it a 5/10 because the ending provided decent closure and wasn�ft as bad as the rest of the drama.

Other than Hasegawa�fs wardrobe, which was awesome, this drama is completely forgettable.
Reviewed by Wynter on 24 February 2007
3. KYON GA DAISUKI!!!!!!! [Rating: 9/10]
Just finished watching BokuMado yesterday... up to eps 11... and I must say, it's one of the MOST CUTEST doramas I've ever watched. It's so enjoyable to watch, and it's so light and humorous. The scenes were shot in such a way that really communicates and enhances the mood and character of the whole dorama so well.

The character development is absolutely fabulous too, I absolutely love Takki playing Suzuki Kyouichi (Kyon). And HaseKyo as Kataoka Surumi, they're a perfect-10 perfect match for each other!

Some say the story is very standard and common. I must agree that the plot isn't rocket science. But one thing that the plot isn't is FLAT. The plot is NOT flat at all. There's always little bits of unexpected surprises in every episode. Very spontaneous, just like Surumi herself.

To all who are just looking for a light romantic comedy that will make you laugh, smile, and cry tears of laughter and joy, I would really recommend this dorama. And yes, I also think Takki looks his best in this dorama, even better than Taiyou no Kisetsu. Kyon is by far, the best character he had ever played.

Thumbs up for this dorama. I cried tears of joy during the cute cute cute ending!!!! It's truly the cutest ending I've ever seen! xD xD xD Oh no.... stop me before i go on and on and on about this dorama!
Reviewed by nefretiri on 23 October 2003
4. Icihiban (other than Overtime) [Rating: 10/10]
AWESOME!! SIMPLY AWESOME!! This is a quirky and sweet story with two very lovable characters (Kyon & Surumi) which also add to viewers' visual feast. Just as most Jap drama are, there are a few unbelievable scenes in the show but they do not spoil the flavour of the whole show. You hear Kyon's inner voice in this drama throughout which brings you into his struggles in his world and makes the development of the plot even more touching to viewers. He slowly finds courage to fight for unconventional love. There are some very touching scenes too when one's love could never be requitted despite her patience. The funny neighbours also add to the whole enjoyment. The plot may not be something extraordinary but the couple's chemistry and how the story echoes love paradox makes you can't help but fall in love with it. I was sad that the drama ended because I wanted to see so much more :-( A vcd for keepsake for sure! It's a show capable to make you cry while laugh at the same time. RECOMMENDED FOR THOSE WHO LIKE ROMANCE COMEDY! BUT not for people who prefer traditional or tragic love stories or can't stand younger guy & older woman relationships.
Reviewed by aki_07 on 26 April 2005
5. Not a bad love story [Rating: 8/10]
If you are a helpless romantic, this drama is for you. It follows along similar patterns of other love stories, but it is still a bit refreshing and updated. It's about a guy who likes a girl but goes through all sorts of events before he realizes he needs to show some backbone and go after her. I like the characters in this drama and how they are all different from each other. Each character seem to serve a purpose and that purpose stays clear throughout.
I think Kyoko is great in here, and so is Takki. They wanted to portray a guy that's going through growing pains over love and they really did a good job showing it. The drama didn't make Takki seem immature and their love for each other without grounds. Plus, the show managed to stay away from excessive drama or overly dramatic scenes to bring the story more life without sacrificing plot and the interest of viewers, good job!
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 26 January 2004
6. Rage Fest [Rating: 6/10]
As much as I like Tackey, not even he helped me watch this series without fast-forwarding the majority of the episodes.
I really liked Kyon and some of the other characters but I couldn't stand Surumi.
*Possible Spoilers Ahead*
Her selfish and cowardly behavior got on my nerves, first she is infatuated with Honda-san, then she falls for Kyon but the moment someone told her that they didn't approve of her having a relationship with him, she runs away! If she really liked him, she would've faced their wrath and tried to make her relationship work. But no, she had to go and make herself the victim even though she freaking deserved to be scorned.
Ugh, by the time I finished watching it I really felt like hitting a puppy. But at least there were good things like Tackey, Tackey showering, Tackey wearing only a towel, Tackey wearing a suit and Tackey... and some other things. xD
Reviewed by Mimori on 25 October 2009
7. Very Captivating [Rating: 10/10]
I was captivated from beginning to end. I greatly recommend this series. Awesome cast. The most hilarious part of the series is that I kept wondering, from the few shots of the window where she always climbed to enter the apartment, it was just impossible without a ladder. Overall, it was fun and engaging. Kyoko's character was very interesting.

