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Aiba Masaki 相葉雅紀 ( Masaki Aiba )

NameAiba Masaki
JPop GroupArashi
Star SignCapricorn
Birthday24 December 1982
Blood TypeAB

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Aiba Masaki

Although he is more famous for his singing in the J-Pop group Arashi, Aiba Masaki has also surprised fans with his acting in the dramas Mukodono, and Yankee Bok...

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Bokura no yuuki ~miman toushi~ [1997]
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Users who voted for this artiste (73)
1. ryoko293
OMG, Machan, what can I say about him?
His genkiness is probably able to make peace in the whole damn world! XD I love his unique voice, his 'special ability' to handle animals WAHAHA and his interest and determination for everything new!
If there is an election of the most 'caring' person in JE, he will definitely rank in the top 5!
Machan, I LOVE YOU~ [so what? I'm a girl, so fangirling is allowed~!]
2. Kawaii Kinomoto
I luv him!! he's such a sweetie!! especially in the 24 jikan TV special when he said that speech about arashi and everyone was crying!! i was crying to cuz it was so cute!! he's so thoughtful!! and he's sexy too!! and he's great with kids!! i luv u aiba!!!^________^ <3
3. Grenat
Ah Aiba ^^ beautiful , beautiful voice ^^ My favorite Arashi Member with Ohno .I hope he will get more and more attention and roles in the future , who knows ; he could be getting a leading role suddenly like Leader ^^
4. AiBaka
great personality , superb acting and singing skill ! he stands out either he's with Arashi or he stands alone.. and eventhough his a baka , but he's a superhot-baka and no one can top him !!
5. Mylani
The first Arashi boy we saw act, we weren't too impressed with his very small role in Mukodono at first, but we've been more impressed with the other things we've seen ^^
6. pandorina
Genki, Kawaii and just precious. I love Aiba. He takes such wonderful photographs too. His voice is devine and is acting is impressive. I am longing to see more of him.
7. lazy_bum
haven't seen him in any dorama (mukodono is in my "to watch" list).. but he's very funny in PIKA**NCHI.. especially with the knitted blanket he flew with... YAY!!!
8. Aiba_Masaki<3
he's intelligent and warm hearteed also kind and brings some laughter to arashi sometimes.:) but mostly because he is the one who suffered a lot from a surgery! :(
9. athida
Pleasant, cheerful, adorkable baka of Arashi who's full of fighting spirit and optimism. You definitely cannot get bored with this guy. ;) Aiba-chan ga suki!
10. Andro
He's my other favourite member in Arashi. I watched him first in PPOI, than in the Pikanchi movies, and I think, he has a real talent. And he's so hot!!!
11. Q-chan
First saw him in Yankee Bokou ni Kaeru and Mukodono... A very cute actor! Didn't appear in any dorama lately but love to see more of his dorama soon.
12. paito_chan
he is very happy person, i loved his acting in Pikan**chi double, even though it is not a drama...plus he's an arashi member and he's sooo cool!!!!
13. shirahime
baka Aiba-chan ne, sometimes I wonder if that's the real him. I love his private dressing style, not the baka-cutie clothes that he wears on shows
14. aria_alice
all i can say is aiba is so funny and cutea nd so adorable!!...i mean he's the center fun of everything in arashi!!..he's the funniest ever!!
15. jindo
This guy is awesome. From comical host from variety show to serious drama character, he'll definitely have a strong career for a long time.
16. Chiharu
I obviously am a bias Arashi fan. ><" His role in Yankee just does'nt seem to capture my attention much but his so baka and I like it.
17. Pan-Chan
I just love him because I know him now for like over 5 years and he is just a great friend and a very good bf ^.^ aishiteru bishi
18. hero too good!
ok.aiba?hes my super favorite rite now!hes so ultimatly HOT~!!!!!!!!!luv ya forever to death!*chu*!u rock da wurld!
19. galagrace
Waaah.... I love him.....his cute and has a nice voice.....looking forward for his another dramas and moviess
20. kudoh
Like him in Arashi, Looks great. Kakkoii!!!! Same birthday but, i younger than him 8 years. ^^ hehe
21. tensh_angels87
His bakaness is unresistable. Luv him for his shyness -^.^- and cuz he's Aiba-chan himself.
22. tama_naj
a cute baka guy! somehow i think he can make people around him feeling happy and cheerful!
23. SaPpHire_
who could resist this super hot baka...n those cute voice..very hyper yet very emotional
24. html_ellie
aiba is so hyper and kawaii and and and so ....cute...he's jus lyk a bear i wanna hug!!!
25. Hinano
I just love him ahah ever since I got to know Arashi but he's a good actor as well :3
26. oshio_minahmi
sekushii... love his voice.. his slim bod, his long legs, his eyes... *drools*
27. Sayuki
sooo pretty! soo cute~ luv the atmosphere he gives! and of course! arashi <3
28. areins7
because i love him..kawaii ne?and also bcoz i'm an arashi's fan..of course!
29. MatsuJun
Besides Jun I like Aiba also! he's soh daymn cool in Mukodono!! wahahhaha!
30. shinomori27
a very very genki individual :P my favorite favorite Arashi member! :)

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