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Koishite Shinitai [恋して死にたい]




Drama Details
Title:Koishite Shinitai
To Heart
Telecast:1999-07-02 to 1999-09-17
Season:Summer 1999

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TV Station:TBS
Duration:12 Episodes

Yuji is a twenty-year-old boxer who makes ends meet by working part-time at a flower shop. Although he works beside her everyday, he hides a deep affection for Kaori, the manager of the shop.

Toko is a sincere and active young woman that works at a local crepe shop. Her initial meeting with Yuji in a video store ends quickly with both ridiculing the other's video selections. However, Toko notices him training in the park and falls in love with him instantly after seeing this serious and determined side of Yuji. Her persistence brings her to his debut-boxing match, but as she cheers for him she soon realizes his heart belongs to someone else.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (2)
1. To Heart [Kinki Kids]LYRICS | RINGTONE | MIDI ]
2. Life [Des'ree]LYRICS ]

Actor/Actress Cast (13)
Dohmoto Tsuyoshi
Tokieda Yuji
Fukada Kyoko
Miura Toko
Akai Hidekazu
Yoshii Masaru
Hara Sachie
Azechi Reiko
Noda Junko
Yoshizawa Hisashi
Okada Kohki
Shimizu Shogo
Minami Toyokazu
Matsuo Masatoshi
Sawaki Ryoko
Abe Sadao
Dohmoto Koichi

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Drama Reviews (46)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Solid Drama [Rating: 7/10]
I feel some of the criticism I've read about this drama, particularly on Fukada Kyoko's character, is a bit harsh. Sure, she's a bit irritable at times and she stalked the guy she loved and sneaked into his apartment once, but I feel it's blown out of proportion. This occured only during the first two episodes out of what, twelve? Kyoko was more of a dork than "annoying" as other have put it. I really felt sad for her when Yuji broke her heart in episode 9. Dohmoto Tsuyoshi's character, Tokieda Yuji was pretty solid in this drama as well. I've only seen Tsuyoshi in this and Moto Kare, and from what I've seen, his character in this drama fits him better. He's tougher, doesn't put up with other people's crap but yet is gentle and caring. I felt the really interesting part of the drama was the character Junko. At first I hated Junko for her antics of stealing other girl's boyfriends but after the accident I think she matures really nicely. The soundtrack is awesome with Des'ree's "Life" and the Kinki Kids "To Heart." The story was written to accomodate Kyoko and Tsuyoshi's abilities, and I felt suited both actors really well. It was definitely well written. The only real major mishaps of this drama is that the coreography of the boxing matches is really terrible and it looks like they're just going through the motions. The punches look more like love taps. The last plot twist also felt slightly forced. But other than that and once you get past the first two episodes, I think this is an all-around solid drama.
Reviewed by mrsmith10 on 6 February 2011
2. I disliked this drama... but it was enjoyable [Rating: 6/10]
So this was one of THOSE dramas. As an admirer of film production, I found this a TERRIBLE drama. The cinematography was inconsistent with limited variation in framing. The dialogue was mediocre, the storyline was weak, the plot was lame, and the actors/actresses were not at all passionate about their roles. Everything seemed so forced and fake.

However, I found the drama enjoyable to watch. Fukada Kyoko did not disappoint me. She was annoying and transparent, just as I expected. And yet for some reason, she convinced me that she WAS Toko. Something about the way the character was written and the way Fukada acted really clicked. Like Eve said, I really feel like this role was Fukada�fs best�c and it�fs not surprising to find that the role was written with her in mind. I guess the writers were looking for an easy way out.

Dohmoto, who is usually good, seemed to be in pain the entire time. I hated his character, and he seemed to hate it, too. Other than a few (rare) boxing scenes, he seemed disconnected and uninterested. I wasn�ft once convinced that his character was in love with Toko.

