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Densha Otoko [電車男]


Drama Details
Title:Densha Otoko
Train Man
Telecast:2005-07-07 to 2005-09-22
Season:Summer 2005

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:11 Episodes
2 Specials

Adapted from the best selling book "Train Man," this is the true life story of a geeky young man's romance with a beautiful young lady. The book is based on actual messages posted on a huge internet discussion board in Japan. A million internet users followed the Train Man's romance, giving him advices on how to impress the girl and take her out on dates. Train Man belongs in the so-called "Akiba-kei" category: a term that describes nerdy looking men who hang out at Akihabara (the famous electronics area in Tokyo) all day, who are obsessed with video games and computers.


Saori Aoyama is a 25-year old woman who works at a foreign company in Tokyo. She has lived overseas for a long time and is fluent in English. She has an aura of sophistication and a beautiful face that turns men's heads.

One Sunday, Saori had to attend a party at work. Her female colleagues are busy searching for good-looking guys while Saori attends foreign guests, flashing warm smiles at them. After a long day working, Saori rides the train home only to be involved in an incident that would change her life.

Inside the train, Saori is harassed by a heavily drunken man. When the drunk reaches to touch her face, a young man stands up and says, "S... stop that!" She turns to see a very weak looking young man. The young man's action sparks up a quarrel in the train. He feebly says, "I'm sorry for getting you all involved. This is my fault." Some of the other passengers have annoyed look on their faces, but some praise the young man for his courage. Saori also seems impressed at what the man did for her.

Train Man

The young man is 23-year old Tsuyoshi Yamada. He is the typical nerd obsessed with anime and computer games. He always hangs out in Akihabara, the electronics center in Tokyo. Tsuyoshi has no interest in fashion and other trends, and his age equals the number of years he hasn't had a girlfriend. He works as a salesman at an employment agency but is always scolded by his boss.

Tsuyoshi just happened to be on his way home from an event in Akihabara when he met Saori. He has never been in a fight before, but the sight of the drunk harassing Saori made him furious as he stood up to protect her.

The only things Tsuyoshi is usually interested in are anime and video games. But something about Saori's beauty lit a fire in his heart, giving him courage. When he's looking for words to apologize, Saori hands him her date planner. "I want to return a favor, so can you write down your address?" Tsuyoshi is taken back. He has been humiliated a thousand times by women, but never appreciated, especially from a beautiful woman like Saori. Saori has a sweet smile on her face as she watches Tsuyoshi write down his address with shaking hands.

Hermes and Train Man

If it wasn't for the drunk man in the train, Tsuyoshi and Saori would never have become acquainted. A few days after the train incident, Tsuyoshi really receives a package from Saori. Inside was a Hermes tea cup. Tsuyoshi held the bright orange cup with his shaking hands. Unfortunately, he has never had a girlfriend in the past and is at a loss about what to do. That is when he visits a huge internet discussion board for some help.

Tsuyoshi immediately becomes the center of attention. Other computer freaks reply one after another. "Call her and say thanks!" "No, it's better to keep it a memory." Reading the heated discussion, Tsuyoshi is touched that so many people are supporting him even though they don't know each other at all.

Since then, Tsuyoshi has been referred to as "Train Man" and without her knowledge, Saori was being called "Hermes."

Ever since Tsuyoshi received the Hermes cup, his everyday life is filled with new experiences: calling a girl, mobile phone messages, buying clothes, going on a date, holding her hand, walking her home, visiting her room... Everything that happens between him and Saori is a big event and miracle for Tsuyoshi. He does his best to hide his geek-ness. Tsuyoshi's mind is occupied with just one wish. "I want Saori to like me."

On the other hand, Saori is starting to be moved by Tsuyoshi's efforts. "Maybe I can trust Tsuyoshi" she thinks. What Saori looks for in a guy is not his money, nor his looks or brains, but "honesty." In the past, Saori was betrayed and deeply hurt by her longtime boyfriend. She found out that he had a wife and kids. Since then, Saori could not stand a man that lies.

What happens when Saori finds out what the real Tsuyoshi is like? How will she react when she discovers she has become a heroine on an Internet site?

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Twiilight [Densha Otoko Opening Song]


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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (2)
1. Sekai wa sore wo ai to yobundaze 世界はそれを愛と呼ぶんだぜ [Sambomaster サンボマスター]
2. Twilight [Electric Light Orchestra]

Actor/Actress Cast (24)
Ito Atsushi
Yamada Tsuyoshi (Train Man)
山田剛司 (23)
Itoh Misaki
Aoyama Saori (Hermes)
青山沙織 (25)
Shiraishi Miho
Jinkama Misuzu
陣釜美鈴 (26)
Sato Eriko
Sawasaki Kaho
沢崎果歩 (25)
Sudo Risa
Mizuki Hiroko
観月裕子 (30)
Hayami Mokomichi
啓介 (23)
Sato Jiro
Kuroki Fumihito
黒木文人 (40)
Maekawa Yasuyuki
Oikawa Naoto
及川尚人 (28)
Horikita Maki
Yamada Aoi
山田葵 (17)
Koide Saori
Takeda Karin
武田花梨 (17)
Gekidan Hitori
Matsunaga Yusaku
松永勇作 (30)
Oguri Shun
Minamoto Munetaka
皆本宗孝 (25)
Rokkaku Seiji
Ushijima Sadao
牛島貞雄 (38)
Nukumizu Youichi
Ichisaka Susumu
一坂進 (40)
Gashuin Tayya
富永 (40)
Yamazaki Shigenori
Asano Shinpei
浅野真平 (29)
Kishibe Shiro
Yamada Tsuneo
山田恒生 (48)
Toyohara Kosuke
Sakurai Kazuya
桜井和哉 (38)
Sugawara Eiji
Kawamoto Shinji
川本信二 (27)
Akiyoshi Kumiko
Aoyama Yuki
青山由紀 (48)
Sakurai Chizu
Nomizu Iori
Tamura Tagame

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Drama Reviews (85)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Best Drama of ALL TIME!!!!!!! [Rating: 10/10]
This drama is great! Absolutely great!
WARNING, Spoilers

So, when I picked up this one, I was hesitant. I didn't know anything about the Densha Otoko story before watching this drama. But, after about 5 minutes, I was hooked. The first thing I think worth mentioning is that the story is a simple one. Just a guy trying to figure out how to get the girl. There were a few plot threads that I thought were a bit silly, like the stalker story or the surfing story. But, as much as I thought they were silly, they were really just a backdrop for the real story--the love story between Train Man and Hermes. Then, the real plot points of the drama--Train Man must reveal his otaku-self; Hermes must get over her former boyfriend; Train Man must admit the truth about the internet thread, etc--were excellent! They were so simple! Unlike other love dramas where the third act usually has some kind of twist or weak plot point, this drama just kept getting stronger and stronger. I loved, for example, that scene when Train Man admits his otakuness. I also loved that part when Train Man sees all the signs in Akihabara telling him to go back to the internet thread. The plot was strong and moving.

