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Ueto Aya 上戸彩 ( Aya Ueto )

NameUeto Aya
Star SignVirgo
Birthday14 September 1985
Blood TypeO
B/W/H82 / 58 / 84

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Ueto Aya

Combining beauty, elegance, cuteness, and her signature smile, Ueto Aya has made a name for herself in both J-Dramas and J-Pop. First discovered at the age of 1...

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Filmography (26)
I'm Home [2015]
Ieji Megumi
Hirugao ~ Heijitsu Gogo 3-ji no Koibito-Tachi ~ [2014]
昼顔 ~ 平日午後3時の恋人たち ~
Sasamoto Sawa
Hanzawa Naoki [2013]
Hanzawa Hana
Itsuka Hi no Ataru Basho de [2013]
Komoriya Hako
Zettai Reido 2 [2011]
絶対零度 2
Sakuragi Izumi
Nagareboshi [2010]
Makihara Risa (26)
Ai wa Mieru [2010]
Juri Tatematsu
Juunen Saki mo Kimi ni Koishite [2010]
Onozawa Rika
Zettai Reido [2010]
Sakuragi Izumi
Konkatsu! [2009]
Hida Haruno
Celeb to Binbo Taro [2008]
Mitazono Alice
Hokaben [2008]
Domoto Akari
Abarenbo Mama [2007]
hoteriaa [2007]
Odagiri Ryoko
Shimokita Sundays [2006]
Satonaka Yuika
Attention Please [2006]
アテンションン プリース
Misaki Yoko
美咲洋子 (21)
Tsubasa No Oreta Tenshitachi 1 [2006]
Komine Nanako (Episode 1)
Attack No.1 [2005]
アタック No.1
Ayuhara Kozue
鮎原こずえ (16)
Yoshitsune [2005]
Ace wo Nerae! [2004]
Oka Hiromi
岡ひろみ (16)
Hitonatsu no Papa e [2003]
Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003 [2003]
高校教師 2003
Machida Hina
町田雛 (17)
My Little Chef [2002]
3 nen B gumi Kinpachi Sensei 6 [2001]
Tsurumoto Nao
Yome wa mitsuboshi [2001]
Namida o fuite [2000]
淵上 桃

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uetoaya official site


Users who voted for this artiste (477)
1. flororig
kunichiwa!! Im flordeliza desu from philippines demo ima im in dubai UAE right now..watashi wa first notice you in the movie title "AZUMI" that was good movie. Hajimite for me to appreciated a japanese movie, sugoi action ne! and good flat story too. Originally im fan of anime, or you can say anime lover. In slowly i appreciated the culture, lifestyle or even the traditions in your country. Over a past year after saw you in a movie azumi, i even have a great more love in anime and coicendentally it turned in live action. I ask my self i want to know about the life style of the "REAL IDOL" too coz i live only in unrealistic world? Sometimes my friend ask me why im so devoted in a show which is not realistic? Bcoz im bored or weird? Yeah, my lifestyle is on the net only after my working hours then to my house spending overnight in my computer. Maybe coz i lived in a desert with no entertainment at all, back in my country i used to play an accoustic guitar,
jamming with my friends. Ima spending watching your drama, When i watched your drama title "ACE WO NARAE" im so moved. The story is great! but before i knew it that the leading actress in AZUMI and ACE WO NARAE is the same. I was surprised that time. I like the story a lot and so as the cast who done a great job. In that situation, my motivation is increased and try to search your name in internet, i want to know your biography suddenly not stated fully infact only your name no less no more. Well thanks to the crunchyroll site, i watched all your drama even your live preforming and commercials. Youre so cute. Well im not knowing your inside but when i look at you in drama, your face you seems innocent and i think that is a good quality you have, you captured the heart of your fans bcoz of that. I wish to watch you in live performance and hope so to come in japan enjoying what japan looks like? What you look like in personal? I want to experienced this
thing. So ganbatte ne!!! I believed that more dramas to come and more live performance to come with your golden voice in most oustanding performance to be seen.

Jaa ne!