But I liked the angst. I liked the pathetic obstacles and the misunderstandings. When Toko was hurt by the selfish Yuji, I really felt for her. The drama for me is like one of those trashy romance novels. We all hate them, but when we pick up one to read, we enjoy it through the duration in which it lasts.
Reviewed by Wynter on 4 February 2009
3. Excellent~ [Rating: 9/10]
This romantic TV series is more "Teenager" than the others that I have watched, but its still a good show in its own right ... Kyoko Fukada does play her character well, but needs to improve her acting skills abit :) ... apart from that, I have to say its Kyoko Fukada that makes this show excellent!! ... and shes rather pretty as well, hehe ... with her quote "Love Is Power" ... you will love this show too~! :D

also, Tsuyoshi Dohmoto (Yugi), as always, is excellent in this show ... I remember watching him in "Kindaichi Files" and he was kinda weeny back then ... but for this part he had to train up his muscles to play the boxer character ... the two main theme tunes really suit the show too ... the songs are "Life - Desree" & "To Heart - Tsuyoshi Dohmoto" ... the show is more teenager type stuff .. unlike "Beautiful Life" ... this show has some sad scenes, but won't make you cry ... overall a EXCELLENT show ... Really RECCOMENDED ...
Reviewed by JohnnyBoy_3000 on 1 June 2001
4. AI WA PAWAA DAYO~! [Rating: 10/10]
before i start my review, i'd just like to say, this drama deserves 20 stars. hahahahaha. c'mon, with one of the most memorable lines in history of j-dramas (imho) ... AI WA PAWAA DAYO~! indeed, love is power. how can you refute that when it's coming from Fukada Kyoko? you can't.
i thoroughly enjoyed this drama although i knew they'd end up together watching the previews before the series even aired. the one thing that pained me was watching Fukada heart-broken for 10 episodes. i couldn't handle that, but it shows ... in the end (in the television world at least), unrequited love never loses. we all hope in real life things would work out like it did in the show, but we know it doesn't ... that's what makes this drama so great ... we can watch it on tv.
another great drama theme. every time i hear Life now ... i picture Toko riding her bike saying "ne ne ne" hahahahaha. i love this drama.
Reviewed by jpnallbuzzedsaw on 15 June 2002
5. Good, bad, this had it all [Rating: 6/10]
Mostly in the bland area, though.

Okay, maybe I'm a bit harsh. But lets be real. Kyoko isnt a good actress. In fact, she's not even a good singer. Sure, she's cute, but thats about all. There were times when she sparked a chuckle out of me, but the problem with that, is most of those times it was unintentional; not good for an actress to do.

As for the male lead, I forget his name, and it really doesnt matter seeing as he's a darn Kinki Kid, he isnt that great of an actor either; at least not on this show. I've seen him in other shows act much better. Maybe this was just a bad role choice for him.

Regardless, I'd still say this was worth watching, just for the sheer stigma that flowed around the drama. It was carried well by the supporting roles, and the theme, and underlying score of the drama was enough to keep me watching until the end.
Reviewed by Winter on 16 April 2004
6. K.O. !!!!!!!!!!!!! [Rating: 7/10]
i liked the boxin and fighting music...fits pretty well...tsuyoshi looks pretty cool in this one...struttin out physique and boxing power, actin wise pretty good as well, as teh lonewolf...kyoko...well...she wus her normal self, kinda chubby, annoying and cute at times...hara looked kinda ape-ish for some reason when she has her hair up...haH, her acting was alrite...supporting cast was ok...plotwise pretty typical la...most of teh fightin scenes pretty cool...if you're into Tsuyoshi (he looks best in this one, outta the 3 dramas i've seen him in so far) or Kyoko (she looks pretty wacky compared to the more recent ones i've seen her in), then i guess u shud give this one a shot...otherwise, this is not worth your time...unless you're up for some action drama with predictable plot devices
Reviewed by Baka Senpai on 26 March 2004
7. KAKOII!! [Rating: 8/10]
although a few episodes where Kyoko keeps leeching onto tsuyoshi and tsuyoshi keep rejecting her can get very trying on the nerves, Tsuyoshi's extraodinarily goodlooking image in this show manages to save the day!! It's essentially a very simple plot with a very simple message involving very few actors but there's a magic touch to the show that makes one stay with it to the end, JUST to get the kick of seeing Tsuyoshi get together with Kyoko, something whcih you know the director couldnt possibly bear to deprive his audience from.
Reviewed by chentnk on 14 June 2002
8. Changed my mind [Rating: 5/10]
Origianal review called(To Hart is great a must watch)

