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Kuitan [喰いタン]

Drama Details
Telecast:2006-01-14 to 2006-03-11
Season:Winter 2006

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TV Station:NTV
Duration:9 Episodes

�gHolmes Agency�h is a private detective office known as the �gBig-Eating�h Detective Office. Seiya Takano (Noriyuki Higashiyama), who is known for have a huge appetite, gets assigned to this office as the new leader. Ryosuke Noda (Go Morita) and Ryoko Izumi (Mikako Ichikawa), both also having a big appetite work under Seiya. Murder, robbery, and kidnapping - many incidents occur around them. And the three solve each of the many cases in a most surprising way - their appetite results in marvelous speculations! They eat at themurder scene. They eat on the track. They even eat dog food! They keep on eating and eating, not even listening to the witness. Everywhere they go, they eat and eat and eat! And every time after finishing, the criminal appears. KUITAN is the words �gBig-Eating (KUIshinbo)�h and Detective (TANtei) combined together.�gReal Gourmet�h plus �gReal Mystery�h. The big-eating detectives are on the run, solving cases from their deep knowledge about food. �gKUITAN�h- a new type of mystery drama you�fll sure enjoy!

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Kesshou 結晶 [B'Z]

Actor/Actress Cast (15)
Higashiyama Noriyuki
Takano Seiya (The Kuitan)
Morita Go
Noda Ryousuke
Sano Shiro
Detective Igarashi
Ito Shiro
Inspector Yamauchi
Kyono Kotomi
Ogata Momo
緒方 桃
Ichikawa Mikako
Idemizu Kyoko
出水 京子
Suga Kenta
Kindaichi a.k.a Kaneda Hajime
金田 一
Ishizuka Hidehiko
Rokkaku Seiji
Kitagawa Hiromi
Sasaki Kuranosuke
Yin Ling
インリン / 垠凌
Oshima Yoko
Kusamura Reiko
Koike Rina
Kinoshita Rei
木下 黎

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Drama Reviews (7)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. YUM! [Rating: 9/10]
Ahhhhh another fun drama! Kuitan has everything you could ask for: comedy, romance, adventure, suspense, action (even kung-fu fighting!), etc. and lots and lots of food! There was so much food in this drama it was almost hard to watch! By the end of every episode I was ready to devour a buffet. Each episode is treated individual, with the chemistry between the characters serving as the constant element. That casting was solid. Not only did the actors/actresses work well together, so did the characters! Each character is different and unique, and each is fun to watch. Although there is very little character development, and although there are some minor discrepancies (like how in episode 8 they�fre all ready to sell each other, and then in episode 9 they�fre all weeping over a lost friend, and how Kuitan loses and gains his memory back all within the span of 10 minutes, and without a grain of reality, etc.) because the drama is so fun, it can get away with it. You don�ft notice the flaws because, well, there�fs so much food everywhere! So grand.
Reviewed by Wynter on 2 January 2007
2. Kuitan Special DVD: Only for die-hard fans [Rating: 5/10]
I watched this Special DVD right after the Season 1 DVD. It was disappointing as the Kuitan character was vastly different from Season 1. It was as if Higashiyama Noriyuki forgot the essence of his original character: humbleness and humility.

Hong Kong is not a pretty backdrop for this series; the Cantonese food is uninspiring; and the Chinese actors/actresses could be better looking. Kuitan actually could be seen without eating food while walking.

All in, a clumsy effort to introduce a Hong Kong office of the Holmes Agency. I hope they don't try to export the format to other countries.
Reviewed by gauntlet on 17 May 2007
3. 2 Johnny's, but ONE Funny Tale of Food! [Rating: 7/10]
This was a pretty funny drama, I do recommend it as a comedy. The sempai of all johnnys is a very good actor, as well as Morita, though the cases weren't too complex. As in the mysteries weren't creative enough. Though Kyono yelling at the character Igarashi was hilarious.
The little kids was pretty cute too, always with the cat and his Conan outfit. Having Morita's character call him Kindaichi was pretty funny too (I suggest watching the animes to find out the joke of Conan & Kindaichi).
This is a nice little drama, not the best, but it's calm and kind of fast.
Reviewed by Kirari Ililah on 14 April 2006
4. Abit disappointment [Rating: 6/10]
Quite funny, the casts had their names, or dressing associated with famous detectives.

The drama itself seems to concentrated more on the relationship with human rather then crime solving.
Not much on the food itself too...

Continue to watch for maybe there will be improvment in the later part of the drama and for the sake of Higashiyama Noriyuki Sama.