As an aspiring writer, I can only wish I'll be able to write something that can captivate and grab the audience from start to finish without them letting go like what the series did.

Now, I can vote.
Reviewed by ffdarknight on 2 August 2008
8. SCREAMS!!! [Rating: 10/10]
ok i'm not going to get over-excited bout tis... however i mus say tat BokuMad is by far my most enjoyable Japserial!!!! It jus so happen tat the plot, settings, casts, acting n many other elements clicked... as if it was written by God!!! Full marks to Hideaki n Hasegawa... n of cos the other supportin casts n backstagers... i'm so glued to tis serial i watched it almost 3times per episode!!!! hahaha... And if someone seeks light, yet plotful romancecomedy, i can say BokuMad fits in PERFECTLY!!! once again i SCREAM for this marvellous dorama.
Reviewed by fateofstarz on 25 March 2005
9. nice feel good drama [Rating: 8/10]
the beginning of this drama was quite weird and you'nre not able to understand everything at once, but later on you just love to watch these two actors. cauz it's just very natural how they talk and act. some watchers get to hate the main actress while continuing the series, but i can say, cauz i already have finished some of the main actress' dramas, she is AMAZING in this one and plays the role flawlessly. so, pls dont hate her that much :))
so in my opinio a very interesting drama but nothing to let u think about it weeks later
Reviewed by testmachine on 14 June 2007
10. good story, too few good actors [Rating: 6/10]
Very nice story, not the drama of the year indeed... but still, I had a good time watching it.

But Miki Maya and Leo Morimoto are the only real actors, who left me a good memory. Without them, despite its scenario somewhat original, this drama would be really mediocre.