One of the best i've seen
I love it i have seen it five times in the past month!!! Very good series. Cant stop watching it!!! I am glad that i found it with english subbs. i wish that they would release vcds with english subbs more offten. The copy that i have was a fansubb. YOu must watch it. I love this show. I am still looking for episode 8. I hope that i find it. (I have all the episodes now old review)

(Adding to review soon)

Part two (Changed my mind)
Reviewed by johuth on 24 March 2003
9. Watch it for Tsuyoshi~~Kakkoii!!! [Rating: 8/10]
tsuyoshi's character can be cold & harsh at times, especially the way he treats kyoko..but then, you can't expect him to force himself to like someone he doesn't like right? but he's cho kakkoii in this show, very convincing as a boxer. kyoko's very irritating, especially when she starts her "ne..ne...ne.." but must salute her for her boldness in expressing her love for yuji...she's too plump in the show though...but definitely one of the better teenage doramas around!!!
Reviewed by Stephanie on 26 July 2001
10. Fukada Kyoko is extremely annoying [Rating: 5/10]
I watched up to ep 10 and then I couldn't take it anymore. Fukada Kyokos character is so annoying that it hurts. She behaves like a 10 year old throughout the whole drama. Ne ne ne ne ne ne...... Maybe I will finish watching this series later. I'm kind of curious how it ends. I sincerely hope, though, that they don't get together. I wouldn't wish for such a horrible thing to happen to Tsuyoshi Doumoto, who played his part well.
Reviewed by lordgus on 7 July 2004
11. surprisingly, this pair-up worked ^_^ [Rating: 8/10]
i never thought dohmoto-fukada pairing up would actually work on-screen. but somehow it did. :) guess the mood of the show + its great soundtrack helped out too.

