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Love Revolution [ラブレボリューション]



Drama Details
Title:Love Revolution
Telecast:2001-04-09 to 2001-06-25
Season:Spring 2001

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:12 Episodes

A romantic comedy about women in their 30's

For everyone who still remembers "Suteki na Kataomoi," "Tokyo Love Story," "101st Proposal," prepare yourselves for even more of those same touching moments again.

Breaking the tradition of the main character for a Monday night drama being a woman in her 20's, Makiko Esumi stars as Kyoko Asaoka, a 32-year-old heart surgeon working at a hospital in Tokyo. Men tend to shy away from the tall, well-educated and well-paid Kyoko because they see her as a woman that can do things on her own. The truth of the matter is that Kyoko is just unlucky in love. She is also old-fashioned, and wants to fall in love just like anyone else, but has a hard time showing her real self to men.
Fuji TV

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (2)
1. Kiss of life [Hirai Ken 平井堅]LYRICS ]
2. Way to love [Karasawa Miho]LYRICS ]

Actor/Actress Cast (14)
Esumi Makiko
Asaoka Kyoko (31)
Yonekura Ryoko
Endo Mariko (25)
Fujiki Naohito
Suga Eiichiro
Oshio Manabu
Yabuki Mamoru
Yamazaki Ginnojou
Yoshida Kiyoshi
Yamamoto Keiichi
Fukuda Takuya
Sakai Miki
Egawa Yoshie
Toda Maiko
Katagiri Akiko
Matsumoto Rumi
Takatsuki Fumiko
Nishioka Tokuma
Katagiri Kenzo
Hori Tsukasa
Ariyoshi Chiharu
Kazama Toru
Kogure Kyoshiro
Hara Kumiko
Tayama Ryosei

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Drama Reviews (61)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. A Mature Love Story [Rating: 9/10]
This is one of the few dramas that got me hooked right from the first episode. I remember finishing the first episode and thinking �gwow, this one is gonna be good�h. And it was!

I started watching Love Revolution because Yonekura Ryoko was in it, and continued to watch it because of Esumi Makiko. What a beautiful, talented actress! I�fm surprised I haven�ft been exposed to her before, and I�fve quickly become a fan!

Although the love story is �gtypical�h, the plot is not. It was handled with a lot of maturity befitting the situation of the main characters. The interaction between the characters was very real and their reactions to each other were raw and true. I was glad to come upon a drama where the main conflict for the female character was between career and marriage. The main female character was strong and stubborn and willful, and I was glad that she didn�ft have to sacrifice herself for happiness. This is the type of message that should be portrayed to young female viewers�c not the trash that seems to make up some dramas.

I was a little unsettled by Suga (played by Fujiki Naohito) but it wasn�ft until the end that I realized that the viewer IS supposed to feel unsettled. Everything was cleared up at the end. Esumi Makiko was perfect in the role of Dr. Asaoka, and Yonekura Ryoko, as always, was brilliant as the charming, silly, but deep Endo Mariko. With such a gorgeous cast, it�fs hard NOT to like this show.

The end was a little too perfect, but I was glad that it was. It balanced all the angst throughout the drama. If you�fre a mature viewer looking for something you can relate to on a personal level, this is the perfect drama! I loved it, and highly recommend it to all.
Reviewed by Wynter on 26 May 2007
2. BEST dorama! [Rating: 10/10]
This has got to be the BEST dorama I've ever seen! (And really, it's not overrated) Great and surprising plot, great acting and chemistry between main characters is just superb! Particularly love the plot up to the point when Suga and Kyoko separate, but the last half was kinda draggy (probably cos I more and more can't wait till Suga-Kyoko is reunited!!)
Naohito is drop-dead gorgeous... wondering how come I only realize it now... And love this character Suga.. though sometimes he's so annoying with the playboy attitude, but he definitely made it it up at the end of each episode ^-^ Best scene: the 3 major kissing shots :) (their first meeting, under the rain and the aquarium scene!) This is one of dramas that I actually watched it all over again right after I finished watching, just in case there something I missed the first time around!
Reviewed by c_linxi on 9 August 2004
3. Absolutely Wonderful! [Rating: 10/10]
I had seen the VCD many times, but never bought it because it was going to show on television. So, I decided to watch the first episode, before buying it. After I watched the first two eps, I absolutely fell in love with the show! The show is funny and very romantic as well. The cast in the show also did a very good job. Even though Esumi Makiko and Fujiki Naohito have a 6 yrs age gap in real-life, they still did a really good job at playing the lovers, Kyoko Asaoka and Suga Eiichiro. Esumi Makiko's really pretty in the show. Fujiki Naohito is also really cute in the show, he looks different than when he was in GTO. Every character was very well-done in the show. The soundtrack is also very good. I will never forget this or anything about it. I also highly recommend this show to everyone. This is a must to watch!
Reviewed by carol_liu on 10 December 2001
i don't know why everyone gives very high marks for this story. to me, the story is very slow. it's plain and ordinary. nothing special about it. the chemistry does not exist between makiko esumi and fujiki naohito. they are a very ODD and WEIRD couple. too many illogical 'coincidences' occur; when mariko 'accidentally' sees yabuki coming out from kyoko's apartment, when mariko 'accidentally' sees yabuki kissing kyoko, when mariko 'just happen' to come to kyoko's working place while at the same time yabuki also comes to confess his love, when suga 'just happen' to step into the bar while yabuki 'just happen' to be kissing kyoko. well, i think those who gives high marks were overwhelm by fujiki-chan and oshio-chan charms. i can't really blame them though xD
Reviewed by Fyxyse on 18 January 2005
5. ~^* WOW *^~ [Rating: 9/10]
Definitely one of my favorite drama. Be sure to own one. Since the 1st episode, I fell in love with the drama.