Atsushi and Misaki are really a wonderful couple on screen. Physically, you wouldn't think so, would you? And, I think that this makes the drama much better than any other incarnation of Densha Otoko. I have seen the movie, but the movie actors are a little "too good looking" if you know what I mean. And, the comic of Densha Otoko too suffers from this "too good looking" element. It's kind of like Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. I mean, Audrey is beautiful, so her playing the ugly unrefined woman who turns into the beautiful woman is not much of a stretch. Atsushi, on the other hand, plays the otaku so well that his tranformation is really wonderful. I just compare how he looks at the beginning of the drama with how he looks in the last episode sitting on the bench with Misaki at night. He looks great! Go Atsushi!
And, Misaki is just right for Hermes! Her Shiseido image is perfect! I keep reading all this criticism about her stiff acting. But, actually, her acting is the strongest stuff in the drama. As much as I loved that final confession scene on the roof, I absolutely loved the bit when Misaki, reading the keijiban, gives a little smile when she realizes that Train Man really wanted to hold her hand on their first date. It's like she's thinking, "Ah-hah! I knew it! He liked me!"
When this drama ended, I felt a bit like Sakurai San. I wanted to scream, Densha Otoko, COME BACK!!!!!
And, Densha Otoko did come back in a special, which was very disappointing. I didn't like it at all. And it proves that Zoku Densha Otoko would probably not fly well. Train Man and Hermes got together. Happy ending!
I know there is another story called "Chikan Otoko." Maybe a drama can be based on this story...?
In any case, I wanted to write down my thoughts on this, my now no. 1 favorite, drama.
And, is it me or is that the theme from Star Wars??
Reviewed by katatsumuri on 31 October 2005
2. moving me [Rating: 10/10]
ok..watching this drama last month but don;t have time to comment it. as for me, this drama really moving me. why? eventhough i'm quite annoying with densha who love to cry but as a loser, i can understand why.

loving such a lovely woman and he know this thing never happen ever again so, the feeling of afraid doing anything wrong and lost HERMES is not a normal feeling to densha. and yes, he's a loser, a total otaku, you can smell it miles away and this make him more low self confidence bout he's doing and wasn't so sure bout her feeling.

if you really watch this movie, you can see densha is growing from a total otaku to more brave man with confidence. and that;s all for HERMES, his love life that never in dream ever happen once for him. even us, as normal human, can take drastic changes like that and will get irritated but he so brave to take it.

as for hermes, she also not so sure bout her feeling. and at first place, she never know that densha is an otaku. considering the fact that she doesn't know that, she give fair chance to densha. do you think she will give the chance if she knew that densha is an otaku at first place?

how can hermes stand densha? love is unique, and as for hermes, she see densha as very honest person indeed despite densha's weak side who love to cry over small thing. also, she's already old for a marriage, so she just open up her mind to her world to accept person who can get the catchy feeling in her heart.

densha is annoying and that's really the tricky part cause total-otaku-with-no-social-life should be as bad as densha. if we never achieve that otakuness level, we actually not having the right to talk about how otaku can be so annoying. remember, newbie also annoying and sometimes, very very basic question can came up from their mouth and so does how otaku can be. as annoying as possible. and if densha really make you annoyed, the actor had done a really great job. ain't he?

i have learnt that we should be grateful for who we're. what i can always learn from japanese drama and anime is, there are no such things as giving up easily and appreciate and be thankful for who we're. change for good and may someday, you'll got reward for that.

open up your heart and see the good part of a drama and you'll enjoy and be thankful of your life now...
Reviewed by mangifera on 6 December 2005
3. ki-ta!! Densha Otoko! [Rating: 10/10]
Finally, after completing the last episode of Densha Otoko, I finally understand why so many people are talking about it. Honestly speaking, the first thought that came to mind when I heard about the premise of the story was how corny it was and most likely a fluffy comedy. Luckily for me, i took the time to go through his show.

Densha Otoko really shines because it is ultimately extremely entertainment, from moments of silly puppy romance to touching thank-you scenes to even outrageous comedic scenes (anyone remember the gushing swer pipe:P) the show managed to keep us entertain without ever once slowing down.

One of its more unique idea was the scenes of the other BBS participant chatting away with Densha-san. And as you watch how the entire community gives strength to Densha, you also realize they themselves drew strength from him. And before long i find myself seemingly like one of the BBS chatter (albeit unable to reply) rooting for him or cheering whenever he recounts one of his wonderful dates.

Itoh Masaki was luminously beautiful although her role didn't really give her much room to explore beyond that of a perfect lady but she was still perfect in her role as the OL Aoyama-san.Much of the great acting came from Atushi-san and the rest of the wacky gang of BBS chatters. It pretty fun to see the different character ham it up as cosuplay girl to army freak to even a cameo by a character from Slow Dance. Atushi was perfect as the gawky otaku whom despite his sometimes irritating habit of breaking down in tears every episode, you cant help but be touched by his sincerity and believe that he is truly the man for Aoyama-san. However there are moments, where i felt the directing or editing was awkward but I guess perhaps this might be due to the using of such a fresh idea in this case.

Nevertheless, Densha Otoko in my opinion has achieved the top seat for this summer's dramas, and maybe even the entire year. Hopefully fujitv will be able to come up with another equally fun and entertaining show in the future. Good luck to Densha-san and Hermes-san. Itekimasu!
Reviewed by dashx on 10 October 2005
4. Perspective [Rating: 9/10]
A lot of viewers have issues with this drama. �h would just like to remind people that this is all entertainment, and it should be viewed from an "entertainment" perspective. People tend to compare it to real life and that just takes away a lot of fun and all the creativity that goes into it is lost, be it music, movies, books, or any sort of "art". This isn't a documentary, so what if it's unrealistic here and there? Also, I have noticed a trend in these Japanese dramas to "overact". It's not only Densha Otoko that overacts; a lot of other dramas do it too, that's just how it is when they want to make that "kind" of comedy. There should be a sub-genre for these called "overacting" drama (j/k). Also, please keep in mind that these are "Japanese" dramas. That is, they are made in Japan for the Japanese. In other words, keep in mind the "culture" difference. People here on this site are mostly people of other countries and cultures, and it just wouldn't be fair to these dramas to judge them based on your own country's standards or cultural differences.
It was a great drama, and I�@���������������@�������@�������������������@�����������������D I especially liked the music; it fits the drama so well. The lyrics to "Twilight" and "Mr. Roboto" totally relates to the situation of the typical "Otaku". It shows how much effort they put into these dramas.
Finally, I had the pleasure to see the other finale, and it was great! They were really creative to do a pseudo alternative ending that ties everything together. It was fun to see how they weaved it together and it makes me wonder if they had this all planned from the beginning or not because if they didn't, it was genius how they came up with that alternative ending.
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 17 August 2006
5. Overall Amazing^^ [Rating: 9/10]
-1 off for Densha's trembling in the end

Overall this is one of the best Drama I've seen
I love how this one actually has a real believable geek in it verses the movie who used Yamada voted one of the coolest young actor,

