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101 Kaime no Puropozu [101回目のプロポーズ]





Drama Details
Title:101 Kaime no Puropozu
101st Marriage Proposal
Telecast:1991-07-01 to 1991-09-16
Season:Summer 1991

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:12 Episodes

101st Marriage Proposal is a "Beauty and the Beast" story starring Takeda Tetsuya as a down-on-his-luck man who has gone through 99 omiai (arranged dates with the intention of marriage if the date goes well). Not particularly smart, nor handsome, nor rich, he is a man who cannot lie and of course, has a heart of pure gold. On the 100th omiai, he meets Kaoru (Asano Atsuko), an extremely beautiful and talented cellist who can't forget her dead fiancee.

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 Say Yes form Chage and Aska
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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (2)
1. SAY YES [Chage & Aska チャゲ&飛鳥]LYRICS | RINGTONE | MIDI ]
2. Chanson De Ladieus [Chopin]MIDI ]

Actor/Actress Cast (13)
Takeda Tetsuya
Hoshino Tatsurou
Asano Atsuko
矢吹 薫
Eguchi Yosuke
Hoshino Junpei
Tanaka Ritsuko
Takeuchi Riki
Ishida Yuriko
Asada Miyoko
Kosaka Kazuya
Hasegawa Hatsunori
Satoi Kenta
Yamazaki Mitsuru
Iwata Mika
Maeda Shinosuke
渋谷 悟

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Drama Reviews (17)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. A Little too Redundant [Rating: 7/10]
When I watched the first episode I was instantly hooked. I liked the �eBeauty and the Beast�f concept being introduced and I was instantly drawn to Hoshino Tatsurou (played by Takeda Tetsuya). He was so pitifully ordinary in his actions that I couldn�ft help but want to take him home. Asano Atsuko plays the beautiful Kaoru and although I thought she was appropriately cast, the character of Kaoru is what gradually decreased my overall enjoyment of the show. Kaoru is so insufferably annoying in her selfish, undeceive nature. I wanted to slap her every time she was on screen.

The plot was redundant. The misunderstandings were too repetitive, too short lived, and most were unnecessary. The saving grace for me was the supporting cast. For the first time since Lunch Queen I really enjoyed Eguchi Yosuke�fs character. Even his hair was forgivable because he played such a wonderful character! Tanaka Ritsuko was delightful to watch and her character�fs interaction with Yosuke�fs was grand.

By the end of the show I thought it was good, but it was a disappointment after my anticipation off the first episode.
Reviewed by Wynter on 1 June 2008
2. Great music but weak plot [Rating: 7/10]
I had always heard that this drama and Tokyo Love Story were originators japanese doramas. Well, I enjoyed Tokyo Love Story but this is so unrealistic it's insulting. I could never believe the coupling of the main characters. You can never believe that an attractive, cultured, young talented classical musician would have the slightess interest in a short, stocky, uncouth, old guy (approx twice her age) that looked like he had just come off of the front line of a Rugby team match. Short of him being a billionaire, she would never have given him a second thought in real life.
Reviewed by warren.mcclendon on 25 June 2002
3. 101st Proposal-My first review on Jdorama.com! [Rating: ?/10]
I've seen the Korean version of this Jdorama on ABS-CBN channel 2 here in the Philippines. I haven't seen the Japanese version, but I was surprised when I found out that it was based on a Jdorama made during the year 1991. I've read the info, and the story's just the same... I think the Korean version of Tatsuro was more good-looking than the Japnese one. The female lead in the Korean version was Choi-Ji Woo, but I think the Japanese actress who played her role before was prettier than her. Anyways, this series got my approval. Never mind if it's Japanese or Korean.
Reviewed by Aprhodite_in_Red on 19 September 2005
4. Japanese Beauty and the Beast [Rating: 10/10]
This is the 1st jdrama i had watched.There is no handsome man in the drama,different from dramas like "Long Vacation" n "With Love" where have Yutaka n Kimura in it.I'm quite pity Tatsuro.....100 time proposals had totally failed..but wat he did for Kaoru is so touching.I still remember wat he said 2 Kaoru,"I will survive, to make u happy!"Of coz ,he sang the song"Love is Over" was also very funny^0^.The theme song"Say Yes" is very nice,there's y my nick is named Sayyes........coz I luv the song.This drama is delightful...althought is 11 years ago!
Reviewed by sayyes on 21 February 2002
5. Heartwarming [Rating: 8/10]
Led by Asano Atsuko and Takeda Tetsuya, the cast delivers a memorable performance in this heartwarming drama. Definitely a great drama that contributed to the later popularity of jdramas throughout the 90s. The plot and acting were well done although I personally felt Asano cried a bit overly much - should definitely get her some tissues =). And aside from the idealistic (and probably unrealistic) storyline, this drama definitely doesnt lack surprise or some truly heartfelt moments.
Reviewed by Shindou on 18 November 2007
6. still watchable after 14 years.. [Rating: 8/10]
I simply watched this drama cuz it is a classic. Takeda Tetsuya's portray is convincingly likable and at times very funny, and Eguchi Yosuke is perfect as the handsome brother, the special bond that developed between him & Tanaka Ritsuko was very enjoyable to watch.

