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Esumi Makiko 江角マキコ ( Makiko Esumi )

NameEsumi Makiko
Star SignSagittarius
Birthday18 December 1966
Blood TypeAB

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Esumi Makiko

Esumi was part of a volleyball team until she injured her arm. In the hospital, a nurse adviced her to be a model as she is tall. This is her first step to a ne...

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Filmography (20)
Shomuni 2013 [2013]
ショムニ 2013
Tsuboi Chinatsu
Bull Doctor [2011]
Jigoku no Sata mo Yome Shidai [2007]
Tachibana Makoto
Triple Kitchen [2006]
Machiben [2006]
Sore wa, Totsuzen, Arashi no you ni... [2004]
Ogawa Kozue
小川 こずえ
Ruten no Ouhi - Saigo no Koutei [2003]
Kawashima Yoshiko
Marusa!! [2003]
Tsuburaya Kaneko
円谷 加音子 (35)
Shomuni Final [2002]
ショムニ ファイナル/庶務二課
Tsuboi Chinatsu
坪井 千夏
Love Revolution [2001]
Asaoka Kyoko (31)
Shomuni Season 2 [2000]
ショムニ 2
Tsuboi Chinatsu
Konya wa eigyouchu [1999]
Dokushin seikatsu [1999]
Over Time [1999]
Kasahara Natsuki
笠原 夏樹 (29)
Shomuni [1998]
Tsuboi Chinatsu
Koi no katamichi kippu [1997]
Tsuki no kagayaku yoru dakara [1997]
Konna watashi ni dare ga shita [1996]
Garasu no kakeratachi [1996]
Kagayake! Rintarou [1995]

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Esumi Salon

Hi!Esumi's Fan

The Story of Esumi Makiko

Users who voted for this artiste (88)
1. mochi
Makiko surprised me with her strength of character portrayed through her roles. and despite that she still has a firm grip on humour and knew when and how to inject that at the right moments. i've only caught "shoumuni final" and "sudden storm" and i'm certainly looking forward to watching more of her shows!

Certainly a rare actress who packs charisma, looks, height, etc etc!
2. enen_shun
she's sooooo COOL ! she's the coolest japanese actress i've ever seen !!! known Makiko Esumi after i've watched "Over Time" in 1998/1999 ~~and after i've watched "Shomuni 1" ~~ she completely amazed me ... she's soooo coooool ... and enjoyed watching her in dramas ~ regardless that she's already near 40 ..she's still so beautiful and tall ~ :)
3. aoi_dolphine
Overtime is the first drama which I started to notice this tall and beautiful lady. Wonder how she can manage to keep up with her figure and looks at her age? Her acting is very good too always protraying the stronger character with a funny side to it.
4. FierceStriker
She is my favorite Jap Actress right now! Excellent acting skills, playful and sad at the same time. She was excellent in Love Revolution and the Shomuni series, two completely different roles, both well done.
5. ladyelf
Saw her first in Overtime, didn't really like her then. As I watch more of her, I find that she is classy, sophisticated and a great actress! The more you look at her the more you find her beautiful.
6. myarrow
luv u esumi.....
i fall in luv with u in shimoni (power office girl )
u are so tall n fantastic... i like ur personality in that drama !!!
all the best to u !!!
tahniah !!! gambate!!!
7. junny
Such a talented actress, and one of the best in the industry. Esumi was wonderful in Over Time and Love Revolution. Please pair up with Fujiki Naohito in another drama again! <3
8. jrenfuweix8956
yea~ i use to like her a lot since i was a child.. when i watch her show..

her acting skill is so damn real...

but.. i didnt really get to see her new shows now? whyy??
9. AK
She's just perfect. Her role in Shomuni is amazing, I loved her when I saw that dorama!
My favorite drama actress. She can be rude, cute, elegante... as I said, PERFECTION.
10. sadacori
Beautiful, yet goofy at times; strong, but sweet; Makiko is very likeable as characters like Natsuki (Over Time) and Chinatsu (Shomuni), who are different as night and day.
11. orange1806
I started liking her when I watched Overtime, which happens to be my all time favourite. Thought she was very classy and elegant. She's got a very nice face contour too.
12. watari
I can't believe she's near 40! and she's also very tall. Afterall, she's a good actress. I really like her in Shomuni! She was really funny in it.
13. aki21
This is one hardworking woman. She's in so many dramas. Most notably the Shomuni series, upon which I first became a fan. This woman is awesome!
14. paripy24
I think she's really beautiful, cool and also a very versatile actress! can be serious or funny.. like in Shomuni! I just think she's great!
15. Ayzee^^Aya
still elegant and wonderful person even she's pass 40 .love her in every character that she brings .hope can see her more in latest dramas !
16. anoneko
She's the reason I watch Japanese drama serials. She's so beautiful and the characters she portrays are always so intense. Love her!
17. balflear
Tall, cool, great in Shomuni and Overtime. She's beautiful. I especially love her cameo in GTO as the nurse. Haha.
18. viOLet harukO
sHe's a good actreSs! tHe wOnderfuL kyokO played bY her in Love RevolutiOn really captured mY heart!!
19. silent-hat-trick
Esumi is so gorgeous and she exudes amazing charisma and power on screen. Classic leading lady power.
20. iedot
she looks serious but she can act in every mood. i really love her in shomuni. she is so natural.
21. chocfudge_8008
Fell in love with her in Shomuni. Has proved to be a versatile actress, and very talented too.
22. we!Rd^dUcK
ICHIBAN!!! My Idol.... is what the best description for her from me... She's great...
23. Geezer
Because she's stunning. And because she can be strong without looking like a fake.
24. Chou
A good actress and beautiful as well.
I also like her outfits in Love Revolution.
25. Helena
love her acting, smthg abt her that really makes e whole drama enjoyable 2 watch!
26. Freestyler
Esumi Makiko represents feminine beauty. Love her acting in Love Revolution.
27. db9paka
Gives me the feeling of a very strong and funny lady. And tall too. haha.
28. Ryvyan
Very pretty and tall; funny, and is the lead of my favourite dorama
29. Nekomiyu
really like her character in Sore wa totsuzen arashi no you ni
30. masnita
My favourite actress and I like her role in Power Office Girl

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