[ Love is like waiting for Taxi, when we're not looking they are everywhere. When we needed one, it's always occupied....] (so true)
fujiki is really cute, but I keep wishing that esumi will choose oshio at the end!! Oshio is so loyal to esumi. Well, after all, it's worth watching. p.s Esumi is such a great actress, funny, beautiful, looking forward to all her drama.

p.s. Does anyone know when I can download Jdrama theme songs? mp3? I've been looking everywhere. Please HELP me out~
Reviewed by Aimee on 19 July 2002
6. Bleargh!!! Sorry, I didn't like it [Rating: 5/10]
Since I watched Makiko at Over Time, I tried to watch all dramas she did. She's pretty good, pretty funny and has such a great charisma! But maybe she's the only good thing in this drama series - Naohito and Manabu also, but because they're gorgeous, not because their acting skills are good.
The story is boring, the characters just didn't that impressive perfomance (just Makiko, as always), and it is too "wilted": there is no emotion on it (is this cast's fault or director's fault?).
But if you're a fan of Manabu or Naohito, it worths watching, they're simply gorgeous on it.
Reviewed by shiruchsn on 13 November 2004
7. Pretty good [Rating: 7/10]
After watching Esumi Makiko in 'OverTime', i was hooked...i think she's just so beautiful and can be both serious and funny too. This dorama is quite a good one though i thought the ending was a little too good to be true. It's got loads of eye candy..just check out Makiko and her good friend...their hair, their clothes..whoa !
I love the theme song by Ken Hirai..and i also like the black and white shots of them in formal clothes sitting on the chairs--very classy looking.
Reviewed by esther27 on 9 January 2002
8. Over and over again..... [Rating: 10/10]
This is a show I will watch over and over again, I have watched about 6 times already. ok ok, I admit I like Fujiki, but you must agree that the plot is good right? oh, i like Esumi too, she looks so beautiful in the show. Wow, I cried with her when Suga-san left (ah yes, I imagine myself to be her in the show, haha!).

For those who like Fujiki, do not miss high school teacher 2003. The plot is fantastic and....go and watch, I don't want to spoil it for you.
Reviewed by ladyelf on 21 June 2003
9. Greatness! [Rating: 9/10]
This drama rox. Everyone is very natural! Fujiki Naohito is sooo charming. Oshio Manabu was great as the lovelorn boy. Yonekura Ryoko was beautiful. But the best of the best has to be Esumi Makiko!!!! she is so charming... When she is serious, she is so professional you really respect her, when she is funny, you really laugh your pants off... Long Live Esumi!

And yes. the theme songs were fabulous... I wanted the soundtrack but i couldnt find it in singapore.
Reviewed by Prisc on 16 November 2001
10. Enjoyable [Rating: 8/10]
A pretty decent dorama. Makiko is a great lead actress and Fujiki Naohito plays a character he is quite familiar with interpreting. The rest of the cast do a fine supporting job with kudos to Ryoko for a lively performance. The only drawback of this series was the weakness of the plot in the second half as the series started to drag and the dorama seemed to lack the freshness with which it began. A fine job nevertheless and an enjoyable dorama overall.
Reviewed by Shindou on 14 November 2007
11. wonder y the big fuss ? o_o [Rating: 7/10]
i searched high and low for this drama due to rave reviews & ratings. however, now tat i have it, i couldnt bring myself to actually finish the whole set in one piece.
it is of course a decent drama, with nice soundtrack & a great line of cast. but the story is not as engaging as i've expected it to be. maybe it's just bcoz i'm used to more creative & fast-paced recent dramas. or maybe i simply had too high a hope on this.
Reviewed by youhei_mito on 6 February 2006
12. LOVE REVOLUTION [Rating: 10/10]
This show is really really FANTASTIC! From the first episode after it was screened in S'pore, i've been taping them all down. I've even gone to buy the VCD. I personally feel that it's worth going into my collection of drama serials. Naohito Fujiki is very dashing as Suga-san... He exudes charm with every gesture. The show was very well-paced and managed to keep me glued to the box. i'm now a die-hard Naohito Fan :)
Reviewed by mel on 20 February 2002
13. A 'MUST WATCH' Jap. Drama!!!!! [Rating: 10/10]
Wow! It is one of the best jap. dramas that I have ever watch! So nice and there will always have climax in every episodes that makes u can't stop watching! So excellent! Moreover, Fujiki Naohito is soooooooo cool and good looking! And acts very well too, as well as Esumi Makiko! Although she is 6 yrs older than Fujiki Naohito, they really seem to have some kind of chemistry!Very nice! MUST WATCH!
Reviewed by jtqy on 20 December 2001
14. Somewhat Disappointing [Rating: 7/10]
Sorry to disagree with everybody, but the soundtrack was mediocre at best, and the opening track bugged the hell out of me... Bleah.

