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Matsu Takako 松たか子 ( Takako Matsu )

NameMatsu Takako
Star SignGemini
Birthday10 June 1977
Blood TypeA
B/W/H80 / 57 / 83

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Matsu Takako

Perhaps more famous for her singing career, she has been in some of the most successful dramas that has hit the screens in Japan for the past few years. Her pop...

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Filmography (20)
Quartet [2017]
Maki Maki
Unmei no Hito [2012]
Saka no Ue no Kumo [2009]
Sakuma Tami
Yakusha Damashii [2006]
Hiroshima Showa 20 nen 8 Gatsu Muika [2005]
Itsumo futari de [2003]
Tanimachi Mizuho
Chuushingura 1/47 [2001]
忠臣蔵 1/47
Aguri (Yozeiin)
Akarui Hou e Akarui Hou e [2001]
明るいほうへ 明るいほうへ
Kaneko Misuzu
金子 みすゞ
Hero [2001]
Amamiya Maiko
雨宮舞子 (24)
Omiai kekkon [2000]
中谷 節子
Konya wa eigyouchu [1999]
Jinbe [1998]
高梨 美久 (20)
Shigatsu no monogatari [1998]
Love generation [1997]
Uesugi Riko
Hitotsu yane no shita Season 2 [1997]
ひとつ屋根の下 2
Mochizuki Miki
Boku ga boku de aru tame ni [1997]
Konna watashi ni dare ga shita [1996]
Long vacation [1996]
Okusawa Ryoko
Furuhata Ninzaburo Season 2 [1996]
古畑任三郎 2
Hideyoshi [1996]

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Matsu Takako Official Website (SJIS)


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Hi Takako's Fan!!

