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Yamaguchi Tomoko 山口智子 ( Tomoko Yamaguchi )

NameYamaguchi Tomoko
Star SignLibra
Birthday20 October 1964
Blood TypeA
B/W/H84 / 60 / 88

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Yamaguchi Tomoko

Yamaguchi Tomoko was one of the most popular actresses in Japan during the late 80s to mid 90s. After her biggest hit in 1996, Long Vacation, she kept a low pro...

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Filmography (13)
Kokoro ga Pokitto ne [2015]
Kamoda Shizuka
鴨田静 (45)
Going My Home [2012]
ゴーイング マイ ホーム
Tsuboi Sae
Long vacation [1996]
Hayama Minami (31)
Ohsama no resutoran [1995]
29-sai no Kurisumasu [1994]
Sweet Home [1994]
Inoue Wakaba
Double kitchen [1993]
Itoko doushi [1992]
Kodomo ga neta ato de [1992]
Men Who Want To Get Married [1991]
Gogatsu no Kaze [1991]
Mou dare mo aisanai [1991]
Dokyuusei [1989]

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Yamaguchi Tomoko Unofficial Page (SJIS)

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Users who voted for this artiste (88)
1. shanghai_honey
I just love this wonderful woman to bits! Tomoko Yamaguchi has it all - she's funny, sassy, lovable, spirited and all that a woman should be. Minami in Long Vacation is my favorite character of all time. Tomoko is like my role model for her incomparable acting, her personality and longevity! All hail the Queen!
2. jdoramadotcom
Tomoko is at her best in comedies like Double Kitchen, where her hilarious double-takes are almost an art form. She rises above most of her comic competition and even eclipses stars wtih bigger names. Tomoko's cuteness isn't "turned-on" - it's very genuine, and helps makes her best work delightful.
3. Geezer
Tomoko Yamaguchi is one of the all time greats. From TV series, to award winning movies, from comedy to drama, this woman is a treasure. This is one of the very best actresses I've ever seen. And that includes the best Hollywood, Broadway, and London's West End has to offer.
4. Mujer
MY FAVORITE Japanese actress!!! She is so beautiful! She always seems eternally young and is kawaii. She is like the spring blossom, the summer breeze, the autumn leaves, and the winter snow. I love her! Minami ga itoshii!!!! Tomoko ga itoshii!!!!
5. tetsukei
What can I say? She is a natural high. Mature, with attitude, comical, bitchy, beautiful, sexy... I was attracted to her portrayal of Minami in Long Vacation, which I otherwise might not have watched. Lovely, lovely... And she's a Libran too!
6. Ladd
I like her portraying Minami Hayama personality in LONG VACATION besides Kimu-Taku as Senna Hidetoshi of course ... seems she has those personality in her real life ... she's very funny ... cute ... and as always high spirited ...
7. tailchaser
OK, she's 40 now, but back when she did Long Vacation, she was so adorable. Totally kawaii with just a hint of a snout. I like how she moves. Not quite as beautiful as Kyoko or Ryo, but makes up for it in cuteness.
8. jgal
too bad she got married and now hardly ever even comes out onto variety shows...she was the best actress in long vacation and was so hallarious in double kitchin....they just don't make dramas like they use to
9. bakafool
This girl is good, such a natural in acting. Her versatility really show, especially in Long Vacation. Can be funny then suddenly dramatic and serious. When it comes to acting talnt, she definitely has it.
10. ilovetakuya
She's very attractive. I love her smile and sweetness. Really hope to see her once again in jdorama...She was especially great in Long Vacation as Minami.. Her performance was unforgettable.
11. crealism
I adored her in Long Vacation. She's such a cute and talented actress! I love the chemistry between her and Takuya Kimura. It's just too bad that she decided to quit showbiz.
12. gaijinmark
To mix metaphors, she's the "Sandy Koufax" of JDorama actresses. Like Koufax, she wasn't around for very long, but while she was here she left a record almost unmatched.
13. -naOmi-
she is so good when acting with kimura in long vacation. dat is her only drama dat i watch, yet i love her so much! saw her in smapxsmap with kimura oso.. she rocks!!
14. takmjh
The best drama in my mind LONG VACATION. My beLOVEd TAKUYA. My white angel she look very very young and her smiling making me freshy. I LOVE TOu forever and as always
15. Surpur
Just saw her again on 'Long Vacation' - wow this woman has it all - great looks, spunk, humor, great acting and lovely eyes..
I hope to see her in some recent dramas
16. for3vergirl
As for this one, I think she's one of the actresses who doesn't age out so well, I mean her looks are always so good to see and young. I like her acting too.
17. Shindou
Wonderful acting in Long Vacation and Ohsama no Resutoran - two of my favourite series. An extremely talented actress whose roles just flow very naturally.
18. oldasianguy
All time favorite...She got me appreciating JDrama when I saw her in "Long Vacation"....amazing job of acting....too bad she wasn't in more dramas!!!!
19. Milu
She earns my heart with her performances on Long Vocation, Ohsama no resutoran, and of course, 29-sai no kurisumasu. What an adorable actress!!!
20. Tu_triky
Great actress with an incredibly keen comic talent. As with many she began as a model and became an actress....she's good looking, too.
21. Larc
I liked her in Long Vacation. She was really funny and natural. She seems like a really cool and fun girl to hang out with.
22. hesoman
a goddess! soo beautiful! haven't seen her for awhile on screen but she is one of the greatest beauties of all time.
23. stargirl
Her character Minami in Long Vacation is so endearing, she played Minami so well. I wish she's like that in real life
24. 206
48 years young. She looks so good and I enjoyed her in Long Vacation. Her energy, spirit, and smile was great.
25. inessalenin
She played unusual roles in Japanese Drama such Long Vacation, Osama no restoran, so classic to be remembered!
26. tzanth
She has to be my favorite actress ever! I LOVED her in long vacation! She was great in double kitchen too!
27. Terryb
Great actress with her own charm that no other woman has: definitely the kind you want to be around with.
28. ren1999
Older but still has a good body and face. She has a very bright personality and she's naturally funny.
29. Dot
Cute artist who looks way below her age! Guess that everyone will remember her from Long Vacation...
30. �ؓގq
Long Vacation!!! I loved her portrayal in that drama, I really inspire to be a person like minami :)

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