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Remote [リモート]



Drama Details
Remote Control
Season:Fall 2002

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TV Station:NTV
Duration:10 Episodes

Locked away deep in his home and hiding a secret that keeps him there, Detective Kozaburo Himuro (Koichi Dohmoto) remains ever vigilant in his duties of police work. But how does the wunderkind detective investigate crime scenes without ever stepping out of his home? Enter traffic cop Kurumi Ayaki (Kyoko Fukuda). She's a young lady who's about to marry and resign from the force when tasked with being Himuro's eyes and ears on the beat. While on the scene of the crime their only means of communication is via mobile phone. Together they investigate a series of mind-boggling murder mysteries that put them, particularly Kurumi, in constant danger. Can Kurumi keep up with Detective Himuro, and the fast-paced and dangerous work of criminal investigation? Switch your remote to our "Remote Control."

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Actor/Actress Cast (13)
Dohmoto Koichi
Himuro Kosaburo
Fukada Kyoko
Ayaki Kurumi
Bob Kato
Tamaki Hiroshi
Sakai Miki
Sakaki Naomi
Kimura Yoshino
Sakaki Yuka
Takasugi Ko
(ep. 5-6)
Waki Tomohiro
Fudo Shinichi (ep. 6)
Matsumoto Rio
Karen Chikumagawa (ep. 8)
Kinouchi Akiko
Sawamura Keisuke
Inoue Yoshiko
Maeda Ken
(ep. 8)

Drama Reviews (20)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. NICE !!!! [Rating: 9/10]
Like it alot, heard there's manga .... gonna look for it.

Kyoko Fukuda character is very noisy....nagging n nagging.
Although shown improvment in her acting but why is she not tired of acting in this style.

Koichi Dohmoto acting is superb but I dun think he express well enough on the part when he tries to recall his girlfriend's death.(p.s. I'm a fan of KINKI KIDS)

I din quite feel the pain he is feeling, where as when the girlfriend's sister confessed the false kidnapping, that was good. I could really felt the complex feeling she is having.

Dun really like the ending though.

Although the existing Boyfriend is very loving and caring, I think Kyoko Fukuda had actually falls for Koichi Dohmoto. (Abit out of compassion & attracted by his manly side compared to her boyfiend.) Which woman in this world would give up marrying a man she really love to pick up another man's call and leaves the wedding. Rite?
And I think Koichi Dohmoto had falls for Kyoko Fukuda as well.
How could he not know that Kyoko Fukuda is getting married and calls her to investigate a murder, when she had to applies leave from his approval. Must had called her on purpose to interupt the wedding. (Looks like cupid had turn the arrow.)

BTW, since he had recover from his self-confining "illness" why is he still working in the basement and "control" Kyoko Fukuda??
Hm.... and I really wonder what's his relationship with the chief inspector. Why did the chief inspector cares so much for Koichi Dohmoto to seal all informations abt his girlfriend case and letting him work in the basement???