Flordeliza R. Orig
2. 4aN6
Konnichiwa gozai-mashita, Describing Aya-chan is kind a pleasure for me. I knew her just while ago. I kind a happy n lucky person who finally for 19 years, 19 YEARS!!! in my life getting an idol. Finally the time has come to me, i can say for SURE that it's a destiny for me to choose Aya-chan as my favourite. So lucky on me fall in love first with Aya-Chan than the other jpidols. She is so, like all ppl usually said in this fote, KAWAII...!!...thts true! Watashi no Aya-chan wa KAWAII desu...she like an angel like ppl said, tht also true, she has a passionate, beauty....she's looking so KAWAII, can act, can sing, ohh...i think i already fall in love with Aya-chan when first saw her in AZUMI.....I'm so h4pPy to be a fan of her.....PERFECTOO!!!!.....oh ya, I'm Indonesian....Indonesia-Japan....quite far though considering i very2 rarely go abroad....I'll learn Japanese Language from now on....help me ya if u can Japanese....Some day i'll go find Aya-chan n have a conversation directly with Aya-chan, no more TRANSLATOR!!!...it's all like a kind of happiness for meeee...=) peace all....k3Ep L0v1n6 4eV3r
3. gto_girlz83
A talented actress .I started to like Aya when watching Attack No. 1 and falling in love with her catchy voice when listening her song Yume no Chikara..This song inspire me to never give up when doing anythings.. gAKIRA MERAEEh.Feeling funny during watching Attention Please. Ace wo Nerae + KKK2003 +Hitonatsu no Papae + My Little Chef + Shimokita Sundays also such a good drama from her that Ifve watched. Great in Azumi & Azumi 2 : Death or Love, Tsubasa no Oretachi..Looking forward to watch powerful Aya in Kinpachi Sensei Season 6. (is an early drama fro Aya but hard to find but this drama was totaly great n must be watch by Aya fans) Besides, Aya also good in singing and can be conclude that a new comer is currently sparkling. Her cuteness and killer smile makes most of people easy falling in lov with her. But, not only because of her kawaai face, shefs still great doing her concert performance, acting and manage to be many model of advertisement. ~Akira meraee Ueto Aya~
4. compaqmac321
1st off ill say that without meeting her, if she appeared on my doorstep and said please marry me or pleas be my slave for the rest of your life i would be happy to oblige....based off pure looks i dont get attached to females, this is the first time i have in my life and ive never met her, SO that plays a big part in the reason why i would watch whatever she's in.....now lets get to the acting....1st show i saw her in was attention please....she's funny, i didnt expect her to be that kind of actress, but she can also play some1 other than just a funny character like her role in hokaben....ill end up watching all of her shows....theres no way i would watch attack no.1 or that damned tennis show if she wasnt in it...haha thats my commitment to her
5. MakiharaR
Aya Ueto is the first Japanese actress who I really admire and enjoyed watching. The first role I saw her play was in Azumi and I was moved by her beauty and talented acting. From there on, it prompted me to watch her dramas which started with Nagareboshi which did not disappoint me. I then found out that she was also a singer and "Ai no Tame ni" became one of my favorites. Her acting is unparalleled and her voice is charming and sweet. No matter what role she plays, it always seem like she is a perfect fit. From her amazing smile to her emotional cries, she is able touch my heart and leave a lasting impression.
6. i_lov_aya
Actress~Singer~Model~Entertainer~CM! She has a lot of potential n her cute face n lovely smile won't let u forget.. Watch of her drama Attention Please,Azumi, Azumi 2, Attack no.1, My Little Chef, Shimokita Sundays, Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi Ep1,Hitonatsu no Papa e, Namida wo Fuite, Yoshitsune and great in Kinpachi Sensei Season 6 and Graduation Special.She looks beautiful in every dresses and hair styles.Her song makes me cheerful n energectic.. AYA...Akira menai...
7. KAZdoramma
she`s so cute and she`s a very talented actress, yet to achieve her full potential. She has been criticized heavily for her doramas/movie but if u ask me its cus of the casts around her and the daft plots that she hasnt shone as much as she deserves to. However, having said that her role as AZUMI in the film AZUMI ws awesome, she showed some serious grit acting thru the tough stunt scenes and acting scenes as well.
8. aya83
"Sono yume wo kanae tai
Tatta hitori no jibun no tame ni
?Akirame nai? sono kotoba ga
Ikiru toiu kachi ni kawaru..." becoz of her killer song in Attack No. 1, make me excited to watch any of Ueto Aya's drama n movie.. she's such a beautiful in yume no chiraka clips.. She will probably make a great impact to new generation..can sing very well, can act so cool n also my J-Idol 4 eva..Let's vote for Aya..
9. Aya_Man_1988
Aya is, in my opinion, not only the embodiment of beauty, but also a person with ever-expanding talent. She has the unique ability to play every type of role presented to her. It's no wonder that because of this great woman I first discovered the incredible world of Japanese movies/TV-series.

I wish Aya the best of luck in her life, as well as her career. Live fair, and new opportunities will arise.
10. Techie
For heavens sake, please add Kinpachi Sensei season 6 to her resume. Dang, she is good. She's great whatever she does and no doubt she will have a long career ahead of her.

Not to mention her music alone.

