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Gachi Baka ! [ガチバカ !]

Drama Details
Title:Gachi Baka !
ガチバカ !
Season:Winter 2006

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TV Station:TBS

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Actor/Actress Cast (12)
Takahashi Katsunori
権藤 鉄太 (36)
Inoue Waka
辻堂 小牧 (28)
Sawamura Ikki
武田 英二 (36)
Masuda Takahisa
井上 耕太 (18)
Kurokawa Tomoka
森本 加奈 (18)
Koizumi Kotaro
渡辺 元気
Takizawa Saori
川上 香
Saito Keita
Watanabe Tetsu
Kitamura Soichiro
Tegoshi Yuya
�F�Á@�؎� (18)
Azama Myuu

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Drama Reviews (7)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Unlikely teacher helps misfit pupils! [Rating: 5/10]
Don't go in to this drama expecting an original plot line; as it is just a re-hash of the overused 'non-text book teacher tries to help bum students' theme. It also suffers from chunks of bad acting and plots that try to tackle dark issues, such as date rape, escort services and teenage pregnancy, without carrying them through and instead wrapping them up with cotton candy endings, making it hard for the actors to appear convincing. Takahashi Katsunori does a good job in the uninspired role he's been given as the teacher, but even a touching (and slightly unexpected) ending to this drama can't save it from being a 2nd rate "Gokusen".
Reviewed by pandapop on 22 June 2006
2. Not worth your time [Rating: 5/10]
Complete rip-off of Gokusen and GTO plotlines - if you've seen those two jdoramas, there is absolutely NO need to watch this one. The acting is clearly worse than Gokusen or GTO, not much chemistry among the cast and a complete lack of creativity and originality sinks this dorama. A 5/10 is already rather generous...
Reviewed by Shindou on 6 May 2006
3. High School Students Acted Better than the Teacher [Rating: 4/10]
Not a good comedy and not a very compelling story. It's similar to Gokusen, but it seemed to try less in the running. It's good if you want to see the Johnny's, but I don't recommend it too much for a person who wants a great tale. It needs work and a better plot, since this idea has been run over many times..
Reviewed by Kirari Ililah on 5 May 2006
4. i love tegomass!!! [Rating: 8/10]
I <3 this drama :D haha tegoshi and masuda were so cool in this drama!!!! there acting was sooo good. i would have never expected that kind of performance out of them!!! If you like tegomass i recommend this drama to you.
Reviewed by animefreak101 on 9 July 2008
5. dame datta.... [Rating: 5/10]
kitaiwa shite nakkatta kedo... sugeeee omoshiroku nakkatta.... tegochan ga inakattara, mitenakatta to omou. haha. tsuuka, 7 wa gurai made shika mitenai.
Reviewed by momo_chan on 1 May 2006
6. can't wait to watch it [Rating: ?/10]
im so watching this for....massu and tego and keita of course =]
Reviewed by baybeehxsleepi on 31 December 2005
7. ... [Rating: ?/10]
waiting for it...
Reviewed by elleyred on 11 December 2005

Comments From Users (100)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by MRStakahisa [Rating: 9/10]
A drama on problematic high school students. I watched this drama because of Massu!!! =) And I loved it... HIM, i mean. PLEASE watch this! Especially all the Massu scenes. =x

-People from NEWS-
Masuda Takahisa: YAY!!! He acted by the name of "Kouta" in this series. One of the four. =D Look out for MOST of him in episode 2! He's someone who tends to keep everything to himself and doesn't want to trouble anyone. Helpful and kind. And he's sooo in love with one of his classmates! His dream is to goto Africa~ Masuda-san wa kakoii desu ne!!!

Tegoshi Yuya: A cool guy who loves to swim, but was forced to stop when he had an injury on his arm. Thus, joined the bad company and created some mischief. But he was back to himself after some "counseling"... TegoxMassu fell for the same person!
2. Comments by Kitsuchi [Rating: 6/10]
Well, interesting.. funny sometimes.. I didn't like Tegoshi's character much. It looked dead, no smiles, barely any talks, he was like an abondoned cat. It was disappointing :/. Masuda was better, but he absolutely got a lot to learn about acting, it looked dumb in some scenes. He's still new though ^_^.

As for the lead male actor, Katsunori, playing as Gounda Tetta, he was pretty good and I kind of liked him...

As for the plot, it was kind of.. unspecial. The same teacher-saves-stupid-class.. Nothing unusual.
The soundtrack was okay ^_^.

About recommendations, I wouldn't say this is a must-see, but it's a series you can watch if you don't have anything else to see at the moment, or something.

Looking forward for more serious dramas with Masuda and Tegoshi~.
3. Comments by calico [Rating: 2/10]
This is a very boring school drama. The kids are boring, they have no personality and are like cardboard renditions of past school dramas. I don't find myself rooting for any of them at all despite all their problems.

