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Geezer's artiste votes (9)
Asano Atsuko [浅野温子]
Simply put... The Queen of Japanese Drama.
Esumi Makiko [江角マキコ]
Because she's stunning. And because she can be strong without looking like a fake.
Kanno Miho [菅野美穂]
Because of her courage as an actress. I've seen her play everything from a Sylvia Plath type writer, to an insane and vengeful ghost.
Maki Yoko [真木よう子]
Along with being quite beautiful, Yoko is probably the most talented, most highly skilled actress of her generation. Her strength, power and versatility blow me away.
Matsu Takako [松たか子]
Because the more I see her, the more I like her.
Mizuno Miki [水野美紀]
For me, because I'm shallow, it begins with her beauty. She's fabulous. Then add the fact that she can go from playing a timid little mouse, to a controling career woman, to a goofy buddy, to a sex kitten...and you've got somebody worth paying attention to. Someone who's dramas are worth seeking out. I've gotten to the point where I'll rent, buy, or trade for anything her name is associated with.
Nakatani Miki [中谷美紀]
My favorite. Female leads in Japanese TV shows (in all TV shows) are usually beautiful. But Miki just brings a bit extra to each of her roles. She jumps off the screen when I watch her.
Uchida Yuki [内田有紀]
Originally I thought Yukie was just a Boopsie. A great Boopsie, a beautiful Boopsie. The woman is so beautiful, so appealing, she'd never have to do anything more challenging than "Big Wing", or "Akimahende" or "Cat's Eye" to justify her star status. But then I saw her playing it straight in "Ice World" and I was impressed. Then I saw the movie "Beat" and I was blown away. Yukie Uchida is "da goods".
Yamaguchi Tomoko [山口智子]
Tomoko Yamaguchi is one of the all time greats. From TV series, to award winning movies, from comedy to drama, this woman is a treasure. This is one of the very best actresses I've ever seen. And that includes the best Hollywood, Broadway, and London's West End has to offer.

Geezer's dramas (109)
101 Kaime no Puropozu [101回目のプロポーズ]
Rating: 10/10 (Bought)
A great little romantic comedy... but I'll always remember this show as the one that introduced me to Asano Atsuko. I think she's amazing.
14 sai no Haha [14歳の母]
Ace wo Nerae! [エースをねらえ!]
Rating: 3/10
Pop idol drama.
Age 35 koishikute [Age,35 恋しくて]
Ai no Uta [あいのうた]
Akimahende! [あきまへんで!]
Rating: 9/10 (Bought)
Nothing earth shattering here. Just a funny sit com.
Beautiful life [ビューティフルライフ]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
One of the first J-Doramas I watched from beginning to end---without subtitles. Made me a fan.
Beginner [ビギナー]
Rating: 5/10 (Watched)
I didn't see it with subtitles, so it's rough to say how good it might have been.
Besuto patona [べストパートナー]
Rating: 9/10 (Bought)
A wonderful little comedy.
Big wing [ビッグウイング]
Rating: 8/10 (Bought)
A nice, sweet bit of fluff. This series teaches two lessons. One: Suicide isn't the answer! If things get tough, smile bigger and work harder. And Two: Yuki Uchida is a babe.
Boku dake no Madonna [僕だけのマドンナ]
Brand [ブランド]
Rating: 4/10 (Watched)
A nice enough time waster, but not very memorable.
Brother Beat [ブラザー☆ビート]
Bubble [バブル]
Bus stop [バスストップ]
Rating: 8/10 (Bought)
Just fun. Ordinary guy falls for high powered, drop dead gorgeous, career woman. And he gets her. Great fantasy stuff.
Byakuyakou [白夜行]
Rating: 9/10
A dark, serious look at the making of a couple of monsters.
Cheap Love [チープラブ]
Rating: 6/10 (Bought)
Ah, the old classic, the Pimp and the Classical music teacher. Nice cast, but this show went out on a limb, and didn't know where to go from there.
Churasan [ちゅらさん]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Too long, but really one of the better NHK morning dramas.
Chuushingura 1/47 [忠臣蔵 1/47]
Cupid no Itazura [クピドの悪戯]
Damenzu Walker [だめんず うぁーか]
Dekichatta Kekkon [できちゃった結婚]
Rating: 10/10 (Bought)
Loved the show. And Sonny Chiba as the ticked off father of the bride was a stroke of casting genius.