Masaki's performance was really good to portraying the rich elgant goddess to the lowly Otaku. The Comedy was played out really well except maybe the Stalker ep could have had a more serious ending that just another spineless photo otaku behind it, maybe an actually Stalker that Densha had to fend off would have been better, but its still really good. I loved how the thread residents were portrayed in this show^^ using alot of the actual quotes from the forum too

The only thing I really didn't like too much was that in the forum and book Densha actually does grow much more as in he becomes less trembling more courage etc... Although in the beginning the drama was amazing they should have made Densha a stronger character near the end, instead of still crying and trembling this much.

also I think it would have been better if Kazuyai would have been an actual even rival for Densha to compete with instead of just a comic relieve. Wow I'm bashing Densha a lot instead of praising it hmm.. but seriously with those points aside this drama is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllly worth watching. I don't know but it makes you laugh till you cry at some points and cry in with saddness when Densha goes though trouble it was done really nicely. This is probably the best drama of 2005^^

Reviewed by Aquilo Aeolus on 14 March 2006
6. An absolute trainwreck... [Rating: 4/10]
not to mention a slap in the face to the real densha otoko. Can a script be more overly-dramatic/exaggerated? The appeal of the densha otoko story is the improbable romance did and can take place in real life. However, this dramatic rendition perverts that idea into a preposterous fairy tale nobody can identify with. Itosh Atsushi's over-acting makes it all the more unbearable. His portrayal of densha will go down in J-drama history as the most puny, spineless, pitiful, sniveling-weasel-like, poor-excuse-for-a-human-being character ever created! The guy acts like he's about to die from a nervous breakdown. His constantly whiny face and apologetic behavior makes me puke. Perhaps his moniker should be changed to "Trainwreck Man" because watching his hysterical crying fits gives one the same mental anguish as witnessing a tragic derailment accident. The last episode was building up toward what could be the first genuinely touching scene of the series until train boy started sobbing and hyperventilating uncontrollably (again). Hermes-san probably accepted his confession out of pity rather than love--after all, who could refuse the entreating of a wretched, fragile creature spewing tears and mucus all over the floor. I only forced myself to finish the drama for the lovely Itoh Misaki as well as the occasional glimpses of Maki in schoolgirl uniform, cool ASCII art wiz Oguri Shun, and Darth Miho.
Reviewed by Nobita-kun on 20 September 2006
7. Otaku's Rock! [Rating: 9/10]
I managed to complete this drama in two and a half sittings�c it was THAT addictive. Although the story has become a cliché in western society, this is the first time I'm seeing something like this in a Japanese drama. As a computer junky myself, I found the concept to be really successful. I loved the way they gave a face to the different personalities on the internet, and how we could see the relationship growing between perfect strangers and Densha. I watched the drama on my laptop and at times I felt as if I, too, was one of the many people ranting at the forum.

Itoh Atsushi as Densha Otoko is my new crush. Although I found his nervousness a bit tiresome at times, his kawai-ness totally made up for it. He played the role of an otaku so well that I can't imagine him in any other role. Itoh Misaki was also the result of perfect casting. She was convincing as the rich, beautiful, incredibly sweet lead female. And although the two main characters are the most unlikely to ever end up together, the chemistry between them was amazing.

My only qualm with this drama was that the ending was so drawn out and redundant. The love confession took longer than was necessary, and the individual good-byes from Densha's internet pals was too repetitive. Other than that, the drama was amazing and highly recommended!
Reviewed by Wynter on 23 October 2006
8. unexpected worst drama [Rating: 1/10]
i feel very dissapointed wasting my time watching this drama...
the regular scene of densha and aladdin forum follower become very annoying..hate to see how they over react and being nosy in people life..and densha himself just make no sense while asking for people advice on how to run his life..is he doesnt know to make a choice on his own?? most importantly for his sake??!!

then i cant help myself to feel soo disgusting with densha ugly face crying along 11 epiosde of the drama..i want him to stop crying and acting like a real man for once.

i hate him in otaku outfit, the bandana, the baggy jeans..is just super ugly and disgusting>>i think guitar otaku is look so much better then stupid, ugly awkward densha.

densha absolutely not deserve hermes at all...this story is plotting to satisfy every geek ever existed out there..this is about geek fantasy..because hermes is soo beautiful and perfect..too good to b true..

this drama is soo not funny, not heart warming and not sad at all..
i give my vote for only beautiful ito misaki..
Reviewed by anon001 on 12 June 2011
9. Fantastic love story!!! [Rating: 10/10]
Based on a true story of a guy known as an Otaku (Japanese geek) who intervened when a drunk man was harassing a beautiful woman in a train. Starring the beautiful Itoh Misaki as the woman who fell in love with the Otaku guy, Itoh Atsushi. i find this drama very enjoyable specially when the Otaku guy asking for some help in the Aladdin Channel forum (forum exclusively in Japan) on how will he do to make that woman fall for her. and he considered the guys in the forum as his friends. they called the Otaku guy "Densha Otoko". thats it right now. i wont spoil you guys anymore. but one thing for sure this is truly a wonderful love story ive ever seen not to mention it is a true story. Itoh Misaki and Itoh Atsushi did a brilliant performance in their roles. if i can give this series a 100 out of 10 i will give this one. but i dont think thats possible. this is the 2nd great drama for me after GTO Live action. now i believe miracles could happen. this drama proves it. Samuel Samaniego of Quezon City, Philippines.
Reviewed by slashersam016 on 1 June 2007
10. Much too Overrated............ [Rating: 2/10]
Not even in my personal top-ten of doramas.
Only a few smiles (not even laughter), no tears at all !!!
The humor is just silly, but not lovely-silly (as e.g. in 'Yama Onna, Kabe Onna' also starring Itoh Misaki), just stupid-silly.
Yamada is too pathetic, too exaggerated with all that stammering (too much !!!), allthough I 'like' him more, than Ichitarou in 'Glory Days' (just 200% pathetic & annoying !!!)
Misaki is much better as 'tomboy', so Yamada's sister and Mizuzki as tomboys I liked most, nearly the only reason, why I've finished this serie. Certainly not, because of Densha Otoko or Itoh Misaki, Hermes' character didn't fit her at all (I love her as Natsumi in 'You're under Arrest' or 'Yama Onna,...').
If you want a beatuful, really heartwarming romantic comedy, better wtch 'Boku dake no Madonna', 'Long Vacation' or 'Satorare'..........these are much, much, much more lovely !!!!
Reviewed by honolulu on 5 December 2007
11. Perfect Drama, that will touch your heart! [Rating: 10/10]
Maybe it was the timing, but for me this was exactly what I needed... a nice, sweet and charming romantic drama. The idea that this is based on a true story just adds to its appeal. To think that Train Man and Hermes-sam actually exist brings a smile to my face. There's still some good and niceness in the world! The acting is not top notch, but the story is touching and enduring for this light hearted and thoughtful drama. To think that people actually got inspired while reading the tread and cheered Train Man on and maybe changed abit themselves is moving! Sometimes you got to step out from the background or the view never changes. Train Man steps out and than some! Fell for Hermes-san myself as she was so sweet! A must watch, and I understand now why so many here recommend watching this drama as your first introduction to JDramas... very satisfying!!!
Reviewed by Spider on 19 August 2010
12. Romance followed by millions [Rating: 6/10]
I would feel pretty strange if I became just like Hermes, involved in a romance watched and advised by thousands of people... They say that love is between 2 people, but then a good public love is still better than a bad private breakup.

