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Koibumi [恋文~私たちが愛した男]


Drama Details
Love Letters - Men We Have Loved
Telecast:2003-10-08 to 2003-12-10
Season:Fall 2003

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TV Station:TBS
Duration:10 Episodes

Points to Watch
There are as many forms of a husband and wife's love as there are husbands and wives. A couple, whose life together was normal and contented, suddenly find their relationship changing to something quite different.

The story is based on the 1984 Naoki Award-winning short story "Koibumi" by Mikihiko Renjo that was made into a film the following year. This famous work addressed the subtleties of male and female relationships with a transparent touch. The story was adapted for the screen by renowned scriptwriter Yoshikazu Okada. The powerful trio of Atsuro Watabe, Miki Mizuno and Emi Wakui show the subtle changes in emotions that is part of this story. This autumn we present a tender love story for husbands and wives.

The husband (Atsuro Watabe) leaves home, leaving behind his wife (Miki Mizuno) and child and his job as a middle school teacher. He leaves all this to live with a former girlfriend (Emi Wakui) so that he can nurse her as she battles with terminal illness. He has decided to nurse her until the end. This sudden take-charge approach from a man she thought of as indecisive causes the wife to look at her husband in a completely different way. To top it off, the husband asks her to drop in on the ex-girlfriend from time to time to keep her company. Despite herself, she agrees to her husband's request. She thought that cursing her husband and celebrating the ex-girlfriend's suffering would make her feel better but instead she finds herself even more attracted to him. She even finds herself growing closer to the ex-girlfriend, creating a curious bond between the two women. In the midst of all this, the relationship between the husband and wife continues to change.

Surrounding the three are others; such as the girl sharing the ex-girlfriend's room at the hospital (Ayumi Ishida), others at the husband's part-time job who turned their backs on society before him and the newcomer at the wife's editorial department (Jun Kaname). Each of them has their own problems with love that in turn affect the development of the story.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (2)
1. 柊 [Do As Infinity]
2. In My Life [The Beatles]

Actor/Actress Cast (9)
Watabe Atsuro
竹原 将一 (33)
Mizuno Miki
竹原 郷子 (31)
Wakui Emi
田島 江津子 (33)
Kaname Jun
若林 誠 (26)
Kokubu Sachiko
石塚 圭子 (25)
Nose Anna
三上 晴江 (24)
Izumisawa Yuuki
竹原 優 (9)
Ishida Ayumi
辻 美木子
Terao Akira
三田 計作

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Drama Reviews (6)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Enjoyable [Rating: 9/10]
This drama isn't one of my favorites or anything, but it was very unique. I got pretty into it while watching, often thinking and wanting to shout at the main character "how can you do that?!?! what about your son and wife?!?!" The ending was good, but a little strange. The scenery was seriously beautiful though. I remember that for some reason, as well as the hat that Atsuro Watabe wore (wow my memory is quite strange isn't it?).
Reviewed by noodlefreak on 17 March 2006
2. Average drama, good acting [Rating: 6/10]
Not the best of all dramas, but fair anyway, with a good set of actors. Watabe Atsuro and Mizuno Miki are excellent as usual, and the storyline, though predictable, well written. The series dragged a little bit towards the end, but the excellent acting of the 2 main actors kept me going. Worth a watch.
Reviewed by Jackykero on 10 April 2008
3. Hated this drama... [Rating: 1/10]
Lame Peter Pan leaves dishrag wife for terminally ill Tinkerbelle high school sweetheart. Dishrag wife is woefully compliant, child is scarred for life, divorce ensues, marriage to Tinkerbelle, death of Tinkerbelle... -- does Peter Pan ever grow up?
Reviewed by fintiki on 14 January 2005
4. Wakui Emi wa saikou da yappa [Rating: 9/10]
korewa hamachattesa, ippen zenbu bideo karite mitanda, anmarinimo muchuu natchatakara sa, yokattayo.
Reviewed by keith863 on 26 December 2003
5. is it worth to see this drama? [Rating: ?/10]
i'm soo into sad drama...i just wonder is this drama are worth to buy? any suggestion ?
Reviewed by ayna^_^eleyna on 13 June 2004
6. not a good cast..but [Rating: 7/10]
i find that shoichi is so extremely silly.. or maybe he's just tooo nice..
Reviewed by juliana_phang on 2 August 2004