Hideaki Takizawa plays "perfectly" the typical boring student with bleached hair that we can see in many dramas, his acting isn't worth having a leading role.
Reviewed by akito-kun on 24 September 2009
11. Just barely watchable... [Rating: 6/10]
Like the title of my review says, this drama was just barely watchable. The supposeting cast is more interesting than the main characters and the story has nothing special about it. It started well, but grew soft and preditcable by episode #3. Were the producers of this show trying to make it seem like an updated version of Long Vacation? I guess one could argue that, but if that is the case, they fell way short of the mark.
Reviewed by booniez on 22 April 2006
12. One to watch! [Rating: 9/10]
At first I thought I wouldn't be interested in this drama, but I think I've been brainwashed by every other drama I've watched, because I really enjoyed this one! I admit, that I do like Tackey. I don't love him... but I enjoy his performances. He is a fine actor. So it was nice to have him there, detracting away from Surumi's sometimes annoying little self-centered habits. A good drama, overall, though! Definetly one to watch!
Reviewed by Susan on 5 August 2006
13. a disappointment [Rating: 4/10]
I was really looking forward to watching this. But it turns out that this drama has no substance whatsoever. I didn't like it at all because it's very dull. I couldn't keep away from hitting the fast forward button. The ending was as expected. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone unless they have absolutely nothing else to do or if they're die hard fans of takki.
Reviewed by miracles on 11 December 2004
14. Satoru's Mini Summary [Rating: 10/10]
Well By now you probably know what it's generally about. So I'll make a couple comments and suggestions.
It's nice, and heartwarming, with some light humor parts here and there, with a nice story.
Similar to: Kimi wa Petto.
It's inevitable whats going to happen in the end, but you watch it anyway......why? Because it's a good programme!
Reviewed by Satoru on 2 July 2006
15. Madonna with wings? [Rating: 3/10]
This dorama might have some appeal to shy boys who fantasize about living on their own and finding a girl in their room*. This shallow piece might have been written by one. (*She comes in and goes out through the window, but when you see the exterior of the building, the window is on a high floor with no access to it.)
Reviewed by shari on 21 December 2006
16. You absolutely have to watch this! [Rating: 9/10]
This is so good I found myself screaming stuff like "no you have to go back!" and "Oh my god, why were you in there?". This is so funny and so romantically sad that I couldn't stop watching it. My favorite character is Kyoichi. He is so adorable when he is angry. But anyway this is a must watch.
Reviewed by Sabaku No Amber on 22 May 2007
17. Boku Dake no Madonna [Rating: 8/10]
Love this drama a lot!!! Takki is just so hot in this! The storyline is really cute & although there are some slow moments, I didn't get bored watching it..... Seeing how cute Takki is, makes this a worthwhile drama to watch! :))
Reviewed by singalong1975 on 26 January 2004
18. recommended!! [Rating: 10/10]
nice show!!..kyon and surumi really does hav chemistry.. and they look so cute together.. this show has alot of unpredictable moments and also funny parts.. i like the show.. esp the ending.. i couldnt stop laughing..=)
Reviewed by megumihayashi on 8 August 2004
19. Fresh Air [Rating: 9/10]
Very addictive! I love the relationship with the two main characters.
Hasegawa Kyoko character is a lot different from other Jdrama girl leads, its a nice change.
I want to find more drama�s like boku dake no madonna
Reviewed by AppleTree on 21 August 2006
20. Yaaaaaay [Rating: 8/10]
I liked this overall I thought it was longer than need be but good, there were parts where I got bored though, partly because Surumi was the only character I liked but still I give it a solid 7.5 or 8
Reviewed by Sajen16 on 26 May 2010
21. Decent~~~ [Rating: 6/10]
I thought it was a so so drama. the acting of Hasegawa Kyoko and her cute personality made the drama decent. The story was alright and very easy to figure out. decent drama to watch on a bored Sunday.
Reviewed by Takashi on 17 January 2012
22. not that good [Rating: 5/10]
geeesh... Takki should be romancing wif someone shorter than him. & why he always get older leading lady.... personally, i dun really like this dorama. d montage even resembles LOng Vacation's a bit
Reviewed by luvrema1982 on 9 December 2003
23. Heartbreak and heartfix [Rating: 9/10]
I couldn't stop watching..both the lead characters' personalities are so endearing. It hurt sometimes, it was fun, and it ended the way you would have wanted it to. Thank you!
Reviewed by jonathanmastin on 4 July 2007
24. Annoying [Rating: 3/10]
It started out with potential and dwindled to me forcing myself to wat2ch the next episode until I gave up after episode 5. Takky and his love are childish and annoying.
Reviewed by eyasblue on 11 February 2007
25. so-so [Rating: 5/10]
i loved his acting talent but i hate ano onna... i didn't like the character of that girl in this movie... too childish, and too dependent...
Reviewed by scullbox82 on 22 August 2005
26. Didn't Like It [Rating: 3/10]
I was only able to watch up to episode 3 because I couldn't take it anymore. The plot is too contrived and has no substance at all.
Reviewed by stargirl on 10 May 2007
27. PERFECT!!! [Rating: 10/10]
I just watched this... Kyon was perfect with Surumi. They look so cute together, so the storyline... expecially the Ending!
Reviewed by Ratu on 22 November 2003
28. Lovely couple [Rating: 7/10]
I like this because takky was here, the chemistry between kyon and surumi were good such a lovely couple.
Reviewed by ester_grace on 26 November 2010
29. Lovely couple [Rating: 7/10]
I like this because takky was here, the chemistry between kyon and surumi were good such a lovely couple.
Reviewed by ester_grace on 26 November 2010
30. Lovely couple [Rating: 7/10]
I like this because takky was here, the chemistry between kyon and surumi were good such a lovely couple.
Reviewed by ester_grace on 26 November 2010

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Comments From Users (214)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 7/10]
This is a drama that Takizawa Hideaki fans will adore. He plays a college student named Kyon who moves away from his bustling home to live in an apartment. However one day after his night shift at work, he finds a woman sleeping on his bed. Thinking that he's hallucinating, he quickly leaves the room and comes back a few minutes later only to find that the woman is gone. He dubs her his Madonna.

Later on in the series, the viewers find out the reason why Hasegawa Kyoko's character frequents Kyon's place. The story proceeds at a pretty decent pace, but can be slow to some. The chemistry between the two main leads was only so-so, but it was nice since it seemed to be more about friendship than love. Takizawa Hideaki plays a really adorable character who often finds himself to be Hasegawa Kyoko's lap dog.

There are many similarities between this and 'Long Vacation' although the latter has a much stronger plot. I would highly recommend this drama to Takky fans and people who want to watch a light romantic series with some comedy. It's cute.
2. Comments by Kitsuchi [Rating: 9/10]
I started watching this dorama because of Takki. He's a really good actor, though I have to confess that I got mad at him sometimes. I've seen Hasegawa Kyoko (as Surumi) before acting on Dragon Zakura, but I didn't pay much attention to her then. But this time, as one of the main characters, she showed me that she's a good actor as well. She played really well.