I have the pleasure to read the original thread on 2-channel.. To make the drama long enough to fill 11 episodes, the producer has definitely taken the liberty to add some elements, but I consider these extras to be unrealistic and do more harm than good - digressing from the original story line.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I still like the drama. But I just don't think it's as good as the golden age love dramas like Tokyo Love Story, Love Generation, Long Vacation, etc.

If you are a newage Internet blogger, you may find kinship between the story and your life and may enjoy it more...
Reviewed by anna_tran on 20 May 2006
13. FUNNIER THAN THE MOVIE! [Rating: 9/10]
This is SO MUCH better than the movie for it not only emphasizes a love connection between two characters of different worlds, but it's FUNNY! The comedy mixture added into this drama makes this a hit for anyone that feels they cannot love someone that is a total opposite and may judge you differently. Ito Atsushi is not the best actor in the world, but he played this role with such precision that I believe him to be an "otaku".

Watch this, and I really mean WATCH IT because you'll be missing out on a drama that will make you laugh til you fall out of your seat! You'll feel so much emotion towards Atsushi's character that you'll think twice before you decide to make fun of a person of his stature ever again. The Ito's make a perfect couple for t his drama and so much chemistry that you just want it to last forever!
Reviewed by Kirari Ililah on 26 December 2005
14. Modern Day Cinderella Tale [Rating: 10/10]
A story of a lonely and misunderstood (but kind-hearted) anime otaku who falls in love with a rich and beautiful office lady that he meets on the train, except this time there is no fairy godmother. The man has to receive advice from his gang of internet friends in order to find ways to court the woman.

Itoh Atsushi portrays the very geeky, Yamada who has known only one love in his life - anime, mainly Mina the anime heroine with carrots propelling from her buttocks. He falls in love with Itoh Misaki's character, Aoyama - who is very far, far from his league. Through hard work and a lot of changing, Yamada breaks away from some of his otaku-ness with help from his friends in order to court the woman of his dreams.

A very funny, but touching romantic drama.
Reviewed by donna8157 on 3 August 2005
15. Instantly captivating [Rating: 10/10]
A very touching (and VERY funny) story of an otaku who helps a woman in a train who is being harrassed by a drunk, being a complete nerd and no clue about women he turns to a message board for help. I was hooked from episode one, you know when you watch a drama and think, wow nothing will beat this, well, this is one of those shows that will change that opinion, all round great acting, the character who plays the otaku does it convincingly, with the help of his two freinds they are a classic act, just typing this makes me want to watch it again, the music is also great especially the star wars bit, stop reading this and go and watch it now, you won't be able to stop until you have seen it all.

Reviewed by Tatakau on 18 September 2005
16. Pretty funny, one of the best! [Rating: 8/10]

This drama is one of the funniest I�Lve ever seen.
Ito Atsushi does a wonderful acting on this one, although sometimes I was very annoyed with his weakness and his otaku mannerisms, but he does the most memorable funny scenes I�Lve ever seen!
Ito Misaki does an average job, although her beauty shines. She still need a lot of interpretation classes to hit on a drama.
The rest of the cast are pretty good, speacilly the otaku friend of Densha Otoko, Jinkama-san and the other guy who gets obssessed about Saori.
The plot bored me when Densha Otoko had to cry that much, but it is still one of the best.

I recommed everyone to watch Densha Otoko if your goal is to watch something outrageous funny!
Reviewed by shiruchsn on 16 December 2005
17. A great drama, but may seem over the top at times [Rating: 8/10]
Densha Otoko tells the story of a hardcore Otaku's quest to win the girl of his dreams with a little help from a whole bunch of people all over Japan. The story is very emotional and moves you to root for Densha's character. The show was able to show its message of "just be yourself" without getting preachy or being too cliche. The performances were great for the most part but Itoh Atsushi (Densha Otoko) may annoy some poeple with his over the top crying in nearly every episode. Honestly, who the heck cries like that everytime you talk with the girl your in love with?

If you want a show with great comedy and drama, where you cheer for the underdog every episode, this show is for you.
Reviewed by Grim Eyes on 26 April 2006
18. the most romantic love letter *grin* [Rating: 7/10]
the first-half of this drama is practically unbearably slow -_-" but i must say the story kinda picks up towards the end. :) densha otoko is a total loser in the beginning, but u'll slowly come to see his good traits (except the fact tat he cries in every single ep o_o felt like strangling him everytime he bawls in front of the girl).

i initially tot the whole internet-whining-post concept was redundant & uncalled for, but i guess it does contribute to the big picture. ^^; though i was more interested in some of the side characters' stories than the densha otoko himself.

wouldnt say this drama is tat fantastic, but the overall theme in the end is quite endearing.
Reviewed by youhei_mito on 19 April 2006
19. Better than Expected [Rating: 7/10]
When I first read the synopsis I thought it'd be a ridiculous stupid show. But when I read the reviews again, I decided to just give it a try. And I'm glad I gave it a chance. It's really not as bad as it seems. It's really funny!! Although if you think about it, having a person get that obsessed over a complete stranger, and then having it broadcasted all over the internet is sort of freaky. Once you get over that, the drama is more enjoyable. The actors really make you feel their otaku-ness to the point where you go "omg.that's so lame." Would have liked to see a bit more about the other otaku's lives though.
Reviewed by doublemask on 8 October 2008
20. Defines "spacey" and "romantic"... [Rating: 10/10]
It's a little long, but blindingly romantic and at times ridiculously funny.

I wish they hadn't quite added on so much to the basic 2chan posts. But just for the one on one scenes between Hermes and Densha, I'll still give it 10/10.

The truly scary thing is that both the story and the body/faces of both the Girl and the Boy absolutely channel Jobyna Ralston and Harold Lloyd in Girl Shy. Check it out, especially the train scene. (yes, train scene). And LOOK AT THEIR FACES (1924!!!)

