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Shomuni Season 2 [ショムニ 2]



Drama Details
Title:Shomuni Season 2
ショムニ 2
Power Office Ladies 2
Telecast:2000-04-12 to 2000-05-28
Season:Spring 2000

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:12 Episodes

Shomuni 2 is a sequel from Shomuni, a popular comedic drama serial. It continues where it left off when the female employees from GA-2, deemed "the graveyard of all female employees" for its inane daily job routines of changing light bulbs, used toilet rolls and organising flower appreciation nights, saved the company in the final episode of Shomuni.

However, Manpan Corporation has changed. The multi-national company is now run in a totalitarian fashion. Closed circuit cameras are placed in every nook and cranny of the company to monitor the daily routines of employees. Even the basins in the toilets are not spared (though, obviously, the cubicles are) from scrutiny. This is a result of the Personnel Department, led by the evil Terasaki and Nonomura, who are (again) seeking to find a reason to save up on company budget.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (2)
1. One Way Drive [Esumi Makiko 江角マキコ]LYRICS ]
2. Going my ue he [Surface]LYRICS ]

Actor/Actress Cast (14)
Esumi Makiko
Tsuboi Chinatsu
Hosho Mai
Maruhashi Ume
Kyono Kotomi
Tsukahara Sawako
Sakurai Atsuko
Miyashita Kana
Takahashi Yumiko
Himukai Rie
Toda Keiko
Tokunaga Azusa
Toda Naho
Sugita Misono
Sawamura Ikki
Ishiguro Ken
Ukyo Tomohiro
Takahashi Katsumi
Terasaki Torao
Ito Toshihito
Morimoto Leo
Inoue Koji
Numata Baku
Okayama Hajime

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Drama Reviews (4)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Better With Age [Rating: 9/10]
I always have reservations starting the second season of any drama, especially when the first season was so grand. But I had nothing to worry about here.

Like with wine, the characters have gotten better with age. Now that we have gotten the initial introductions out of the way, it was fun to see the characters, especially the GA girls, be true to themselves in these new situations.

The story-lines were more varied in this season and far more hilarious. I was actually laughing out loud during some of the episodes. Everything is just a little more silly and I loved it.

I hope the third is just as good...
Reviewed by Wynter on 13 June 2008
2. Looses very little from 1st season [Rating: 9/10]
The cast is back and as funny as ever. It is not as inventive or different but still so much fun. See the original series first to fully enjoy this but certainly watch Shomuni 2 and revel in it's awkward silly stories and crazy characters.
Reviewed by MonsterZero-65 on 13 November 2009
3. Just so fun [Rating: 9/10]
The OL are just too funny not to see again. The start of the drama was a little slow for me but i got into it pretty quickly after that. Awesome and funny.
Reviewed by MonsterZero65 on 18 August 2010
4. As good as the 1st one [Rating: 9/10]
If you like the 1st series, you will like the second one. Starting July 2002, they will air the 3rd and final series. I can't wait to watch that one!
Reviewed by jdfan on 5 July 2002

Comments From Users (64)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 8/10]
The continuation of the first Shomuni Series. If you enjoyed the first one, you'll definitely enjoy the second one. It involves the same cast and a few new characters, mainly Kamiya played by Sawamura Ikki, who found his calling to be a security guard in the first episode.

The same kind of antics abound with the girls of Shomuni, however there seemed to be less of a focus on the development of Ukyo/Tsukuhara and Ukyo/Chinatsu. All in all, I really enjoyed the second installment to this series and found the comedy to be refreshing.
2. Comments by ShomuniFan [Rating: 9/10]
Had me laughing very hard after Shomuni 1.

Hosyo Mai looks more beautiful this season.

That aside, a new character has been put in: Kamiya Shintaro (played by Sawamura Ikki) is now the chief security officer of Manpan Corp...The role isn't particularly interesting or intruiguing like the female Shomuni members.