The performances were okay, but the flashbacks distracted from the story... I expected a lot more, particularly after reading the other reviews and comments...

I plan to watch it again in the near future... Maybe I'll feel differently about it...
Reviewed by bmwracer on 7 August 2003
15. Must See! [Rating: 10/10]
Wonderful show! I purchased this set on VCD and DVD, too. Great show, though I thought the last three episodes was a ping-pong tournament. I wish that they took care more of the transition and I miss the little pre story line (taxi, missing sock, packing for trips, umbrella and such). Nevertheless, a beautiful story of love/sacrifice, friendship and great looking guys & gals!
Reviewed by mauvymauvy on 24 August 2002
16. Awesome LR [Rating: 10/10]
This dorama is awesome . Even though in real life she have a wide age difference with the 2 male leads , they have a great chemistry ! I love the way they show the love philosopy before the start of the episodes ! The soundtrack especially Cinderella by Akiko was fantastic ! Hopefully Fuji TV can cast Makiko & Naohito in another dorama together again !!!!
Reviewed by salsayanni on 17 December 2001
17. more than a 10 star rating actually [Rating: 10/10]
let me say that this is the most brillant jap drama that i've watched especially if u r a esumi makkiko n naohito fujiki fan.the storyline is great and every part is interesting.if think u have a boring weekend,get out of ur house and get one copy of it now!u won't regret it...in fact i was so hooked to it, i watched the drama over and over again :P
Reviewed by nao_fan2001 on 27 February 2002
18. Revolutionesed Love, The Best [Rating: 10/10]
Man! What A Dorama! Full of suspense superb twists, that if you're biting your nails you'll probably end up munching your fingers without realising it! Spectacular from the start to the finish and Hirai Ken's Kiss of Life and other soundtracks are simply mesmerising! Esumi Makiko looks great here and 'click' with Naohito Fujiki! MUST WATCH!!
Reviewed by Hide on 23 February 2002
19. annoying [Rating: 2/10]
this drama annoyed the hell out of me. the female lead actor was absolutely horrid! why did she have to wear those ugly clothes... white socks and black pumps? and when i finally started to like her better, she picks the doofus! jeez.

if you want to annoy yourself to death, watch this. you just might find yourself yelling at the tv.
Reviewed by baybay2bonbon on 25 July 2004
20. Love Love Revolution [Rating: 9/10]
A splendid love story with a side of humour.Esumi Makiko fits in the role well as a docter who yearns for a man.The show is especially sugar candy in the first half.However the last few episodes of Yabuki's character appears disappointing.Still,it is certainly a two thumbs-up drama.Like Long Vacation,it has a great soundtrack too.
Reviewed by Dixie on 9 December 2001
21. i love this comic ! [Rating: 10/10]
wow! i really don't know how to express my excitement! 'cause i just watched this drama not long before,but i really can't help myself loving it! this is not only comic, but also a romantic love story for all who are waiting the true love! excellent!