Like the story on bobby the best.... jus asking is the man in the photo really bobby when he was thin????!?!
Cute guy, bobby.
Reviewed by yuki ando on 2 April 2006
2. Ichiban yo! [Rating: 9/10]
This drama is definately a must see! Koichi was brilliant as the stoney Himuro-keji. Not being a big fan of Kinki Kids or FukaKyon, initially, I had my doubts about this drama. But my friend was persistent and kept insisting that it was an A-list drama, so I decided to give it a go. Once I slipped the tape into the VCR, I was hooked. The first mystery was a winner. The storyline was fresh and pierro costumes were so scary! Wah, I nearly jumped out of my seat when I saw those white sheets move behind Fukada!
The rest of the cases were just as intellectual and I thoroughly enjoyed each one! As I kept watching, I found myself being very drawn by Koichi's character, Himuro. (Koichi looks very good in tan doesn't he?! Hehe~) Perhaps the only complaint I have about this drama was how Fukada wouldn't stop nagging throughout the whole drama about how she didn't want to die and how she was getting married soon. Argh! Get a grip! But as the drama progressed, either Kurumi got braver, or I got used to her ranting.
Over all, this was definately one of the most enjoyable and interesting dramas I have seen; up there with my favourites like Long Vacation. Anyone up for a mild, light-hearted police drama?! "Remooto" is the one to pick!
Reviewed by nagaioyasumi on 8 November 2003
3. A view from a person who have read the comics [Rating: 7/10]
A pretty interesting drama although it could have scored higher if it was a bit darker. The first 7 episodes r too light hearted although they were all murder cases, only from the "hungry man" episode onwards, do the episodes get a gd balance of seriousness, excitment n fun. Maybe it is because i have the comics, that's y i'm pretty bored at almost all the cases as i knew the processes n endings to them. I do not understand y they changed some of the cases but the "hungry man" n the last 2 episodes were pretty entertaining although they were different from the comics. The cast have to be given credit for bringing alive the characters. dohmoto koichi n kyoko fukada r really like the characters in the comics n the guy who acted as bob is even more entertaining than the bob in the comics! Only the caretaker looked too stiff n weird for her role. So ppl, stop blaming kyoko for being whiny, tt's how kurumi is like in the comics, innocent n whiny.
Reviewed by ben_soh23 on 11 March 2005
4. A Must See [Rating: ?/10]
I don't know, for some reason I just watched this dorama. I think because Fukada Kyoko was in it, I mean, she was in other doramas with other artists I knew and I wasn't really into Kinki Kids or Domoto Koichi...yet. Then, a year later, I got really addicted to Koichi-kun and checked out his doramas (that time I forgot he was in the dorama with Kyoko! How dumb am I?) So, I watched it again and started to put everything together (wait...yeah).
The plots, clues, sparks, chemistry, everything that fits my tastes was in this drama! My sisters totally love this J-dorama. It's too cute and funny. Even though Kyoko's role in here wasn't as satisfying but I enjoyed it from her mischievious to noticing others feelings and getting (a bit) serious when she met Detective Himuro.
Overall, I recommend it to anyone who likes mystery with humor and romance between. (Plus, the actors were cute!)
Reviewed by Anil@Anil on 6 February 2008
5. A must see drama [Rating: 8/10]
If you need a funny+thiller drama, here it is. But I' not suggest it to the fanz who wanted a love romantic drama. Not at all. I buy this drama co i wanna see how far Koichi in acting. He is good, and I think I love him as an actor more than a singer. He and Detective Himura does have similarities, a little, that is serious in working. I love Koichi in this drama, he is so cool and macho. Different from him in Kinki, funny and crazy minded sometimes.

Kyoko is good too, but I think she is too annoying to be Kurumi Ayaki. I hate some of her part but she acted it very well.

Koichi and Kyoko looks cute together but weird pairing for me. Kyoko looks even better with Eita. heheh..

One thng I didn't really like about this drama~~the ending. Even it is funny, but I wish they can be together.
Reviewed by Fye_D.Flowright on 6 March 2007
6. Combines Humour & Excitment! [Rating: 10/10]
Fukada Kyoko is a simple-minded traffic police woman who is supposed to only give parking tickets and to tow away illegally parked vehicles. She's engaged and is soon to be married to a nice guy who was once booked by her (they have only known each other for a few months).

Kyoko's life changed when she was subconded to assist Dohmoto Koichi in investigative police work. After a devastating case (where his financee was killed), he confines himself in his home underground basement. He never steps out of the basement. He's in contact with the outside world only through the telephone.

