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Takizawa Hideaki 滝沢秀明 ( Hideaki Takizawa )

NameTakizawa Hideaki
Star SignAries
Birthday29 March 1983
Blood TypeA

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Takizawa Hideaki

This handsome and famous guy was born on March 29th 1982. He made his big hit in the drama Majo no jouken. A young and rising star, he is also known as the new ...

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Filmography (20)
Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru [2016]
Miyoshi Kairi
三好海里 (32)
Nezumi, Edo wo Hashiru Season 2 [2016]
鼠、江戸を疾る 2
Nezumi, Edo wo Hashiru [2014]
Mayonaka no Panya-san [2013]
Kurebayashi Yousuke
Akutou [2012]
Saeki Shuichi
Orthros no Inu [2009]
Ryuzaki Shinji
Kimi ga kureta natsu [2007]
Satomi Hakenden [2006]
Yoshitsune [2005]
Minamotono Yoshitsune
Boku dake no Madonna [2003]
Suzuki Kyoichi
鈴木恭一 (21)
Taiyo no Kisetsu [2002]
津川竜哉 (20)
Antique [2001]
Kanda Eiji
神田 エイジ (20)
Strawberry on the shortcake [2001]
Irie Manato
Taiyou wa shizumanai [2000]
Masaki Nao
Shin oretachi no tabi (ver.1999) [1999]
Majo no jouken [1999]
Kurosawa Hikaru (17)
News no onna [1998]
北原 龍
Dareka ga dareka ni koishiteru [1996]
Chef [1995]
Mokuyou no kaidan [1995]

Users who voted for this artiste (378)
1. damouse
Takizawa Hideaki, or more fondly known to me as Takki, is not an extraordinarily superb actor ala Academy Award material, but to me, he is a true talent and a consistently good actor that raises the bar in his performances. You can tell that he really is working very hard in his craft and is improving himself with each serial. Other than that, he has the most enigmatic presence on screen - he lights up the screen not only because he is pretty beyond belief, but there's something about him that is just so appealing.