all the actors and actresses in this drama are so good! i love them! yeah!
Reviewed by Vicky8800 on 21 June 2003
22. sweet n heartfelt drama.... [Rating: 8/10]
well, i really like this show.... loved esumi makiko (she's so sexy!!!)!!! she's the main reason y i even buy this.... fujiki naohito was pretty gd as well (although i nv saw him b4 this).... veri sweet drama and a few scenes really broke my heart.... loved the ending as well.... and of course loved ken hirai "kiss of life"...
Reviewed by ben_soh23 on 11 March 2005
23. Love Revolution [Rating: 6/10]
I don't understand why this dorama is such a big deal. It's a typical boy gets girl story.....that's understandable since most doramas are like that. The thing is though, the boy keeps showing that he isn't much of a catch himself so it was hard for me to wish for a happy ending. But I did enjoy the music.
Reviewed by Slackey on 24 January 2002
24. L-O-V-E [Rating: 10/10]
The word L-O-V-E has been interpreted beautifully thru the acting, the script and of course not forgeting the director's hard work...Esumi Makiko and Naohito Fujiki look good together! LOVE REVOLUTION connotates the full aspect of love. A must watch for people who're in love, and those who believe in LOVE!
Reviewed by Freestyler on 6 January 2005
25. Love revolves but its wheel squeaks [Rating: 3/10]
Another dame-without-a-brain falling for Mr. Wrong story. Here, the patient with the brainectomy happens to be a classy and attractive 32 year-old heart surgeon. Are we supposed to feel for her when she gets hurt and humiliated? 3 points for the nice little intros at the begining of each ep.
Reviewed by shari on 21 December 2006
26. No Big Deal [Rating: 6/10]
I don't understand why people think this dorama is so great. I fell for the hype and purchased it in DVD. It was just ok, I guess. It started out great, but dragged toward the middle, and toward the end it was almost excruciating. Also Ryoko Yonekura looks more cross-eyed that usual here.
Reviewed by effronterie on 10 April 2005
27. Naohito very kakkoii!! [Rating: 10/10]
i wanted to buy the drama earlier on but it is going to be shown on tv so i waited...but when i watched the 1st episode...fell in love with it...naohito very shuai...! both male and female leads also very shuai and chio...i also like the first part of the drama...i will cherish it too...
Reviewed by hitchiker on 24 December 2001
28. Esumi can operate on me anytime she wants [Rating: 9/10]
I really thought Esumi was the glue that kept my interest in the show. I thought she did a great playing the surgeon. For me the first half of the drama is the best. The second half just breaks down with her bouncing back and for between the two men leads more than a ping pong ball.
Reviewed by warren.mcclendon on 10 April 2002
29. Excellente LOve Revolution [Rating: 10/10]
I like this drama...coooll story...i like Fujiki Naohito dan Esumi Makiko in this drama..both of them have some chemistry together...great actin...funny, romantic and make your heart melts at Fujiki Naohito...Go LOve REvolution!!!...I will cherish this drama forever...
Reviewed by Lilynadia on 29 November 2001
30. NaoHito!!! [Rating: 10/10]
I Love NaoHito Fujiki!!! His character in the show is not bad... And He is SOOO Cute!!! the Songs in the show are great... Entertaining cast and the little quotes in the beginning of each show abt love by Esumi Makiko is really interesting!!! A Must Watch Show!!!
Reviewed by stellaowen on 2 January 2002

Read all 61 reviews from users

Comments From Users (186)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by ajiemah [Rating: 9/10]
Vol 1: Taxi
Love is like waiting for taxi. There isn't any taxi available
when you are waiting for them. They are either no taxi or the taxis
are taken by others. This makes me anxious. Just when I have decided
to go to another street, many empty taxis come in sight for me.

Vol 2: Love Season
In the morning just when I was about to go out, I am puzzled if I
should take an umbrella with me. Most of the time, I bring an
umbrella with me. It is taking a good precaution to avoid regrets.
However, it seems like this may not be a wise decision at the time.

Vol 3: Woman in love
There will always be a pair of shoes that don't fit you in your
shoe cabinate. It is too tight, but it seems to be just nice when
you try it our before buying. Thus, I bought the pair of shoes. I
never really think of the consequences of buying this pair of unfit
shoes and I just want to enjoy the feeling procession. Everyone
would have this experience.

Vol 4: Love Holidays
We are puzzled about what to bring for our vocation. Making a
decision is difficult and so is carrying the luggage. Since we have
brought it there, we shall pretent that we are tired. In another
words, we are trying to make ourselves tired by coming on a
vocation. In the end, we are so tired that we don't have to
strength to unpack our luggage and it is at a critical time.

Vol 5: Love Sick
Sometimes, we lost 1 sock. It should be somewhere in the house.
However, I failed to find it despite countless search. Thus, we
throw away the other one. Unexpectedly, we have found the lost sock.
It's many times happier than we first buy the sock. We can't bare
to throw away this useless sock.

Vol 6: Love Gap
When I have to use a 1000 yen note because I am short of a 10 yen
coin, I am reluntant to use it. Having think that I shouldn't have
bought that chewing gum in the morning, I would not have faced this
problem now. A trival matter has caused me trouble. I wouldn't have
thought of this when I bought the chewing gum.

Vol 7: Love Question
When I come across little personality test in magazines, I would
always go for it. When I don't get a satisfactory answer, I would
go back to the questions and answer them again. The answer we got
the second time is far from reality. When we do this repeatedly,
the answer is further and further away from the reality.

Vol 8: Love Airport
When I am trying to give way to the person in front, he moves in
the same direction as I am. When I move to the other side, he
follows. Finally, both of us decides to stand still.