Koichi remote controls Kyoko by the mobile phone. She's always called to investigate cases or to track down killers when she's sharing private moments with her boyfriend.
Reviewed by 100aw on 7 May 2003
7. Not the best but entertaining enough for me [Rating: 8/10]
Detective drama is one of my dishes, so I don't want to miss this. Each of the stories told in this drama were different though not giving the edge of the seat suspense but it's entertaining enough to keep me watching it until the end, perhaps that's because of the comedy element included in this drama.
So glad that Koichi decided to take this role because it suited him very well. I don't think I have any comment on Kyoko Fukada's acting because she's being herself, cute and dense with her annoying scream. Ok, maybe most people find it adorable but not to me.

The theme song from Kinki kids was good and I really like it. It's pretty clear that this duo has powerful voice and none of them sounded like a frog. :)
Reviewed by Akakage on 24 January 2006
8. saved by Koichi [Rating: 8/10]
The one thing i can't stand about dramas is when they have whinny girls and kyoko fukada was the epitome of it. Thank god, it lessened a bit towards the end. But the saving grace was Koichi. This is a really big jump for him role-wise.... cool collective personality... even his clothes tend to reflect his dark inner side. How Kyoko Fukada runs around in her boots chasing criminals, someone please tell me. Storyline reminds me of the Bone collecter, but the crimes were really interesting... the last two cases were the best I reckon. Hopefully they'll have more of these detective shows but with less whinning... I like a girl who has more guts than that.
Reviewed by mysticalgal84 on 28 October 2004
9. Comedy + Mystery = Lots of Fun [Rating: 9/10]
This is a very interesting and fun drama. It starts out as a rather light hearted comedy cop drama and later becomes a little dark near the end. Fukada Kyoko plays the role of Kurumi, a ditzy cop who usually is only assigned to give out parking tickets. Domoto Koichi plays the role of Detective Himuro, a genius yet shut-in detective who has a troubled past and never leaves his basement. Ayaki is assigned to be Himuro's assistant, and does most of the work at the crime scenes. The two make a very interesting team that has plenty of good humor and drama. I highly recommend this drama.
Reviewed by mrsmith10 on 1 November 2010
10. one of the best drama i watched! [Rating: 9/10]
does anyone knows what happen at last in the comics?? who ended up together?? himuro & Aiken or Aiken & Shingo?? i think the show is very entertaining, it makes me nearly jumped out of my skin when the hungry man was chasing them and the sinister music and everything!!!! the theme song by kinki kids is really AMAZING!! i really liked dohmoto tsuyoshi's voice!! And kyoko did a great job too, in my opinion, she looks cute in this show! one of the best show, highly recommended!!!!
Reviewed by Tsuyoshi's girl on 24 December 2005