What is up with leading actress Asano Atsuko's head tilting? It made me wonder if she & Tamura Masakazu graduated from the same drama school?
Reviewed by lovejdorama on 20 May 2005
7. Great start, loses fizz towards the end [Rating: 6/10]
The first 7 episodes of this drama were great. Takeda and Eguchi's acting and comedy timing are just excellent. But after that, the drama went downhill with ridiculous plot twists. Asano does nothing in the whole drama but weep, tilt her head in a weird manner and mumble in a deep, morose voice.
This could have been a great drama but turned out to be a mediocre one.
Reviewed by makkumatr on 3 August 2008
8. Slightly Disappointed [Rating: 7/10]
In all, I just don't care about Kaoru's dead fiance pitch, including the late twist involving the dead fiance look alike.

Tasurou and Junpei's performances carry the whole show and is delightful to watch. But when it comes to Karou's part, I found myself fast forwarding a lot.

No bad at all but certainly doesn't deserve the legendary status fans bestow upon it.
Reviewed by jameslam on 24 August 2002
9. Change begin when you start trying! [Rating: 10/10]
If u think this drama might be bored because it's from 1991 cast, you're wrong! Definitely..This can be one of the best drama if it was in early 2000.But I'm not regret when watching this drama till the end.It has a lot of touching memories and sometimes it's encourage me to improve my life in dealing love..Change begin when you start trying!
Reviewed by gto_girlz83 on 14 December 2006
10. delightful story [Rating: 8/10]
Though I've watched this drama more than 5 years ago, I can still remember it's story rather well. It's a very romantic story and I find some of the scenes remarkable. I still remember how Tatsuro used candle wax to prevent himself from falling asleep while studying. THis scene is so touching. A worthwhile watch indeed!
Reviewed by kawaii on 13 June 2001
11. Cinderfella meets Princess Charming [Rating: 7/10]
A beautiful and classy cellist falls for a repulsive man whose only quality is to have a good heart (but so do poodles). When just about everyone around her urges her to marry him, the story goes as out of tune as a broken cello. But great camera work and photography, a nice cast and some funny moments save the day.
Reviewed by shari on 16 April 2007
12. Great one! [Rating: 10/10]
his is a classic! Consider this was aired in 1991. You have to fall in love with Asano Atsuko and Takeda Tetsuya. An unlikely couple but you would cheer for them. Typical happy ending. There were quite a few touching scenes that you will remember for a long time.
Reviewed by jdfan on 26 June 2002
13. Old "beauty & the beast" [Rating: 9/10]
I really like this dorama, really touching to see how the actor try his best to get closer with the girl..
Love the ending and the soundtrack..
Reviewed by ester_grace on 20 July 2011
14. Way better than I expected [Rating: 10/10]
I had actually put off seeing this for a while but when I did watch it I loved it. Great story and rich characters. Well worth seeing again.
Reviewed by MonsterZero65 on 18 August 2010
15. not too bad [Rating: 8/10]
this poor guy here faces many obstacles.. it's quite sad sometimes seeing how hard he tried, n yet being rejeced..
Reviewed by juliana_phang on 21 June 2003
16. ~Not exactly that good~ (=>_<=) [Rating: 6/10]
This was an okay drama but it seemed a bit stupid. The music was good but i reckon the plot could of been beta.
Reviewed by elise3000 on 12 October 2002
17. Timeless classic [Rating: 10/10]
One of the most defining drama of the '90s. One of my favorite drama of all time!
Reviewed by Bahamut619 on 23 May 2005