I liked the plot of this dorama. It was sweet and sometimes confusing though.. Almost at the end, you get scared a bit for how it's going to end, but by watching the end, you get relieved and start smiling of the cutesy.
This dorama is funny, cute, sad.. I liked it very much. You should have wathed it ^_^.
3. Comments by Tu_triky [Rating: 3/10]
A trifling relationship dorama about a young girl who mysteriously appears at the doorstep of young male college student. The now-to-be expected horrible acting of Tackey was enough to ruin the experience for me. His completely uncharismatic performance and typical whimpering male role is wholly unsatisfying and difficult to watch. Moreover, Kyoko Hasegawa's annoying character compounded this dorama's implausiblity. Takizawa is horribly skilled as an actor and his lack of talent is patently obvious. Fans of good acting need to steer clear of his performances! The second dorama I could not finish.
4. Comments by rikastar [Rating: 8/10]
Kyon = kawaii, Surumi = bijin .... ^^ I like this series a lot. It's amusing how Kyon can't help but give in to Surumi everytime. I secretly admire Surumi's character and want to be like her. Heh. And I love her hair in this show. The other characters are pretty quirky and interesting too, as is the dialogue. I like the places where they shot this show, it doesn't look like a bustling city but it's still very modern and pretty. Also, it's amusing how every place seems to be easily reached by running or walking. Takki runs everywhere~
5. Comments by rabiz [Rating: 10/10]
Finished it in 2 days... Surumi was really cute man guess any guy would have fell for her. Got to say Hasegawa brought out the best of Surumi in this show. My heart goes out to Takki who has to do her bidding everytime in the show though any normal guy would do the same cos' she's just too cute....Plot was predictable but which of us wouldn't wan to see a happy ending yah?
People complain that the endings r predictable but people complain too when they dun see a happy ending...
6. Comments by shoujo22 [Rating: 1/10]
I really wanted to like this drama. The first episode really made me laugh, but then after that, I have no idea what happened. I stopped after the third episode because the leading lady's character was such a flake that I couldn't stand it. It wasn't her oblivious attitude that made me want to slap her. It was the fact that she used people like dishrags, and then got angry when said dishrags decided to break away from all of the crap that she had going on. Just annoying...
7. Comments by ainangst [Rating: 8/10]
Very sweeet...Feel good dorama.I think the makers of this dorama intentionally implies some obvious similarities with Long Vacation. Origanally wanted to rate it 7 becoz were dissapointed with the lack of "ummph" for the supposedly climax scene (takki eyes+kiss lacks passion...starting to doubt his "LURUS"ness. Yoshitsune mana leh bengkok-bengkok :( nak nangis ler nih). Can't deny the very cuddly+baka Kyon and the bubbly+hot Surumi their extra marks though.
8. Comments by DragonSpirit164 [Rating: 9/10]
Very very sweet drama!! ^_^ I enjoyed it very much. Light hearted, fun and doesn't take itself to seriously... Hasegawa Kyoko is very very beautiful in this show, and she did a good acting job as the eccentric, fun loving but emotionally confused Kataoka Surumi. Takky was great as wee as Kyo. The soundtrack of this drama is also very good indeed, from the theme song to several instrumental pieces used in the drama. Overall, Highly recommended!!!~~
9. Comments by williu [Rating: 10/10]
Simply a masterpiece! The chemistry between the main actors is fantastic, and each episode is different from the other. Boku Dake no Madonna goes through all different kinds of feelings, and the viewer will feel them all. Words cannot describe just how good some parts of this drama are - you have to see it to understand. This is Takizawa's best performance ever, and Hasegawa Kyoko is magical in her role as Surumi. Yet another must-watch drama!
10. Comments by aki_07 [Rating: 10/10]
If you are into plot, don't watch this, if you are into quirky conversation & character development, it's a must-see. And if you are into Tackey, collect this! I thnk that's how jdrama has a special place in my heart, its colloquial dialogue always captivates me & very few other country's produce can match up. I enjoyed the journey with the two characters tremendously. Very kawaii cast too. One of the best romance comedy!!
11. Comments by Susan [Rating: 9/10]
At first I thought I wouldn't be interested in this drama, but I think I've been brainwashed by every other drama I've watched, because I really enjoyed this one! I admit, tat I do like Tackey. I don't love him... but I enjoy his performances. He is a fine actor. So it was nice to have him there, detracting away from Surumi's sometimes annoying little self-centered habits. A good drama, overall, though! Definetly one to watch!
12. Comments by UWFShooter [Rating: 10/10]
A definite winner! It's WAY more original and not just a Long Vacation ripoff as some of the commentators here say. Sure it's got nearly the same situation, but the characters here have personalities entirely their own. Kyoko isn't that sexy, and Takky is more of an unsure young thing, but that's precisely the drawing point - their chemistry is more unlikely to draw sparks of fun, yet it does! You won't be disappointed!
13. Comments by yamada_taro [Rating: 7/10]
Takizawa and Hasegawa looked perfect for eachother, but the script was a real letdown. Some parts progressed too slowly. Other than that, it's alright. A lighthearted romantic comedy. I don't think I can stand seeing Takki playing another character with a depressing background.