Dessin [デッサン]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
The first Dorama I watched with subtitles. It hooked me on the form.
Double kitchen [ダブルキッチン]
Rating: 9/10 (Bought)
The war between the Mother-in -Law and the Daughter-in- Law. Very funny show. Yamaguchi can make even the thinnest of scripts work.
Egao no Hosoku [笑顔の法則]
Fighting Girl [ファイティングガール]
Rating: 1/10 (Bought)
A bad show. Bad script, bad acting, bad bad bad.
Fire Boys [ファイアーボーイズ 〜め組の大吾〜]
Rating: 3/10 (Watched)
Melodrama 101.
Food fight [フードファイト]
Rating: 1/10 (Watched)
Just Awful
Rating: 6/10 (Bought)
Nakama Yukie is pretty
Gokusen [ごくせん]
Gokusen Season 2 [ごくせん2]
Good Luck !! [グッドラック!!]
Rating: 4/10 (Watched)
The shallowest, emptiest show I've seen Kimura do. Kou is lovely, but she's a statue.
Good news [グッドニュース]
GTO [麻辣教師]
H2~Kimi to itahibi [2〜君といた日々]
Haikei, Chichiue-sama [拝啓、父上様]
Rating: 8/10
Not sure about this one yet. The supporting players made the show work. The lead was too weak.
Harmonia ~ kono ai no gai de ~ [ハルモニア]
Rating: 8/10 (Bought)
There are really only 9 episodes in this drama. Not 10. Having Miki Nakatani in it dragged it's rating up from a 2 to an 8 for me. And it would have been higher, if they'd given her anything to do. But mostly she just sat there and played a cello playing zombie.
Haruka 17 [はるか 17]
Rating: 8/10
A fun dramedy about the making of an "idol". The lead made the whole thing work.
Rating: 8/10 (Bought)
A good solid TV show. Kimura and Matsu, and the rest of the cast show you what a group of solid pros can do.
Hikon Kazoku [非婚家族]
Rating: 8/10 (Bought)
Himitsu no Hanazono [ヒミツの花園]
Rating: 8/10
A very good, very sweet show. Everyone did a good job. Well worth watching.
Hitonatsu no Papa e [ひと夏のパパへ]
Rating: 4/10 (Bought)
J-Pop Idol Drama.
Hitotsu yane no shita 1 [ひとつ屋根の下 1]
Rating: 9/10 (Bought)
This show grows on you so fast.
Hitotsu yane no shita Season 2 [ひとつ屋根の下 2]
Rating: 9/10 (Bought)
No fall off from the first at all.
Hotman [ホットマン]
Rating: 8/10 (Bought)
The story of the big brother taking care of all of his younger siblings. A favorite of J-TV. I preferred "Under one Roof", but this one really grew on me by the end.
Iguana no musume [イグアナの娘]
Itsumo futari de [いつもふたりで]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
Watched it without subs, and it still held my attention all the way through. Recently picked up a second copy... this time with subs.
Jikou Keisatsu [時効警察]
Rating: 10/10
Simply the funniest of the slap stick style shows. Another for the all time favorite list.
Kaze no Haruka [風のハルカ]
Rating: 3/10
Dull dull dull. Morning shows are usually slow... but this one has no direction at all. By the half way mark I couldn't stand the sight of the lead actress at all.
Keizoku [ケイゾク]
Rating: 10/10 (Bought)
A quirky, scarey, funny, puzzling detective show. Miki Nakatani is brilliant as the childlike genius Shibata Jun. And Watabe Atsuro makes a great sidekick. And now, 2 years after buying my first copy, I've finally gotten another. This one with English subs!
Kekkon Dekinai Otoko [結婚できない男]
Rating: 10/10
One of my all time favorite shows. Abe was brilliant. Heck, the whole cast was brilliant. BAsed on the 1997 film "As Good As It Gets", "Kekkon Dekinai Otoko" started with a good idea, and just improved it.
Kisarazu Cat's Eye [木更津キャッツアイ]
Rating: 6/10
Koi ga shitai Koi ga shitai Koi ga shitai [恋がしたい恋がしたい]
Rating: 9/10 (Bought)
Good show... great great cast. Miho Kanno is amazing.