11. Unexpectedly good [Rating: 7/10]
an unexpected surprise! fukada kyoko and dohmoto koichi weren't bad in this series - in fact fukada kyoko fits right in as a ditzy, dumbish cop who follows instructions given by domoto koichi. most of the episodes were pretty light hearted and Bob was rather entertaining. Excellent work by the writers for both the rather interesting cases and adapting to the cast.
Reviewed by Shindou on 12 July 2006
12. Skip it [Rating: 4/10]
Terrible acting from Fukuda Kyoko, repetitive stupid and mindless comedy sequences, absolutely ZERO character development (OK, for Himuro's part, maybe about 5 percent), cheesy ending. Cases were relatively interesting, but give this a miss if you're a fan of police dramas. Only watch it if you're a huge fan of the actors.
Reviewed by Limes on 29 November 2009
13. Don't Touch That Remote Control! [Rating: 8/10]
Okay, so you can't really overlook the overwheliming cheesiness of the series, the simple-mindedness of Fukada Kyoko's character is truly unbeleiveable, and Domoto Koichi is no Domoto Tsuyoshi, that's for sure. BUT. It was great! I really laughed alot during this series, and the ending was perfect!
Reviewed by Susan on 5 August 2006
14. HILARIOUS & ADVENTURE !!!! [Rating: 10/10]
luv the storyline & the cast. perfect combination koichi & kyoko but a little bit dissapointed because they can't be couple in this drama. doshite ???? First time watching koichi act in drama and he's really can act very well. Luv his character in this drama. Hontoni kakkoii !!! :-p
Reviewed by SYILA78 on 1 June 2006
15. average [Rating: 6/10]
i dunno which is worse, this drama or psycho doctor. the storylines seem quite cheesy at times. the acting by fukada seems a bit too exaggerated for some reasons. and the ending...oh please...if there is a sequel, i would definitely NOT watch it...
Reviewed by zbl on 12 September 2003
16. Koichi~~~ [Rating: 10/10]
Storyline's interesting, cast are good-looking...What else do you want?
Domoto Koichi was soooooooooooo handsome!!! So cool!!(getting carried away)
One thing I did not like about the show is that Kyoko and Koichi did not end up together.........WHY?
Reviewed by mikayo on 1 October 2003
17. Simply amazing [Rating: 10/10]
I was not a fan of Dohmoto Koichi but after i watched this story, I have become his biggest fan! He looked so cool and so mature! However, I was a bit annoyed by Kyoko Fukada's acting. Honestly, she can only act one way.
Reviewed by Fyxyse on 6 April 2004
18. remote [Rating: 8/10]
im still in process of watching this. so far so good im liking it, itz funny hehe. i donno im pretty into so i was wondering if anyonez got any spoilers for me? plz and thank u >_^
Reviewed by cocho_baby on 4 August 2003
19. Detective story [Rating: 7/10]
Great detective story..kyoko's so cute but her acting here is bad.
Reviewed by ester_grace on 23 December 2010
20. saiko des [Rating: 10/10]
best giler cite nih..muahaha
Reviewed by jayzee on 23 April 2006