To think this may (?) have actually taken place in Tokyo in 2004 just blows the mind, well and truly.
Reviewed by arsoys on 20 October 2010
21. One very unique dorama [Rating: 8/10]
A rather unique dorama with a great storyline. Misaki and Atsushi played their roles well with great performance by Miho and the rest of the supporting cast. Atsushi plays his role very well although his character sometimes feels so ridiculously pathetic that it slightly degrades the believability of the story. The storyline was easily one of the most predictable I've ever seen but I definitely enjoyed seeing how the cast handled their parts, in particular all of the people on the forum - the special in the end was quite good in that sense. Definitely recommended for its uniqueness!
Reviewed by Shindou on 4 May 2006
22. super funny! [Rating: 10/10]
Wow I had so much fun watching this drama. Originally, I was planning to skip this one, but everyone talked about how good it was...so fortunately, I gave in! It's a cute and funny story. And all the otaku stuff and gosh...just everything about it made me laugh like crazy. The computer chat room scenes were very funny and sweet...except densha annoyed me a bit after a while with all that stuttering and crying. I also liked how I was able to relate to the characters who had online friends because of similar interests and situations. Very fun to watch
Reviewed by noodlefreak on 12 March 2006
23. Watch this with your gf! [Rating: 8/10]
Jdramas generally don't focus so much into the other huge cultural icon of anime, so that makes this a unique drama from the get-go especially for anime fans. When my friends recommended this drama to me, I was like 'what the hell, train man?' It turns out to actually be a watchable drama with not only a unique theme, but a unique art direction with the web forums and blogging. You'll have to watch it to know what I'm talking about. You won't be disappointed, but you'll probably be annoyed by the whiney-ness.
Reviewed by gizm092 on 6 February 2009
24. Densha to Ohimesama [Rating: 9/10]
this show is a RARE gem. exceptionally well cast, witty, and humorous until the end. the characters are an interesting demonstration of various stereotypes present in japanese society. moreover, the soundtrack is exquisitely perfected and highlights both the emotional drama and the laugh-out-loud humor the show has to offer. a modern day fairy telling of the "beauty and the beast" with all the flair only real life could inspire. based on a true story! recommended for both new and old fans of japanese dramas.
Reviewed by Tu_triky on 4 October 2005
25. Boring, Dragging, Annoying, Tiring [Rating: 2/10]
My review title says it all.

I just don't get why other people like it so much~ X_x" It was way corny, very predictable, more than annoying and it literally dragged me.

I had to say that the only thing that made me stick throughout the series was the 1-5 seconds Shun Oguri moments scattered throughout the drama.

I'd give it a one if i can but Shun Oguri was sooo good-looking there, I had to give it a 2. So i'd say if you're a big Oguri fan, watch it. I got my money's worth because of him~ *roflmao*
Reviewed by addicted2tackey on 2 May 2006
26. Not quite up to the real thing... [Rating: 9/10]
... but still good nonetheless. To be honest, though, I think I prefer the real Train Man story -- reading the posts as they happened gives you a sense of suspense like nothing any show could give. That fact that it's real life just makes it better.

If any of you are interested, head on over to the Project Densha website: http://www.rinji.tv/densha/ It's the English translation project of the actual BBS postings by the real Train Man himself, complete with replies from the 2ch community and ASCII art. ^^
Reviewed by Hraefn on 28 September 2007
27. You gotta see it! [Rating: 10/10]
The best Japanese drama I've seen, and the best program I've seen for years. Hilarious, moving, inspiring.

The only little thing was that Densha cried too much. Someone should've slapped him (Hermes san?) and told him to act more like a man.

But, anyway, we forgive him.

If you're a normal guy and not some superstud who's never been rejected, then you can really empathise with Densha.

And Hermes san....so MOE!
Reviewed by justjuice on 9 April 2008
28. It Grow over time [Rating: 10/10]
hahah.. welll.. At First i watch this Drama because SHun is in there... lol.. And i CAn'T stand the main guy Character... i keep having this "i just want to Sock him in the face" feeling ya kno.. ahahha.. but he grow over time.... and i start to like him more....watch this drama as it grow in people... you can actaully learn a lot from this drama too.. hehe... so watch and see.. lol
Reviewed by aibakaneko on 25 December 2005
29. Train man [Rating: 10/10]
Undoubtedly the most likeable romantic-comedy of the year. I have also watched the movie but I still find the drama more enjoyable. Two thumbs up for the train man!!! PS. I missed episode 5 so I desperately want to know what happened. Can anyone tell me the story of episode 5. Please kindly send me an e-mail at [email protected] so that it won't spoil other fans. Thanks a lot
Reviewed by Chol on 5 August 2005
30. Gives HOPE to Nerdy Men!! [Rating: 7/10]
A frog & princess plot. Train man is very annoying who loves to cry while Saori is unbelievably tender. The couple looks odd together. Not my kind of drama. However the internet chat and characters are very entertaining. I'd say this drama gives hope to below-average looking men... hehehe... for audience with lots of compassion towards low self esteem people.
Reviewed by aki_07 on 16 November 2005

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1. Comments by Nobita-kun [Rating: 5/10]
A slap in the face of the real densha otoko. Can a script be more overly-dramatic/exaggerated? The appeal of the densha otoko story is the improbable romance did and can take place in real life. However, this dramatic rendition perverts that idea into a preposterous fairy tale nobody can identify with. Itosh Atsushi's over-acting makes it all the more unbearable. His portrayal of densha will go down in J-drama history as the most puny, spineless, pitiful, sniveling-weasel-like, poor-excuse-for-a-human-being character ever created! The guy acts like he's about to die from a nervous breakdown. His constantly whiny face and apologetic behavior makes me puke. Perhaps his moniker should be changed to "Trainwreck Man" because watching his hysterical crying fits gives one the same mental anguish as witnessing a tragic derailment accident. The last episode was building up toward what could be the first genuinely touching scene of the series until train boy started sobbing and hyperventilating uncontrollably (again). Hermes-san probably accepted his confession out of pity rather than love--after all, who could refuse the entreating of a wretched, fragile creature spewing tears and mucus all over the floor. I only forced myself to finish this drama for the lovely Itoh Misaki as well as occasional glimpses of Maki in schoolgirl uniform, cool ASCII art wiz Oguri Shun, and Darth Miho.
2. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 10/10]
A romantic comedy revolving around an otaku who falls in love with a woman that he saves on the train. The story is based off of a true story that had taken place on the Channel 2 Singles Forums which later turned into a popular book, movie, and manga series.

Many argue that the drama version of the story is the best. Itoh Atsushi creates a very believable Yamada, the epitome of otaku geekiness - one who loves anime and roams around Akihabara in search for more anime/manga. He meets Aoyama on the train and saves her from being harassed by a drunk. From then on, it's history.

