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Sakurai Sho 櫻井翔 ( Sho Sakurai )

NameSakurai Sho
JPop GroupArashi
Star SignAquarius
Birthday25 January 1982
Blood TypeA
Height170 cm

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Sakurai Sho

This member of Arashi has always managed to pull off convincing performances in dramas like Tengoku ni Ichiban Chikai Otoko 2, where he plays a student with two...

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Filmography (15)
Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi [2016]
Sakurai Sho
Kazoku Game [2013]
Yoshimoto Koya/Tago Yudai
Papadol! [2012]
himself (ep. 1, cameo)
Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai [2012]
Kageyama (from Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de)
Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de [2011]
Tokujo Kabachi!! [2010]
特上カバチ !!
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Saigo no Yakusoku [2010]
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My Girl [2009]
Sato (ep. 10)
The Quiz Show Season 2 [2009]
ザ・クイズショウ 2
Kamiyama Satoru
Uta no Onii-san [2009]
(ep. 7)
Yamada Taro Monogatari [2007]
Mimura Takuya
Tokio~Chichi e no Dengon~ [2004]
トキオ ~父への伝言〜
宮本時生<トキオ> (19)
Yoiko no Mikata [2003]
鈴木太陽 (20)
Kisarazu Cat's Eye [2002]
Tengoku ni ichiban chikai otoko Season 2 [2001]
天国に一番近い男 - 教師編
藤堂 あゆみ (19)

Users who voted for this artiste (133)
1. sandreen
Sho's a pretty amazing person as well. It must have been tough balancing work and college. And I love that though he's the only one in Arashi who finished college, he is not stuck-up. In fact, with Arashi, it's the opposite. He makes cute comments and funny acts that you're initial impression of the only who finished college among them vanishes. And, though he has such a role in Arashi, he is also a newscaster.
So, he's pretty good all in all. :)
2. ScrappedShinigami
He's actually very good, I've not taken much notice of him before (prolly because of the hype) but his performance in The Quiz Show 2 really caught me. He portrayed some fantastic emotions in that show, he really played the part amazingly well!!!
I had seen him and noted his performance in Yamada Taro before but his performance in the quiz show 2 was just outstanding!
So now I will watch stuff because he's in it ^^
3. Strawberry Wine
Not only does Sho look really cool, he's also talented in his field (films and music). He's also smart, but down-to-earth and has a wonderful smile ^_^ Well, that aside, since this is a drama site, I don't know what to say. I haven't finished watching Yoiko no Mikata or Kisarazu, but I'm already looking forward to them, including Hachimitsu to Clover.
4. arashinokoto
he did a lot a dramas like kisarazu's cat's eye, and tengoku ni ichiban chikai otoko.. one he acted as a loving nursery teacher, the other a wierd but loyal baseball player and another a high school kid abused by his father.. his skill at playing a variety of roles are amazing.. sho-kun really has the calibre..
5. miklotov_camus
He's soooo handsome!!!
I like him very much!!
He's a good rapper, good vocal, nice body ^ ^, nice smile, nice lips ^ ^, nice act, good dancer, good songwriter, nice friend, nice sense of humour, what else can you expect??
Sho is sexier than Jun!!
6. Serenah
SHO SAKURAI ~ !! my favourite arashi member x] hes so kawaii in kisarazu cats eye ^^ whenever i see his smile i melt =] .. i love his rapping voice so hott !! ... i hope he'll make more dramas in the future xD btw. i think sho should have been the leader of arashi !!
7. arashilove
Since watching "Yoiko No Mikata", I have been looking forward to more of this Arashi member's dramas. Even though it was his first lead role in a drama, I was struck by how well he acted and touched by his strong chemistry with the children. He is very handsome!
8. hero too good!
ok...he so awsome i luv him so much!hes so cute and i totally fell in luv with kisarazu,tengoku ni ichiban chikai otoko .yoiko no mikata,yamadataro monogatari,and lanning to watch tokio chichi eno dengon!!!!!!!!!!!hes hot!!!!!!!!totally.luv arashi
9. nino_naru
He's so sexy that I couldn't avoid fall in love with him ^ ^

I love the way he raps and smile (so gentle n warm). Besides, his acts are also good.

I also love to see him with Nino in Arashi. Good couple ^ ^
10. Kawaii Kinomoto
ahhhh!! he's sooooooooooo damn sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he can rap soooooo well!! luv him in arashi and luved him in kce!! he was so kawaii in yoiko no mikata!! he's gonna make the best father some day!! luv him so much!!
11. muti
I was fell in love with this man for three and a half years, but still like him til now.. tada suki dake desu, mou ai janai yo~ atashi ni totte ichiban kakkoi datta!! demo, ima made kimi no hitomi wo wasurenai!
12. riku_tsuyoi
Kawaii desu, ne? ^^ My favorite member of Arashi. XD He wasn't my favorite before, actually (Aiba was), but later he ended up being my favorite from his performances and his acting! X3 Sho is amazing! <3
13. suzzy
need i say more
he one of the hottest guy in arashi yatta
with some look he has the mistryous wey of looking and ME likey me likey
with nice acting and rapping he good
and did i say that he's hot
14. dreamer10231
problem child, sports-idiot, keio boy, news zero...extreme to extreme...he's not afraid of trying our various roles...he always gives his best
15. oline
heard first about him first as the super BAKKA/
noughty Arashi and Keio boy. But then I liked hm on his dramas like Yoiko no Mikata..... and others. To me he is Sho-hot !!
16. pandorina
Beautiful...the man is Beautiful. I love his husky voice, his hot body, his positive attitude, his brilliance, and his awesome acting skill. He can sing to me anytime.
17. karin-chan
i Love his rapping and i Love him further as he is really sweet and takes care of my nino. i think it would be nice if you two are really a couple!! [oops!]
18. Jessicasoon
i luv his sweet smiles!! will totally make u swoon over! such a cute taiyo sensei yet is also the cool rapper of arashi!! and he's v intelligent!! (keio)
19. kiwisannnn
I really like his news segment, not to mention all of the variety show hosting he does. And he's pretty good in all of the dramas I've seen...
20. czajka
I never though that Sho can a good actor. But after seeing "Kisarazu Cat's Eye" I'm definetely changing my mind. He's an AMAZING actor :D
21. aria_alice
shou!!..sho is awesome!!...he is very cute!!...he's sum1 u wanna go 2 a carnival cuz he is so kawaii...he's really funny too!!!
22. paito_chan
i loved his acting in Pikan**chi double, even though it is not a drama...plus he's an arashi member and he's sooo awesome!!!!
23. mana-chan
another bishounen to be drool on....atama ii, otokoppoi but at the same time a pure bishounen...kakkoii no koi...kiyaa!!!!
24. lady_deathstriker
your surname came from sakura, and cherry blossoms are good to look at especially on spring...

get the metaphor?
25. athida
Sho's acting is amazing in Yankee Bokou ni Kaeru Sp! And he's very entertaining to watch as Mimura in Yamada Taro.
26. Yuna
Adoro su voz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! diox nunca mavia gustao muxo el rapeo pero si lo hace Sho mencanta >.<
27. harumi
I really like him both as an actor and singer. He can rap very well, and he's always so funny in TV-shows XD
28. dianix
i fell in love with him after watched him in heaven cannot wait 2 and more into him after yoiko no mikata.
29. Q-chan
Saw him first in Kisarazu Cat's Eye... Found him so COOL and SEXY!!! Can't wait to see his another dorama!
30. Chiharu
Taiyou-sensei!!!! *melts* Sho is talented, like his good in everything... studies, career and everything!

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