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Akanishi Jin 赤西仁 ( Jin Akanishi )

NameAkanishi Jin
Star SignCancer
Birthday04 July 1984
Blood TypeO

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Akanishi Jin

This sexy young man almost got it all at his earlier stage of career in the entertainment world. From gaining popularity as a singer with KAT-TUN to one of the ...

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Filmography (5)
Yuukan kurabu [2007]
Shochikubai Miroku
Anego [2005]
Kurozawa Akihiko
黒沢明彦 (22)
Gokusen Season 2 [2005]
Yabuki Hayato
矢吹隼人 (17)
Kurisumasu Nante Dai Kirai [2004]
Xmas Nante Daikirai [2004]
Kitagawa Sho

Users who voted for this artiste (277)
1. youhei_mito
this guy's freakin good in everything, it's hard not to vote for him. ^^;

he's so good-looking its not even funny (shud see him in tv ads & live shows. omg o_o), a great voice (usually lead voice or the cool back-up voice in kat-tun songs), he's excellent in dancing n acting, freakin hot body (& great posture to go along) & he's really charming on-camera (either tat or the camera just loves him. A LOT) XD need i say more?

P/S : the above picture of him is seriously not doing him any justice at all. -_-"
2. ky47
he's a very cute guy who can sing very well.
a few good examples of his singing abilities would include the ballad version of GOLD and never again. one of my personal favourites coming from him would be kimi wo omou toki, originally sung by TOKIO.
apart from singing, his acting isn't bad as well. his portrayal of kurosawa-kun in Anego is one of the reasons i'm attracted to this bishounen.
3. Sorata
This is a guy that i can�Lt tell if he�Ls that great of an actor, but the three doramas i watched with him(Gokusen 2, Kurisumasu Nante Dai Kirai and Anego) were much more entretaining because of him. His character in Gokusen 2 was awesome: badass and funny at the same time; and in Anego he made the show watchable for me because the main plot is too woman oriented, so a male presence made it more enjoyable.
4. Puszedli
He is kakkoiii! I love him as an actor and a singer. First I saw him in Gokusen 2 and than in Anego too. I can these dorama highly recommend. Because of him and Kame I began to like Kat-tun. Their concerts and music are great. And Jin has very good voice. And can dance too! He is so kawai sometimes but cool too. He has a nice personality. I miss him now, I hope he will come back soon from Los Angeles.
5. aznpride26
he did very well in anego and gokusen2! too bad hes not coming back for probably a while he got kicked out by johny. well sucks for him. he was too big headed about the whole thing and he was too wagamama so thats it for him. and he was going to be hot in a lot of other dramas and stuff too!!! and i also wanted to see anego 2!! oh well... its prob not going to happen
6. raffz
I love Jin in Anego. I hope I can watch Jin in the other drama. I can't wait Jin in the new drama after he back to Japan. PLEASE!!! come back soon!!!

