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Tokiwa Takako 常盤貴子 ( Takako Tokiwa )

NameTokiwa Takako
Star SignTaurus
Birthday30 April 1972
Blood TypeA
B/W/H83 / 58 / 88

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Tokiwa Takako

Well remembered for her roles in Aishiteiru to itte kure and Beautiful Life, Tokiwa Takako has the X-factor to be one of the top jdrama actresses in Japan. She ...

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 Takako Tokiwa 常盤貴子 at Grand Premiere of "20th Century Boys" in San Francisco in "New People"
Takako Tokiwa 常盤貴子 at Grand Premiere of "20th Century Boys" in San Francisco in "New People"

 常盤貴子 噂のCMガール 1992
常盤貴子 噂のCMガール 1992


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Filmography (31)
Yasuragi no Sato [2017]
Matsuoka Nobuko
Mare [2015]
Tsumura Aiko
Tokyo ni Olympics o Yonda Otoko [2014]
TONBI [2013]
Ichikawa Misako
Hitori Shizuka [2012]
Chushingura ~Sono Gi Sono Ai~ [2012]
Horibe Hori
Tenchijin [2009]
Osen no Kata
Loss:Time:Life [2008]
(story 7)
Gyokuran [2007]
Ruten no Ouhi - Saigo no Koutei [2003]
Aishinkakura (Saga) Hiro
愛新覚羅 (嵯峨) 浩
Renai Hensachi [2002]
Story 2 Takamiya Kotoko
高宮琴子 (29)
Long Love Letter [2002]
Misaki Yuka
Beautiful life [2000]
Machida Kyoko
Kabachitare! [2000]
Tamura Nozomi
田村 希美 (28)
Utsukushii hito [1999]
Murasame Miyuki
Taburoido [1998]
Meguri ai [1998]
Saigo no koi [1997]
Risou no kekkon [1997]
Hitori gurashi [1996]
Mahiru no tsuki [1996]
Minikui ahiru no ko [1996]
Mada Koi wa Hajimaranai [1995]
Aishiteiru to Ittekure [1995]
Mizuno Hiroko
Kinjirareta Asobi [1995]
Watashi no unmei [1994]
Coming home [1994]
Akuma no kiss [1993]
Juunen ai [1992]
Ai wa douda! [1992]
Eve wa Hatsukoi no youni [1991]

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Users who voted for this artiste (145)
1. johuth
She is a very gifted actress that is why I am voting for Tokiwa Takako. If first watched her in fighters blues with Andy Lau. She was great in that movie. She play a woman that runs a shelter for orfans. She pretended to be a nun to keep men at a distance but that isn't the reason for the story. Then I saw a beautiful life and then. After that I was trying to find some more of her dramas so I am in the prossess of getting more of them as we speak. I loved her movies a dramas both very good actress. I hope refrian is good. I can't wait to see more of her dramas.
2. Mint
All hail the Queen! Time notwithstanding, she's the only Japanese actress who actually matters, in my opinion. I saw her in my first Japanese drama, Meguri Ai, and since then she's convinced me in her other roles that not only is she youthfully beautiful but her great acting chops can't be refuted. She always makes the best out of her characters and I commend her for that.
3. hikki
I first watched her in Watashino Unmei... and finally fell in love with her in Aishiteiru to Ittekure... She's always wonderful in her roles... even if it's a bit piece like in Minikui Ahiruno Ko. I've yet to watch any of her post Beautiful Life work...