Last two episodes were the best. Only compliment I can give Surumi is about her clothing. It's very pretty. Kyon is such a cutie.
14. Comments by xiong_here [Rating: 7/10]
The story is loveable and I love Kyoko, she's got a great smile! Besides that...it felt really awkard at first. After digesting a couple of episodes you can sort of attempt to forget about her nonchalantly climbing through his window for the sake of the story. I fear that without that catalyst the rest of the story really doesn't have anything else worth watching...besides Kyoko's beautiful face.
15. Comments by Nekobus [Rating: 8/10]
Really light-hearted and funny. Lots of wacky characters with Tackey (Kyoichi/"Kyon") serving as the straight-man. His character is a little dumb and gets pushed around a lot by everyone, but he's likeable. Didn't really like Kyoko Hasegawa's character, she was selfish and bratty. It's not the deepest drama, and it's a bit cliched, but all in all, just a good amusing drama.
16. Comments by Meltz [Rating: 10/10]
i really love this drama !! it never bores me at all. hasegawa kyoko is really beautiful and she has a great figure .. she is so natural in this show... hope to see more of her soon .. thru this darma i found out that takizawa hideaki is quite charming and handsome although he is still young.love the ending yeah ! both of them makes up a fantastic pair. A must watch guys !
17. Comments by hurh. [Rating: 7/10]
I thought it was a very sweet drama. I'm a fan of both Takki and HaseKyo, moreso now I think. xD;;
Wah~! Kyon was adorable. I actually didn't like Surumi that much, but I think Hasegawa Kyoko was great. Very charming and cute. I like the supporting characters a lot too.
I think the drama was kind of boring sometimes, but it has some very entertaining moments too.
18. Comments by dokaben [Rating: 7/10]
An offbeat romance with a few twists that keep things interesting. Towards the end it got a little generic. I felt like it could have been a few episodes shorter. Still, worth watching for Hasegawa Kyoko alone. She's excellent and Surumi's a great character. She comes off as so adorable...you understand why Kyon's willing to do anything to make her smile.
19. Comments by calico [Rating: 9/10]
Love Haseagwa Kyoko. One of the prettiest actresses around. She infuses this drama with spunk and makes it interesting to watch. Takizawa as her younger soulmate is adorable and his angst in the drama very heartfelt. The supporting cast is good too, and nobody that you really want to hate. All in all, a very pleasant and enjoyable drama to watch.
20. Comments by Jackykero [Rating: 6/10]
Average. The scenario was very interesting at the beginning as you try to figure out the story of the young woman, then after you figured it out there's not much left apart from an average romantic comedy.
Hasegawa Kyoko plays well and her character is fun to watch but the boy (Takizawa Hideaki) is obviously just here to show his pretty face.
21. Comments by takuya_angel [Rating: 10/10]
I just totally love this show! It's totally addictive with Tackey looking absolutely GORGEOUS and i love all the 3 actress, they're all beautiful! This show somehow reminded me of 'Long Vacation' perhaps it's the chemistry btw Kyon & Surumi. Anyway, this show is Hilarious! Tackey's role is like every girl's dream boyfriend. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
22. Comments by marzyu [Rating: 10/10]
LOVED IT .. . . ESPECIALLY THE ENDING . . . .but this was a VERY predictable drama . . . but still cool! altho takki didn't look great in this one, this on made me think of hasegawa kyoko as one of my idols now . . . . she is soooooooooooo pretty. . . soooo jealous hahahha she has very good acting too!!!! give this one a try okok!?!??!
23. Comments by FierceStriker [Rating: 10/10]
Great new drama!!! Reminds me a lot of Long Vacation (if you pay close attention, the music, the end of the intro, etc. are all similiar to Long Vacation, not to mention the whole concept of "sweet summer vacation" mentioned here). The actors are all excellent portraying their role.