this is a light-hearted love story about a girl who tags along her boy-of-dream just to get him to notice her. the guy seems nonchalant but of course falls for her eventually. the storyline may be predictable but still worth watching
Reviewed by youhei_mito on 19 February 2006
12. To Stalk [Rating: 6/10]
This is one of my first doramas that I downloaded. Naturally I thought it was great because of the very listtle experience with JDoramas that I had. Looking back I now realize that this dorama was really mediocre. It really doesn't compare to some other JDoramas that I have seen. Storywise I give you one word "ehck". I don't know if I can believe this one. This is border line stalker dorama.
13. zzz.... [Rating: 3/10]
Just a typical love story, nothing special. The story moves very slow and wasn't very touching. I found Toko to be quite annoying and Yuji to be very uncaring. I do not understand how Toko could fall in love with him. Also found Yuji's physical appearance weak to be considered as a boxer. They should've find someone who is buff to play that role.
Reviewed by duba878 on 31 May 2004
14. TOTAL LOVE THIS!!! [Rating: 10/10]
tsuyoshi and kyoko r sucha gd actors and actresses
if i was kyoko, i wuld actually give up since tsuyoshi gav no interest, but she didn't care and did her best to make tsuyoshi like her!!!! ar!!! SOOOooOOoooo SWEET!!!
and da endin is so gd!!!! i reali like this drama, and yea, tsuyoshi looks so good in this drama...hahhaa...definetely FULL MARKS!!!!
Reviewed by princess on 27 July 2002
15. A little bit cliche [Rating: 6/10]
At first.. I was strongly annoyed by Fukada's character.. I really kept watching it because Tsuyoshi's acting skills are really good. I still didn't really like her towards the end (too.. perfect!! even for a stalker!) but I did like that it wasn't the 'perfect' story all the way. Wouldn't watch it again but still worth the look if you have time.
Reviewed by Nermal on 6 February 2004
16. Love it [Rating: 10/10]
This is still one of my fav Jap drama after watching so many. Tsuyoshi is very cool & handsome in the show. Kyoko is very sweet & cute. Love the way she kept following Tsuyoshi. Think many missed out the last scene which is right after the ending theme song by Kinki Kids. Glad that Yuji's eyes finally recover & a happy ending for them.
Reviewed by pearl on 14 May 2002
17. Good story about teenager love [Rating: 8/10]
Very interesting topic about this drama. Many spirit and hope can be found in this drama. Fukada Kyoko is the best Japan drama artist that I ever knew (she can play anything, ex: kamisama mou sukoshi dake, food fight, etc). Domoto Tsuyosi is act natural even may be he sometimes like nervous in this drama.
Reviewed by rinarina on 2 October 2002
18. Watch this with your gf! [Rating: 9/10]
I was fairly new to the jdrama world when I watched this. I felt as though there could have been alot of things done about Kyoko Fukada's character, maybe less endless meaningless devotion, but well, maybe that's good. I liked this, but that annoying voice keeps ringing in my head ~~TOKIEDA YUUJI!~~~!
Reviewed by gizm092 on 23 August 2003
19. Yuji-Kun !! [Rating: 10/10]
Its amazing in this drama how one VERYgirl can meet a man and give him soooooooooooo much support and be soooooooo loyal to him as far as his boxing career goes. And also loves him. I dont like the way Yuji kun treated Toko in much of this series tho. But in the end he found out who he really needed
Reviewed by Ryo_San on 29 October 2003
20. KYOKO CANT ACT [Rating: 6/10]
This drama would be about 1000x better if kyoko-chan could act her way out of a wet-paper bag. Don't get me wrong, she's the cutest thing ever, but her acting is HORRIBLE, i'm talking REALLY BAD. Everybody else in the drama did a good job.
Reviewed by ephesus on 11 May 2004
21. Cute! [Rating: 9/10]
Fukada Kyoko is super cute & adorable in this drama. Almost to the point that made me think she was a stalker.. and one of those girls who are engrossed with the idea of LOVE. BUT still really cute and Dohmoto Tsuyoshi is great!
Reviewed by risumonki9 on 25 February 2004
22. Cute [Rating: 10/10]
This is a really cute, fairy tale love story. Tsu is really handsome in this show. It one that i can watch again. A simple plot but demonstrates Touko's strong love for Yuji. Love they saying 'ai wa power daiyo'
Reviewed by Totoro on 24 February 2002
23. Fairy Tale [Rating: 10/10]
I truly believes if one party always believes,... never doubt the other party..., always trust..., always support... always... always.... strongly encouraging one another, THE LOVE WILL NEVER ENDS......
Reviewed by tiantian on 8 January 2002
24. EXCELLENT [Rating: 10/10]
This is the best i've ever seen of Tsuyoshi and kyoko. Kyoko's irrating character showed how determine she was. Although Tsuyoshi seemed cool he was definitely CUTE!!!! THIS DORAMA ROCKS!!!!
Reviewed by elise3000 on 12 October 2002
25. To Heart [Rating: 8/10]
Kyoko Fukada is really cute in the drama. Sometimes she thinks like an adult and sometimes like a young girl. The story is not really predictable, so is really interesting to watch (=^.^=)
Reviewed by Zaki on 27 April 2001
26. Love/Comedy [Rating: 10/10]
This was the very first drama with Kyoko i watched. I absolutely loved it! It was really cute and sweet. My fav type of dramas! A mix of luv and comedy, what could be better?
Reviewed by N*A*Z*U*N*A on 29 January 2005
27. yay [Rating: 10/10]
love kyoko, tsuyoshi is cool, cute, funny, lovable series = me likes a lot, thought ending should've been happier. but loves it all anyways.
oh ya, i think reiko is hot too.
Reviewed by Bootyfats on 13 May 2002
28. It was Ok. [Rating: 6/10]
To heart was ok, wasn't the best dorama i've seen. I thought it was a bit boring actually... and that Kyoko Fukada is quite annoying... but she's cute =) hehe i'm not lez.
Reviewed by h20 on 29 May 2001
29. Really Good [Rating: 10/10]
This drama is one of my favourite - never sick of watching this drama ~ esp. with Kyoko!! Recommend you to watch it if you haven't yet!!
Reviewed by Amy on 6 January 2002
30. Fukuda Kyoko's Best [Rating: 10/10]
Great performances from Domoto Tsuyoshi and Fukuda Kyoko with a very interesting setting. A watchable drama with some touching moments.
Reviewed by jdfan on 27 June 2002

