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Wentz Eiji ウエンツ瑛士 ( Eiji Wentz )

NameWentz Eiji
JPop GroupWaT
Star SignLibra
Birthday08 October 1985
Height170 cm
Weight55 kg

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Filmography (4)
Wagaya no Rekishi [2010]
Maruyama Akihiro
Angel Bank ~ Tenshoku Dairinin [2010]
Taguchi Ryota
Kirakira Kenshui [2007]
Tachioka Ken
rinbukyoku [2006]
Toda Masato

Users who voted for this artiste (9)
1. shun-aya

i just love 'em... hope everyone does... they're both kawaii in different ways...*better read it in the forum... you'll understand...*

please, please check 'em out. you might be addicted to them...
2. yuki loves teppei
he's so hot!! i love him! xD
i love him in GeGeGe no Kitarou movie.
i wish he and teppei try going out together.
(gahd. they even sleep in on bed. xD)
i think he has a good personality. i wanna be his imoto!!
3. doublesidedtape
I LOVE WaT! I was (still am) a teppei fan but I'm a wentz fan now too! Wentz is half-Asian and cute too... check out his pictures when he was younger- kawaii~ Hopes to see him more in jdoramas though
4. Okamotico
why there's not a picture of him? =(
he's cute, but i love him mostly because of his personality. he's so funny and i just can't stop watching wentz eiji's video on youtube.
5. domoo
love the chemistry between WaT! :DD
6. tamaki_08
such a great singer and actor!
7. shermish_hurl
great singer..!
8. tEpijiN.07
he rocks!
9. KJjap