Users who voted for this artiste (348)
I was never interested in Jdorama until the very first show I watched by accident at a friend's place and I was totally bowled over by the professioalism and depth of Matsu Takako--that first show was Love Generation and she was just 19 when it was filmed. I have since learnt that she is known as "the Queen of soap operas" in Japan and if you watch her shows, you'll undertand why. Most guys like me may find her attractive but this was not what captivated me. Rather, Matsu is one of those rare actors / actresses who truly "belong" on screen, like a Vivian Leigh, Rita Hayworth or Liz Taylor. I admire her because of her professioalism, and if you watch her shows carefully, you will notice she makes the most of every shot and evey emotion, nothing is half hearted--which is rare on TV. Having watched all her shows I can tell you that she cries in every single one because she is among very few who actually cries real tears on TV and it is said she could cry in 3 seconds flat. I also admire her as a true artist--not only can she sing very very well (over 30 singles and albums plus 2 round Japan concerts), but she acts in many plays in Japan, composes a few of her songs, writes many of the lyrics, plays the piano like Elton John but surprisingly has acted in only 5 feature films so far although she did win the Japanese Oscar (equivalent) in her last film--the Hidden Blade released in 2004. She has won so many acting and singing awards, and is constantly featured in ads--both prints and on TV. However, her abilities are not too surprising once you realise that her father is a famous stage actor and Matsu was trained for the stage from a very age. All her siblings, one brother and one sister are involved either on screen or on stage but not as famous as Matsu--truly a rare phenonmenon who has given me many hours of viewing pleasure.
2. Lucian Dureau
The First Golden Girl of doramas, even now it's impossible to forget that scene in Love Generation, where she was doing some magic tricks singing that unforgettable melody. In spite of taking part in big hit shows like Long Vacation, Love Generation or Hero, the last two leading the doramas alongside Takuya Kimura (They were known as the Golden Combi), she couldn't convince about her value as an actress, being more known by her music carrer. However, in movies she has significant roles, working under the supervision of the famous director Yoji Yamada in The Hidden Blade, or in others with the main role like Villon's Wife or Confessions
3. Bekkichan
Excellent actress - she has the ability to fit into any role and make it perfect. The range of emotions and personalities she can portray is just amazing. I adore her music, too... crystal clear voice, beautiful compositions, and plays piano like an angel. Multitalented, versatile, and adorable beyond words - everything about her makes me want to give her a hug. *.*
4. momodesu
her looks are to be envied. her acting is great. she has natural beauty that's both kirei and kawaii. she's so flexible in her acting. she's a convincing outspoken tomboy in Hero. she's a convincing quiet, demure female in Long Vacation. That's what i consider range. FURTHERmore, she's got a pretty singing voice.
5. Shindou
Having watched Matsu in Love Generation, Long Vacation, Hero (& SP), Uchouten Hoteru and Itsumo futari de, I've come to see why she's such a great actress. Her natural beauty and strong acting skills are definitely to be commended. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of her dramas.
6. PapaDeshio
2nd artist I started to adore when she act in Long Vacation N of coz 100% totally in LOVE GENERATION.
She's good N talented.
But wonder why she's kinda low profile lately...
P/S: Love to see her early appearances kinda a crazy + naughty + innocent + cute girl if U know what I mean...
7. jrockreien
first of all... she has wonderful cemistry with kimutaku.. but aside from that her acting is sooo cute but still amazing.. Hero and Love Generation are some of my fav dramas and she played well as both different yet similar characters... obviously knows how to act and be herself!
8. minochi99
One of the cutest, talented actresses out there. Loved her portrayal in Love Generation and Hero. Dang, she was cute in those spectacles in Hero :-) Has a little baby fat to her face in her old dramas, but have definitely become a true beauty, pleasing to the eye.
9. lovecathy
Do I need to write some reasons for voting Matsu Takako? Everyone knows she is a great actress. She has kpet a steady pace growing her acting. I just wonder if there is a limit of her acting. Maybe she should try to challenge the performance as a movie actress.
10. TheSirAuron
shes sings really good, shes the 2nd japanese artist i got into, discovered her in hero because of hikkis theme song, and then i got really addicted to her, she sings good, looks good, acts good, and that smile..., shes always gonna be my top japanese idol XD
11. crealism
Takako and Takuya are often called the 'golden pairing' in the Japanese drama industry, and it's easy to see why. Takako is a great actress and when paired with Takuya in a drama, the ratings are sure to go through the roof. I like most of her dramas.
12. jtwong27
I think she is a wonderful actress and a pretty good singer. She has the perfect girl next door look and is elegant! she's awesome! and so far, the drama itsumo futari de is awesome and she's one of the main reasons!
13. Carn
Awesomest actress ever. ^_^ Her characters are different, but she brings them to life. They're not perfect cutesey girls, but she brings their humanity to light in a way that makes you love them despite their flaws.
14. zephyrscarlet
takako matsu and takuya kimura, what an awesome pair! they look good together, though they can get a little shy. it is really due to the both of them that got me hooked into the wonderful world of japanese dramas!
15. yijing
ƂĂ@ˆIi really love her in Love Generation & ‚l. i love the way she protrays the contrast between her inner feelings & outer feelings. her ability to show strength despite misery is amazing!
16. aznkether
I love how well she compliments Kimura Takuya in his roles in Love Generation, Hero, and Long Vacation. I was disappointed she didn't play a bigger role in Hero 2 which is aired a couple weeks ago in June 2006
17. sammimatsu
she is such a talented and great both actress and singer ^^
she is so cute and pretty natural
her voice juz like an angel..so clear and smooth..
her acting is also good..^^ luv Matsu forever!!
18. cookielmy
oh well.. i love Takuya Kimura sooo much..and she acted so many shows with him..so i'm getting to like her acting too.. she has very cute character in any dorama she acts.. moreover,she's pretty!
19. jdfan
She has the perfect "Girl next door" look for dorama. She has that on screen power to draw audience. Especially, when she could burst in tears so naturaly.... She has amazing acting skills!!!
20. FierceStriker
Her acting is soooo great and she is always kawaiii in a boyish way, :). Her latest show Itsumo Futari de is a must-see, the best love show since Long Vacation. Gambaru, Takako chan!
21. athida
I like her a lot in Love Generation. Her acting and her expressions show real emotions. She and Kimura Takuya had a lot of chemistry and I love to see them both together in doramas!
22. deedlitmurata
I love her acting; everything is perfect, I want to see her in more dramas, it's amazing how she can be a funny character sometimes, and also be serious when she wants, it's awesome
23. beryl_28
She is a very cute girl... talented and can sing well too... she is an all-rounder! She can act in any role given to her and act it very well too! I take my hat off to her!!!
24. unseen_tmroks
Acting Rocks-------------check
Cute -------------check
Lovable -------------check
Da Best --------------check

Takako Rocks. Need I say more?? :)
25. orange1806
One of the first few actresses I liked. Cute and all. Think she should try out more roles instead of always playing ditzy characters. Still, she attracts me in some ways.
26. blossomz
She peforms the best in all her dramas. Has the best chemistry with Kimutaku in Love Generation, Hero and other dramas (aka. the golden couple). And she sings well too.
27. Warrior
She is a beautiful and a nice person(I think not only in her dramas).I'd love it if she is kimutaku's girlfriend or wife but too bad kimutaku married with other woman
28. ffrostte
a very talented girl from a very talented family. believe she acts better than sings though. it would be one of my dreams to go and see one of her plays in japan...
29. lim_li
She..is the princess....hehe.....anyway..her face is really natural-simple person...She really great...neither her hair is short or long..but still beautiful la!!
30. celest8787
a very cute and beautiful actress who plays her role well in many jap dramas... it's a joy to watch her perform alongside cool male leads like takuya kimura!

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