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Osawa Takao 大沢たかお ( Takao Osawa )

NameOsawa Takao
Star SignPisces
Birthday11 March 1968
Blood TypeA
B/W/H97 / 77 / 94

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Filmography (20)
Hana Moyu [2015]
Odamura Inosuke
Tokyo ni Olympics o Yonda Otoko [2014]
Galileo Season 2 [2013]
ガリレオ 2
Ishimoto Kazuo (ep. 1)
JIN Season 2 [2011]
Minakata Jin
JIN [2009]
Minakata Jin
Mukashi no otoko [2001]
Hyakunen no monogatari [2000]
Another Heaven~Eclipse [2000]
Utsukushii hito [1999]
Murasame Jiro
Seikimatsu no uta [1998]
Oshigoto desu! [1998]
Dessin [1997]
Hoshi no kinka Season 2 / Zoku hoshi no kinka [1996]
Rennai zenya ichidodake no koi 1 [1996]
Only you aisarete [1996]
Ozaki Sumio
Hoshi no kinka 1 [1995]
Nagai Shuichi
Kamisan no waruguchi Season 2 [1995]
Wakamono no subete [1994]
Kimi to ita natsu [1994]
Shinya Tokkyu [0000]

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Osawa Takao

Osawa Takao Official Web

Users who voted for this artiste (13)
1. carnie_webb
Well l can't help but to feast my eyes and drool profusely over Osawa Takao. I was very skeptical about him being the main lead in "Hoshi no Kinka" but he just proved me wrong and blew me away. I was captivated by his sheer talents and splendid performance. Love his amorous Shuichi san's character, so gentle, so warm, so mushy and yet subtle ting, and he personally has great charisma! (*^_^*)

I'm "crying out in the centre of the world" for his success and good health, because he is so worthy of the love of all his fans, little me inclusive :). I am most definitely not his "tenshi no kiba" and could neither relate to his combative self in "oragami". He will always be my little "hana" who would thrive radiantly "Into the Sun" and would accomplish "sky high" achievements that would leave a "milky white" sweetish after taste in my mouth, sighing "GEGE".
2. matsu_takeiko
I can't believe I'm the first one to vote-- Osawa Takao is not only a very good looking man, but a versatile actor as well. I've never seen anyone who acted so cool and bad in one drama (Utsukushii hito) appear nervous in front of his wife and his "mistress" in another drama (Mukashi no Otoko) and be dignified in another drama (Hyakunen no Monogatari). How is that not versatile acting?? He's like a Japanese Daniel Day Lewis!
3. Lisachan
His performance in "Heavens Coins, Hoshino Kinka" I and II were outstanding. I became a fan of him instantly! He is so handsome, too. He was married over 7 years to a Japanese singer, Koumi Hirose, but they just filed for a divorce a few days ago. Lately he was working with movies and not much with TV shows. I hope he will appear more J dorama soon.
4. Ameko
I think he is a great actor, he has so much range. I was very impressed with Takao's performance in Le Belle Homme. He was so evil, and dark, and troubled and sexy... *sigh*
5. Shingu
He was evil in Murasame Jiro but when he heard his wife 'aborted' his child, his reaction amazed me...
6. eugenia_b
He's just awesome- he's gorgeous,an incredible actor...One of my favourites actually...
7. dokodemodoa
JIN sensei! Can't believer I never see this guy anywhere ever before. He's a gem!
8. Sun_Shang_Xiang
Fantastic actor first noticed him in Hoshi no kinka and still fantastic in Jin.
9. zsazsa
He is really impressive in Aragami. Looks like an older version of Rain.
10. supaflysista21
Stunningly great actor. He has a very unique look.
11. iewiz
12. rainbowglasss
13. muub