Comments From Users (43)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by MixxDreamer [Rating: 8/10]
this is actually an interesting drama, i didnt say its my favorite though, ive warned myself many times never to continue on but i did anyway ;P its very unusual and it may piss you off at the same time.. it was atsuro's role.. being a husband, secondly encountered by his ex-lover who falls into a critical condition and has 6 mos. to live.. so (his stupidity) forced himself to quit his job and leave his family, pretending to be a single man to fulfill the girl's wishes.. i wouldnt know how to feel, either out of pity or angry.. but if you see me watching this, id be throwing slippers to the TV all the time.. i wouldnt say this is for everyone to watch but if you dont like typical love dramas then this is probably a good choice for you.. good story.. sad ending.
2. Comments by sadacori [Rating: 9/10]
This drama had me angry, sympathetic, and smiling--such an emotional ride. Though I wouldn't consider it a favorite of mine, I found it to be a really great drama that really made me wonder what I'd do in a situation like that. As I'm around the same age as both Etsuko and Kyoko, it was easy to relate to both sides of their story, and although it was wrong of Shoichi to leave his wife to be with his terminally ill ex-girlfriend, it was understandable why he wanted to do all that he could to make her happy. (to be continued...)
3. Comments by yume [Rating: 8/10]
This is the first time I've seen something like this--guy leaves the wife he loves to pretend to be single because of an ex-girlfriend who is dying and he wants to make her last days happy, as she has no family or friends but him. My only problem is that everyone is crying all the damn time, or accidents happen that have nothing to do with our main story. I know they wanted to add in other things, but they weren't fluid enough. They happened and one episode later had no result that really mattered.
4. Comments by Ravyn [Rating: 7/10]
Even though Shoichi seemed completely irresponsible and foolish to promise what he did to Etsuko, it still makes you wonder what you would do in such a situation. I liked Kyoko a lot! She was so strong...but my favorite character is probably Mikiko; she was always smiling, so it was hard to tell that she was actually in so much pain. I thought that Jun Kaname (he was Makoto, Kyoko's male co-worker) was really handsome...I kept staring at him, every scene he was in. ^^;;
5. Comments by Jackykero [Rating: 6/10]
Not the best of all dramas, but fair anyway, with a good set of actors. Watabe Atsuro and Mizuno Miki are excellent as usual, and the storyline, though predictable, well written. The series dragged a little bit towards the end, but the excellent acting of the 2 main actors kept me going. Worth a watch.
6. Comments by jo [Rating: 9/10]
Really weird story, but I do like this one. Mizuno Miki is one cool girl, can't find someone who will stick for you til the end, even though you're one crazy sonamavich. Thats what her character did, she stayed with a stupid husband after all the things that he had done. A++++
7. Comments by Geezer [Rating: 10/10]
Brilliant. A well acted, well thought out story. Sad, yes. But if you've ever cared for someone who died, or was dying... you immediately attach yourself to these characters. Watabe was amazing, and I think this was Miki Mizuno's best work. Jeez I loved this show.
8. Comments by lawsco [Rating: 8/10]
Very thought provoking. I thought the wife's love for her husband, to the point of allowing him to abandon her was sooo deep! Even his son tried to understand. I was blown away by the concept but my wife was irritated and disagreed vehemently. You make the call!
9. Comments by loveaomori [Rating: 8/10]
Really good acting from Mizuno Miki and the love story between keisuke and Mikiko was beautiful. I still think that Watabe Atsuro is one of the ugliest man in this earth and look so stupid each time he appears on the screen, in all the doramas in played in.
10. Comments by hikaruhana [Rating: 3/10]