Oh! I forgot that Jin has another drama with Kyoko Fukada and anego special. OMG I want anego special because I already has anego DVD but dont has anego special aaaaaaahhh anego special doesn't sell yet in Malaysia.
7. teru_teru_bouzu
Jin... love him.. love his singing, love his acting.... Keep up the good work... and hope your allowed to debut too..... getting tired of MP3s with screaming girls in the background....^^;
oh... he was also in that drama with Junno... I only know the Japanese names.... sorry.....���O�̗@�g�������Ă��� (2001); �x�X�g�t�����h (1999); ���ꒅ�A������� (2000)
8. elyse
Dear Bakanishi: you never fail to make me laugh! :D Jin often acts baka, but he's actually smart & very talented. I love his shining personality, his affection for family & friends, his cute friendship with Yamapi, his ability to learn fast (i.e. fluent English with cool accent for only 6 months), and his high-pitch singing voice :3
9. kiwisannnn
Even before I became a fan of KAT-TUN, I always thought KAT-TUN's 2nd album lacked something. Now I know -- JIN. His voice is amazing! Plus, he's quite attractive. Also, if I went to KAT-TUN's 2009 Tokyo Dome Live 3 times (2nd stand, 1st stand, and arena seats) and even made an uchiwa for him, I think he deserves a vote =)
10. Antique Pop
He's probably my favorite KAT-TUN member, not because I think he's the prettiest (I honestly think Junno is the most good-looking :P), but because he has a wonderful voice. I've seen him in Gokusen 2 and Anego, and he did good performances in both, but he will improve more through the years.
11. xtine888
He's a very natural star...talented (easily the best singer and best dancer to come out of JE), charismatic, handsome, sweet, and very endearing. He's just perfection. And the camera loves him. I very much look forward to seeing him in more dramas and onstage (where he rules).
12. Shinobi2491
Akanishi Jin is one of the most talented people alive in my opinion and the opinion of many others. He's a great singer, dancer, actor and stand up comedian and i just love him!!! He's my favourite member of KAT-TUN and i'm a HUGE fan!!!! Akanishi-kun Ganbatte ne!!
13. AngelXing
Bakanishi...love his silly antics and he never fails to make me laugh during live/talk shows. But when he acts, it's like watching a totally different person. Love him as Hayato in Gokusen2 and also his character in Anego...and of course...his singing...*swoon*
14. Kawaii Kinomoto
he's too sexy to NOT vote for!! he's a great singer, actor, dancer and *coughstrippercough*! the way he licks his lips and shakes his hips is enough to make me die!! his ero-ness and his jinglish are always a plus!! plus he's cute and sexy at the same time!!
15. luvnickie
I lurve jin a lot!! aside from being a great singer.. i think he is a great actor as well!! he has really improve alot!!! He can act as high school student and did fine as well as a salaryman.. haha!!! i hope he continue to make great shows in the year 2006!
16. RubberDuckie
It's all about his dancing and singing. well..and acting.....aand his face. hehe, as one of the two most exposed members of KATTUN, he really does show his skills and all. He deserves all he has at the moment, and much more. HES PLAIN SMEXY XD
17. icebaby028
I'm not really voting for him based on his acting skills which I think are okay...nothing to applause for. I'm just voting for him because I think he's adorable, good singer, and a good dancer! This picture really doesn't do him justice.
18. Di@na
Love him since 2003!
He is very charmy <3
He is an awesome singer!
He improved his acting skills a lot!

Well, I think he not just a good-looking guy and a good singer, he is also a good actor. ^^
19. tanteun
He's great!!! absolutely can sing and act!! Those kind of expression he has so amazing. Hot, sexy, cute, adorable are all in one in him. he's doing a great job in Gokusen 2 as Hayato Yabuki and also his special Xmas drama.
20. Hamano-Itoe
i love him....he is so cute....he is also a very good actor and singer of course....love him..he did such a good job acting the role in anego..lol..and in gokusen 2....love those two drama....lol...gotta love him...^^
21. leenkath16
ahh...he is the best...i'm excited for Yukan club... i want to see more of him... i really like this guy... although he is not the best in acting, i can say that he's great in his acting and i'm proud of him...
22. I LUV V6!
It's my BakaJin!! He definitely caught my eye in Gokusen 2, and I can't wait to see what else he comes out with. He's got tons of talent, and is going to be big in the drama and music scene (with KAT-TUN).
23. mieki
i had liked him first when i heard him sing, but then i found out he was in a drama too and was really excited to see it! once i did i was hooked!! i really like his singing, and especially his acting! <33
24. echikun
i like him cause i like him..people should realize by now that he is not an ordinary actor. he could sing, dance and even act..what more can you ask?...he is undeniably the greatest creation og kami-sama!!
25. KokiChan
Jinjin was so cute in Anego. I guess he's up for more romance dramas than his fellow KAT-TUN members and his friend Yamapi. He's so baka but that also makes his charm ^^ I want to see him in a new drama !
26. Organized Chaos
Before I realized that Akanashi Jin was a member of Kat-tun, I found about him through Gokusen 2 as Yabuki Hayato. Akanashi (or bakanashi for some ;o) is a wonderful actor as well as a cutie. :)
27. Toni kun
Jin is one of the most sillest men I have every seen.
But his sillyness make him a loveable person and I hear fun to be around as well...

All right this it later.
28. aryena
come on! he's living proof that u dont need to have many shows in order to be popular. btw, i love his songs. hahaha!

hestitAte is .. GREAT! (:

29. ayano
Wow ! JIN !!!! i really liked him even before watching Gokusen 2..After watching Gokusen 2,I liked him more !! =) Pls support KAT-TUN ! pre-order their cds now !
30. hayato7
i love gokusen 2, it was the first time a saw akanishi because here in philippines gokusen 2 thats the only one movie that i saw akanishi,show in philippines.

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