Vol 9: Love Revamp
In examination, I would like to check the answers again. At that
time, I would always think that the other answer is a better choice.
Finally, I choose the other answer. However, the first answer is
often the correct one.
2. Comments by apple_grenade [Rating: 10/10]
I love Fujiki and Oshio! Lets get that out of the way. Okay, then. The whole cast is superb and delivered memorable and outstanding performances; great job there. I like how they start of each episode with Dr. Asaoka rattling off a fact of her life / love, and we later get to see how that plays out. A lot of it is true, I find, for example, the 'waiting for taxi and none would come' part in the first episode. Each of the characters had a purpose and served it marvelously. My fav one is Mari-chan, SHE MAKES ME CRY SO MANY TIMES! I love the plot, and the fact that it is not a straight out happy ending one would expect out of a drama of this genre. The tilte "Love REVOLUTION" is very well-picked and fits the storyline perfectly. I love the banter between the casts. I am amazed at how the writer managed to think up that bit where Mari-chan and Mamoru made love to the capital cities of the world - a bit of genius there - and other little things like that. Keeps everything interesting. I cried three buckets during the Suga/Asaoka goodbye telephone scene. The OST is one of the best in drama history, packed with as much heartwrenching tunes as there is heartwarming ones. I especially love the theme songs! This drama was such an emotional rollercoaster, for the characters and the audience. An excellent one, this was.
3. Comments by michelle [Rating: 9/10]
Okay...just completed this 5 minutes ago. ^_^ Ureshi ne...this drama is really good. After this drama, I realised that I fell deeply in love with Fujiki Naohito. This is the first time I've seen his drama. Not bad ya! ^_^ He's so good looking. Anyway, before I watch this drama, I read through some reviews and some people wrote that this drama isn't good and it's a flop! Well, I disagree with them. This drama is worth watching especially the first half of the drama. Towards the last 3 episodes, things get a bit draggy but overall, it is still good! I like all the scenes where Suga-san and Kyoko are together. They make such a sweet couple. ^_^ Anyway, I would give this drama a 10 if not for the last 3 episodes. Oh yeah! One more important factor of this drama! The theme song! I truly like Ken Hirai's Kiss of Life. It suits this drama. Sigh...how I adore this drama! There was one particular scene which I really like which is the part where Suga-san was with Kyoko san at the place where they sell aquarium fishes...so cute~ ^_^ So, everyone out there, watch this!
Note: Another thing which I really like about this drama is the music! Fabulous songs...even those sub-songs being played all the time. Grab the soundtrack as well! You won't regret it~ ^_^
4. Comments by leilawinters [Rating: 9/10]
A great romance. I dislike sap and childish, superficial love stories where the protagonists make no sense and somehow manage to get together.

Love Revolution is pretty different. Firstly, it deals with characters in their thirties who have established professions and goals they are working towards. In the beginning, it seems pretty typical lurvy durvy fare, but after awhile, the maturity of the characters develop. Neither is used to sharing anything with another person, so they have a hard time establishing a "real" relationship.

Each episode starts with a metaphor that doubles as a slice-of-life lesson as well as a lesson in love, and all the trials and tribulations that follow. There are some that are disappointing, but I enjoyed reading into each opening's metaphor and trying to apply it to Kyoko and Suga's relationship.

What stands out for me with this drama is that "love" is not the answer to solving everyone's problems. Actual problem-solving is needed and sometimes people's goals and desires are just irreconcilable. Refreshing with a touch of realism that resonates.
5. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 9/10]
The romance drama for all romance drama lovers. Esumi Makiko plays the strong, independent, and highly intelligent Asaoka Kyoko, an internal medicine surgeon for a major hospital. However, because of how demanding her job is, she rarely has time to look for love. The sad thing is she has already over thirty! But as things start to look bad for her and when she has finally given up on marriage entirely, two men begin to pop into her life. Suga Eiichiro and Yabuki Mamoru.

A great drama with lots of twists and turns in the romance factor. Esumi Makiko does a wonderful job portraying Kyoko-san, the elegant and smart surgeon. Her little analogies between love and things that happen in daily life are very memorable and was a great way to start off an episode.

Fujiki Naohito definitely gave an alluring appeal to the newsreporter, Suga-san. His cool and direct approaches to situations were done very well. Oshio Manabu also portrays a very convincing actor/bartender who secretly has a crush on the doctor.

It was a great drama all around and I would highly recommend it.
6. Comments by temmahkrik [Rating: 7/10]
This was a nicely-paced series that would probably go over best with an older viewer with more mature tastes. The drama here is mainly internal; characters have to hide their feelings quite a lot, and most of the turmoil is played out in tight shots of actors' faces. We get only glimpses what they really feel as the drama unfolds. I do feel like the show lost itself a bit around episodes eight, nine, and ten; the conflicts felt a little forced. But it's worth getting through to get to the last two episodes, which have nicely satisfying resolutions (even if a couple aren't totally believable).

The chemistry between the lead couple--Asaoka (Esumi Makiko) and Suga (Fujiki Naohito)--is great, and Asaoka's best friend Mariko (Yonekura Ryoko) is a conflicted character with some depth (which can be lacking sometimes in secondary characters in dorama).

