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Sawaguchi Yasuko 沢口靖子 ( Yasuko Sawaguchi )

NameSawaguchi Yasuko
Star SignGemini
Birthday11 June 1965
Blood TypeA

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Filmography (28)
Kasouken no Onna 16 [2016]
科捜研の女 16
Sakaki Mariko
Kasouken no Onna 15 [2015]
科捜研の女 15
Sakaki Mariko
Kasouken no Onna 14 [2014]
科捜研の女 14
Sakaki Mariko
Kasouken no Onna 13 [2013]
科捜研の女 13
Sakaki Mariko
Kasouken no Onna 12 [2013]
科捜研の女 12
Sakaki Mariko
Kasouken no Onna 11 [2011]
科捜研の女 11
Sakaki Mariko
Shin Kasouken no Onna 6 [2010]
新・科捜研の女 6
Shin Kasouken no Onna 5 [2009]
新・科捜研の女 5
Shin Kasouken no Onna 4 [2008]
新・科捜研の女 4
Sasaki Mariko
Hitogata Nagashi [2007]
Ishikawa Chinami
Shin Kasouken no Onna 3 [2006]
新・科捜研の女 3
Sasaki Mariko
Shin Kasouken no Onna 2 [2005]
Sasaki Mariko
Shin Kasouken no Onna [2004]
Sasaki Mariko
Shinsengumi [2004]
Okita Mitsu
Kasouken no Onna 4 [2002]
科捜研の女 4
Kasouken no Onna 3 [2001]
科捜研の女 3
Kasouken no Onna 2 [2000]
科捜研の女 2
Sarariman Kintaro 2 (TBS) [2000]
Kasouken no Onna [1999]
Sarariman Kintaro 1 (TBS) [1999]
Umi made go fun [1998]
Kare [1997]
Furuhata Ninzaburo 2 [1996]
古畑任三郎 2
Hideyoshi [1996]
Hitori de iino [1992]
Hotel Woman [1991]
Shibaura investigation agency [1989]
Thrilling rock n roll street [1988]

Users who voted for this artiste (8)
1. taroqq
She's considered to be one of those beauties seen only once in 50 (some said 100) years in Japan, and she's in a lot more dramas then listed here. Even my mom was mesmerized when she first saw her in a drama (should look for her dramas when she's in her prime - late eighties to mid nineties).
2. Pemu
She really impressed me as Mariko Sakaki in Investigator Mariko! a real impact! hehe
I want to see more of her roles! I hope I don't refer Yasuko to Mariko. cos she's Yasuko, not Mariko, hehe. what am I sayin? hehe
3. Golgo_13
If you said I could have any woman in the world to marry, I would choose Yasuko-san.
4. Danji
Investigator Mariko is fantastic. Actually, all four seasons are :D.
Lovely actress...can't believe she's in her 50's. Amazing!
6. lingling
7. Kozure Ookami
8. Zemus