The character Higashiyama Noriyuki Sama casted had a similar personality with the lead character in another drama "Food Fight".
Reviewed by yuki ando on 31 January 2006
5. Yokohama is the star [Rating: 8/10]
I'm halfway through this series. It was slow to start with and I couldn't really gel with the characters but it gets engaging. Food is a supporting cast but the biggest star has to be the sights and suburbs of Yokohama. It makes me want to visit this city in the shadow of Tokyo! Another thing I got from this series was the deep respect for food. Kuitan always begins his eating with a sincere heartful, thanks irregardless of whether it is sushi or a bun. I will never look at food in the same way again!
Reviewed by gauntlet on 14 May 2007
6. Pure fun [Rating: 9/10]
If you are looking for a goofy funny enjoyable drama you can do much worse than Kuitan the Glutinous Detective. Based on a Manga this drama delivers a consistent story line and odd sense of humor. The characters are not what you would call especially deep but they are all over the top in the best possible way. I enjoyed it completely.
Reviewed by MonsterZero-65 on 22 June 2010
7. So funny and enjoyable [Rating: 9/10]
This was a very fun drama. It is nothing you can take seriously so just sit back relax and enjoy the funny food based detective story unfold. I would have given it a 10 but the end was a bit of a let down.
Reviewed by MonsterZero65 on 29 August 2010

Comments From Users (72)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 4/10]
This was one of the most pointless dramas I've ever seen. In fact, it bordered on being agonizingly slow. The story revolves around a detective agency called the Holmes Detective Agency. The main character is Kuitan - a detective who loves food and craves it almost every second of the day. There are three other people who work there who also help him solve cases. Usually the cases that come in to his company, are ones where food is involved. Kuitan solves these mysteries by (guess how?) eating more and more food.

This drama was really episodic and there wasn't anything to persuade me to continue watching after episode 6. I actually would have stopped earlier if not for the slight possibility that this show could improve. The actors and actresses in this drama were subpar, in fact even terrible especially the main lead. The only highlight that I found was the food in the drama. It looked so good, actually that could have been another negative - it's not a good drama to watch on an empty stomach. The cases in this series were overly simplistic and uninteresting. Anyway, I don't think I'd recommend this drama to anyone.
2. Comments by Nermal [Rating: 10/10]
The first episode had me crying of laughter after 10 minutes into it. Higashiyama-san is just that awesome! ^^

Not a huge story developement, but a nice series to watch and relax! Don`t miss it if you feel for light drama. ^^

Lots of very funny parts.. references to Kindaichi shounen (laughs). Lots of very yummy looking food! ^^ The characters are quite fun!