LOVE REVOLUTION might be a bit slow or boring for viewers who are used to more comedy or high-tension drama and cliffhangers, but it's a satisfying series for those willing to give it a try.
7. Comments by ginger ale [Rating: 9/10]
Is love really like waiting for a taxi? Mmmm I don't have the answer to that one until after I viewed the jdorama. I love the chemistry of the actors and actresses in this drama and how real it is. They kiss when they want to kiss and say what they want to say. There is none of that "virginal" theme that seems to run through korean dramas. Makiko Esumi as the doctor Asako Kyoko is elegant, beautiful, funny and lovable. Fujiki Naohito as the TV reporter is believable and too good looking. Ryoko Yonekure as Endo Mariko the best friend is charming and enduring. Oshio Manabu as actor Yabuki Mamoru is intense and sexy---- gosh he has the sexiest lips ever, next to my Takuya Kimura.The plot is real in the sense that in life, people in relationship don't always end up happily married. But love that endures through obstacles will always seek out the beloved. I really love the ending. So desu ne.
8. Comments by dnie [Rating: 9/10]
prepared to be swooned by how dashing Fujiki Naohito is in this drama or how enchantingly beautiful Esumi makiko is. I know i was.
this dorama is a love story between a top surgeon, played by Esumi Makiko who fails to find true love. What she really wishes for is a love beyond ordinary and that's what she got. Come the womanizing charimg Fujiki to melt her heart to gain some news(coz he's a top journalist) but he also found himself melted by the kiss they share(clue:aaaahh..) what ensues are love triangles or pentagon,
heartcahe and err..heartache. But when u know who your true love is, even when ucant be with him, it's fine as long as your heart loves him and he knows it too.err..i think this's what the story is about..
9. Comments by Sorata [Rating: 6/10]
Good acting and solid plot but i just couldn�Lt care less about all of the characters, there wasn�Lt a single character i liked in this dorama and that�Ls the reason why i don�Lt rate this dorama higher.
I hated the changes in Yabuki�Ls(Oshio Manabu) character after he became rich, he was a cool character(when compared with the others) until then.
And Suga(Fujiki Naohito) was a weird character, at first he looks like a player with the women and sudenly he became this romantic serious guy...
Anyway don�Lt get fooled by my coment, this is actually a good dorama but not my kind of thing.
10. Comments by Szabotage [Rating: 10/10]
Oh, this drama is so wonderful!!! Now, granted, you have to be in the mood for something romantic, with pretty people and somewhat unrealistic circumstances. Escapist drama at its best! Great music, and enough twists between the characters to keep you guessing. I think I'm in love with Esumi Makiko, even though I myself am female and straight. She's just so gorgeous! I know I'm in love with Fujiki Naohito--he continues being excellent in this drama. Yonekura Ryoko really outdid herself in this one as well. Le sigh--what I wouldn't do for English subtitles!! Don't miss this one!
11. Comments by Love Revolution [Rating: 10/10]
Ah! Ichiban desu ne! Sugoi! This drama is the best! Coz I am a great fan of Makiko Esumi! She was very very pretty in the drama! Her acting was the best of all! Fujiki Naohito was not bad too! He's so charming! He had great chemistry with Makiko Esumi I would say! The storyline was refreshing! And yeah the story was suspend during the last part! I really scared if Makiko Esumi will agree to Oshio Manabu's propose*! The songs also brought up the condition and of course suite to it so so much! So, buy the soundtrack if possible*. "Way to Love" was a very very nice song!
12. Comments by Dabbies [Rating: 10/10]
this is the BEST drama i ever seen so far... can't resists not to watch... coz Fujiki Naohito is so so seriously charming & handsome... can't stop myself for not watch even though i watch it for about 10 times.... credits also goes to the theme song of the drama... Kiss Of Life & Way To Love really presents the feelings of the scene & they are nice... all the songs are juz very nice.... hopefully i can get the OST somewhere in S'pore... the drama it is definitely a worth of time, effort & $$$$....!!!! No regrets!!! juz love it!!!
13. Comments by Hoshi [Rating: 9/10]
Honestly, I bought this drama because I love the song by Hirai Ken. I don't really fancy Esumi Makiko's shows because I thought that she can never really go well with anyone. So I was surprised that I could take the coupling between her and Fujiki quite well. (maybe it's due to the height? :P) This show introduced me to the supporting cast as well (since this is also one of the first dramas I watched) and I must say that their acting was great. The story was great. But the soundtrack is really what impressed me the most.
14. Comments by pandora [Rating: 10/10]
After the horror that was Love generation and the fact that I do not like Esumi Makiko, I thought that I would not like this. BUt it was one of the best Dorama's I have seen! Excellent cast and the story potrays 'real' people and avoids the tedious cliche's of other J dorama's. The love story is great and the ending was great, though I think it wouldn't have hurt to end it five minuets earlier than the whole him going and comming back a second time seemed a little unecessary. Oh but it was great watch it!
15. Comments by Namielove [Rating: 7/10]
I just watched as it was showed on the International Channel. I liked, it, I couldn't quite catch everything that was happening dialogue-wise, so I was confused with the choice she made in the end, but Esumi Makiko looked beautiful in this drama (Fuji Naohito, and Oshio Manabu (?) weren't bad either!), I was relieved to see her bangs grown out from her Shomuni look, her hair was nicely styled throughout the drama. Oh wait! I forgot, she went back to that look later, arrggg!!!
16. Comments by mickymic [Rating: 10/10]
I love Fujiki Naohito!!! He's too cool and very manly. I have already watch the whole series twice and for 2 times, Naohito's image kept floating in my mind. Its a great romantic story that everyone would pray to happen in their own lives too. Of coz, if the other party is Naohito himself!!
I have bought his calender selling at HMV and Kinokuniya. I just have to hang his calendar on my wall and see him all day long! Naohito is NUMBER ONE!!!
17. Comments by Angry Machines [Rating: 6/10]
for the love of god, Japan, don't cast Esumi Makiko in another drama. I just hate her.
ok, as for the show: Ryoko is hot here, truly. Naohito and Manabu, both on the same screen, head-to-head was awesome, but for the wrong ugly girl. The show is hip and cool, except that it should have ended by like 2-3 episodes for useless lengething and needless encounters. that scene with ryoko and manabu was steamy hot, I was cheering for him!!!
18. Comments by Akiiness [Rating: 8/10]
Probably one of my favourite josei romance stories. Unfortunately though, the story tried too hard to complicate itself in the end and that's where it lost points for me. This drama starts off great, and you probably won't have an issue falling in love with the couple... I just wish the 2nd half of the drama had been different. :(
19. Comments by carie_akanishi [Rating: 8/10]
This show got me addicted right from the first episode. It was like Wah!! and Fujiki Naohito was like damn kakkoii and that time when it was showing in Singapore, so many gals were just crazy abt his playboy image. Too bad, he din made any betta dorama after this. The love story was great but the ending was too abrupt n slipshot.
20. Comments by sadacori [Rating: 7/10]
I wasn't too fond of Esumi Makiko's character she placed too much hope, too soon in a man who is somewhat of a playboy. The ugliness of jealousy and the the desperation was hard to watch. ���Ԃ�A�ޏ��̃L�����͂������Ɠ��������� it didn't sit right with me at times and made me a bit upset. Despite that, this was an ok drama.
21. Comments by ben_soh23 [Rating: 8/10]
well, i really like this show.... loved esumi makiko (she's so sexy!!!)!!! she's the main reason y i even buy this.... fujiki naohito was pretty gd as well (although i nv saw him b4 this).... veri sweet drama and a few scenes really broke my heart.... loved the ending as well.... and of course loved ken hirai "kiss of life"...
22. Comments by Shindou [Rating: 8/10]
An enjoyable drama carried out by an endearing cast. Esumi Makiko does a great job leading this series and the plots are enjoyable. The main weakness of this series is the back-and-forth nature that makes this series never seem to end and a strange departure from the flow at around ep 8. Otherwise, a pretty decent drama.
23. Comments by youhei_mito [Rating: 7/10]
tried watching this a few times due to the rave reviews, but everytime i couldnt seem to finish this drama o_o it's surprising, coz the story was ok. but for some reasons, i was easily distracted from this drama and went off to catch up with another one instead. guess i could say it's not as engaging as i expect it to be.
24. Comments by Yuki [Rating: 9/10]
Esumi looks more mature and stylish too. She acted as a doctor who wanted to be a bride. She met Suga (Fujiki), a reporter who does anything to get information. And even cheating women. They met at the hospital where Esumi is working at. However on their engagement day Suga changed his mind and don't want to get married.
25. Comments by Michelly789 [Rating: 8/10]
I enjoyed this drama very much. It's a romance story. Every character falls in love with someone... Even though I enjoyed it a lot, I could see why some would find it a little boring. If you like chick flicks and romances, this is a good one to watch. But don't expect to find a lot of substance or profoundness.
26. Comments by Eyrien* [Rating: 8/10]
Romantic drama starring Esumi Makiko and Fujiki Naohito. This drama gave Naohito his fame of today. First part better than second though. For some reason this drama reminded me a lot of Overtime, probably because of the fact that it's about Esumi bouncing back and forth between two guys. Overall good though.
27. Comments by cheery [Rating: 9/10]
Very nice show with stunning actors and actresses! The show that create the rise in Naohito's popularity. he really did a great job in the show. Makiko esumi oso acted very well, and i was surprised that the 2 female leads were actually not in good terms in real life coz they acted like buddies in the show.
28. Comments by dokaben [Rating: 6/10]
Very mediocre and unmemorable. I didn't connect with the characters or sense any spark between them. As someone else suggested, some of the coincidental encounters that drive the plot just don't feel natural. It felt about 5 episodes too long! On the plus side, the characters were fairly complex.
29. Comments by daniela [Rating: 9/10]
so sweet!!!!..Fujiki Naohito is so cool..I immediately fell in love with him when watching this series..well, he is about 12 years older but he is amazing actor, i really felt like wanting to try his kissing too:-))
and Esumi Makiko is one of my favourite actresses..great couple..
30. Comments by aliceeatcow [Rating: 4/10]
I started watching it thinking I was in the mood for mature content after watching so much teen angst.. but then this was pretty boring. And the female lead.. she is too manly looking for my tastes. Ugh. Maybe I will appreciate it when I'm a little older.. and finish it as well (=