Comments From Users (60)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Lucian Dureau [Rating: 9/10]
A brilliant story like Densha Otoko, but instead of an otaku a loser salaryman. In spite of being aired in 1991, when I began to watch this dorama I feel the japanese 80's on it, it was like I was be able to remind through it, movies, animes or even the unforgettable Let's learn Japanese's videos about Yan-san, of the 80's. The 90's began as ended its previous decade, with innocent stories like this one. Currently they are too exaggerated, too artificial, too commercial. Here you can enjoy an amazing plot with an antihero dude with the leading role, an ugly and small guy who has to conquer the love of a beautiful and charming woman afflicted by her past. It's normal that one of the most remembered couples of that decade was this one, made up by Tetsuya Takeda and Atsuko Asano. Takeda is one of the best actors I have seen in doramas, his performances are always unique and superb, and only when he has a more calm role, like in Jin, is when his performance goes unnoticed. And Asano is more like an american soap opera actress than a japanese one, I'm sure she was the reference for many of the actress who wanted to prove acting in doramas in 90's.
It's true that sometimes the story seems so innocent, more like a fairy tale, but it's only in certain moments. The rest of the show is quite interesting. Furthermore while I was watching it I saw what would end up being Long Vacation dorama, for me the reference of the 90's. Long Vacation had a much, much better music than this 101st Proposals. However this one is plenty of tributes to popular japanese love songs, and one is still in my mind: ���Ɵ��ƒj�Ə�
2. Comments by ilovetakuya [Rating: 8/10]
I liked this drama. ONe of the classics. However, I couldn't really relate to the story..Is it really possible for a person like Kaoru falling in love with a person like Tatsuro? by the word 'love,' I mean passionate love that exists between a man and a woman who are very attracted to each other.

Takeda Tetsuya gave a good performance though.. I liked the theme song too. The plot was occasionally boring but had very emotional, touching scenes. I liked Eguchi Yosuke's character here, because he was cute and charming, tho his hairstyle was very weird..;;
3. Comments by gto_girlz83 [Rating: 10/10]
This drama also known as 101st marriage proposal.The 1991 japanese drama really good n a lot of touching memories..and it deserves to have a good comment and i'm suggesting to anybody that love japanese drama, please sit and watch this drama for a while.For sure, u won't regret it n besides u'll learn that "To love someone means..You have a desire to change together with that person." And i kept these phrase also "change begin when you start trying!" Akirame naii
4. Comments by onigiriman [Rating: 9/10]
The first drama that got me hooked on J-dorama. "Boku wa shinimashen! Suki dakara, shinimashen." Is there a more famous line in all of Japanese drama? Unfortunately, the drama's second half twist was too unbelievable--although there is a school of thought that says THAT is what makes J-dorama interesting. Still, the first six episodes were so good and funny, it still rates a 9. But then, maybe you have to be a plain guy, like Takeda Tetsuya, to appreciate it.
5. Comments by Shindou [Rating: 8/10]
wonderful dorama... a very touching love story with a great cast of characters. asano atsuko and takeda tetsuya were pretty good in the lead roles although i gotta say asano does tend to get a bit over emotional in many instances - not sure whether the script called for that. as to the plot, the story was quite endearing although one would probably question how closely it bears resemblance to reality. aside from that, a drama well done!
6. Comments by lawsco [Rating: 7/10]
So So. I found the story was OK although it could have been better. Its weird but I was probably unable to enjoy this series because the lead actress was so thin she looked anorexic. It was painful to look at her & I couldn't shake the desire to jump into the TV set to tell her to eat smething. If you have a relative or loved one suffering from an eating disorder avoid this series.
7. Comments by dnie [Rating: 8/10]
the third Japanses dorama i watched when i was in school...beautiful story..believable..
Atsuka was a very good actress and the hero, though is not as dashing as typical heroes, has his own strength and character..a story one cd never forget for the rest of her life..
change my perspective on wedding rings too..ha ha ha..
8. Comments by jdfan [Rating: 10/10]
This is a classic! Consider this was aired in 1991. You have to fall in love with Asano Atsuko and Takeda Tetsuya. An unlikely couple but you would cheer for them. Typical happy ending. There were quite a few touching scenes that you will remember for a long time.
9. Comments by Genma [Rating: 8/10]
Personally I liked the supporting cast more - they provided the comic relief while we agonised with the lead's repeated failed attempts in chasing the girl of his dreams.