Takki is still very young, lots of room for further development and improvement and I really look forward to seeing more of him.
2. tsubasa_ash
Oh gosh. Where should I start. This rumorly next "Kimura Takuya" guy is just so multi-talented. He sings, dances, hosts talk shows, do musicals, act in dramas....he is just WOW. Not to mention his famous gorgeous looks....
Unfortunately, many ppl overlook his talents, due his pretty face....his acting in Majo no Jouken was flawless....I am very amazed that a 17 year old can act so so well...there are also a number of dramas where he played his character so well...like Antique etc. Boku no madonna was slightly a disappointment tho...but it was probably the plot itself sucked...
3. shiruchsn
When I noticed him he was 16 years-old and had the innocent looks - so cute!!!
Then I saw his perfomance at Majo no Joken and made me fall in love with him!!! It was not so good (his acting), but his pretty face... OMG!!!
Now, after watching some shows of him, he grew up (err... not so much! he�Ls short!) and became a very talented artist: at acting, singing, dancing, presenting TV shows, and of course, he�Ls more handsome than ever!!! And that innocent looks have now became into sexy looks!!!!!!!!!
That�Ls why I love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!
4. momodesu
now that he's gotten older and more masculine-looking, i'm even more inclined to imagine him as the real person representation of himura kenshin (my forever favorite anime/manga obsession). should anyone ever turn rurouni kenshin into a drama, they should use takizawa. is it the red hair, short stature, lean muscles that has me making the comparison? hmm... anyway, he's bishounen (of which i'm not fan) but he does somewhat exude this boyish masculinity. even more so, now that he's getting more mature.
5. riyana_rythe
love him love him love him!!!!!!!!!
kakkoe na,yasashi na,sugoi na,and also very good at acting,dancing and singing..
love him for the fun side,nice and loving side of him to the special someone ne *__*.....
and there's a plus to me is dat he's tsubasa's ne...
no,they are bestest friends yo,demo,still i love him and tsubasa....yay!!!!!!
and i loooove him coz he's nice to his juniors-no wonder lotsa junior looks up to him soo damn much;need me to list who?yamapi,kame,jin,massu,and lotsa others...
6. nai_yve
LOL just where do I start?! For one-Takki is def NOT just a pretty face. I've seen a number of his JDs and love every one for different reasons. Takki is an incredibly versatile actor - he's played so many different roles and played them well. Really can't wait to see 'Yoshitsune' next year!!! His talents don't just stop at acting though...he's also a fantastic singer (him and Tsuba are so good together yo!!! :D), songwriter and has a real charismatic personality. ^^ The guy is kanpeki in my eyes!
7. donna8157
Both of his acting and singing skills have progressed magnificently since "Forbidden Love" and the beginning of the hit Jpop group, Tackey and Tsubasa. The roles of his characters have become much more diverse since his debut and he has proved time and time again that he can accomplish them successfully. His dramas are fun to watch especially because of the charisma and acting skills he has put into it. I think he's the next Takuya Kimura and I hope to see him more often in the Dorama scene. ^_^
8. Hide/Takky
ive seen him grow from News No Onna, his 1st drama that I watched till the very latest, Boku Dake No Madonna. and I have to say that his acting skills have improved a lot, if not is at just one level down from Kimura Takuya. He has proven to us that he's a versatile actor...either acting a cold mean person in Taiyo No Kisetsu, a very quiet reserved guy in News No Onna and SOS and to a cool guy in My Madonna... he deserves to be one of the most talented actors from Japan..
9. nefretiri
he is the most hardworking idol i've ever known of...! he strives so hard to prove that he's not just a pretty face, and YES, HE ISN'T JUST A PRETTY FACE! he's full of talent, spirit, inspiration, and he works so hard for all of us... sometimes 24-7! And the best thing is, we love him and he loves us back!!!! TAKKI~ KEEP WALKING, KEEP SINGING, KEEP DANCING, KEEP SHINING~ I LOVE YOU! <333
10. RubberDuckie
Haha, so yah. Tackey is the greatest and loved kohei and sempai. Not only did he help KATTUN become what it is today, he supported Yamapi and everyone else. Acting like a real semapi, never acting tired in front of others, and his attitude towards work, makes him one of the best in Johnnys' His acting skills are truly awesome. Especially in Satomi Hakkenden, looks good with long hair ;D
11. rw11
He is such a talented actor. I have watched all his dramas and I can say he portrays his characters very well and convincingly. He is not just a pretty face and I really wish he would get more roles. He is way too under rated compared to some of the other johnnys who can't really act but are getting bigger roles in popular series.Please support his talented actor minna san...
12. Yayoi
I don't know? I kind of liked him a few years ago coz he was rather handsome. ^^; And yeah, I think the way he ate the cakes in "Antique" was sexy (and cute)! ^^ Of course, I didn't like him calling Kippei (my other fave!) "Uncle" in the show, but hey, that's just acting! ^^ Keep it going, Hideaki! (Btw, I meant keep the good acting going, not calling Kippei "uncle"!)
13. aoi_dolphine