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Users who voted for this drama (109)
1. cwenting
Rewatched this drama for many times..and it never bores me. The title suits the drama very well as love revolves around many of these characters and the ending pairing can be a little surprising :) Esumi Makiko is gorgeous and is a great actress. I feel she's able to evoke the feelings of those who watch the drama, at least it was the case for me. I feel so much for her character. She can be serious and yet funny at the same time, kudos to her! And there are many eye candies in the drama, especially Esumi and Naohito! The soundtrack is awesome as well, and Kiss of Life suits the drama perfectly!
2. junny
Probably my favourite J-drama ever, since it has two actors I really admire - Fujiki Naohito and Esumi Makiko (can they please pair up in another J-drama again? Please?). Great acting, lovely soundtrack, a tight and well-written plot = recipe for success. Fujiki's role as Suga Eiichiro is truly unforgettable <3
3. Ayzee^^Aya
the best series so far ..fall in love wiyh storyline and how Esumi bring Kyoko's character .Kiss Of Life really give some feelings from the 1st time listen to it ! Way to Love is great too !
4. paripy24
This is the best drama i've watched so far! Esumi makiko and Fujiki naohito make a really sweet couple! and the story line is great! just could'nt stop watching until the end!
5. dreamer10231
i find the ending appropriate and unique....funny, sweet, and real...naohito is....wow...the way his character shows his love is really sweet but not most of the time
6. dalila_ai
I LOVE this drama! I absolutely love how they explain different thoughts on love and relationships. Love is such a great feeling and this drama is all about that!
7. PapaDeshio
Well, Love the soundtrack song for this dorama.
Even, Makiko Esumi looks totally beautiful 'N' gorgeous in this dorama compare with her role in Shomuni.
8. we!Rd^dUcK
i dunno y but i juz love it! i'd watched it hundred times n i neva bored widit... maybe i luv de couple, Nao n Esumi... my 1st fav. actor n actress...
9. flowerman
after I saw Antigue..
Love Revolution was my fav.dorama next.
I really like Charecter of tsuka that played by Naohito San... So sex appeal..///
10. monta
talk about groovy love songs, this dorama is perfect. Ken Hirai's KISS OF LIFE fitted perfectly with this dorama. Yonekura is so much fun
11. FierceStriker
Brilliant, even though it is not unique, everything is done so well, the leads were all great, this dorama just exudes a warm feeling.
12. Dabbies
this is the BEST drama i ever seen... & i fall in love with Fujiki Naohito since... he is definitely a HUNK!!!!