Koi suru Top Lady [恋するトップレディ]
Rating: 8/10 (Bought)
Miki Nakatani worked hard to make this one work. Maybe a bit too hard. They had an idea, they had a good cast... but the script needed something more.
Koibumi [恋文~私たちが愛した男]
Rating: 10/10 (Bought)
Brilliant. A well acted, well thought out story. Sad, yes. But if you've ever cared for someone who died, or was dying... you immediately attach yourself to these characters. Watabe was amazing, and I think this was Miki Mizuno's best work. Jeez I loved this show.
Koori no sekai [冰の世界]
Rating: 7/10 (Bought)
Great murder mystery. Had me until the end. But the ending was a bit of a let down.
Kougen e Irasshai [高原へいらっしゃい!]
Rating: 3/10 (Bought)
Just Dull
Long vacation [ロングバケーション]
Rating: 10/10 (Bought)
The best J-Dorama I've seen. Tomoko Yamaguchi and a cast of very young soon to be stars latched onto this material and had a ball with it.
Love and Eros [ラブとエロス]
Rating: 10/10 (Bought)
Asano Atsuko is the star. It was bound to be good.
Love complex [ラブコンプレックス]
Rating: 10/10 (Bought)
Bizarre. Wonderful. Unique.
Love generation [ラブジェネレーション]
Rating: 8/10 (Bought)
Fun show. Kimura and Mastu were coming into their own here, and they worked well together.
Love letter
Rating: 10/10 (Bought)
Love Revolution [ラブレボリューション]
Lunch no Joou [ランチの女王]
Rating: 9/10
A delight.
Manatsu no Merry Christmas [真夏のメリークリスマス]
Rating: 10/10 (Bought)
Just how good Miki Nakatani could be started coming clear to me in this one. Hiding in a baggy pair of coveralls through most of the series, she avoided the cute stuff and created a person. A character rather than a cartoon. I enjoyed this one.
Meguri ai [めぐり逢い]
Rating: 1/10 (Bought)
I just flat hated this show.
Messengers [メッセンジャー]
Rating: 8/10 (Bought)
Moto Kare [元カレ]
Rating: 5/10
A very weak male lead really hurt this show.
Musashi [武蔵]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
Too long. I just didn't think there was enough story here for 49 episodes. Great supporting cast. Weak lead.
My Little Chef
Rating: 3/10 (Bought)
There's no there there. An empty shallow showcase for the differant costars they brought in every week. There's nothing to love or hate here. a very forgettable series.
Nanisama! [なにさまっ!]
Rating: 3/10 (Bought)
A cute little time waster.
Nemureru mori [眠れる森]
Rating: 9/10 (Bought)
Great mystery.
News no onna [ニュースの女]
Rating: 9/10 (Bought)
Classic small Japanese Drama. Started slow. And then, little by little, the characters endeared themselves to me. Japanese TV does this stuff better than anyone else.
Oda Nobunaga [織田信長]
Rating: 9/10 (Bought)
A fun 2 hour special
Odoru Daisousasen [踊る大捜査線]
Rating: 10/10 (Bought)
I love this show! The mysteries aren't important. It's the cast. And the cast was perfect. After watching it I rushed out and bought both of the follow up movies.
Ohsama no resutoran [王樣のレストラン]
Rating: 10/10 (Bought)
Anything with Tomoko Yamaguchi in it gets a 10 from me.
Omiai kekkon [お見合い結婚]
Rating: 9/10 (Bought)
I thought this was where Matsu became a star.
Ooku [大奥]
Rating: 8/10
The whole thing was like watching a glorious dance... with a bit of a sub plot in the background.
Orange Days [オレンジデイズ]
Rating: 9/10
A fine romance. The story was well thought out, and the actors and actresses were wonderful.
Otousan [おとうさん]
Rating: 8/10 (Bought)
Miki Nakatani's in it... so I liked it.
Over Time [オーバー・タイム]
Rating: 9/10 (Bought)
I just thought this was a good solid show beginning to end.
P.S. [Police Station] -Rashoumon- Keishichou Toutosho

No subs, so I haven't wtched it yet. But I'll grab anything Kimura Yoshino is in.
Pretty Girls [プリティガール]
Rating: 9/10 (Bought)
Fairy tale about the people who work in a department store. The title says it all. Yonekura Ryoko and Katase Nana really are very Pretty Girls.
