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Fire Boys [ファイアーボーイズ 〜め組の大吾〜]


Drama Details
Title:Fire Boys
ファイアーボーイズ 〜め組の大吾〜
Telecast:2004-01-06 to 2004-03-16
Season:Winter 2004

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:11 Episodes

Daigo has survived six months of hard training to become a firefighter. Right after his graduation ceremony, he rushes to Medaka-ga-oka High School, because he can't wait to tell Shizuka, his former homeroom teacher, that he has finally become a firefighter.

It was Shizuka who recommended that Daigo become a firefighter. When Daigo was still small, he was miraculously rescued from a disastrous fire. Since then, it had always been Daigo's dream to become a firefighter. However, in high school, he had forgotten all about his dream and had no idea of what he wanted to be when he grew up. That was when Shizuka reminded Daigo of his dream.

Daigo gets assigned to Medaka-ga-oka Fire Department, which is located in his hometown. He heads to work with great expectations, but what Daigo sees is far from what he had in mind. The Fire Chief Hajime Gomi, and the rest of the crew seem to be far too undisciplined for firefighters.

As a rookie firefighter, Daigo gets dispatched to put out fires at schools, houses, and save cats stuck on roofs. Working with Hajime and others, Daigo acquires the knowledge and skills necessary for the job. He also learns about teamwork and how difficult it is to save a person's life. Daigo's colleagues are the rookie Shiro, fire truck driver Mahiru, Mitsuru, Hikosuke, Hiroshi, and paramedic Jun. At first, Daigo acts alone without thinking, and is seen as a trouble-maker. However, his instincts as a firefighter are exceptionally sharp, and he soon gains the recognition of his fellow firefighters.

Fire is not the only thing challenging Daigo in this story. While he still has feelings for his first love Shizuka, Mahiru and Jun are also on his mind. Daigo's rival Shiro seems to be after these women too...
Fuji TV

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. ミチシルベ〜a road home〜 [Orange Range]

Actor/Actress Cast (11)
Yamada Takayuki
Asahina Daigo
新人消防士・朝比奈大吾 (18)
Uchiyama Rina
Sonoda Mahiru
消防士・園田まひる (22)
Kondo Jun
救急隊員・近藤純 (19)
Tsukamoto Takashi
Amakasu Shiro
消防士・甘粕士郎 (19)
Katsurayama Shingo
Akaboshi Mitsuru
消防士・赤星みつる (32)
Konishi Manami
Ochiai Shizuka
大吾の元担任・落合静香 (26)
Ishiguro Ken
Taira Shigeru
隊長・平茂 (38)
Kaga Takeshi
Gomi Hajime
所長・五味一 (48)
Hiraizumi Sei
Nukumizu Youichi
Komatsu Takuya

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Drama Reviews (14)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. then he was fired (up) [Rating: 8/10]
I've seen Takayuki Yamada in, Water Boys, the tv series. Heh, I should've known he'll be casted in the opposite-elemental to his previous acting gig, Fire Boys. He did a very neat work on portraying the determined, Shindo, in Water Boys. Now he's a fire fighter blazing with the flames and such.

Fire Boys is a captivating show to watch. It just follows one young boy's path to the career he chose. Whether it involves self-endangerment or with his co-workers, he learns that there's so many reasons to be strong about other than putting out fires. It mainly deals with his fear that still seems to haunt him from his past. A past of what opted him to be a fire fighter.

Other than putting it up with the immense heat. Being scolded by your superiors and cooking the staff's food are another of his chores around the station, whether he likes it or not.

I guess Fire Boy's overall epitome is that sometimes, Daigo tries so hard sometimes that he doesn't know he's actually causing more to make matters worse. And you can't blame him for that, he's a rookie and he only does what he believes is right and for the best - something we (in reality) sometimes do. One more thing, the ED song is a kicker, A Road Home, by Orange Range. It's like a fusion of alt.-rock and rap.
Reviewed by Anjiro on 6 February 2004
2. Not as Entertaining as it was hyped up to be!! [Rating: 5/10]
I was rather disappointed with "Fire Boys". Solely as a drama depicting firefighters an audience can most definitely find better in others such as Touchstone Pictures' "Ladder 49", or even TVB's "Burning Flames". The lack of realism in the fire fighting scenes shows great disrepect for the profession. I strongly doubt any fire fighters in the world would knowingly enter a flaming school without face shields and oxygen masks in place.