Read all 46 reviews from users

Comments From Users (200)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by marzyu [Rating: 10/10]
This wuz the very first drama I've bought and since I've watched it, it got me sooo addicted to Japanese OST! And here I am today . . . all Japanese freakish haha! Anywayz, it wuz this drama dat got me to like Kyoko and Tsuyoshi! It'z one of my favorites drama! It wuz first place on my list when I've watched it! I can tell u this drama is wicked and u totally, totally need to watch it! And I mean U HAFTA or u're gonana regret it! BUT, if u're the type dat cant' stand loud noises like itazura na kiss, then i dun recommend this one, this one is sorta similiar to itazura na kiss since both of them has the girl liking the boy ^.^ so cute! But I think this ending isn't realli good . . . . not to be mean but, if yuji did go blind, I'll think it'z the perfect ending because dat way, he'll cherish tohko more . . . because altho tohko did alot for yuji in the beginning when he still liked his manager, he didn't have much feelings for tohko . . so i think if yuji went blind it'll be better! It'z only my opinion so dun start b*tching at me! I also realli REALLI loved the video in the end! it'z sooo nice, and I luv the theme song too ^.<
2. Comments by Dabbies [Rating: 8/10]
This drama is about a life of a boxer... acting to it is Dohmoto Tsuyoshi... he admire his friend who is older than him but she already has a fiancee... so he had no choice but to keep this to himself... until one day he ever met Fukada Kyoko who is willing to support & encourage him... Dohmoto manage to try to accept Fukada as his girlfriend after he was touch by Fukada... both of them faced their distrust for each other when Dohmoto still have feeling with his friend & Fukada's friend tried to seduce Dohmoto by creating misunderstanding among them... until one day, Dohmoto face his set up in his life when he knew he is going to turn blind due to boxing... Fukada, once again, make his life full with warmness & sunshine... because of this, he manage to win the game before he had the operation with Fukada beside him, cheering him... this drama actually based on the motto of not giving up any hope & love is a source of energy towards anyone... i like theme song too whcih kinki kids sing... that is basically why i rated highly for the drama... (^_^) v
3. Comments by occultangle [Rating: 7/10]
Basically this is an entirely bland, generic, superficial and shallow love story. Not that it particularly copies anything but it's just a bunch of random plot devices like boxing, flower shops, various unrequited loves, evil conniving sluts, etc. etc. etc. strung together for no purpose whatsoever. BUT the way I see it this is nothing more than a vehicle to showcase the unbelievably ridiculous adorableness that is Fukada Kyouko. So if you are the type of person, such as me, whose heart melts at said adorableness, then you will happily smile at watching her portray memorable moments such as calling out of work sad and walking along dangerous ledges in order to prove her love. Otherwise I would suggest finding something with a bit more substance to watch.
4. Comments by zelie [Rating: 6/10]
It's pitiful that a good actor like Tsuyoshi has to be paired up with someone like Kyoko. The gap between their respective acting abilities is so huge that it detracts from the story. Sure, Kyoko is cute but she doesn't have the slightest talent in acting - she can't even cry convincingly. I liked the other characters: Kaori and her fiance, the elevator girl, the boxing coach (who played Makoto's dad in Ningen Shikkaku) and Toko's lazy workmate. The story is predictable but is still enjoyable if you fast-forward every time Kyoko is on screen... which is unfortunately an awful lot. I would have given this an 8 if they'd cast a decent actress instead of Kyoko.
5. Comments by Sorata [Rating: 7/10]
Overall this is a good dorama with bad acting from Fukada Kyoko and Dohmoto Tsuyoshi.
The story is a little over the top and lacks credibility but i still enjoyed it despite all it�Ls flaws.
The boxing part is just awfull, they could had at least teach some boxing to the actors like they did in 1 Pound no Fukuin.
The most weird thing about this was the way Toko(Fukada Kyoko) fell in love with Yuji(Dohmoto Tsuyoshi), she saw him training once and that�Ls it...pretty weird and after that she becomes a stalker...well weirdness asside this is a pretty good dorama.
6. Comments by heavenightmare2k [Rating: 7/10]
Fairly good drama! Kyoto was very very cute ^_^ Tsuyoshi was much more better looking in this drama than in Summer Snow where I first saw him act. The storyline is alright... I didn't approve of some of the plot, or rather, didn't like. I didn't like that fact that Yuji couldn't make up his mind between two woman. It is obvious he needed to choose TOHKO! (sorry.. spoilers) Anyhow, I think Tsuyoshi worked out before acting this drama, he's sorta short for a boxer though.. alwellz. Overall, a fairly well acted and performed drama, one that deserves a fair rating.
7. Comments by ScrappedShinigami [Rating: 7/10]
I really enjoyed this drama. I was going through a dry patch with Jdoramas, I were watching a lot of shows that I didn't particularly enjoy, but then this show came along and I really really liked it.
Toko is adorable, I love her determined attitude, she does some cringe worthy things to get her guy but HEY they seem to work on Yuji you gotta hand it to the girl XD.
This is the first Tsuyoshi drama I have seen and wow... he's really very good ^_^ I'm more of a Koichi fan personally but Tsuyoshi really won me over in this show, I'm glad I gave it a shot! Yosh!
8. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 7/10]
This drama was fun to watch (well, the first few episodes) but later the romantic plot began to drag and Kyoko Fukada's character, Toko, started to become pretty annoying. Her obsessive love with the boxer, Yuji (Dohmoto Tsuyoshi), was at times stalker-ish and ridiculous. She was too one-minded about him and revolved her life around his, definitely not the type of drama for feminists out there. Heh.