Remember this:
10. Comments by aya_fans85 [Rating: 9/10]
I enjoyed watching this lovely drama..It doesn't mean we need a handsome hero to make a good story drama.the combination of the script and plot just great for 1991 drama at that moment.
11. Comments by Wynter [Rating: 7/10]
The plot is very redudant and I got bored with all the misunderstandings, but I really enjoyed the character of Tatsurou and Junpei. The ending was predictable, but in a way redeeming.
12. Comments by gaijinmark [Rating: 9/10]
Probably my favorite romantic drama after Long Vacation. Takeda's Tatsuro was a character we can all relate to, Asano was great, and an excellent supporting cast. Highly recommended!!
13. Comments by marspeach [Rating: 8/10]
This was a really good show except for one major flaw- the couple had no chemistry. I couldn't stand Kaoru anymore by the second half either. But I liked all the other characters.
14. Comments by SharontheK [Rating: 9/10]
Takeda Tetsuya is such a good character actor and Asano Atsuko is very beautiful in this series. Its so easy to empathize with all of the characters in this series.
15. Comments by yanie_chan [Rating: 7/10]
This is a very touching drama...but, i don't feel any chemistry at all on the couple...and lack of fresh stories idea...so it's an average drama in my opinion ^_^
16. Comments by aida11sg [Rating: 7/10]
1st japanese drama watched. Though an old formula of beauty and the beast, its an endearing tale. "Say Yes" is still my of my favourite karaoke song.
17. Comments by loveaomori [Rating: 9/10]
muuuuuuuchhhh muucccchhhh better than tokyo love story. Nothing to to be ashamed compared to the new dramas.

Kaoru cries a bit to much... a bit to dark.
18. Comments by aoi_dolphine [Rating: 9/10]
'Say Yes' was the first song which I learnt in this drama. A simple plot with romance theme but have meaningful ending. Nice and beautiful.
19. Comments by Geezer [Rating: 10/10]
A great little romantic comedy... but I'll always remember this show as the one that introduced me to Asano Atsuko. I think she's amazing.
20. Comments by azillah [Rating: ?/10]
i remember watching this series back in my primary school .. back then i thought atsuko was one of the most beautiful woman in universe
21. Comments by tetsukei [Rating: 8/10]
Fabulous music and beautiful Atsuko should be reasons enough to buy this drama.

Humour 7/10
Music 8/10
Actors 9/10
Story 7/10
22. Comments by lovejdorama [Rating: 8/10]
Watched 5/18/05, Avail for Trade!! 7 VCD, B-, Chinese sub

My trade List:
23. Comments by juliana_phang [Rating: 8/10]
storyline was pretty interesting.. some scenes were really hilarious, some scenes made me felt like kicking that old man~
24. Comments by takunbabe92 [Rating: 10/10]
Beautiful concept and plot design. I highly recommend this as it portrays the difficult of attaining a spouse in Japan.
25. Comments by mizuno_takako [Rating: ?/10]
one of the 1st jap drama i watched... maybe it's been too long.. hav no impression... but i know i watch it before
26. Comments by eien [Rating: 6/10]
interesting...old dorama....but the woman ended up crying so much it went crap, although the man was funny
27. Comments by Tad [Rating: 7/10]
I was very young when I watched this so I can't make any relevant comments. But I loved the theme song!
28. Comments by kurusawa [Rating: 8/10]
Very good up until episode 7 where it gets abit boring... Nonetheless it is still an enjoyable show!
29. Comments by Signo [Rating: 7/10]
There were nearly nothing suprising in the plot, but it was nevertheless worth watching and solid
30. Comments by romi510 [Rating: 7/10]
This is quite a classic, with the hit theme song Say Yes! Every J-Dorama fan should watch it.

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Users who voted for this drama (24)
1. Ashmarina
It was really touching when I saw Tatsurou's efforts to be true with his heart... That no matter happened, he'll love Kaoru for always! I also enjoyed the chemistry between those two, it was amazing.
2. takezo
one of the earlier doramas but very entertaining nonetheless. have to deal with some suspension of disbeliefs but in the end you end up rooting for the stubborn geezer...
3. sayyes
A drama that will be "planted" Japanese entertainment's history and so as the theme song "Say Yes" which was once the "national" song of Nihon-jin!
4. sliu
It was just so moving! Every time he would keep his chin up and try again. It's also got one of the most classic lines in jdorama history
5. Akakage
One of the reasons that hook me up more with Jdorama. The story is original and touching. I love the whole casts too.
6. cyberarts
Very touching, especially the temple praying in the rain up and down the stairs countless times. Nice OST - Say Yes.
7. plethman
I swear Asano Atsuko had tears in every scene, but I enjoyed all the ups and downs on this drama.
8. balia17
very touch@! Tears always come out when I watch it. The theme song <Say Yes> very nice!
9. arnel98
one of the best i've watched; its ranked up there with tokyo love story
10. thera~kun
sad story with good ending.
it has a very deep meaning as for living.
11. rolland
These two actors are my favorite.
12. gaVe
first movie that I watched.
13. gregsan
Great show!!!
14. keith863
15. Genma
16. echidna_leonhart
17. Dorrin
18. sunlongan
19. rek
20. momoe
21. jasspong
22. Victorious Secret
23. JMaruyama
24. Lucian Dureau