Comments From Users (88)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Hyomil [Rating: 9/10]
If they'd stuck with what worked, this would have been a gripping, moving series from beginning to end. I kept marveling at how immediately and consistently disarming Kyoko Fukada is, managing to play a character who's overtly stupid, whiny, and childish yet still comes across as guileless, humble, understanding, helpful, selfless, likable, and funny. I can remember only one moment where I saw something resembling a smirk (when her fiance seemed like he might be mimicking her in the hotel). Impossible not to like her, and its rather terrifying how good she is at keeping it that way, with no sense of what might lie underneath should she ever slip. Unfortunately, they tried to mix in parodies of police dramas with a lot of characters who are nothing but comedy props and it falls painfully flat again and again until you're groaning as soon as you see them start up, yet they do little to rework these parts by the end of the series. Maybe they felt they had no choice because the series is based on a manga. If you can bear with it through these parts, the rest is great. For more of Kyoko Fukada, I recommend Yama Onna Kabe Onna (2007).
2. Comments by SayaOtonashi [Rating: 7/10]
I must say I'm not a Kyoko Fukada fan, and although she's really pretty, she was SO annoying, always crying and whinning and saying she's going to quit... On the other hand I didn't like the stubborn Himura. Besides that, the two of them were a perfect couple for the job. Although cases were a bit strange and development was not quite good (I mean, seriously, Himuro had to convince Ayaki to do things aaaall the time, giving the culprits looots of time to finish their crimes), overall this series was funny and fast to watch, with all those stupid cops that were so nice finally... And I must say I loved Hanae!! Her haircut, her presence, the way she talks... Really impressive. I liked almost all the characters. So I would give it a six, but since I've read some other comments saying that the dorama looked almost exactly as the original manga (which I haven't read), I'm giving it a seven. I suppose that, in the end, Kyoko Fukada really had to be whinny... *sigh* hahaha
3. Comments by ben_soh23 [Rating: 7/10]
A pretty interesting drama although it could have scored higher if it was a bit darker. The first 7 episodes r too light hearted although they were all murder cases, only from the "hungry man" episode onwards, do the episodes get a gd balance of seriousness, excitment n fun. Maybe it is because i have the comics, that's y i'm pretty bored at almost all the cases as i knew the processes n endings to them. I do not understand y they changed some of the cases but the "hungry man" n the last 2 episodes were pretty entertaining although they were different from the comics.
The cast have to be given credit for bringing alive the characters. dohmoto koichi n kyoko fukada r really like the characters in the comics n the guy who acted as bob is even more entertaining than the bob in the comics! Only the caretaker looked too stiff n weird for her role. So ppl, stop blaming kyoko for being whiny, tt's how kurumi is like in the comics, innocent n whiny.
4. Comments by Nodacchi [Rating: 8/10]
I actually have the shitty seinen manga that spawned this series - I'm not sure what made me dl this as I absolutely loathe that pathetic excuse for a manga (I must say it has some of the worst art and storyline EVER - the mangaka can only draw naked girls' bodies decently well). The drama was much more tasteful and the story was different. It had humor and even though Kyoko Fukada's Kurumi was sometimes irritating, she did make up for that with her good acting. Koichi Domoto was also good and actually looked like Himuro, which shocked me. The best part by far were the supporting actors/actresses and the humor they evoked. Hiroshi Tamaki's Shingo was the BEST. He personified the Shingo of the manga and thensome. He's always been a fun actor with a very animated style ever since Waterboys and he just keeps improving.
5. Comments by Nermal [Rating: 8/10]
Ironically impressed.