I'm a Watabe Atsuro fan so I had to see this. I liked the Keisaku/Mikiko subplot but otherwise, this was a bust. Did Shoichi just not care at all about his son? Kyoko also didn't seem to be upset at his abandonment of their son either. Unbelievable.
11. Comments by yourasthma [Rating: 8/10]
interesting to watch because of the implausibility of the story actually happening. i cant imagine anyone else playing atsuro's role. mizuno was also good, acting wise and as eye candy. wakui was alright but her role was not so likeable.
12. Comments by takezo [Rating: 8/10]
my girlfriend showed her nasty side while watching this one with me; she couldn't believe what was happening and threatened to hurt me if things kept going on course as it was in the series...haha...where's the ben-gay ointment?
13. Comments by jjpsychic2 [Rating: 7/10]
another different drama..the main character leaves all this to live with a former girlfriend so that he can help her as she battles with illness. He has decided to stay with her until the end. Wakui Emi is a pretty good actor..
14. Comments by v1olet [Rating: 10/10]
Very touching and heartwarming family drama. So sad but not a tearjerker one. A wife & son who 'released' their husband/father for a dying other woman. Miki Mizuno is awesome.
15. Comments by Super No. 1 [Rating: 8/10]
Another drama centered around somebody who is terminally ill. You know that it's going to be a sad story, but any drama that makes you care about the characters is always good.
16. Comments by shoebox [Rating: 7/10]
It has a great plot, and unparalleled acting by the cast. So much so that I grew to hate the character Atsuro acted as.
17. Comments by AsanoRin [Rating: 5/10]
I was able to see it free on TV but I would not pay money for it. Still I'm glad I had the chance to see it.
18. Comments by juliana_phang [Rating: 7/10]
in the beginning.. i was hopping for etsuko to die aSAP!.. but in the ending.. i cried a river.. >_<
19. Comments by Azumanga Daioh Fan [Rating: 8/10]
It was a very good Drama!!! I liked it a lot but it is not my favorite. Still, you should see it.
20. Comments by oldasianguy [Rating: 8/10]
This series was OK..especially that dying scene by that woman in the next bed...awesome!!!!!!
21. Comments by sabriel [Rating: 8/10]
its sad. but kinda drones on a bit.
its got great messages tho and wonderful themes.
22. Comments by lovejdorama [Rating: ?/10]
avail for trade! 4-DVDs, Eng Sub
23. Comments by noodlefreak [Rating: 10/10]
I liked this drama. I thought some parts were sad, but the ending is good!
24. Comments by UWFShooter [Rating: ?/10]
Atsuro and Miki together again... and as parents?! Ought to be a winner!
25. Comments by 206 [Rating: 6/10]
What an odd situation and setup this was. Very testing relationships.
26. Comments by Lee-chan [Rating: 9/10]
Very touching story, and excellent acting by all of the characters.
27. Comments by ct_subang [Rating: 5/10]
abe did a great a job in being completely hopeless...nice one...
28. Comments by Mr.ChoyBoi [Rating: 8/10]
Happy ending is all I can say.... good cast of characters...
29. Comments by Milano [Rating: 6/10]
ordinary drama. Just 1 kiss in a love triangle?
30. Comments by thetenken [Rating: 8/10]
Good drama, with good character development.

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Users who voted for this drama (7)
1. tatsx
I love the interestingly fresh angles that this drama dares us to view the nature of relationships from... An excellent gut-check of our sensibilities and personal philosophies in the realm of what intimate relationships are based on. Atsuro Watabe is to be commended for his performance. He takes a character with an eccentric and controversial philosophy on life and love and makes him interesting, likeable and sympathetic. Miki Mizuno also puts in an excellent performance, making her character, who must come to terms with her eccentric husband, believable; and in doing so justifies for us--the viewer--her tried, but untiring empathy for her husband. An Inspired & superb drama.
2. TakiGo
I still cry everytime i hear that beatle's sont
3. AmarnaObsession
So sad, yet captivating. =0)
4. keith863
5. ditmercury
6. Lee-chan