Other than that, it was good to see Dohmoto Tsuyoshi in a light-hearted drama such as this one. His acting is great as always.
9. Comments by mochi [Rating: ?/10]
To be fair I've only watched half of the first episode and I just couldn't bring myself to continue watching it despite Kyoko (who is really cute in the drama). It's just so -blah- it seems like the story line was going nowhere and there was this drag of an odd boxing scene in the park where kyoko met the male lead and fell for him then but everything was so bland and huh from then on and i don't know, i might just be missing out on something great as the plot grows but whatever i'll give it a miss for now.
10. Comments by godai-san [Rating: 9/10]
Holds a special place in my heart as the first dorama I saw completely (and loved). Call her annoying, unable to act, whatever... Kyoko Fukada was the reason I stayed with this dorama. That and the good, simple girl-chases-guy story which was a nice change from the norm. OK, so she was stalking him... but she loved him unconditionally... and no bunnies were cooked (see Fatal Atraction). Good show. Will have you singing Des'ree's song "Life" and screaming "Tokieda Yuji!" in no time.
11. Comments by Lulurz [Rating: 7/10]
it's not the best drama but It was OK~ I watched it for Tsuyoshi~ but then I didn't like how he slept with his boss~~ brr~~ Kyoko wasn't THAT annoying I think her character is ok ~ but she really COULDN't act~ i mean.. when she cries she has no tears too!! wth eh?
Tsuyoshi was pretty good~ but not his best performance for sure~~ like he did his job but didn't WAO me ~ mainly cuz the script was just so so~ but I like him as this cool guy~~ he's really versitle XD~
12. Comments by Eyrien* [Rating: 7/10]
Best Kinki Kids drama I've seen (and ever though they're not posted up on this list, I've seen a bunch) Dohmoto Tsuyoshi does a wonderful job here. Again, the only thing that keeps me from rating higher is Fukada Kyoko, she just irritates me. Still, very heart warming to watch. For those who are in one-sided love relationships, and want proof that if you really love the guy and are persistant enough, you will get together, watch this^^.
13. Comments by atleast13 [Rating: ?/10]
this drama was a bit sad (like wth? sad). i mean, i liked the acting and everything but the storyline somewhat disappointed me. the whole i'll cheer you on forever started to annoy me. plus, it's not a comedy drama. it's pure romance but you see this girl going gaga over some boxer. i mean it's ok, but really, their "relationship" wasn't part of the storyline. i'll put this in my so so list (in the middle).
14. Comments by komos [Rating: 8/10]
I only watched the first 9 episodes of this drama, and although I was captivated with thsi drama to begin with, I lost interest and could not see how Kyoko Fukada's character could not lose interest as well. Although Dohmoto Tsuyoshi is a charming actor, his character was very hard to like and seemed deceitful except for a few good deeds to clear his conscience.
15. Comments by Nermal [Rating: 6/10]
At first.. I was strongly annoyed by Fukada's character.. I really kept watching it because Tsuyoshi's acting skills are really good. I still didn't really like her towards the end (too.. perfect!! even for a stalker!) but I did like that it wasn't the 'perfect' story all the way. Wouldn't watch it again but still worth the look if you have time.
16. Comments by strawberrynkiwi [Rating: 9/10]
My first jdrama!! ahhh I loved it... this is how my obsession with Japanese boys and jdrama all started. I remembered being obsess with Dohmoto for weeks!! To Heart~ is crazyly funny b/c of Fukada and I loved the whole idea of innocent romance... the theme song is great too.. makes me want to cry =.="
17. Comments by yolande [Rating: 6/10]