Rating: 9/10 (Bought)
This was a somewhat serious attempt to address some real problems faced by kids in High School. I thought it was one of Nakatani's more rounded performances. (And it didn't hurt that show was filled with lots and lots of cute girls.)
Ruten no Ouhi - Saigo no Koutei [流転の王妃・最後の皇弟]
Rating: 7/10 (Bought)
Interesting little bio-pic. I'd never heard of Princess Hiro before. Pretty well done.
Seikei Bijin [整形美人。]
Rating: 9/10 (Bought)
The story of an ugly woman who invested all her savings in plastic surgery to make herself beautiful. She must have found a great doctor because he made her look like Ryoko Yonekura. Good job Doc. Funny show.
sengoku Jieitai [戦国自衛隊〜関ケ原の戦い〜]
Rating: 3/10 (Watched)
A Platoon from the modern Defense Force find themselves mysteriously transported back in time, and forced to take part in a famous historical battle. This was one of the worst episodes of the 1960s TV show, "Twilight Zone" (The 7th Is Made Up of Phantoms) and now it's been made into one of the worst ever Japanese TV specials. All praise the fast forward button.
Shinsengumi [新撰組]
Rating: 5/10 (Watched)
The writers and producers were so busy spinning history here, they sort of lost track of their subject material. One of the weakest Taiga Dramas I've ever seen.
Shomuni [ショムニ]
Rating: 10/10 (Bought)
"How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" crossed with Manga, crossed with "McHale's Navy". This is a very funny show.
Shomuni Final [ショムニ ファイナル/庶務二課]
Rating: 10/10 (Bought)
I love everything about Shomuni. Shomuni Final was a bit sillier than the others. A bit more cartoonish. But that was fine with me.
Shomuni Season 2 [ショムニ 2]
Rating: 10/10 (Bought)
I love Shomuni. This is just more of the wonderful same.
Sweet Home [スウィート・ホーム/甜蜜家庭]
Rating: 10/10 (Bought)
Yamaguchi Tomoko is amazing. This is the story of a reasonable young mom who moves to Tokyo... and episode by episode gets deeper and deeper into competetive parenting. It's hilarious.
Tiger & Dragon [タイガー&ドラゴン]
Rating: 7/10
Too much of the humor of this show was lost on me. My Japanese simply isn't good enough to get all the jokes.
Tokyo Elevator Girl [東京エレベーターガール]
Watching now.
Tokyo Friends [東京フレンズ]
Rating: 3/10
The only good thing about this show was Maki Yoko.
Tokyo Love Story [東京ラブストーリー]
Rating: 7/10 (Bought)
A very well done love story. But it left me very... unsatisfied at the end.
Tokyo Wankei [東京湾景]
Rating: 1/10 (Bought)
Blech! Sappy, saccharine, dumb. The worst sort of melodramatic soap opera. Yuki Nakama is pretty, but no one is pretty enough to make this bit of drek paletable.
Toshiie to Matsu [利家とまつ]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
Boy did this series grow on me.
Trick [トリック]
Rating: 9/10 (Bought)
Keizoku without the murder. Basically the same formula as Keizoku, played even more for laughs. Nakama is gorgeous, but Abe Hiroshi steals the show.
Trick Season 2 [トリック2]
Rating: 9/10 (Bought)
Same as the first, only Nakama was starting to loosen up just a bit.
Trick Season 3 [トリック3]
Rating: 10/10 (Bought)
I love Trick.
Triple Kitchen [トリプルキッチン]

No subs, so I haven't watched it yet. But I loved Double Kitchen, and I'm a big Esumi fan.
Uso Koi [ウソコイ]
Rating: 8/10 (Bought)
How important is Faye Wong? She stars in this Japanese Series, and does her whole part in English! And the other actors just carry on as if they understood what she said. No awards for writing, or logic, but I really enjoyed watching this show.
Virgin Road [バージンロード]
Warui Yatsura [わるいやつら]
Rating: 2/10
A horrible piece of drivel that just might have knocked me off the Yonekura Ryoko bandwagon forever.
Wedding Planner [ウエディングプランナー]
Rating: 8/10 (Bought)
Light script. Great cast. Fun show.
Wonderful Life [ワンダフルライフ]
Yasashii Jikan [優しい時間]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
Yome wa mitsuboshi [嫁はミツボシ]
Rating: 9/10 (Bought)
Kimura Yoshino should be a much bigger star.

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