The series was very comedic and fairy tale-like in nature and I found myself laughing at many of the scenes, especially when he was asking for advice from his internet friends. The side characters were important and crucial to the development and layering of the overall plot. It was a great and memorable series, one I'm sure that will be on many, many people's favorites.
3. Comments by OCster [Rating: 10/10]
I watched this drama on the recommendation of a friend. The storyline, despite people not liking it so much, already interested me a lot. I watched the whole series in the span of a day. It was so addictive.. true, the humour and acting was really corny and over the top here and there, but the striking parts of the drama are what help pull it through and make it so enjoyable to watch. The whole idea of the forum was very good and well done. I think Densha was a little overplayed by Atsushi and his constant crying and constipated expressions were a tad irritating and repetitive, but you can't help but love him nonetheless. And Misaki Itou @__@ goodness me, I'm a girl and I've always crushed after the guys, but she was SO beautiful and convincing in this one that I found myself wanting her myself sometimes.. lol.
All in all, this is a drama that should not be missed. There IS a reason why this series has been so talked about.
4. Comments by nishishi [Rating: 1/10]
One of the worst doramas i ever watched!!!!! If not the worst...
The whole dorama is just a waste of time.....
Maybe if u like anime and stuff u may like this dorama... otherwise.... its just terrible!!!! Stupid plot... Strange (and not really funny) characters... Overall its just a big waste of time. But again, maybe those who r into that anime and otaku stuff (and them only) will like this dorama.... If u r not one of them u will probably hate this thing as much as i did.... They could've done a short dorama with this (those thing with less than 10 minutes lenght)... its simple... Otaku (geek) meet girt in the train, Otaku post in the forum.. Otaku cry..... Otaku gets a present for her... Otaku post in the forum.. otaku cry.... Otaku call her.. otaku post in the forum... Otaku cry... and this goes on until the last episode (when he finally kiss her!!!) Damn... u must be an Otaku to like something like that!
5. Comments by KusMoG_X [Rating: 9/10]
Currently watching. Funny drama but the gags can get annoying in a hurry. "Otakus" (that is geekiness of any kind) may find this enjoyable immediately because of the main character's lifestyle of anime, manga, video games, and the internet. =P I like Misaki Itoh, but her acting is lacking so far. I really liked this drama at first, but the main character really annoys me. His cowardness is just so overexagerrated beyond my belief to the point that I want to stop watching. The gags are getting corny too with the "forum buddies" in that they're something you're more likely to see in an anime. It's sentai show-cheesiness. After eps 5 the story is picking up and the supporting charas are wonderful and very funny! rating from 7 to a 9 now. =) It's too enjoyable, despite extreme corniness here and there.
6. Comments by phoenix_angkasa [Rating: 9/10]
A story of a lonely and misunderstood (but kind-hearted) anime otaku who falls in love with a rich and beautiful office lady that he meets on the train, except this time there is no fairy godmother. The man has to receive advice from his gang of internet friends in order to find ways to court the woman.

Itoh Atsushi portrays the very geeky, Yamada who has known only one love in his life - anime, mainly Mina the anime heroine with carrots propelling from her buttocks. He falls in love with Itoh Misaki's character, Aoyama - who is very far, far from his league. Through hard work and a lot of changing, Yamada breaks away from some of his otaku-ness with help from his friends in order to court the woman of his dreams.

A very funny, but touching romantic drama.
7. Comments by Sorata [Rating: 10/10]
One of my favorite doramas, i loved the movie but the dorama is much better, Yamada Takayuki is my favorite actor but he just isn�Lt a good otaku, after he "took care of himself" he looked cool while Itoh Atsushi even after the transformation he still looks dorky and uncool and Itoh Misaki is just...deslumbrant.
This dorama made laugh very hard and the drama part is very well played, it really made me care about the characters and all the guys in the forum are funny as hell.
The 2006 special Deluxe was a failed attempt of squeezing more money from this franchise, it makes no sense what so ever, it�Ls like all growing Densha had during the dorama lead to nowhere. I think mos people would be happy of not watching the Deluxe.
8. Comments by oline [Rating: 10/10]
I love the story the whole mystery thing going on (train man..). And to think that it is based on areal life thingy is great it gives a lot of dreamy people out there (like me...) a great boost of hope that their long lived fantasies in thier brains might or even will come true someday! It also a great series for girls and even guys... (you know like all those tips for daiting..???). And besides there's a lot of Misaki Itoh exposure surely a lot of guys like that
(ani - Akira) as for me its Shun (where's the dialogue ??!!!)Anyway it's that great and all funny, heartwarming and all that !!!

9. Comments by nadrika [Rating: 9/10]
Hilarious. Touching. Surprisingly it brought tears to my eyes. Usually this doesn't happen when i watch dramas on tv. I watched this on 8tv. Because when you watch on tv, there's advertisements in between which interrupts the mood. Thumbs up!!! Excellent OST as well...