And sad to say, while I enjoy the two of them when they are performing with their group, I found the acting of the two NewS idol members to be really stiff especially Tegoshi Yuya. Though the genki-ness of Massu's character is a tad better that the coolness that Tegoshi is trying to pull off but failed.

This drama has no charisma at all.
4. Comments by nishishi [Rating: 6/10]
Overall its not a BAD dorama... tough its far from beign a good one... there r good aspects in Gachibaka! But most of times it fails to entertainm the viewer. =^^= For those who liked Gokusen, GTO.. Gachibaka its just the same... no innovations whatsoever. But the main plot and casting were better in Gokusen&GTO... so even if u LOVED those 2... u still have high chances of disliking Gachibaka!

BtW.. the ending is worst than GTO's.... I really hated the ending... its just... Stupid...
5. Comments by rikastar [Rating: 2/10]
This was quite bad IMO... I made myself finish the entire series (the fast forward button helped a lot) because I wanted to see the Tego-Massu combi in action. I can struggle to live with recycled storylines but the lines and the execution is terrible. The lead actor who is the 'inspirational' teacher is terrible and has zero charisma. The secondary teacher characters are pointless. Overall, it feels like a very low budget and poorly executed series.
6. Comments by norz [Rating: 7/10]
In the beginning it seemed like another typical young sensei trying to change a bad class to good.. which it was (lol) kinda.. except this time its a bunch of rich kids (kinda) in an elite school. The extent of always thinking of Koshin first kinda pissed me off, but then reputation in society is always considered more important. The acting was great, I loved the boxing sensei x landlord relationship its so sweet, they are very cute together lol
7. Comments by AjiKan [Rating: 3/10]
I never got past the 2nd episode of this drama. It was almost painful for me to watch ><" After watching awesome school dramas like Kinpachi Sensei (6), Gokusen, GTO, i couldn't watch this drama anymore. I could tell what they were trying to do, and i didn't think i could watch it. I wish the storyline would've been more original, because i would've really liked to watch Tengonyan and Massu acting. Maybe i've gotten really picky?
8. Comments by qilver [Rating: 7/10]
My thoughts on this one were, another school j-drama. The acting by Tomoka Kurokawa was great, and she played a good part in it. The other girl Ai Takabe also did a good acting job, as well as a few other students and the lead male, Takahashi Katsunori. An ok j-drama. The ending was not as predictable as i thought, but could tie in to a sequel, but might not be as good as this one if they do a sequel.
9. Comments by tabana [Rating: 8/10]
If you haven't seen GTO or Gokusen, you'll probably love this drama. Yes, it is very similar to those 2, but as itself it's good.
A good thing there are a few episodes not fully based on teacher saving the student of the week.