Takki's goofy nature sometimes tickles me. However, he is a good actor in the roles which he takes up. He first took the storm when he acted in the drama Majo no Jouken. Since than he has taken lots of different roles. Esp, Yoshitsune and Satomi Hakenden which left a deep impression on me. I like his smile and will like to see more of his drama in future.
14. tsuki666
Takki is a wonderful and complete artist, but talking only of his acting career, he has done so many different roles and all of them outstanding. I love his versatility that makes him be noticed anywhere. Besides his gorgeous looks.... wow, the guy is really handsome... he has a great charisma. He�Ls so talented and beautiful, funny and what a smile!!!!
15. fahsum
heard of his name but never saw pic of him. watched 'news no onna' and thought the boy in there was super cute, but didn't know it was him until today when i saw his pic on the front cover of 'kokoro no tobira'. my gosh is he super cute. no wonder he's so well known. i am his new fan. :P doesn't he have a lil resemblance to kenny kwan of boy'z?!
hes fine.. and i love it how hes such good friends with yamapi!!!! lol ive seen clips of them when they were young!! and tackey would hug yamapi randomly saying how cute he was!! lol i love this dude! && yamapi! .. hey anyone that loves yamapi is a friend of mine!oh yes. and tackey is such a good singer hes awesome!!KAWAiII!
17. juunigatsu
it's difficult to be acknowledged as a good actor when one is so goodlooking, but takki has proven that he can handle a variety of roles, from the often-depressed tatsuya (taiyou no kisetsu) to the comedic kyon (boku dake no madonna) to charistmatic warrior yoshitsune (yoshitsune). he has matured both as an actor and a performer.
18. princess
Taki was the first Johnny guy I fell for. lol
First saw him from that News drama and he totally caught my attention. Then there was Majo no Jouken and he was totally amazing!! It's a shame that ssome of the dramas he acted in later was a bit doggy i.e. SOS...but nevertheless he is still a good actor and hotter than hot. =)
19. mikaela_angel07
among his dramas i've loved him so far on "Boku Dake no Madonna".. he's absolutely adorable and fantastic there... with Yoshitsune, i salute him for his acting there... but i still love him on Boku Dake no Madonna... he's really talented and so kakkoi~!!!! a 100% hunk... [^-^]v he has really has a nice voice... :)
20. SYILA78
He's the most talented actor that i've ever seen.
I like the way he act in Mojo No Jouken. He also can make everybody laugh like in his act in Antique. He really earned my respect for his act at the young age. He's also look so kawaii. He put all his emotions in his drama. He has a very good performance.
21. sparklie
The main thing that attracts me to him is his undeniably good looks. Acts well too, but those producers out there should stop giving him similar roles whereby he has such a hard time loving someone..geez he definitely has the potential to take on other roles! He can sing too..ahh sexy voice. *drools*
22. Marit
after seeing Majo no jouken (Forbidden Love) I just fell in love with him.. not because he`s a cute cute cuuute boy :D but because it seems to me that he shows his emotions very well with acting.. thank you god for giving us Takizawa Hideaki who can give girls what they need - to adore somebody :D
23. chibichan
Tackey, he is sooooooo handsome, i first watch him in Majo no Jouken, and started to search all doramas he played, like Boku dake no Madonna, SOS, Taiyou no Kisetsu, News no onna and Antique. But it just not as good as Majo no jouken. Hope to see him in another great dorama
24. sojuqueen
He is perfection personified. Takki is not just a gorgeous guy but a talented actor as well. He may not be the greatest Japanese actor but he has consistently improved his craft churning out unforgettable performances, which linger in the minds of audiences everywhere.
25. helenlu
he is such a talent, he can sing, he can act, he can dance and he is also a song writer, he has good personality and is also a good friend and senpai. he has been working very hard since 13 yrs old to follow his dream as a singer/dancer. i just love him!!!
26. dirtypink
***LOVE*** him in MAJO NO JOUKEN. i was gonna try other dramas of his but boku dake no madonna didn't work for me i gave up after 1 episode = ="...maybe i'll try ANTIQUE soon.hahaha.but i LURVD the 17-year-old Takki.though no he is super hot too.hahahaha.
27. Organized Chaos
Majo no Jouken (Forbidden Love) was the very first dorama I watched which was back in 1999. My attention immediately went to Takizawa Hideaki in that show. Takizawa is an excellent actor and he continues to excel through the course of his career.
28. news_kty247
Tackey was the first guy i fell for after watching Majo no Jouken (except i didn't know who he was then). When i saw him again like 4 yrs later, he caught my eyes again! This guy is too perfect; good actor and one of the handsomest guys ever!
29. Juppi
did well in "taiyou no kisetsu".
i was quite disapointed in "boku dake no madonna" => the drama (not really the actor) wasn't so good... in my opinion...

otherwise, he's pretty and i love him in the show "zubari yuuwayo"!

LOVE tackey!
30. for3vergirl
This one is a good comparison with Kyoko, though I don't like them put together like in SOS. He's a cute guy who grew up getting bigger and bigger. His looks is definitely what makes him a star, then he sings, man, he is a complete man :).

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