I`ve never really liked Fukakyon, probably never will because she only seems to be able to play that type of character. However, the incredible supporting cast aside this (the whole police crew actors are just awesome!) and quite frankly, a not too bad performance from Domoto Koichi.

I`ve had more chances to see him in stage plays than on tv, even without being a fan, the guy shines on a stage. I was actually surprised to see that his acting skills have improved. Maybe all the work in stage plays and musical as paid off?

Anyways, this is a quite enjoyable series to watch when you have time! ^^
6. Comments by Wisteria [Rating: 9/10]
A great detective dorama, based on a manga, but the dorama is slightly different from the mangas, I guess some bits in the manga are a bit too dark for family viewing!

Koichi is very good as Himuro Kozoburo, the reclusive inspector, he definitely bought out the Himuro from the manga and added a bit more to it. Fukada Kyoko is good as Ayaki Kurumi, a little too whiny for my taste but definitely in character.

I really need to get this with traditional Chinese subs, the simplified is simply killing me, damn impulsiveness should have discovered the online shops first!
7. Comments by KnoTdoLL [Rating: 8/10]
finally watched this~~ bought it for so long but didnt finish it cause i was scared of the 'pierrot' o_O.. but koichan played an interesting character in this dorama, i quite liked it.. the dorama had the gokusen humour as well as its own seriousness.. but could fukakyon get anymore annoying..? her voice got so annoying it got to the point where i just blocked my ears and read subs.. dude shes whinny.. i dont think shes a good actor, only cause in all the dramas she plays pretty much the same character.. its so repetitive.. and annoying.. to me..
8. Comments by Hoshi [Rating: 8/10]
The concept is pretty fresh... but the chemistry between the actors is like, zilch. I bought this show because of Domoto Koichi (you don't really get to watch him in dramas these days), and his character is a little different from the usual detectives that we have in the dramas. Good acting from him. Fukada's good too, but she sure can tone down the screaming. I find the way they solve crimes a bit unbelievable, but it's nevertheless entertaining. But the ending's rather cliche ne~...
9. Comments by NaomiMaeda [Rating: 10/10]
I have to say that these series were kinda weird in a good way. I'm saying this because it supposed to be more serious detective drama but when I look at cutie Fukakyon casted as detective I just can't stop smiling^^ One of her best works I think. The plot was interesting and all cases were awesome. Also I liked Domoto Koichi here. And Konishiki was so hilarious.
10. Comments by ScrappedShinigami [Rating: 9/10]
Wah! This has fast become one of my favourite Jdoramas.
Koichi is FANTASTIC in it! I'm so glad I finally got to see him in a drama he is such a Prince! (He was great as steely cool Himuro) Kyoko was adorable in her role as Kurumi I find it hard not to like her.
I LOVED the chemistry between Himuro and Kurumi, that's what really made the drama for me ^_^
11. Comments by aoi_dolphine [Rating: 7/10]
Stars Koichi (Kinki Kids) & Fukada. As always, Fukada played the innocent-gal-next door role. Didn't get to see any breakthru for her role in this drama. Think this is the first drama I have seen Koichi in... hhmm.. somehow not really used to seeing him in dramas.. hope to see more of him in future undertakings... ^^
12. Comments by Lady Zhuge [Rating: 8/10]
I honestly wasn't expecting much from this series and almost passed on it 'cause of Kyoko Fukada, but it's a pleasant surprise. It's funny with a decent supporting cast and the cases are quite interesting for the most part. Kyoko is annoying, but tolerable. Koichi performs well as the cursed shut-in genius detective.
13. Comments by Susan [Rating: 8/10]
Okay, so you can't really overlook the overwheliming cheesiness of the series, the simple-mindedness of Fukada Kyoko's character is truly unbeleiveable, and Domoto Koichi is no Domoto Tsuyoshi, that's for sure. BUT. It was great! I really laughed alot during this series, and the ending was perfect!
14. Comments by kinki_txr [Rating: 8/10]
Koichi so kakoii here. Bought this drama because Koichi acted in this drama. This drama talks about how Koichi solves cases through talking with Fukada Kyoko over the handphone. Hope that there is a second series on it so I can see how slowly the 2 main actor developed into a relationship.
15. Comments by Shindou [Rating: 7/10]
an unexpected dorama - fukada kyoko and dohmoto koichi weren't bad in this series - the credit should probably go to the scriptwriters for fitting the script around cast - sometimes not the easiest of tasks. On the whole tho, this isn't a bad dorama - a good little time-waster..
16. Comments by loveaomori [Rating: 7/10]
Not a so good dorama. Quite original but I think that I will forget it very soon. The theme is nice. The actors are not so bad but it's more a parody of a detective dorama than anything else.... Fukada fits her role, no problem, she's stupid but cute, so her role is. !
17. Comments by CrimsonNataku [Rating: 9/10]
The female lead was so irritating at first, but I was surprised to discover that by the end of the series she had grown on me. Koichi's performance in this drama was really what did it for me though. I loved the interactions between his character and Fukada Kyoko.
18. Comments by tabana [Rating: 9/10]
I didn't expect much of this drama, but I was quite supprised. Kyoko isn't the best actress in the universe, but in this she's good. I don't know if it has to do that she plays an airhead. :P