I'm now experiencing what Densha Otoko is experiencing, in the sense of having conversation with online friends that i have NEVER met but feel that i've known them for a LONG time and would understand where I'm coming from. :) Only thing is there's the dreaded TIME DIFFERENCE which never fail to make my head spin. But I'm thankful nevertherless.
10. Comments by Shindou [Rating: 8/10]
A rather unique dorama with a great storyline. Misaki and Atsushi played their roles well with great performance by Miho and the rest of the supporting cast. Atsushi plays his role very well although his character sometimes feels so ridiculously pathetic that it slightly degrades the believability of the story. The storyline was easily one of the most predictable I've ever seen but I definitely enjoyed seeing how the cast handled their parts, in particular all of the people on the forum - the special in the end was quite good in that sense. Definitely recommended for its uniqueness!
11. Comments by ume [Rating: 2/10]
This is about half as good as the movie version, which I'd watched first. It goes into itty gritty details that the movie never mentionned...and I'm not sure I'd prefer to know those details. The main guy was disgusting. It was real pain watching him go on and on in his disgusting whiny voice, even after he changed to "normal" mode...he was DISGUSTING. And Ito Misaki is not as good as the movie Hermes either. Not denying she is pretty but she just isn't as elegant. Whole thing ruined the romance of the movie version. Don't know which one was more true to the real thing.
12. Comments by Fight-oh [Rating: 10/10]
Classic Show about a young man who helps a young tall girl named Hermes (Saori) from being hurt by a drunked old man... Even though he isn't brave he still helps her and gets hurt. Densha Otoko is lovestruck and wants to meet Saori but he is to afraid.. Somehow Densha works up the courage to ask her on a date by going onto the internet and talking with people for their opinions in a thread. At first he is scared to open up to her at first with his feelings but as he talks to her more and gets to know her more, he gets more comfortable being with her and talking to her
13. Comments by ilovetakuya [Rating: 6/10]
didn't really like this drama. I didn't like the main guy at all. Although i thought Ito Atsushi is cute in his own way, his character annoyed me so much since he was so shy and weak. He cried so easily.. Also, the character of Hermes was so unrealistic. She has pretty face, great body, and a perfect personality. No girl could be like that. The Hermes character was just so stock.
I also didn't really like the music.. The part where Otakus came out kinda bored me. The plot was so simple....
The drama was funny but it didn't exactly make me really laugh.
14. Comments by loveaomori [Rating: 5/10]
Ito Misaki is cute. The dorama is well shot. But there is only one unique story here. The back people are just typing on their computers can you call that "acting"? I don't!!!!! And The densha otoko doesn't grow up during the dorama. It may be funny to wach him so shy, unable to talk in hermes presence but after 10 minutes I already wanted to punch him straight in his face and say to him "ii kagen seichou shiro temee!" I know it's otaku and stuff but this dorama can be sum in 10 minutes. Maybe the book or the movie are better.... I hope so....
15. Comments by rikastar [Rating: 7/10]
The big hit of the season~ Overall, I would say I enjoyed it, but not as much as the majority. At times, I got a bit tired of Densha and his pals. Gotta give credit to the male Ito Atsushi though, I think he really did a brilliant job. Ito Misaki was really kirakira playing the role of Hermes, she has such pretty and delicate features. My favourite characters are Jinkama san and Keisuke though. Keisuke for shallow reasons - Mocomichi is so gorgeous in this drama~ Jinkama san is hilarious, I love her Darth Vader theme and deadly stare.
16. Comments by Lucian Dureau [Rating: 10/10]
This is one of the most funny dramas that you can watch. Although the story is about an Otaku, the argument is soo cute and intimate.
So hilarious the Kosuke Toyohara's character!, and to see in action to Eriko Sato is really a great pleasure!, you will see the courage of an otaku, and if you don't have a favourite j-drama actress yet, no problem!!, you will fall in love with Misaki Itoh, she makes miracles with Densha Otoko. Benoist!!
A fantastic Love Story that won't disappoint to nobody. I Recomend it for sure!!
17. Comments by SayaOtonashi [Rating: 6/10]
Another dorama with Itoh Misaki which I don't like very much. The story is unrealistic but the pace is quite good, so you will always want to know what's happening next. I loved all the social network people (so funny!!! thanks god they were there) and those wonderful ASCII drawings. I also searched a bit about the story and I still don't know if it is true or not; I think it isn't. Besides that, I finished watching it and thought: and now what? So it is a good dorama to kill some time buy I wouldn't watch it twice.
18. Comments by AjiKan [Rating: 9/10]
Such a sweet drama. It took me a while to finish, but once finished, i was glad i did. This drama touched me in such a way, because it is about the every-man. Otaku meets girl, otaku likes girl, otaku needs help getting the girl. It gives hope to those who have lost it. There is not much back-story on the members of the "Single's Thread", but they all speak to you through their characters. Through 11 episodes, you see Densha's hardships through trying to impress her. This is definitely a must-see drama. 9/10.
19. Comments by pinkokoro [Rating: 5/10]
COMPLETE. woh! overrated! one of the most popular drama, i read everywhere about it. but really. It's boring. there's only an episode that I like for making me laugh, other than that this is ermmm... bad? maybe it's popular because of its story about otaku loving a beautiful girl, and people who watched this are mainly guys who always in front of their comp and this drama give them chance to dream such encounter? I d k. this is really not my type of drama. sigh. after hearing so much of good thing about it.
20. Comments by ScrappedShinigami [Rating: 8/10]
A really great show, I thorougly enjoyed it, makes it all the more sweeter to know that it was based on a true story *sways* kya how cute! Anyway the characters were enjoyable, I loved Hayami Mokomichi as the protective brother, I keep inadvertantly finding dramas with him in, maybe fate is trying to tell me something! Anyway I loved the soundtrack I must find it now, sounded very 80's <3
A really heart warming story and it wasn't painful at all, definitely worth a watch very very funny and very sweet ^_^
21. Comments by jo [Rating: 7/10]
Funny moments are good...OVER ACTING IN SO MANY SCENES..wwwwwaattasshiii bakaaaaaa....dessssssuuuu. I'd be blunt that was stupid acting by the lead character, always crying out for no reason. Geez, man I've know many geeks and fanboys, they're not so emotionally weak like this drama was trying to portray them..They said it's a true story but they changed so much stuff in the script to make it more look funny..that it wasn't funny anymore. Jinkkama-san was funny & hot though. I'll take her anytime. B -
22. Comments by Qky [Rating: 10/10]
Very touching and funny at the same time. I have to admit that this dorama is very different than the others. The story itself still evolves around love and relationship between men and women, however, it is served in different circumstances and conditions. The story is somewhat true and closer to reality than what we might have thought. I really like this dorama; superb story; a must watch!! A plus is the ending song by Sambomaster (Sekai wa sore wo ai to yobundaze); it is a magnificent song!
23. Comments by akibakenji [Rating: 10/10]
This drama wins...such memorable characters and a hilarious, yet touching plot. A drama that any fan of anime/video games should watch. The fact that it was inspired by a true story made it that much more meaningful. A bit cheesy at times, yes, but still quite entertaining nonetheless. This and 1 Liter of Tears are probably my favorite J-drama's of all time. Ito Misaki was great and all as Hermes, but Shiraishi Miho as Jinkama was definitely my favorite character in this one.
24. Comments by atheon [Rating: 10/10]
Sept 2005: Unique storyline, really showed the life of otaku's and internet-goers. Kinda relate to me. They really put alot of hardwork in this show, u can see how many figure, models, posters they used, try to made us otakus crazy xxD. Story maybe abit silly at times, but its really fun to see those net frens tryin to help Yamada and stuff. And Jinkama-san rocks~~~ The show become much more funnier because of her and she won best supporting actress for this drama hoho~~
25. Comments by michiru3 [Rating: 9/10]
This was really really enjoyable to watch. Plus, I like that even tho it's a romance, it's not so oogy-gooey love-love that it becomes sickening. My only complaint is that it's a big TOO exaggerated, altho I suppose it goes w/ the show. Also, other than the fact that she's really pretty, I still don't get what's so great about Hermes...she's too plain a chara to fall in love w/. Jinkama's chara was really interesting to watch, especially in the Special =)
26. Comments by Shouryuuken [Rating: 6/10]
Like Sapuri, there was originally a lot of hype about Densha Otoko and if anyone needs to find out about the workings of true otaku and hikikomori then I guess this is the best place to start. Although I would say that Itoh Atsushi did a sterling job in his role, I must say that all of his character's mumbling and bumbling really started to piss me off about half-way through. I stuck through it though and finally watched a most predictable ending.
27. Comments by IniQx [Rating: 8/10]
A rather cute drama with a very interesting plot. Somewhat like a fairy tale! Too good to be true. Thumbs-up for the excellent performance by Itoh Atsushi as Densha. He is so nerdy but cute at the same time. Got kinda irritated at the overly long scenes where the BBS participants chat & give their support & encouragement for Densha. Prefer watching Densha & Hermes-san together. Nonetheless, this is a refreshing drama that stands out.
28. Comments by Gloves [Rating: 6/10]
I had a long break with this drama so I can't say if it affected my opinion but... Anyway I stopped in the middle of the 9th episode because of the overall irritation level. I couldn't decide which one of the characters was the most spineless idiot and the show just seemed to get more and more ridiculous and repeating towards the end. I still really enjoyed the first episodes (loved the setting scenarios) so this drama isn't completely rotten.
29. Comments by in.the.cold.breeze. [Rating: 10/10]
the real densha must be so proud of having spawned this - and this drama is everything it's hyped up to be. completely moving and nostalgic, but also exaggerated and funny and corny. it totally kills sunao ni narenakute or any other series that thinks it can capture the beauty of the human condition as it truly exists and unfolds in the online medium. shit, the finale had the best dramatic tension. beautiful. and kosuke toyohara is the best!
30. Comments by hurh. [Rating: 9/10]
Actually, I'm not really a fan of the two leads. xD;; I think Itoh Misaki is really pretty though, and I liked her as Hermes. Itoh Atsushi as Densha was kind of annoying, but I guess it works. Sometimes I did not want to watch him though. >_>;;
Still, I enjoyed this drama a lot. xD;; Very entertaining! It's very funny and I like all the supporting characters. Lots of fun to watch and at times it's really touching. Good stuff.