Damn, Surumi, make your decision already, :).
24. Comments by tabana [Rating: 8/10]
Nice. I'm not a big fan of Takizawa Hideaki. The drama could've been better without him IMHO. Surprisingly, Shimatani Hitomi was quite good in it. I love her music, but didn't know she could act. Kyoko is good as always.

The side stories are, somewhat, lacking and needs more meat. Not a bad drama, but could've been a lot better.
25. Comments by loveaomori [Rating: 8/10]
Very fun, never got bored watching it!!! Good acting for an enjoyable love story. Often made me remember Strawberry On the Shortcake. But I can't give a 10 because the script isn't so original and very limited. The good acting hides the lack of originality but it has to be mentioned.
Good song! nannnaaa no umi de... tu tu tu
26. Comments by atleast13 [Rating: ?/10]
very, very entertaining. and takki's sexy ass is also good in portraying his character. it's so him. kyoko's character is somewhat eh, but she played it well. other characters like mr. writer, mute guy, bar lady and chief security's pretty good. i didn't like takki's emo girlfriend. overall, pretty laid back drama to watch.
27. Comments by Sorata [Rating: 10/10]
This is my guilty pleasure dorama, i recognize all of the flaws everyone point to it, but i still love it, can�Lt really explain why.
The story has litle of forbiden love so i think it as one of the reasons that made me like it so much, not to mention that Takizawa Hideaki and Hasegawa Kyoko had great chemestry together.
28. Comments by IkematsuSosuke [Rating: 6/10]
It was an okay drama. I didn't like the lack of communication. I didn't like the lead actress, although beautiful, acting. I didn't like the security cop guy's wisdom--it was lame. I didn't like the regular sappy endings. I didn't like how they were in love when they didn't even know each other..they didn't communicate!
29. Comments by SayaOtonashi [Rating: 6/10]
This was an unbelievable story and Surumi was so annoying! Hideaki acted in a weird way I just couldn't understand, so for me the story didn't make much sense. Anyway I finished watching the dorama, because it got better at the end, and I would recommend it only if you don't have any other dorama to watch.
30. Comments by kneehard [Rating: 6/10]
This drama is really not worth watching unless you are a fan of Hideaki Takizawa. Most of the time it drags a bit, especially after the first episode.The only saving grace to this drama is the ending, which was sorta cute and the clincher kiss between Kyon and Surumi at the stadium is SUPER HOT!!

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Users who voted for this drama (85)
1. sojuqueen
After watching Boku Dake No Madonna with english subs, it has become my current Takki favorite dorama. I have come to the conclusion that Kyon is the man that all girls would die for! He is the perfect epitome of what we should look for in a man. Reality-wise, it's hard to find one that looks like Takki. But Kyon's characteristics are the most important thing in his persona. The ability to love unconditionally and to give it his all even if he was hurting so much inside. Awwww, Kyon's the one for me!

The story's so simple with a little twist on how they met. But it made me believe in love again and that anything is possible if you just have faith.
2. damouse
I really enjoyed this drama, because it's light-hearted and very well-developed in terms of all characters. Even the supporting characters were well-developed and they all added comic relief and substance to the whole story. Most of all I really like the evolution of the relationship between Kyoichi and Surumi. It was obvious that he had a crush on her at first sight, and it was interesting to watch how that gradually turned into something deeper.

