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Fujiwara Tatsuya 藤原竜也 ( Tatsuya Fujiwara )

NameFujiwara Tatsuya
Star SignTaurus
Birthday15 May 1982
Blood TypeA

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Filmography (19)
Reverse [2017]
Fukase Kazuhisa
Soshite, Dare mo Inaku Natta [2016]
Toudou Shinichi
藤堂新一 (32)
Seirei no Moribito [2016]
ST Season 2 ~ Aka to Shiro no Sosa File [2014]
Akagi Samon
Piece Vote ~Tohyo no Kakera~ [2011]
Piece Vote ~投票のカケラ~
Wagaya no Rekishi [2010]
Tezuka Osamu
sengoku Jieitai [2006]
Akai Giwaku [2005]
Shinsengumi [2004]
Okita Sojiro
Ai Nante Irane Yo, Natsu [2002]
Akutagawa Naru
芥川 奈留 (25)
Shin Hoshi no kinka [2001]
Muraoka Kazuki
Kimi ga oshietekureta koto [2000]
Amemiya Jun
Tengoku no kiss [1999]
LxIxVxE [1999]
Border ~hanzai shinri sousatsu file~ [1999]
ボーダー 犯罪心理捜査ファイル
Change! [1998]
Koori tsuku natsu [1998]
Sanshimai tanteiban [1998]
Aishisuginakute yokatta [1998]

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Official Website


Tatsuya Fujiwara Love Site

Tatsuya's Room

Users who voted for this artiste (64)
1. diah ayu
he's talented, cute 'n so sweet...
i love all of his movie 'n dorama...especially death note...
today is tatsu tanjobi, so....i just wanna say,
"Happy Birthday"
wish all the best and hope God always bless you:)
luv u....
2. pink_0630
At first, I didn't like this guy that much because he isn't very good looking. But after watching him in Shin Hoshi no kinka, I can't help but like him. He is so good and his character in this drama is very much likeable.
3. moeru_h
He's handsome and a very good actor. I've seen quite a lot of movies and dramas he's in. I esp like him in Deathnote as Raito and in Shinsengumi as Okita. You're really pulled to the scene and story with his acting.
4. Doramako
First saw him in "Kimi ga oshietekureta koto" and liked him immediately. Liked him even more in Battle Royale, but absolutely love him since Death Note. He's got something mysterious!
5. NyappyNeko
Aaa!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I'm SOO like Death Note and Battle Royale! Sugoooi!!!
And Tatsuya SO beautiful!!! And still. My boyfriend very much is similar to him!!!!!
6. Girl
I first knew him from the Battle Royale movie. And makes me impress then! I really like his SMILE! *grins* He has strong attempt to be an actor. That's admiring! isn't it?! :)
7. yuyuan
stars as yagami light in death note. great acting! all his expressions are perfect while filming with the CG god of death. perfect choice for the main actor!
8. CrimsonNataku
Saw him first in Shinsengumi; he did such a good job as Okita Souji. Then I watched him in Battle Royale and I've become interested in his works ever since!
9. Yori
He is natullary gifted at acting. He is nice looking ofcourse too, but you will be amazed with his talent when you see his acting through some works...
10. Akira_san
He is a very talented actor and he did a great role in Shin Hoshi No Kinka, but it kinda sucked that he was in a coma for the last 3 episodes.
11. nurul addina
i love him when he acting in death note, he playing an antogonist character, kira. he's cool and smart, i like him very much, hehehehe...
12. eftermiddag
saw him in Battle Royale (and BR2 which i regret that i saw) and i think he was great as shuya nanahara! hmm yeah i guess that's it XD
13. Maeka
His very amazing as Light Yagami in Death Note 1 & 2....... his a very good actor and very handsome...... he simply just amaze me!
14. moon
i first saw him in Battle Royale and i Like him already =p... i think he's really a good actor so... better watch his other films =p
15. erieh
Even though I haven't watched the anime version of Death Note, Fujiwara Tatsuya proved that he can act like Kira perfectly.
16. dare
saw him in new die sterntaler. and i must say he's a good actor even though he's so young. and very handsome too, :)
17. slashersam016
He's the man!!! when it comes to Japanese movies, Tatsuya Fujiwara is the man!!! Battle Royale and Death Note...
18. inkidot
tatsuya is my favourite japanese actor. he is amazingly versatile in his ability to portray any character. ^^
19. cherish-Kusano
I really admire him. He is a GREAT actor, always trying new things. I hope to see one of his plays one day.
20. montanaky
great acting in shin hoshi no kinka n death note.. able to portray different characters.. =)
21. Aiji.Y
22. Leenary
I don't know but I like this person...
He looks very cute and so on *.*
23. Batoru_Rowaiaru
He's just so cute! Especially in Battle Royale II and he's a good actor
24. alucardlive
I'm a fan of death note in which he acted magnificently in some scenes.
25. vietxmikey
good actor overall, he was good in Battle Royale and Death Note :D
26. kurokage
his acting ability is great! really talented! love him.. ;)
27. Nanahara_shuya
He's CUTE!!! i LOVE him so much. and he's a great actor !!
28. J
talented, cute, young...what more can u ask for ??!!!!!!!
29. SakuraDanielle
One of the best actors I have seen to date. Very natural.
30. cheetara56
Very convincing actor with potential to be even better.

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