Anyhows, here's to hoping for a new Tokiwa Dorama soon.
4. Nezumi-chan
First j-dorama I ever saw was "Beautiful Life", and I'd never imagined [stupid of me, but yeah >_>] that such plots and characters could be commonplace in this tv genre; I was totally convinced in her role, and she'd brought me to [the edge of! the *edge*!] tears many times throught the story. Amazing performance.
5. shanghai_honey
Takako Tokiwa will always have a place in my heart. She is a very accomplished actress who can work with many co-stars effortlessly. Her role in Beautiful Days was a tour de force. Simply unforgettable how she brought out her character's vulnerablity. Takako is the best!
6. minochi99
A good actress that seems to put her best in all her dramas. Played the character realistically in A Beautiful Life. A performance I can appreciate. Has a lot of grace and at the same time, can show a feminine spunk to her. Hope to see more of her dramas.
7. db9paka
I think her undeniable talent and popularity says it all. Her performance is always spectacular, esp. in Midday Moon. Shines brightly in Moonlight Express, and even Andy Lau said once that if he was younger, he would have proposed Tokiwa. Nice!
8. Pochi
Tokiwa Takako is very beautiful and kawaii in Beautiful Life. As Machida Kyoko, she was perfect with Shuji. She was a very touching character because of her great acting, really a great actress. She's also cute in Aishiteiru to Itekure.. ;)
9. ilengxw
After seeing Beautiful Life i started to notice her. Her acting is above average and she plays her role in BL pretty well though i've never seen any of her other dramas. Besides the acting she does look very pretty in some shots. =)
10. bamboo
Well-known actress, and crowned Drama-Queen (before Nanako rise up) for the mid 1990s and till Year 2000, when drama, Beautiful Life, create such a hit back then. Has a kawaii smile. Can't forget drama she starred as leading actresses.
11. __embryoBxTCH
Good actress and very beautiful. I loved her as Kyoko in Beautiful Life. She truly made the role her own so for that, I give her a vote. I would like to see her other J-Doramas (to note her progress and range) so until then, CHAO!
12. ping_bong
i would consider Tokiwa chan to be one of the best actresses in japan! Her cute smile and her pro acting just makes the drama more enjoyable to watch!
Keep up the good work! Tokiwa chan ganbatte ne=)
13. dannyboy
she touched my heart in Beautiful Life. we cried together we laughed together and i felt that a part of me died too when she past away. Tokiwa Takako is one hot chick on a wheelchair.
14. hananako
great work in brother of the last emperor with her partner, YUTAKA TAKENOUCHI... very touching historical story.. sob sob sob.... she so cute n kind of talkataive in every jdo.. ;D
15. oldasianguy
She's very talented...and in her career is the one actress who has a variety of different difficult roles...probably shows much more emotion then the average Japanese actress.
16. Takumi_Fujihara
Pretty girl... It was great how she looks horrible at the beginning of the Beautiful Life movie and ends up with a beautiful look... I like her role on that movie... ^^
17. adhi-kun
Beautiful Life was a great dorama. She demonstrated highly skilled acting skills in it, and matched Takuya's acting skills to make a good dorama.
18. ilovedrama
Loved her in Beautiful Life. The little details that she puts in her role makes her shine like when she paws shuji pocket for his apartment key.
19. takuya_angel
Takako is my most fave J-actress. She have always give her best performance in most of the shows she's acted in. She's beautiful and lovely!
20. gakuchi
One of the few actresses of Japan who could actually make me cry when she cries. Hopefully shell make it big again semetime in the future.
21. lynn minmei
Very very good actress. She amazed me in her acting in Beautiful Life. Also a very attractive woman. I hope we can meet someday.
22. SabrinaOshio
I Watch Aishiteiru to itte kure more then 3 times....and i like her so much in this drama she is me Queen of Japanese Drama's.
23. swoc
beautiful and talented. just watch her dramas and you'll know. no reason needed: self-explanatory. takako you're the best.
24. Bud002
Her characters convey such a cheerful and postive aura that can put a smile on anyone's face. She's definitely a cutie.
25. Maschera
She's definitely 1 of my all-time fav actresses. Superb in Moonlight Express, Mahiru no Tsuki and Beautiful Life.
26. Leo
She's pretty.She has a sweet smile.Good acting especially in Beautiful Life.Girl,you got my vote ^_^
27. dummyuser16
so beautiful... performance in beautiful life was great! This profile picture looks kind of odd...
28. Tu_triky
Superb performance in Beautiful Life. Having a face with classic beauty doesn't hurt either :)
29. kirei_lanford
a great actress with an old fashion look
very kawaii in beautiful life,, and exception..
30. Ren
A wonderful actress. I love her in Moonlight Express. One of the most beautiful women.

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