Some stories are ok, but for the most part this drama is great. :)
19. Comments by nagaioyasumi [Rating: 10/10]
20. Comments by Kara_Ishtar [Rating: 10/10]
I had first watched this drama only because Koichi Dohmoto was in it. After seeing the first episode (and laughing throughtout the whole episode) I had decided to watch the others. I thought it was an okay drama. I'm rating it 10 because Koichi was in it.
21. Comments by hitomi #1 [Rating: 8/10]
Much better than I anticipated, Kyoko was quite good in this role, she normally does better in playing ditzy characters like this. Stayed somewhat close to the manga though not as racy, an enjoyable watch and Kyoko looks top notch all the way through.
22. Comments by compaqmac321 [Rating: 8/10]
it was lower....the only problem i had was with the whiny fukada kyoko, even tho i love her, i thought she was whiny, but i found out that it wasnt her, but thats how she is in the manga, so, since that was my only problem i can boost the score
23. Comments by Tsuyoshi's girl [Rating: 9/10]
This drama is funny and exiting mostly because of the theme song,sung by kinki kids--Tsuyoshi's voice is powerful and nice while Koichi's voice is like a frog>>> I didn'nt rate this drama a 10 because of koichi, as he can't act well!!!!!
24. Comments by Jessicasoon [Rating: 8/10]
it's a good drama! funny too! and mystery's my fav. i'd have given it a 9 if not for the repetiveness that i hate. they keep repeating the same sentence and attitude until it gets really really annoying. kyoko and koichi.
25. Comments by jdfan [Rating: 8/10]
Fukada Kyoko and Dohmoto Koichi performances were good and the story is quite unusual. I wish they had developed a little bit more romance. Fukada lost some weight and she looked a lot more like a leading lady now.
26. Comments by kneehard [Rating: 5/10]
not really a great drama..the only thing that i feel worth mentioning is that due to the numerous phone conversations between kyoko fukada and the kinki kid guy, i realise that he has a really nice voice.
27. Comments by cheery [Rating: 9/10]
Kyaaa the first drama of Koichi that I watch! Well he was great in this show, really protrayed his character very well. Koichi is real cool in this drama! and there's the funny part contributed by kyoko.
28. Comments by Tokibaka [Rating: 10/10]
My god this is good. ^_^ The story is one of the best stories I've seen on a drama. Very well made. Koichi's acting seems somewhat weird couple of places but, hey, a perfect drama is yet to be made.
29. Comments by katrinka [Rating: 10/10]
One of my all time favorite dramas. Domoto Koichi gives a wonderful preformance as a man bound by his fears. Kyoko is funny and great. I also loved the character Bob! Hope there will be another one!
30. Comments by kiimura+akuya [Rating: 10/10]
Koichi is 100% cool & smart in this one.. a game of love with a combination of twisty crime cases.. BOUND to get your heart in your mouth with all the exciting investigations!! simply EXCELLENT!!

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Users who voted for this drama (31)
1. makimura_RAn
Funny, funny, funny, ......
Koichi looks so cool and Kyoko (juzt like usual)
The story is interesting and a lot of comedy scene i think. Koichi acting was better i think. He can play the character of greatly.
2. Wisteria
A great detective dorama, with solid plots and good acting. Koichi was definitely born to play the part of Himuro Kozoburo, and Fukada Kyoko got the part of Ayaki Kurumi spot on.
3. TsuyoshiK
The pain of losing a love one was really acted out well by Koichi kun. Real contrast from Rookie. And the professional side he displayed was really good acting! Keep it up!!
4. kiimura+akuya
a cool & repressed koichi, working with a funny cute girl cop.. my very first koichi drama.. & you are bound to love koichi even more after watching Remote..
5. nagaioyasumi
Entertaining, yet sophisticated in it's portrayal of the cases and the characters. Kouchan was amazing as Himuro, I loved his character as much as I did the show.
6. Rinrin
Enjoyed watching homeboy Konishiki in his first drama. Fukada Kyoko's character was cute, but resilient. Great drama.
7. melting_snow
Interesting story line, like Kyoko's character, gd job by Koichi for the role Kozaburo Himuro!
8. mambo5
a simple plot with a great actress. she's never been this funnier.
9. Fyxyse
The story is very funny and koichi looked very cool and mature
10. sosweet56
great show. Koichi's too charming in this show. :)
11. areins7
kyoko chan are so cute ...koichi are super cool!!
12. 100aw
Light hearted and funny drama! Must watch!
13. Anil@Anil
This j-dorama is superb!
14. tkroom
I have him in my heart
15. Ikuko
Excellent drama! *_*
16. WatThePho970
So funny! ^.^
17. katrinka
18. Kris
19. elysia
20. lil gaea
21. takara51244
22. 1cy^Dr3@mz
23. QooKiGurL
24. T.Chie
25. mrsmith10
26. some_gurl
27. linda100
28. sora21
29. Fukakyon_Fan
30. ScrappedShinigami

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