Once more proof that Japanese artists in general are more multifacetted than other nations actors/actresses with modeling careers/music performances/advertising/fashion/dance and acting.
11. kin_2109
her smile and of cuteness makes me stay to watch every of her dramas n movie..talented both in acting and singing..her KAWAII face and nice voice just simple put her in currently top 10 artist. Watch out her song yume no chikara.It's really inspired me. Aya is great in Attention Please, Attack No. 1,Azumi 1, Azumi 2... So powerful in Kinpachi Sensei Season 6 with her boyish style!
12. Freigest
Yeah, Ueto Aya indeed stunning and beautiful actress. Who wouldn't be amazed her ultimate cuteness and marvellous acting skills. She have had intersting roles like Machida Hina in Kou kou kyoushi. The movie called Azumi maybe one of the reasons for hers uprising success in today's entertainment world. One vote for a cute and beautiful actress. :)
13. ckh019
The CM Queen, singer/actress has unlimited talent and with her stunning beauty and charisma makes her one of Japan's most popular |\l. When you turn on the tv, you are bound to run into a CM featuring Ueto Aya. Her roles as Tsurumoto Nao in 3Year Class B Kinpachi Sensei 6 and Misaki Youko shows that she can take on many different lead roles.
14. angel_azumi
what is there not to love about aya? She's too cute for words, and she has a really nice personality, i love all of her dramas. as azumi, she was a mixture of cuteness, beauty, toughness, and innocence. though i don't understand japanese, i keep watching her interviews because she seem funny and cool about a lot of things. Go Ayaaa!
15. Shinobi-s
Heh, her tomeboy'ish style in Attention Please is so perfect. And her personality and natural smile in any situation can light heart. In every drama role she delivers her inner/not acted beauty very clearily. More like every role is very natural. A person wich can be truly idolized for what she does and the way she is.
16. Sesshoumaru
Its an awesome woman; not only as an artist and singer!!!!!!!!!! i really enjoy watchin Azumi 1 and 2 and what about Install it was a funny movie,i like her dramas those are very emotive like Ace wo Nerae and her voice is soooooo sweet and beautiful like her, i love her!!!!!!! :) ITS AN ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17. sao
She's acting very well. Great job ! I love her character in Kinpachi Sensei 6, Azumi, Koukou kyoushi 2003, Tsubasa no oreta tenshitachi ... now I'm watching Attention Please. She plays many very different roles, she impresses me and she has an incredible expression of face as few young actresses have !
18. ScrappedShinigami
It's her hyperactiveness and enthusiasm in her roles that made me like her.
She may not be as great at pulling off the heartless killer look (Azumi) thanks to her sweetness, but she has the ability to make you cry and laugh in her many roles.
Yoko in Attention Please was the PERFECT part for her!!!
19. lov_aya
She has the pure cute face that others dont have..
She has kawaii voice that sometimes other has to fake..
She has killer smile that others dont have..
She has a collaboration talent-actress, singer, model in a lot of TV advertisement n a good entertainer..Never get bored any of her dramas
20. Kouta-kun
When I first heard Ueto Aya's "pureness" I thought her music was intringuingly different. Her look was compelling, especially her face. And then came "kizuna" and I knew she was good. It also helps that she did a TV version of the anime "Ace wo nerae!". She rocks, and she's very hot. ^^
21. fahsum
i like that she's so young and already a hit. alot of her dramas are good and popular (ex. 'ace wo nerae!') and she's even in a movie (ie. azumi) as the leading actress. basically, she's become this big without having to use her beauty to fight for her fame, isn't that good reason enough?!
22. crazy_of_u
Ueto Aya possesses that natural cuteness that other actresses have to fake to achieve..i'm really impress with her clips of Yume no chikara (2005) where this song was also included in Attack no.1 drama..such a great vocal, cute face, killer smile n now a good actress..let's vote for her..
23. Char350
A fairly good actress and a talented singer. Her CMs are always fun to watch. But what strikes me the most about Ueto Aya is her charming and vivacious personality. Her smile and presence alone seem to make anyone's day. I look forward to seeing more of her accomplishments in the future.
24. shun-aya
ueto aya did well these past few years. she added up many albums, she had fantastic movies and she had great shows. she entertained many people like me. she inspired people and she keeps on inspiring them. she is a great actress, a very good model, and a great singer. she's a superstar!
25. lesamouraifou
I'll quote Attention Please ending Theme:

Pretty Aya, walking down the street
Pretty Aya, the kind I like to meet
Pretty Aya
I don't believe you, you're not the truth
No one could look as good as you.

I stop there, it would be too long!!
Attention Please was her best role!
26. Freefall
Aya is a unbelievably beautiful and talented actress and singer.
And she ist definately the cutest girl on this planet!!
Exellent in all kind of roles, Killer assasin in Azumi, funny in a comedy role like Attention Please and very touching in dramas like KKK03 or Kinpachi sensei
27. fujii_itsuki
love her songs especially yume no chikara, currently watching attack no 1, after finishing ace wo nerae. had go through almost everything on her at the youtube website and it makes me love her even more. her looks is kawaii no doubt. her acting is superb and her voice is chanting.
28. Qinrong1992
She is pretty ,adorable ,cool and always wearing a great attractive smile. Her character was extremely special and joyful as well. She good at everything. Sport ,Cooking and Design etc. She was very nice to her family and friends as well. So I would like to support such a person!~
29. fahim87
love to see her smile..make me melt! Absolutely great acting in Attack no. 1, Kinpachi Sensei Season 6, Hitonatsu no Papa e and Azumi.. Never get bored when listening her song and clips.Somebody out there please add kinpachi sensei 6 to Ueto Aya resume.....She's so powerful!
30. Kelvin
Aya is so cute whenever and wherever she does.I love her songs most and also her MVs,CMs,Books and so on.However,I never watch her dramas.
I hope anybody could tell where to download or but her dramas!~^^~(I live in HK and,so bad,can't afford to buy them)

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