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Yada Akiko 矢田亜希子 ( Akiko Yada )

NameYada Akiko
Star SignCapricorn
Birthday23 December 1978
Blood TypeO
B/W/H83 / 58 / 83

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Yada Akiko

Yada Akiko has been involved in the glistening entertainment world since she was merely a teenager as a model and actress. Blessed with fresh a cute face and fa...

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Filmography (32)
37.5°C no Namida [2015]
Isharyou Bengoshi [2014]
Kurasawa Kanae
Nageki no Bijo [2013]
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Higashino Keigo Mysteries [2012]
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CO 移植コーディネーター
Tobo Bengoshi [2010]
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Yume de Aimashou [2005]
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北原ハツミ (26)
Last Christmas [2004]
Aoi Yuki
青井由季 (24)
Shiroi Kyoto [2003]
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東 佐枝子
Hotman [2003]
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秋本みどり (25)
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ぼくらの勇氣 ~未滿都市~
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Users who voted for this artiste (129)
1. Lucian Dureau
One of the best actress I have seen in doramas. I saw her for the first time in one of the most special shows like My Little Chef. Here, she is splendid with the main role, shadowing a young Aya Ueto. But one of her most famous success arrived with Last Christmas, a kind a Tokyo Love Story 2.0. Even being great there, I keep prefering her role in MLC
2. ilengxw
Ahh.. yada. first saw her in Friends and then later in No Lover. She's very cute in her acting though I know she's wellover capable of doing more. But anywho, she's all.. there. And it always seems that the guys she stars with are either too old or doesn't match. =P She's wayyy to hot for them. Go yada!
3. dstevenkwan
The next woman that mesmerizes everyone with her beauty, she is much much better than Erika, of whom had me put into a state of trance a few months ago. Definitely a must watch in her movies as she is very talented in her acting and can fit into most roles perfectly. Love her.
4. bizkut
She is one of the talented actresses i've seen...I saw her in Yamato Nadesiko...Even tho she plays a small character, she really prevails in that drama....She has pair of beautiful eyes which seem to be irresistable:)...Akiki kawaii!!
5. qwiksXnd
Cute as heaven. (I didn't want to write cute as hell becase that would be rude). It's too bad that she is so cute though, just by looking at the shows she has done you know she is being pigeon-holed into the "cute" girl roles.
6. mr.children
I personally think that she is a very good actress as her cute personality matches her lovely voice. She always gets me obsessed whenever i watch her dramas.

p.s. sorry for borrowing your account, mr. children! =P
7. -Takashi-
Akiko is a great actress. She did great in My little Chef, and from what I hear she did really good in Hotman. She has a very realistic way of doing things. Im suprised she doesnt have TONS of roles by now. Shes good.
8. 206
I thought she was so cute in Yamato Nandeshiko. Pretty eyes. I did not know why she was getting jerked by Osuke. Now enjoying her in My Little Chef and again in Last Christmas. She's got the best eyes.
9. ahochaude
With such beauty and great acting talent, I'm suprised that Yada Akiko doesn't get as much roles as she should be getting. A bombshell with so much talent, heh, the industry is missing out BIG time.
10. Hilmi Isa
Yada Akiko! She's not only beautiful,but she also a very talented actress. She involved in lots of interesting dramas! She able to take a various roles of acting from comedy to thriller.
11. sweetcrescent
adorable! She's one of my favorite actresses. She's been acting a lot more recently and she has done a pretty good job. I like her in [Last Christmas] as well as [My Little Chef]
12. citrusrain
One of the most prettiest actresses. She used to be in all the Japanese Affleck commercials... I saw her in last christmas and My little chef - both dramas were fun to watch...
13. KAZdoramma
She completely won me over in her performance in LAST CHRISTMAS. She was so vunerable and cute despite her efforts of always trying to put on a brave face. Brilliant actress.
14. liquidlzero
i just think she is so damn beautilful...i first saw her in last christmas...first actor to want to make me watch dramas that they were in...so she gets my vote for that
15. �t�H
She has the sweetest smile and the cutest face! She is also very good in acting as those innocent looking girl, overall her acting is good and impressive too!
16. darknitelight
I really liked her part in Last Christmas and Yamato Nadeshiko. Some shows she did were not very big shows but overall she still acts out her part alright.
17. Artemis_Entreri83
E 1st Japanese actress I like, just like lingling. Really cute, beautiful & irresistable. Her eyes makes her look enigmatic & ageless, IMO. =)
18. MixxDreamer
shes one of those artists who started small roles and gained popularity in My Little Chef, that was my fav. highlight of her.. very pretty too :D
19. godai-san
Had the pleasure of watching her in My Little Chef. She's really pretty. She can cook for me any day! Looking forward to watching her in Hotman.
20. IniQx
I just like the way she smiles, the way she sulks, the way she pouts, the way she speaks, the way she acts. I just like everything about her.
21. bakafool
I just love Yada Akiko! She did a great job in Last Christmas, Yamato Nadeshiko, and My Little Chef. Hopefully, she gets more lead roles.
22. lightningemperor
Fell in love w/her when I saw her in Yamato Nadeshiko. Ever since then, I've watched a lot of the dramas she's in. Great actress!
23. Akasaka Hiker
She was acting a bit fragile character in Yamato Nadeshiko but I liked her even so. But more so as Aoi in Last Christmas.
24. ilovedrama
Like to see her & Oda Yuji acting together. Of all the dramas I have seen so far their chemistry is far the best IMHO.
25. intro_bay
Very nice acting in Last Christmas. I hope to see her in more dramas and wishing her all the best in her acting career.
26. Ralbol
Seen her in Last Christmas, she's not the most beautiful girl, but she's got a little something making you happy.
27. Azumi
Great, talented and good looking actress. After watching Last Christmas, you'll agree that she's the best too!
28. Doramafan113
Fantastic actress!!! Loved in everything I have seen her in so far. I hope she gets more and more lead roles.
29. archeros00
Veri calm and a pretty and extraordinary face...sulking and smiling is similar...love her acting...always
30. flyingangel
She is another actress I admire so much.
She is cute; beautiful; nice and of course plenty of talents.

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