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Uchi Hiroki 内博貴 ( Hiroki Uchi )

NameUchi Hiroki
JPop GroupNewS, Kanjani8
Star SignVirgo
Birthday10 September 1986
Blood TypeAB

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Filmography (4)
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge [2010]
Oda Takenaga
Osen [2008]
Ezaki Yoshio
Boku no Ikiru Michi [2003]
Doremisora [2002]
Katsumi Mori

Users who voted for this artiste (39)
1. Kawaii Kinomoto
UCHI COME BACK!!!:( i'm so sad that you were only in 2 episodes of GI!! and i've only seen 3 episodes and random clips of doremisora!! come back so u can be in more dorama!! i miss ur sexyness and cuteness!! and pouting/crying when u cant do something right! ryo needs your love too!!
2. Yuna
Animo Uchi, olvidate del pasado y vive el presente hacia el futuro.
Tu eres el numero 1 y eso no t lo kita nadie ^o^
Vuelve pronto, mi kerido Uchi, y vuelve a mostrarme esa sonrisa k hizo k menamorase d ti >.<
3. mikaela_angel07
i really like him.. his smile, his cute angelic face, his very very sexy and nice voice... anyways, he's talented and very kakkoi~! <3 a pure hunk as well... [^-^]v <3
4. Grenat
Uchi is the "princess of NewS" right ? He was so cute in all his roles (even if they were minor) in his last sp too . And of course he has a sweet voice
5. dearlysaint
What can i say about uchi-kun. I just simply love him. he is the member i like the most in news! really wish to see him come back soon =(
6. tInoltin
�� ����΂� �� ������� �� �܂��Ă� ���� ��
Such an amazing artist! What would life be without him.. Hope to see more dramas of this bright artist!
7. Kazanko
convincing character in ganbatte ikimashoui as well as in TEAM. good acting skills. and kawaii ^^.
looking forward to see him in more dramas. yay!
8. Chisa
Espero k vuelvas pronto, johnny's sin ti n es nada, todos estan esperandote, no t olvides d volver con esa sonrisa tuya k hace olvidar las penas
9. shinshin
One of the admirable celebs in the industry. Also got me to pay attention to NEWS and Kanjani8. (im)patiently waiting for his return.
10. uchifan21
he is sooooooooo cute!!! He is my favorite member in NEWS and Kanjani8, and he has a good voice, Uchi, come back!!!
11. cherish-Kusano
Ahhh, Uchi-kun. He's a great artist. I really want to see more of him in the future. More dramas for Uchi-kun!! :)
12. nayami
Uchi ganbatte!!!!!!!!!!!
Ganbatte ikimasshoi is not the same without him.... v.v Come back Uchi!!!!!!!!!
13. michaela
I just saw him as a member of NEWS before, but when i watched yn.shichi henge i really fell for him
14. sasse
Sooo cute!! Number 1!! No one can top you, my angel!! Miss you so dearly, please come back soon!!!
15. casi
He was so good in the first episode of Ganbatte Ikimasshoi I wish he was in the rest of them.
16. tsukushi-sanchai152
kawaii!!!! he's the next star that I'm looking forward too... hope he will back!!!! love him!
17. maxlovely
although I haven't seen his drama or movie but I still like him.. kawaii :x
18. akaiyukiuchi
He is very real a person and his acting is really great!! AND I LOVE HIM!!
19. cinderellaboy
this is real kawaii.
he really like a girl.nice smile^O^
20. buagie_goofybua
he is very handsome man and funny
he is perfect man all time
21. Strawberry-cake
ahhh...Uchi...His pretty face...
22. Aya_fans
OMG HE's really hot!! I cant stop thinking of him >.<
23. tk_iva
woh!!!! uchi.... 1 of my fav in NEWS and kanjani8.
24. Toni kun
I Just Love this Hotty kawaii!!
25. baybeehxsleepi
uchi!! uchi...i missed you lol
26. jpnz-pride
need more Uchi kun's dorama!~
27. promilkidd
we are all waiting for you...
28. rie_kumiko
totemo utsukushi!
29. MzKRiSTiE

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