Cheers.. (^_^) v
13. aryena
Old show. i know.
But this show was one of the first few jdramas i watched that made me stick to my tv.
Its got the x-factor.
14. Dang
One of the first dorama I enjoyed. Love the story line & the sound track. Who would forget Way to Love & Kiss of Life?
15. cheery
The storyline is good and the show have stunning artistes! The combination of Esumi and Naohito is very refreshing too!
16. mizz_evy
i really like this drama. its old. but it is my first time seeing in a japanese drama, people kissing constantly. lol
17. sepomi800
naohito fujiki is just irresistible in this dorama.... the casting was excellent and the ending just brilliant!
18. Uedas Wifey
the story was surprisingly written very well, very enjoyable drama. suga san is hawt!! for an old man xD
19. 100aw
Great Sound Track! All actors and actresses have been well chosen! A must watch for adult romance fans!
20. dare
Two thumbs up, i like the way each episode start with a short story, and the soundtrack is really good
21. Daze
This is addictive ...... Naohito is so kakkoi in here. The chemistry btw the 2 leads is really good!
22. carie_akanishi
Shows the charm of Fujiki Naohito...First eight episodes were great , the ending was abit ordinary
23. christinelee
A very touching drama about love. You are willing to sacrifice if you found your "real" love.
24. Alatariel
Tis is not the 1st jap drama i watched but it is the 1st one which got me hooked ever after.
25. akira luver
this is great drama n all 4 main character is great...i luv esumi makiko and fujiki naohito
26. liap2
fujiki!!!! i luv him! his acting skill has improved from time to time! Gambatte ne!!!
27. syu77
Enjoy watching this drama...read between the line...it gives something meaningful!
28. jepy_east
i really like this drama...ReAlLy!!!there's makiko esumi,naohito fujiki here!!
29. Boogoo8
The most boring pretentious dorama on earth. Don't waste time and money on it!
30. Freestyler
It's beautiful....L-O-V-E....This exactly interpreted the full aspect of LOVE!

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