i'm not an adorer of love stories. in fact, i get tired of them easily. but i must say, to heart is one love story i actually didn't mind that much. irritating as tohko may be, she is, i guess, rather adorable when you think back. superb acting from both the leads, and pretty good chemistry.
18. Comments by kou [Rating: 7/10]
the plot is avg but bcos domoto tsuyoshi is a realli good actor, his character Yuji rocks.( probably oso due to the fact tt i lyk cool,quiet n headstrong on the surface yet truly sentimental deep down type of guys lol)
aniwae domoto tsuyoshi fits the bill of portrayin yuji. he rocks
19. Comments by yami [Rating: 10/10]
10!!! Kyoko and Tsuyoshi! <3<3 what else we need...? ok, a good plot? we have one too! I never though I would be interested in boxing... how wrong I were. I love how Kyoko's character is always so optimistic and cute, watching this really made even my worst days. ^^
20. Comments by dnie [Rating: 9/10]
Fight Yuji..Tokieda Yuji!!
I was screaming along with Fukakkyon while waching this dorama..great performances by DoTsuyo adn Fukakyon..the storyline is simple but both of em really stir things up! the ending is beautifual and the theme song is just...marvellous!!
21. Comments by Longman [Rating: 6/10]
On the whole, I find this series slow and dragging, not as good as I had expected. Dohmoto Tsuyoshi's did well but he needs to train up to look like a boxer physically. Fukada's performance is just predictable, not too different from other roles she has played.
22. Comments by rikastar [Rating: 8/10]
Cute teen drama. I like Tsuyoshi in here, but not the character's liking of the female boss. That story angle didn't feel convincing. Kyoko's character can be annoying at times but her enthusiasm is infectious and I just wanna cheer for her at those times.
23. Comments by madsky [Rating: 6/10]
I would have given this drama a higher score, but I don't like the direction the later episodes took. I loved how Dohmoto and Fukada's characters were very sincere (although I got a little annoyed with them at the end...) I enjoyed this drama nontheless.
24. Comments by Julianlivre [Rating: 2/10]
When I first heard/read about this drama I thought it would be good, but I guess I was wrong. The characters was awful and it wasent good at all, not even good acting. I DONT recomend this show. This drama really disappointed me very very much :(((
25. Comments by megumi s. [Rating: 6/10]
it's ok, but too hyped up. it's not as good as people say. the 1st half moves painfully slow at times, but the last half was pretty good. but since i'm scoring on overall, i'm keeping the score somewhat low since the first part was so slow-moving
26. Comments by tachan [Rating: 9/10]
I'm afraid of the dark... especially when I'm in the park. Cute love story about "dedication". This drama isn't very well-written, but it was so addicting!! Very cute and the cliffhangers will make you want to watch all the episodes at once.
27. Comments by youhei_mito [Rating: 8/10]
good drama. :) i just seem to like dramas will silly characters who have a clear view in life & hard-core determination. fukada kyoko was really cute in this drama (never liked her much before), dohmoto tsuyoshi also did his part well.
28. Comments by jdfan [Rating: 10/10]
Great performances from Domoto Tsuyoshi and Fukuda Kyoko with a very interesting setting. This is problably Kyoko's best dorama. A really good/watchable drama with some touching moments. This drama has a movie feel to it and I like it�c
29. Comments by masnita [Rating: 9/10]
Tsuyoshi and Kyoko Fukada are good combination for this drama...so sweet and nice. This drama shows that no matter what's the obstacle in our live can be overcome with the support of our loved ones...the couple is soo cute together!
30. Comments by dummyuser11 [Rating: 6/10]
Okay...i've watched this because my friend told me it was good. I'm not a HUGE fan of Kyoko Fukada and call me bias or something but she was a tad bit annoying in this drama. Honestly...can she just leave the poor guy alone????

