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Ohno Satoshi 大野智 ( Satoshi Ohno )

NameOhno Satoshi
JPop GroupArashi
Star SignSagittarius
Birthday26 November 1980
Blood TypeA

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Filmography (12)
Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi [2016]
Samejima Reiji
鮫島零治 (34)
Shinigami-kun [2014]
Shinigami-kun/Shinigami No. 413
Papadol! [2012]
himself (ep. 1, cameo)
Kagi no Kakatta Heya [2012]
Enomoto Kei
Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai [2012]
Kaibutsu-kun [2010]
Tokujo Kabachi!! [2010]
特上カバチ !!
(ep. 10)
Saigo no Yakusoku [2010]
Mashiko Satoru
0 Goshitsu no Kyaku [2009]
Hiroyuki (first story)
Uta no Onii-san [2009]
Yano Kenta
Maou [2008]
Naruse Ryo/Mannaka Tomoo
Yoiko no Mikata [2003]

Users who voted for this artiste (69)
1. Kiyomi L. Denise
Umm, isn't there any better picture of this dork? XD
He is no dork in fact. Seeing him take the challenge of doing stageplays, marvelous dance performances, to dramas; he never cease to amaze me that behind that carefree appearance he is able to achieve excellence in such a manner that it didn't seem to bother him at all. Artworks, singing and everything he does; he does well. This guy, is simply talented. And charming :-)
2. lazy_bum
haven't seen him in a dorama but he's really funny (and very adorable) in PIKA*NCHI and PIKA**NCHI... though his character is really different, he looked so natural and he's not overacting in them.. + he's very talented (drawing, singing, dancing)
3. Grenat
Leader ne ! I don't understand why he isn't more popular in Arashi ! such beautiful voice and the face wich go with it
Ah but that doesn't matter I feel that Ohno fans are like people wich discover an treasure , so bad for the others ^^
4. html_ellie
ohno aka riida is really cute...even tho he dont have any dramas or shows much..he's lyk the second most popular, (its obvious that jun is first) but riida is jus so adorable lyk a baby bear and sumtimes he can be really dumb
5. Kawaii Kinomoto
RIIIIIIDAAAAAAA!!!!!! KYAAA!! he just gets sexier every day!! his goatee and moustache is so sexy right now!! one of the best singers and dancers in johnny's jimusho!! riida i luv u!!
6. compaqmac321
ANOTHER JOHNNY'S GUY..great actor..great in everything he touches, it hasnt been much but hes versatile...loved the way he played his roll in maou its my favorite drama.
7. aliceeatcow
He has this magical aura or something.. I feel like he could probably pull off any role. I can't wait to see him in Maou! He's going to be amazing, I can just feel it~
8. Tha_Twins
He's not only a very good singer and an amazing dancer, he has a wonderful personality too. He is also really funny and that is something I really love ;)
9. w-kassy
Although I just watch him from Maou, but I think he has a great acting ability. I wanna see more from him! ^^
Btw, he has a nice voice too... I love it!
10. squallie
Voice of an Angel. Has proven himself to be a great actor after only two dramas. Great in Maou, enjoyable in Uta no Oniisan.
11. paito_chan
i loved his acting in Pikan**chi double, even though it is not a drama...plus he's an arashi member and he's sooo nice!!!!
12. nienna
He is talented in almost everything he does! He is good in singing, dancing, acting, drawing and even fishing!
13. arwenna
He has got great stage presence and a voice like an angel's. Being the Leader of Arashi he is just wonderful.
14. Janne
He's very talented in various things (art, dancing, singing and acting etc.). He does a great job in Maou.
15. MidnightAngel92
hes AWWWWESOME!!! and just like a kid :DDD
plus hes a saggitarius, just like ME! ^0^
16. aria_alice
aww..even tho he's the oldest he dont look lyk it!!..plus he's so adorable..he's lyk a lil kid...
17. in.the.cold.breeze.
Why they waited til MAOU to unveil his stunning acting prowess to the world, I can only wonder.
18. Sayuki
he should get more roles ._. from the pikanchi movies and butais.. he's really a good actor!
19. jeffer
Pure talent combined with humility. What's more to ask? Plus he makes spacing out adorable.
20. Higashi
He is a great singer and actor <3. And the type of person that you just have to love... <3.
21. Rowane
he really hav a nice voice and pretty funny too...such a dorky he is...hehe...Yo Leader..
22. uchifan21
He is such a good singer and a good actor, even though he's not really in any dramas!
23. oonqy
talented man ! and i jus like him ~ cos he is a man of great character ! go go riida!
24. enen_shun
a born-talented actor, lots of experiences in butais, amazing performance in Maou!
25. athida
His acting in Maou as Naruse Ryou really blew me away. What an amazing talent!
26. Harukamaru
He can act very good in Pika*nchi, a VERY good singer, and a very good riida!
27. summershine
One of the best singers in Johnny's Jimusho - Ohno-san has a gorgeous voice!
28. Nomanymore
He's really a multi-talent person& deserves to be more in spotlight!
29. dunadan
A great Captain and extremely talented in everything he does.
30. lotr195
His new show Maou is really good and his acting is perfect!

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