Glad there is going to be a second season of this too! The cast were well chosen for this drama and it turned out to be the gem of last winter.
3. Comments by Oba-chan [Rating: 6/10]
hmmm kind of overated, too much theatrical scene, and that Gluttony detective sometimes makes me lose my appetite. I know the food in the show is looks good, but when i saw someone eat a loooooooot of them like that, makes me feels sick. Gluttony isnt like that, that character is just too much. Also Morita Go ~_~, he's pain on my eyes. Only 1 thing that saves this drama, Food ~_~.
Soundtrack : Kesshou [B'Z]: 10 (aw aw, an awesome song)
4. Comments by takuan [Rating: 4/10]
This has many of the same problems for me as Jikou Keisatsu. Maybe I just don't like these kinds of detective drama series. It's amusing for the first 4 or so episodes, but gets repetitive fast. I only made it all the way through because I'm a Morita Go fan and wanted to see more of him. Probably a pass unless you're a huge fan of one of the actors, are really into detective drama series, or have lots of time to waste
5. Comments by kaonashi [Rating: 1/10]
No no no! One of the most pointless drama ever made. It was impossible to finish this one. I can't believe they made a sequel. It's supposed to be a comedy but it's not funny at all, just plain stupid. Lame criminal cases, ultraboring cast & bad acting. Well, if you like Vivaldi's "Four seasons" you'll enjoy the music. But that's about it. Pathetic drama. 1-
6. Comments by enen_shun [Rating: 8/10]
this drama is FULL of food !! Kuitan (Higashiyama Noriyuki) has all the interesting way he solve his case every episode ~ all the casts were great ~ Kyono Kotomi is great as "Momo-chan" .. the fierce character which is pretty different from her usual quiet-type of characters she acted .. lolx ~ enjoyed watching the whole drama !!!
7. Comments by calico [Rating: 8/10]
Kuitan is my guilty pleasure. Love food dramas and the over-the-top plots each week, and Kuitan's drama-mama flourishes and investigative methods kept me glued to the TV (or my computer) and actually made me anticipate the next episode. This drama was never boring and the Holmes Agency gang is totally quirky in their own rights.
8. Comments by Keps [Rating: 10/10]
I don't think this drama could have been any more perfect!
Superbly cast, and played with lots of fun and good-humour.
It's not often something has me laughing out loud, but Kuitan did.
I never wanted this drama to end...unfortunately, like all dramas, it had to. :-(
But the thought of another series... :-)
9. Comments by ScrappedShinigami [Rating: 5/10]
I've only watched the first 3 episodes so far so I can't rate it properly yet. It seems like a decent enough series it's been pretty interesting so far. Not a series I'm going to go off and rave about, but something nice and easy to sit back and watch. I love that he never stops eating XD classic!
10. Comments by IniQx [Rating: 8/10]
The plot's something different from the usual detective doramas. It gets better when the story develops. When you thought all Kuitan thinks of is only food, he surprises you with his analysis of each case he & his failed detective agency gets hold of. A light and entertaining watch.
11. Comments by Char350 [Rating: 8/10]
Pretty good show with a mix of comedy and detective work (although it's no psychological thriller). The best part is seeing all that delicious food! I really like Higashiyama Noriyuki and Kyono Kotomi's characters! Haven't completed the series yet, but I look forward to watching more!
12. Comments by SayaOtonashi [Rating: 8/10]
I loved this dorama, althought it could be boring sometimes, and they were just focusing so much on food! It was really funny and entertaining, and I just fell in love with The Kuitan :D I tried watching season 2 but I found it a bit disappointing. Maybe I'll give it a try soon.
13. Comments by gopro [Rating: 7/10]
I love detective shows but this one was kind of lame. Lead char is quite lame the other chars are irritating but you get used to it. SHow is about a detective agency getting a new boss and this boss loves eating, also thats how he solves his crimes. (Summer 06)
14. Comments by dianil5272 [Rating: 6/10]
Foods are delicious and the acting is good too. The problem is that its kinda dragging in the middle of the series and I cant help myself from clicking the fast forward button. Twas funny anyway especially whenever Kuitan does the swishing of his chopstick.
15. Comments by Kirari Ililah [Rating: 7/10]
Very funny with this sempai of all johnnys, though the mysteries weren't too creative and some parts seemed over done. I did like the kids though, quite cute looking like Conan but being called Kindaichi (watch the animes to understand the joke.)
16. Comments by natzumi [Rating: 8/10]
After seeing ep 1, I am a li' dissapointed. The main casts ain't that great - as though something is missing. The plot is nice though, really emotionally and all, and who can resist all those delicious food.
17. Comments by aoi_dolphine [Rating: 7/10]
Kuitan is termed as Food Detective and Higashiyama san played the character of Kuitan with Go as his side-kick. It's watchable drama for entertainment other than that, it's more focus on the food so... ^^
18. Comments by sadacori [Rating: 9/10]
What a fun detective drama that centered around food! There was an awesome bunch of characters, but my favorite was IGARASHI!!!, the bumbling sidekick of Momo-chan, the hard-as-nails female cop.
19. Comments by hikaruhana [Rating: 7/10]
Yay Kuitan! This was a really fun and lighthearted drama. I think the first few episodes were the best. I love Kuitan's voracious appetite and funny quirks. Can't wait to see Kuitan 2.
20. Comments by v1olet [Rating: 8/10]
Unique and funny story about food detective. That xiao Kindaichi makes the story more interesting. Go Morita is not bad. Watching this dorama makes me hungry from the beginning to end.
21. Comments by Akiiness [Rating: 7/10]
Watched it for Morita, actually. It's quite childish and if you're into hardcore mystery, this isn't something you want to jump into. But it was good while it lasted.
22. Comments by tabana [Rating: 7/10]
Story kind of ordinary. I loved the info about the food tho. If you're not into that, you can skip it.
I think I gained 50 pounds by just watching him eat. ^_^;
23. Comments by Susan [Rating: 8/10]
A pretty good series of episodic mysteries and a decent cast. I found myself pretty engrossed by the end but it's not something I would watch again, probably.
24. Comments by K.T.Tran [Rating: 9/10]
9/10 seems right for this drama. Food is good. Acting is good....but still odd that all the cases are food related. It could've been more exciting or so...
25. Comments by Sleepingstar [Rating: 6/10]
While it was pretty stupid, silly and lame comedy with some over the topness, I still started to actually somewhat like it as it went on. IGARASHIIII!!
26. Comments by shortmei [Rating: 7/10]
Food. I liked it despite the drama not having a lot of substance in the storyline. May be predictable, but still very enjoyable.
27. Comments by MrNiceGuy [Rating: 9/10]
Those style of movies are nice. Food detective...haha. I want to become a special food dective like this guys! Itadaikimasu!
28. Comments by akitsu [Rating: 6/10]
One can not expect action or logic challenging plots. It was very calm and slow but somewhat sweet and touching. I liked it.
29. Comments by butterLiLy [Rating: 7/10]
Never ever watched this when your tummy's empty or on diet... at least prepare some food so you could eat while watching ;P
30. Comments by xxSweetDreams_bby [Rating: 6/10]
The first episode was hilarious, but as the drama kept going on, it got more and more childish. I was kind of dissapointed.

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Users who voted for this drama (7)
1. Higashi
It's got Higashi... and food... and Higashi... what else can you ask for?? Well, there is Morita too... XD
2. swit_kiss56
this drama is so funny...u can't watch it with an empty stomach or else you'll get hungry!!! hahahaha
3. Kazekage
Great and funny drama.I like it but their cantonese are really bad
4. bmwracer
Oishii...!! :D
5. Keps
6. gibonite
7. WatThePho970