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Shaku Yumiko 釈由美子 ( Yumiko Shaku )

NameShaku Yumiko
Star SignGemini
Birthday12 June 1978
Blood TypeB
B/W/H85 / 58 / 84

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Filmography (28)
Hottokenai Majotachi [2014]
Arisawa Fuyumi
Jui-san Jiken Desu Yo [2014]
Asano Hitomi (36)
Kodomo Keishi [2013]
Takamura Kaori
Magma [2012]
Yohko Kuwata
Toshi Densetsu no Onna [2012]
Samejima Miki/Makihara Hitomi (epi. 3)
BOSS Season 2 [2011]
Numata Yoshimi
Kokuhatsu ~ Kokusen Bengonin [2011]
Onmitsu Happyaku Yachou [2011]
LOVE GAME [2009]
Himuro Sae
Konkatsu! [2009]
Murase Yuko
Ketsuekigatabetsu Onna ga Kekkon Suru Hoho [2009]
Team Batista no Eiko [2008]
Ootomo Naomi
!TODELTE Team Batista no Eiko [2008]
Otomo Naomi
Shichinin no Onna Bengoshi Season 2 [2008]
7人の女弁護士 2
Todo Maki
Bara no nai Hanaya [2008]
Ono Yuki
小野優貴 (28)
Galileo [2007]
(epi 8)
Himitsu no Hanazono [2007]
Tsukiyama Kayo
Shininin no onna bengoshi [2006]
Shichinin no Onna Bengoshi [2006]
Todo Maki
Kiken na Aneki [2005]
Kitamura Saori
Magari Kado no Kanojyo [2005]
Mihara Natsumi
三原なつみ (25)
Kurokawa no techou [2004]
山田波子 (23)
Aijou Ippon! [2004]
内村 さつき (25)
Skyhigh Season 2 [2004]
Stand UP!! [2003]
Mochizuki Isuzu
望月 いすず
Sky High [2003]
Kongai Renai [2002]
Ikiru tame no Jonetsu toshite no satsujin [2001]

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Tommy's Artiste Company - Shaku Yumiko

Users who voted for this artiste (21)
1. Sorata
Alright i admit that sheLs not that good of an actress, but i really enjoy her presence, i really want to watch her work. SheLs beautiful and unlike most japanese idols she has a killer body.
When i watched her in Stand Up i thougth she had a great body and i become enloved with her "cuteness" in Hanazono no Himitsu.
I watched her in Stand Up, Hataraki Man, Bara no nai Hanaya, Kiken na Aneki, The Princess Blade and Hanazono no Himitsu.
2. ameki
She is an emotionless robot of an actress and has one look on her face the entire time. She looks like a skeleton and when she smiles, babies die. She has no talent whatsoever. She has a flat ass that makes me want to vomit. I could go on and on but you get the point.

In short: ugly, bad actress, no talent
3. shozen
has anyone voted for her yet? she is great. my first favorite idol of all time. i never was fetish of idol until i saw shaku. she is beautiful, and a great action actress. i think she is one of the best idol actress that does action. besides ueto aya.
4. srius
I have seen 3 shows of hers now, i really think she is improving her acting skills as she progress with the number of dramas she acts in. She already looks very pretty and now that she's also improving her skill , she one actress to look out for
5. uhm
just like itoh misako and satoh eriko she can't act (imo), but just like itoh misako and satoh eriko she is very beautiful to look at not doing it (acting that is)...
maybe it was the director's fault? but...
6. Freefall
The first Idol I liked ^_^

Yumiko is not only extremely cute, beautifuy and sexy but also very talented.
7. squallie
She's just absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed her character in Kiken na Aneki.
8. Goldenoozaru
Great actress, witty and smart which fits in any role. Beautiful also!
9. opospa
She's one of the hottest Japs actress. Her acting are cool!!! BRAVO!!!
10. ameico81
she gets my vote for the most beautiful jdrama actress ever...
11. azn_wrx
awesome in stand up

especially during the laser wars
12. taibabi
OMGG I saw her naked in one of Suntory's ad..!!!! @
13. TrigunX89
She's so pretty, and one heck of an actress too!
14. android_04
She is really hot!! Oh, and I like her acting
15. mojeebahmed
She is cute, and funny and very nice. ^.^
16. jigoku
very kirei desu.
17. Batoru_Rowaiaru
18. XanMan
19. SurferZ
20. jiroukirihara
21. scareglow