Yes, there is a guy with the "babyface I don't give a shit about anything, except my cool hairstyle" look. You may want to strangle a few characters, but it's not bad. :P
10. Comments by �ؓގq [Rating: 5/10]
It follows the typical "lost rebellious students" to "inspired goal orientated students" plot and since I have seen two really good dramas that carries the same plot, this doesn't really compare. But it was quite a nice drama to watch, tegomass is quite cute and I love how deep masuda's voice is :). Watch if you're a fan, or if you want to watch something light :)
11. Comments by natzumi [Rating: 6/10]
The male version of Goukusen. I liked the first ep dispite that the plot is a typical school drama. Yuya looked older and really handsome in the drama. The rating is a shame, and so is the plot. The episodes down the roads ain't that great in my opinion, but it's still nice to see the two members of NEWS in the same drama together.
12. Comments by aik0 [Rating: 6/10]
The protagonist is doinga nice job. The comedy bit is satisfactory yet the student(& their problems) bit has been lackluster. The student cast is rather weak and there is an ongoing line of romance within the class (which is not too common for similar show, not that it is applauding)
13. Comments by dekatrain [Rating: 4/10]
Not that terrible...probably can be classified as one of those school dramas that try SO hard to mimic the better ones like Gokusen and GTO. Hardly any real storyline, lacks emotional intensity and nothing near as good as Gokusen, but I've got a soft spot for tomoka (kanachan)...
14. Comments by yamada_taro [Rating: 5/10]
Very disappointing. Overused school teacher storyline, weak writers and stereotypical students = train wreck. If it wasn't for Tegoshi Yuya or Masuda Takahisa, I wouldn't have continued watching this. Here's to hoping their next drama roles will be more rewarding than this.
15. Comments by Shindou [Rating: 5/10]
Complete rip-off of Gokusen and GTO plotlines - practically no originality or creativity demonstrated. Acting was OK with no particular performances that really stood out. In general, very disppointed with the lack of new ideas in the already very crowded school jdorama set.
16. Comments by Ralbol [Rating: 4/10]
Bon bah aucun interet. C'est pas desagreable a regarder mais bon, entre les gamins qui savent pas jouer, le scenario inexistant et le professeur qui est loin d'avoir la puissance d'une yankumi ou d'un onizuka, ben ca donne un truc pas terrible au final.
17. Comments by strawberrynkiwi [Rating: 8/10]
I love the teacher and student theme & NEWS. haha. Very similar drama to Gokusen & GTO. But i guess it is very different in many ways. The issues in the drama is more recent. I really like yuuko~ she is very cute and her problem touched me =)
18. Comments by *ume* [Rating: 3/10]
a dorama that try to formulate the success of gokusen which i feel that they are far from successful. it seems like that the ending was done in a hurry and there isnt much of an ending after the climax of the drama.... aww... this dorama sucks....
19. Comments by ryouji [Rating: 2/10]
giving this drama a 2/10 cause this was so B.O.R.I.N.G!! i decided to dropped this drama after episode 4 cause i thought that it will grow but i thought it wrong the story was still the same.. the same thing happen in every episode!! urrrggghhh..
20. Comments by Nodacchi [Rating: 5/10]
Embarrassingly stupid man stuck in a cliche role. The NewS boys were the only thing that kept me watching to see what the heck they were going to do. Mediocre at best, downright dull in its clicheness at worst. Reminds me too much of GTO.
21. Comments by Kawaii Kinomoto [Rating: 9/10]
really good show!! nice cast, nice plot... a little over done with the whole new teacher gets a class of horrible delinquents and teaches them proper values and gets them to graduate but still nice!! massu and tego fans MUST watch this!!
22. Comments by xhidex33 [Rating: 6/10]
Just another version of GTO/Gokusen etc... one of those gakuen doramas.
The female students are amazingly annoying. Airheads, stupid, and loud.
Some of the stories are nice, like the part of the night club "Juliet" (YAOH~ ha)
23. Comments by shinobu_k [Rating: 8/10]
MassuTego... Me encantan estos dos...aysh, to monos juntos. Tego muy dulce, tal como es el. Massu, como siempre, va de duro, pero en el fondo, Tego le puede XDD Me encanta la serie, la verdad ^^
24. Comments by Dreamchaser [Rating: 2/10]
Just watched the first episode and it was laaaaame. Maybe I did watch too many teacher-doramas but this one was sooo much of "lets-try-to-be-like-gto-and-gokusen" that I couldn't stand watch another ep.
25. Comments by animefreak101 [Rating: 8/10]
i really liked it...its alot like GTO and gokusen but still its very interesting :D i couldn't get enough of tagomass *sigh* they acted so well in this drama!!!! i love them even more because of this :D
26. Comments by raynawashere [Rating: 8/10]
this drama is so awesome! it had both tegoshi yuya AND masuda takahisa!! i totally love them both! the plot was pretty much same as every other high school drama. but it was still a good drama!! :)
27. Comments by minitotoro [Rating: 8/10]
i havent watched all of it yet.. but i'm looking forward to how it turns out!
the teen actors are really good =]
hint hint kinda like GTO but... in another way
if u liked GTO i think u'll like!
28. Comments by haru_no_yume [Rating: 8/10]
If you are searching for a new story this is not the right drama...it reminds a lot Gokusen! but all I have to say is that here there's the cutest Massu I've ever seen! Something more is needed!?
29. Comments by tkarmina28 [Rating: 7/10]
It was, at the most, cute. But the storyline was a copy of Gokusen and Gokusen 2, so I don't think this would be a favourite of mine. TegoMasu's there..can't really complain. Enough said ^_^
30. Comments by enen_shun [Rating: 7/10]
rather weak story plot .. has many similar parts with those common sch dramas shown in the past .. but overall , it's quite entertaining if u don't compare it with other dramas ..

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Users who voted for this drama (17)
1. thera~kun
well, this similar to gokusen. the story is very predictable. but since masuda takahisa and tegoshi yuya are in it, i was kinda curious about their act, together.
2. Majide
yay! what can I say? Love the cast completely~the characters are very interesting and so are the story lines XD I like it!! XD
3. Yamashita_Shin
wen i heard tegoshi and massu has a role in here i had to watch it and i loved it :D
4. ja yakusoku
it had the same plot as gokusenII i only watched it cos massu and tesshi was in it.
5. hisu
yay!!! so genial!!! I luv this dorama!!!!!
can't wait to see the next episodes ^^
6. kUsAnOzAQT
This is such a good drama! Also tegoshi and Massu are soooo hott!!
7. Zapper
love school drama and this one has a little romance
8. mickiie
sad drama ~! but i really enjoy watchin' it ~^^
9. littlegurl
i love massu in this show..^___^
10. buagie_goofybua
i like tegoshi and takahisa
11. OKI_KcRyo
kyaa~~massu and Tegoshi
12. jinglebelbel
massuxtego forever!!!
13. tEpijiN.07
hmm..title was cute!
14. elleyred
15. jpop*girl
16. Akitsuki-kun
17. danicz24