As for the acting, well lets just say it could have been better from the leading male and the overall tone of "Fire Boys" was rather... monotone. It doesn't deliver the gripping fear, edge of your seat suspense and the massive relieve an audience might get in associating with a fire fighting drama. In all fairness fire fighting is obiviously not just about the glamorous and heroic. There should be a careful balance in the portrayal. However, "Fire Boys" didn't deliver any of the excitement making what could have been a radiant flame to a smothering one.
Reviewed by acire on 31 January 2005
3. Sad and Funny... [Rating: 9/10]
I enjoyed this drama because of the many funny scenes within it and I have cried in many of the scenes, like when Daigou just tries his hardest, but seems to get into trouble in the process....
The only downside from this drama, is that a TRUE fireman would not be afraid of anything and takes risks without hesitation, but I thought Takayuki was awsome as this character, he did match the one in the manga....and along side Takashi, made the tention rise between the two rivals...
I'd say it was a GREAT dorama and I would recommend for anyone in need of some comedy and sorrow...

Music I thought was weird to be used, but it was a good setting, a bit, for the dorama, but not one that would be PERFECT....the music that was played throughout the serious scenes were excellent, its what made me cry in all those sad scene...
Reviewed by Kirari Ililah on 19 June 2004
4. Entertaining....truly entertaining [Rating: 9/10]
I first was hesitant about watching this because I thought it was going to one of those "teeniebopper" dramas since the title was "FireBOYS". But actually, only the main guy is a kid (ok, his friend too) and the rest are a bunch of grown ups. Also, the story doesn't surround over teen issues either. It deals with a person's struggle to fit in, to prove himself, to grow, etc. I do see this trend now among Japanese dramas; they go through the story in one episode, so you watch something new the next time. Yes, I do admit there are typical themes in this drama that can be viewed as corny or even predictable, but so what? It's a drama and it's entertainment. They tried and succeeded to make this stick along the lines of being realistic but at the same time adding plenty of elements that make this a great "drama".
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 31 July 2004
5. Entertaining....truly entertaining [Rating: 9/10]
I first was hesitant about watching this because I thought it was going to one of those "teeniebopper" dramas since the title was "FireBOYS". But actually, only the main guy is a kid (ok, his friend too) and the rest are a bunch of grown ups. Also, the story doesn't surround over teen issues either. It deals with a person's struggle to fit in, to prove himself, to grow, etc. I do see this trend now among Japanese dramas; they go through the story in one episode, so you watch something new the next time. Yes, I do admit there are typical themes in this drama that can be viewed as corny or even predictable, but so what? It's a drama and it's entertainment. They tried and succeeded to make this stick along the lines of being realistic but at the same time adding plenty of elements that make this a great "drama".
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 31 July 2004
6. inochi o mamoru tameni.. [Rating: 9/10]
i was thinking.. so waterboys is good because it is really a seishun drama.. but now another one but with all "older" people.. somehow it wouldn't appeal to me.. but as i watched on, i laughed and cried (mostly) together with the cast.. it is a great drama with great plots.. and i'm filled with respect for this job.. firefighters saikou..! my favourite character would definitely be amakasu, played by tsukamoto takashi.. he's the main reason i wanted to watch this, but as time went on, i grew to like his character a lot.. <3 all the cast did great.. they really made the character theirs with their superb acting.. watch it if you want to feel really touched at the way daigo would go all out to save a person.. i kept thinking if the person trapped was me, how grateful i would be for those shouboushi..
Reviewed by arashinokoto on 11 May 2004
7. Yamada almost ruins it [Rating: 3/10]
Honestly, I felt that Yamada Takayuki's character was horrible... almost to the point of ruining the entire series. For most of the series, he's basically a violence prone punk, easily being set off, and almost beating innocent people up. Of course, this might be the case with a lot of the bosozoku punks in Japan right now, but I don't think it belongs in this drama.