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Users who voted for this drama (252)
1. shanghai_honey
I loved watching Densha Otoko! The story is so funny and touching at the same time. Itoh Misaki is perfect as Hermes, so soft and dreamy looking, and Densha acted very well as a inept but lovable Otaku. The were times I wanted to sock him for all his nervous stuttering and there were times I wanted to stand up and cheer him on! All his internet buddies were very entertaining too, Densha is a lucky bastard. Kittaaaaa!!!!!
2. fallenknife
Like many others, I was hesitant to watch this drama at first as the two main characters doesn't look like they could pull off the romantic-comedy part and this may just turn out to be a corny and lame plot of a underdog, loser guy winning the heart of a beautful girl.

Instead, the drama impresses me with its amazing casts and how the director bring to life the forum chat.
3. inkfish021
Densha Otoko [series] is a highly entertaining and incredibly moving romantic comedy drama with a plethora of interesting, lovable characters. Based on a true story, the story is simple but brilliant tale of love and hope, that no matter who you are or what situation you are in, anyone can make a miracle. :) I STRONGLY RECCOMMEND EVERYONE TRY IT.
4. ivy99
the best dorama ever! 10 bajillion times better than the movie. they really did an excellent job in casting the principles and supporting actors. great music throughout, heart warming story, i can't help but smile thinking about it. i also recommend the bonus densha finale / prequel movie, wonderful to watch! KIIIIIITTTTTTAAAAAAA!!!!
5. jor-el
The entire story was so wonderful. It had humor and romance. The actor playing densha was very good but the person who took my breath away was Itoh Misaki. She is simply the most beautiful woman I've seen. The relationship between the two of them was what made it so touching and sweet
6. vega12
I really enjoyed watching this drama! It was full of lots of comedy and great relationships between all the characters. Complementing the great central story of Densha and Hermes, the comradery of the posters on the A-ch board was also wonderful to watch.
7. -Takashi-
Densha Otoko was my first dorama. I love it because it is funny and a true story. I like how its based around otakus hahaha. It is a really good show. My friend suggested I watch this show, so I did and I liked doramas ever since. Basicly, its a great show.
8. MonsterZero-65
Best drama in a long time. They must have had a whole team of Otaku working on this to get the culture down so well. I really enjoyed Itoh Misaki, Itoh Atsushi, and Shiraishi Miho was too funny. Great acting, story, music, everything really. a perfect 10!
9. hiroshi
Rating: 10/10. An absolutely terrific series and one of the best romantic comedies of all time. A classic for sure. Atsushi Itoh did an absolutely great and totally convincing job at being Densha. Kudos also to Miho Shiraishi as Jinkama-san. She rocks!
10. boru
When I saw it I cried a few times, don't ask me why. After I saw it again with my g/f I was relieved(!!!!) she had to crie too! Although yamada could have cut back in the trembling and crying department my girlfriend is totally hooked on this series.
11. xiong_here
Its some painfully corny yet so addicting to watch. Its really a simple story and you wonder why NOBODY did it before! This show has to been seen and appreciated for its story and the little things us OTAKUs notice throughout the show that it pulls.
12. super_boink
the story is hilarious and the same time very touching... i like the role of ito misaki here, so sophisticated and totally different from here bitchy roles on her other dramas!!! i also like ito atushi for his role!! he really carried it well...
13. Goldhawkz
Such a good drama.. at first, i thought this drama is lame. however, after seeing how nice ppl in the forum are, and how densha struggle to get his love, and how kawaii itoh misaki is, i fall for this drama.. i watched it in 1 day straight.
14. erick_himura
This dorama is actually make me Sick of MySelf...
I don't know but i'm a like Yamada-san... a otaku, coward from girls. It's like reflaction for me.....
The story begin from a man finding a princess.... (i start crying..... ;-(
15. krazekarin
i started watching this because of oguri shun, even though there werent much scenes with him in it, i loved it; but it was a really touching drama it was funny at parts but it was so sad even though it had a happy ending
16. aisuzieya
Very funny and meaningful..at least, to me. love all the humours, the makeups, the clothes, the sceneries and the forum! all the forumers are so supportive and nice, i wud love to be one of them!!! must watch!!!
17. syota#4
i cry, i laugh, i upset, i just dont know what to say.... oh my god this is the best drama i ever seen.. even i watched it many time it still felt like the first time.... I LOVE DENSHAAAA OTOOKOOOOOOo
18. promilkidd
the dorama that makes me cry hard and Laugh hard... the cast really portrayed thier roles very well and thier is this chemistry between densha and hermes despite thier differences!! its a great dorama!! ^_^
19. ThyGriever
I loved this drama! It was really fun to watch yet it was so touching =] The performances by the 2 main characters were great. Misaki Itoh does a good job of playing the "dream girl"~ A must see drama!
20. kuridaisukiyo
21. zlabayle
I've must have seen this about 5 times all the way through. To me its so great because it is so relatable...Because trully, we all just want to have the woman in our dreams love us for who we are.
22. Fight-oh
A amazing show of which two people meet on a train in which one saves the other and the other one is lovestruck by the other and works up the courage to call her and ask her out on a date.....
23. tsukushi
I wish I could vote for this a million times! One of the best dramas I have seen in a long time! The characters are so well-developed. The story is AWESOME! You won't go wrong with this drama!
24. ReDxFred4
A coincidence of events which turns into an awesome story that must be seen! The development of love between a pretty woman and a guy who just couldn't seem to find a girl without some luck!
25. booniez
This was a great drama! Anyone looking for an introduction to Japanese TV would do good to watch this show. It was clever, well-acted, and touching at the same time. ~~Ganbare, Densha!!
26. liap2
The 'Yamada' is very cute!!!! The storyline is very creative and related to our lives(world of internet). A good drama!!! (p.s. Itoh Misaki is very beautiful and hilarious!!!)
27. darc_blade
first exposure to miho shiraishi and the itoh misaki... definetely the cutest misaki performance out of all she's done... not to mention the itoh is perfect as an otaku.
28. bcgurl
It's funny and quite draggy and irritating but I guess that's how the show goes. And some parts are also touching and aad. But overall, hmm.. I guess it's worth a vote.
29. mv78
This drama deserve to be appreciated by all viewers.. the storyline is so strong, funny and exciting. it's the best drama ever after i've seen GTO and Tokyo Love Story
30. domng
This is a true rare gem. Who would have expected to watch this kind of story in a drama and not in an anime? Get's my vote for originality in the story. : D

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