I really recommend this dorama if you're after something fairly short and light - this dorama will keep you laughing, and tearing at certain parts.
3. aki_07
Unconvetional and funny love story for a die-hard dreamy romantic like me. I can watch 10 times and cry and laugh 10 times with it. Love the cute cast. Ignite my imagination & makes me want to write a story. I actually tried to refrain myself from watching too fast because I didn't want to part with the drama so quickly but alas still got panda eyes from chasing after it. I think life should be like that huh...
4. marzyu
This drama is pretty cool . .. . out of alll the dramas I have ever watched of Takki's . . this is the only one I actually think he looks good with a girl . . . .as you all know, Takki is soooo "pretty" . . finally, they found someone that could look good with him!!!! Don't get me wrong, because Nanako is sooo beautiful, but she looks too old for him, therefore . . .they don't look as good as Takki with Kyoko ^.^
5. calico
I didn't think I would enjoy this drama, but I really did! Hasegawa Kyoko is a sight for sore eyes: very pretty, great hair, expressive eyes, and she can ACT! Takizawa-kun too, adds alot of fun and laughter to this series, and even though he looks like everyone's very cute baby brother, makes a nice-looking pair with Kyoko-chan. I enjoyed this very much. Will love to get the OST as well.
6. juunigatsu
my favourite jdorama! it's light hearted and fun to watch! there are many funny moments in this show, and kyoko & takki fit their roles perfectly. they have great chemistry :) kyon is really really cute in this show, takki's comic timing is perfect!!! and it helps that the supporting cast are also nice to watch! it's a show to sit back, relax and enjoy. finally, the music is awesome~
7. keikotl
This is a very cute drama! The plot sounds funny doesn't it? haha I really luv the scenes where Kyoichi would suddenly yell at his friend in class and the professor would always think that Kyoichi was yelling at him. (The poor professor looked so helpless) I really luv the ending to this drama! It's so romantic!!
8. tzanth
Wow... what an amazing dorama! Its really rare to find something where you can root for every single character, yet maintains suspense and excitement throughout. Great chemistry between surumi and kyon... Really just a wonderfully happy dorama all around! I just wish it wasent over! ^^
9. Suichi
This dorama has good story
Boku dake no madonna has many good artist
this is can to make the audions is not boring

I like Hitomi SHimatani (imamura keiko)
I like her character in this dorama
best performed for Hitomi Shimatani and other artist in This Dorama
10. no_flare!
Great drama saw it in Japan GREAT ending, story can be a little slow at the begining but a great story and loved it. Highly reccomend to drama watchers everywhere. One of my favorite drama's. Kanari iketeru dorama
11. mikaela_angel07
the drama is really fun to watch.. Takki and Kyoko's tandem are really a great chemistry... that's what made the drama worth to watch, their acting and tandem was really superb... really cute and funny...
12. yoshizawa takashi
this drama is my favourite fuji monday 9 drama last years, with a romantic song,and funny comedy plot,new cast and samanti hitomi,wow,first time i saw hideaki san act this kinda drama..
13. zappie
touching and both leads are good looking. Had many misses but there were hits too between the relationships of the two leads.. their character roles matched in the show..
14. xiong_here
Cute story, although I haven't finished watching it the story and its characters are great to watch and I'm getting overly anxious wating for the next episode.
15. c.wei
i like kyoko hasegawa in this dorama. she was so cute and her smile.......ahh. there is no need to say the thing that i lke about her. just smply...suki
16. williu
A clever storyline, great actors, and character development worthy of appraisal makes this drama a winner! If you miss this, you will regret it!
17. jpopfanatic
Man, I feel so jealous of "Kyon", he has it good. It would have been hard for me to choose between his ex or Surumi. Beautiful Story.
18. l3uk
This is one of the best dramas i have ever seen, possibly the best. Surumi is so cute and great, you can't help but like the show :)
19. kenjilina
i enjoyed this drama for the feel good factor. i got the feeling that everyone enjoyed making this series. and hasekyo, of course!
20. cass_dust
Great show. really like the twist and ending..
:D i still think manami konishi is good.. though just a supporting role.. :)
21. speed.sheep
This drama is awesome and I can't love it more. The story is good interesting. And Kyoko is so pretty & cute.....
22. xPhunk29x
This Drama is Cute, Funny, and Romantic! I Would Definetly Reccomend Watching It If You Havent Allready!:)<3
23. CtrlV
cant wait for someone to sub this in english. great show by what i understand from the unsubbed version.
24. sprewellnore
one of a drama that i am in love with...very sweet drama and make u want to keep watching it...
25. roniee00
I love this drama!! Takizawa Hideaki & Hasegawa Kyoko acted very good in this drama!
26. crese25
Good story, good acting, good charecters. Good drama to watch if your bored.
27. json1980
Hasegawa Kyoko is really hot in this one. You literally want to be 'Kun'!
28. riyana_rythe
coz Takki...and Kyon is so cute!this is so cute and it's love! ;p
29. easten
Nice plot and interesting how fate can bring people together
30. anon001
my first tackey dorama.since then i am fan of tackey.

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