In my opinion only the last 3 episodes really save this drama from being a complete disaster, and only because Daigo actually grows up a little.

I watched this series for Mimura.
Reviewed by yukster on 4 January 2006
8. Daigo is Cute [Rating: 9/10]
This is a good show.. feels exciting whever they try to put out the fire and other incidents that happened. "discovered" that daigo is cute!! :)

One good show that surprises me, since i was only interested in seeing manami-chan... but then again, she only appeared for a few scenes. uchiyama rina is exceptionally beautiful in this show... and found that she can act better. once again a recommended show.
Reviewed by cass_dust on 30 May 2004
9. good [Rating: 8/10]
It'.s one of those dramas that you need to at least like one of the actors to truly enjoy. It doesn't have a very deep story, a little sureal too at times (as in it wouldn't happen this way.. not just the main character's behavior), but.. it does have a strong lead actor with a good supporting cast. Some parts are really good and worth watching. I salute the appearances of Oguri Shun and Matoba Koji!
Reviewed by Nermal on 16 February 2005
10. ACTION, ACTION, ACTION!! [Rating: 10/10]
This would have to be Yamada Takayuki's most exhausting role to date. Running in and out of fire in extremely high temperatures, carrying 50kg dummies running, etc. Director had very high standards and schedule ran behind a lot of the time. Poor Yamada hardly got any sleep during the 3-4 months of shooting. It's most action packed drama I've ever seen.
highly recommended!!
Reviewed by yt on 8 February 2005
11. A Major Drag. [Rating: 6/10]
Although this drama had some good points, such as solid characters and some touchy moments, it is really draggy. While at times it can be good, the story was episodic. Episodic shows can be good once in a while when you have some added elements into it, but this one was a bit too slow pace and boring at times.
Reviewed by mrsmith10 on 2 March 2011
12. Touching~~~ [Rating: 8/10]
Drama with good theme song~~~ But then the story is a bit expected for me, not much surprised. Still, Takayuki and Tsukamoto did a great job. If the cast Rina can be replaced by another actress then will be better for me. Haa~ P/S: Shun should act more in it, he is so attractive~~~
Reviewed by clcs85 on 13 January 2005
13. hmm... [Rating: 8/10]
I probably wouldn't have watched this drama if I wasn't a fan of Yamada Takayuki, but it was an exciting drama overall. Some of the scenes were so sad. I loved the ending theme, michishirube by orange range.
Reviewed by noodlefreak on 16 May 2006
14. haha [Rating: 9/10]
good show.. (-_-)
Reviewed by byakugan_hyuuga on 5 February 2004

Comments From Users (57)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by DragonSpirit164 [Rating: 9/10]
This is an excellent drama!!! I enjoyed it all the way through as the storylines were varied and good. It shows all the trials and tribulations of being a firefighter.. from pranks calls, arsonists to even the death of a member of the team... Daigo's selfless spirit really inspired me.. and I really had this immense respect for his character all the way through.. Also, Uchiyama Rina is getting cuter and cuter with each passing drama :P On the down side, the theme music is one of the worst I've heard for a drama though.. really didn't like it at all... Otherwise, this is a really enjoyable drama for those in need of inspiration haha.. Highly Recommended!~
2. Comments by kneehard [Rating: 2/10]
This dorama had such potential to be a good drama: First, nobody has done a fireman dorama yet (as far as I knew). Secondly, the cast was full of promising young actors and actresses with a few great senior actors.