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Users who voted for this drama (71)
1. simonelin
My first Tsuyoshi dorama. My friend told me that after watching this dorama I will like him. But actually I did not. I like him only after watching Summer Snow and listening to his album. After watching Summer Snow I watched this dorama again and found that this dorama is nice also. think at least got to watch a fit and well shaped Tsuyoshi...:P
2. marzyu
MY FAVORITE-EST DRAMA EVER!!!!!!!!!!! ICHIBAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS DRAMA MADE ME LOVE TSUYOSHI AND KYOKO . . . I WAS CRAZY ENOUGH TO WISH THERE WAS A YUJI AND TOHKA TO EXIST!!!!! CAN'T MISS OUT!!!!! unless u hate noisy girls . . .that is . .. . ><" but please give it a try ^.^
3. z3juk
good drama. I like kyoko in this drama and of course, dohmoto too!! But this is a bit unrealistic though, why did he only defend and knock out his opponent with one punch? doesn't make sense to me. oh well, a good drama overall.
4. omaren
kawaii drama ^__^ love tsuyoshi lots now!! <3 um...the "life" song is weird 0_o but other than that, i like the characters!! story was great too!! um..just watch past the ending credit in the last part!! >.<
5. jae-e
Very first drama I've seen, alot I didn't get alot of parts (mainly because my japanese isn't very good) I loved it I'm a big fan of Fukada Kyoko and Dohmoto Tsuyoshi falling in love and boxing a great combo =)
6. toHeart_music
I am voting for it...because it's the first that I was very CRAZY about...though not now...I guess it'll still be one of my favourite....I like Tsuyoshi's performance and Miura Tohko's character..
7. Kirakun
This drama was another good one, Im glad I got to see Kyoko Fukada in here. She fit the role perfectly. Way different than how she was in Friends.
"Makenai yo!! Tokieda Yuji!" (sp!?)
8. N*A*Z*U*N*A
It is really sweet and the first i watched of Fukada Kyoko. I got crazy about her afterwards. She is really the greatest. Playing Miura Toko really suited her.
9. Yuana
i love this drama, it shows the power of love, and the love is very fairy-tale like,pure love! two thumbs up! both main actor/actress have good acting skills
10. Ryo_San
I really liked this Drama. I wish I had a Cute girl like Kyoko Fukada stalk me like that. Watch this drama it is very interesting and nice =)
11. nino_naru
I really like the love story in this dorama!! Tsuyoshi looked really cute n I got the chemistry between him and Fukakyon here. Really good!!
12. amychan
My first Kyoko drama. I thought she was really cute & endearing. Of course I fell in love with Tsuyoshi all over again. Ai wa power da yo!
13. Tsuyoshi's girl
this show is just what a teenager needs, very entertaining. the song really is VerY NICEEEEEEE!!!!!! my all time favourites!
14. masnita
A very nice love story and how relationship of two people can stand the test ...and still going stronger. Very nice drama.
15. [a]-i-[r]-e-[n]
My gosh... Tsuyoshi is .... I don't know what to say.. very kakoii!!!!! He is soo cool!! Recomended to all Tsuyoshi's fan!
16. janjan85
Just Love Kyoko Fukata in this Drama... She is cute as always and Domoto tsuyoshi great performance..Good story
17. Ohsu
The drama that 1st got me into J-Dramas...old, maybe overrated, but this is the one that got me hooked.
18. ren1999
Another Fukada Kyoko drama, this one really builds on her enduring and faithful character.
19. yukari_no_hoshi
Probably my favourite drama so far!!! One phrase sums this all up: Ai wa power daiyo!!!!
20. dnie
persistence, determination and a little annoyance does get you the man u love..
21. Y*U*K*I
My Favorite Domoto Tsuyoshi's drama. Yuji is my favorite tsuyoshi's character.
22. KuRoZ
hehe tsuyoshi doesn't have a body like a boxer but i like him as boxer anyway
23. sherzes
lOve is all aroUd!! EndiN dun noE wat ExactlY wat happen Leh!! bUt Still Nice
24. stararies17
its a really good show. great casts n acting. truly simple plot but touching
25. kou
bcos i love guys lyk Yuji and i like to watch love triangle dramas. :)
26. areins7
he's so kakkoi..and she's hontoni kawaii...enuff said!!
27. Shiko
Nice Drama, even if i couldnt get the last episodes.
28. K|NK|
I luv tsu in this dramas, as he is so cool.....
29. gotosira
both drama and songs are quite good
30. jepy_east
oh!! domoto tsuyoshi in here!!!

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