Watch out for Personnel Department Chief Terasaki's (played by Takahashi Katsumi) becoming Acting President of Manpan in a middle episode as well as the hilarious last episode of this series.
3. Comments by AK [Rating: 10/10]
Another perfect season for Shomuni. More fun for everybody, great characters and stories. The fun is compulsory here.
ALL, ALL the characters (actors and actresses, I ust say) look more interesting and prettier than they were in the first part.
Chinatsu with that long hair looks... amazing and Sugita has even more elegant suits. She looks fantastic!
My favorite episode is when Sugita and tsuboi change roles. Hehe...
4. Comments by nishishi [Rating: 8/10]
Better than the first one.. at least imo...
The last episode is marvelous...
Altought most of the times i dont like sequels as i liked the first one(e.g.: Gokusen 2... Trick 1&2.. and probably Hana Yori Dango 2) I really enjoyed Shomuni 2 better than the first...
5. Comments by zealous [Rating: 7/10]
I enjoy when I watch the doroma even I don't feel that in the real life we would not find maybe 1 or 2 the main character from this dorama, but yeeah... I enjoy... They still show to us how work as a group is important to everybody to settle the prob.
6. Comments by cass_dust [Rating: 9/10]
Very very funny and interesting!.. well i watched this one first before the first episode, so i cannot really comment if it's better.. but is a defintely must watch!!..
anyone have shomuni final and forever??? know where to get it?
7. Comments by jdfan [Rating: 9/10]
This is story about 6 OL and how they inspired the whole company. The write used the "Hero" technique, which included multiple short stories. I enjoyed the second series too.
8. Comments by otaking [Rating: 9/10]
Hilarious! This one struck me as a non-serialistic anime series done up in live-action, similiar to GTO. Esumi Makiko captured my heart and my fandom with a single episode.
9. Comments by enen_shun [Rating: 9/10]
as successful as Shomuni 1 ~ Shomuni 2 continued the same style ~~ still so hilarious and interesting ~~~ Makiko Esumi still looked soooo cool ~~ kekez ~~
10. Comments by arashinokoto [Rating: 8/10]
funny.. that's the only way i like esumi makiko.. other shows like love revolution made her seem wierd.. but she's really suitable for this role..
11. Comments by gaijinmark [Rating: 10/10]
In the tradition of "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Aliens", that rarest of all creatures, a sequel that EXCEEDS the original!!!
12. Comments by Helena [Rating: 8/10]
FUNNY! INTERESTING! LOTS OF JOKES! I laugh almost on all ep, e casting is really good, every1 got their own characters 8.5/10
13. Comments by gto_girlz83 [Rating: 10/10]
Even the season 2 is great and becoming much better! I like esumi character very much in this type of drama..go Shomuni!
14. Comments by outlaws0025 [Rating: 7/10]
Good dorama, but I never got as much into it as I did with season 1 for some reason... Still highly recommended tho.
15. Comments by Lilferret [Rating: 6/10]
An interesting little drama that showcases characters each episode. It is a light comedy with dramatic elements.
16. Comments by Clockwork Orange [Rating: 8/10]
Also very funny (see Shomuni 1), but alas, it is a sequel. Still definitely worth a watch!
17. Comments by iedot [Rating: 10/10]
same comment like shomuni 1. the actor and actresses in this drama did very well too!
18. Comments by Wynter [Rating: 9/10]
Just as good as the first season, but with better story-lines and a lot more humour!
19. Comments by kaonashi [Rating: 7/10]
Just like the first series, nothing more nothing less. Some episodes are funny. 7-
20. Comments by zchendevlemh [Rating: 10/10]
i haven't watched this one 'coz i'm currently waiting for my 1st part to come.
21. Comments by Aunty Coco [Rating: 7/10]
Prefer the first one... But still never fail to bring out lots of laughter...
22. Comments by Wisteria [Rating: 7/10]
Good sequel to a good series, more of the silly humour from the first series.
23. Comments by amethyst [Rating: 7/10]
Carries on the characteristics of Shomuni 1. Still as fun to watch.
24. Comments by merumerumee [Rating: 10/10]
continuation of shomuni...with more funny stories with esumi and co.
25. Comments by moonchyld [Rating: 6/10]
watched only a few episodes... didn't like it as much as the first.
26. Comments by curian4 [Rating: 7/10]
Second season didnt dissapoint because the humour was still there
27. Comments by oldasianguy [Rating: 10/10]
Really like all of the Shomuni series So funny and original!!!!!
28. Comments by cheery [Rating: 8/10]
As interesting as the previous , very funny and relaxing show!
29. Comments by anoneko [Rating: 8/10]
As funny as Shomuni 1. Makiko Esumi is so cool in this show!
30. Comments by Lil_Naka [Rating: 8/10]
pretty much like the first season, funny and worth watching

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Users who voted for this drama (11)
1. AK
Who said second parts aren't good?
Shomuni 2 is as perfect as the first part. Full of fun and Esumi looks ever hotter! (especially in the last episode).
Must watch it.
2. DiorKaneko
Peanuts!!! hehehe:P the last episode is so funny...
3. Ryvyan
Not as funny as Shomuni 1 but still funny
4. iedot
SUPERB and AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. garyura_akira
Same as above.......
6. conan_00
Very Good!!!
7. ohta
It's great
8. farahrasol
love it!
9. merumerumee
10. nihon
11. anoneko