BUT, I find the dorama so very annoying due to the main protagonist just trying too damn hard. In every single episode he's got a challenge to face, and in every damn episode he'll work at it so hard till tears run down his face and at the end of every frigging episode he'll succeed. I didn't even finish this one due to the lack of hardsubs from episode 6 onwards, but seriously that was enough.
3. Comments by uchi23 [Rating: 10/10]
this was relli one of the best dramas i've seen. Daigo (yamada takayuki) is really the best young actor in japan. in his character he is able to portray a brave and passionate fire fighter. the rest of characters were also very well cast. My other favorite character in the drama is Mahiru (uchiyama rina). She plays this independent and passionate fire fighter. I was a little sad that her and Daigo didnt like each other. But all of the rescues and the stories of each victim were very interesting. THis drama has very nice moral message and overall warm message. A must watch!!
4. Comments by Sorata [Rating: 7/10]
A very good dorama, lacked a bit of romance but overall was pretty good, good acting and interesting characters.
Yamada Takayuki was good as usual, Mahiru(Uchiyama Rina) and Amakasu(Tsukamoto Takashi) were pretty good characters too.
I loved the scenes of Amakatsu and Daigo competing during training to enter the Rescue team.
At the begining Daigo(Yamada Takayuki) is a little annoying but then you grow to like the character.
The ending was cool but i expected more interaction between Daigo and Jun(Mimura) and not just a quick one sided confession.
5. Comments by Kirari Ililah [Rating: 8/10]
GREAT Comedy, Yamada Takayuki fits this character, and along side Tsukamoto Takashi as the rival, made it more superb. I cried in many of the scenes for it is not only funny but sad, the music that was playing in the background made me tear even more, I JUST COULDN'T HELP IT!
Although the life of a new fireman is not like the one in the dorama, I'd say its a great story of triumph....even though Daigo fails at some point, he still tries his hardest and gains the appreciation he deserves from the many people that he rescues...
6. Comments by Nermal [Rating: 8/10]
The first few episodes are a bummer... main character tends to get annoying ^^; It starts picking up a little about halfway through.

Not one of those 'must-see' but enjoyable to some extent. I reallt thoguht the beginning dragged too much and the main character really can get annoying (as much as I love Yamada Takayuki). A very interesting and good supporting cast, good acting.. but the story really only gets better about halfway through. I salute the appearances of Oguri Shun and Matoba Koji! ^^
7. Comments by IniQx [Rating: 8/10]
Japanese dramas like to feature certain occupations i realised. From schools to hospitals to pilots to this, firemen. Anyway, it's always nice to learn about some on-the-job details. Rather nice drama with a couple of touching scenes. Especially like the episode where an old man sets his house on fire on purpose just to see Mahiru (starred by Uchiyama Rina). That was the most touching episode ever!
8. Comments by yume [Rating: 6/10]
I thought this was going to be a dud from when I first saw the commercial, and unfortunately, it kind of is. Following around Daigo and his various silly personal battles with being a super-great firefighter is, well...trivial. For people who like this kind of, "Me vs. The world!" mentality drama, it's perfect. As for me, I want a thicker plot and more characters I can relate to.
9. Comments by nishishi [Rating: 7/10]
Nice dorama... Fun to watch, pretty good plot and an amazing cast. One annoying point on Fire Boys is the attempt to make a love triange... it didnt worked out neither added nthing to the show. Manami char could be easily removed from the dorama (maybe it would even improve the quality of the show...). Endind is predictable but still fun! Worth a try....
10. Comments by enen_shun [Rating: 9/10]
okay ~ i bought this show because of Shun ~ haa ~~ but have to admit this drama has really good and strong storyline !!! every single episode touched me .... i liked Shun's performance in episode 2 when he appear as guest ... Daigo is a very cute character .... a person full with dreams and ambition ~~ a worth watch drama !!
11. Comments by natzumi [Rating: 10/10]
A great drama showing the hardship of fire fighters. Yamada really shines in this drama, but his aggresive behaviors are tad bit overplayed. This drama is well written and Yamada's character developed and realize what he is meant to do at the end. Thumbs up for Fire Boys.
12. Comments by syu77 [Rating: 9/10]
I really enjoy this drama. Start watching it from 10 at night till 6 in the morning. It lift my spirit up to be good in whatever you are doing. Everyone in this drama is very good and I really like watching chairman kaga in this drama.
13. Comments by nienna [Rating: 7/10]
this is a must to watch! it tells of a fireman with a determination so strong, he has managed to change a lot of lives. Even though he doesn't look promising, he turned out quite differently than what we would've expected~~
14. Comments by arashinokoto [Rating: 9/10]
woah.. i loved it..! filled with touching stories.. and also reality.. i loved the cast.. especially amakasu!! tsuka-chan kakkoii.. yamada takayuki did a great job.. katsurayama shingo looks good here too..
15. Comments by Maxrobo [Rating: 7/10]
Instructive (not only about how rookies can be stupid and irritating) and enjoyable.
I like the opening theme , it's really a great piece of music (the same kind of music in Umizaru evolution).
16. Comments by g_hunter1 [Rating: 7/10]
The story involves a young man by the name of Daigo who is good at fighting games. Um just kidding. Not that Daigo. Well he was fascinated by firemen since he was rescued by one.
17. Comments by raku [Rating: 4/10]
Meh. Actually Stopped watching this mid-season because I was sick of the main character...mostly I was attracted by Tsukamoto Takashi and Kaga Takeshi (aka CHAIRMAN KAGA!)
18. Comments by dbesthair23 [Rating: 8/10]
Really good, Yui is as always an amazing actress even though she's not the main role, when she's there she takes the screen. Nice drama depicting life of a firefighter.
19. Comments by yt [Rating: 10/10]
Excellent drama that totally, wholesomely fullfilled the reason for watching... TO ENTERTAIN!!! DON'T MISS IT! YOU WON'T BE DISSAPPOINTED!!!!!
20. Comments by aiscess [Rating: 9/10]
I've only watched 3 episodes but this is really the series that I've longed to watched so please sub the remaining episodes already :0
21. Comments by natni [Rating: 7/10]
ok story....but yamada...i mean daigo character is too emotional....as far as i remember...every episodes he cried...so so drama....
22. Comments by DJ [Rating: 9/10]
quite a bit exaggerated. But if you can suspend your disbelief, this drama is avery exciting drama. Very good filming of the fires.
23. Comments by joychin [Rating: 7/10]
At the beginning it was rather boring... but i continued because of takashi tsukamoto ^^ .I'm not a big fan of takayuki yamada
24. Comments by ct_subang [Rating: 8/10]
interesting drama...its abt time they made a drama abt firefighters..but y does dango has to cry so much??overall....nice...
25. Comments by Aunty Coco [Rating: 8/10]
I watch this show when I was feeling really down... It was a very inspiring show... Suitable when u need a morale booster...
26. Comments by Q-chan [Rating: 7/10]
Watching this dorama just because Tsukamoto Takashi. Love him in this dorama. I like the overall story, touchy...
27. Comments by mammothb [Rating: 7/10]
better than i expected, didn't know that there are so many sub division under firefighters o.o
28. Comments by gaijinmark [Rating: 7/10]
The old "newcomber full of enthusiasm meets the real world" cliche. Nothing really special.
29. Comments by noodlefreak [Rating: 9/10]
I really really liked it! I thought that the actors did well and I like the theme song!
30. Comments by tInoltin [Rating: 9/10]
AMAZING!!!! Yamada's great... I love the castings there.... Yamada, Takashi, Rina....

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Users who voted for this drama (8)
1. yukari_no_hoshi
It managed to make me laugh and cry, actually I don't think there wasn't one episode where I didn't laugh and cry as well!!! I got into watching fire fighter stories because of this drama!
2. Selena
takayuli's acting is very great!! very nice drama!!
3. yt
Excellent Action Drama~~~
highly recommended!!
4. AerialAsian
Funy and touching lol
5. xShinOx
very good
6. kinoy
7. hdice
8. jdoramafan44