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Attention Please [アテンションン プリース]


Drama Details
Title:Attention Please
アテンションン プリース
Telecast:2006-04-18 to 2006-06-27
Season:Spring 2006

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:11 Episodes
1 Special

Losing her mother at a young age, Misaki Yoko (Ueto Aya) was raised amongst three brothers. Yoko is a slightly boyish girl who is bullheaded and hates dishonesty. Ever since she was young, she enjoyed the company of boys over girls. She starts a band with four of her boy friends and becomes the lead singer. Then one day, one of the members of the band, Tsukasa, gets a job at a bank in Tokyo. Due to Tsukasa leaving town, the band breaks up and though Yoko finds herself lonely, she puts on a strong act in front of Tsukasa. She can't tell Tsukasa how she truly feels for him. On the day Tsukasa leaves for Tokyo, Yoko goes along with the band members to the airport to see him off. The guys get excited when they see some cabin crew ladies and Yoko has no idea why. She reminds them that even she can wear a uniform, but the guys only make fun of her. That's when Tsukasa tells Yoko he wonders what she'd look like dressed in uniform. This is when Yoko decides she wants to work as a Cabin Attendant.

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 Attention Please アテンションン プリース (Ending OST) - Oh Pretty Woman
Attention Please アテンションン プリース (Ending OST) - Oh Pretty Woman


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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Oh Pretty Woman [Kimura Kaela]

Actor/Actress Cast (17)
Ueto Aya
Misaki Yoko
美咲洋子 (21)
Nishikido Ryo
Nakahara Shota
中原翔太 (25)
Maya Miki
Mikami Tamaki
三神たまき (38)
Aibu Saki
Wakamura Yayoi
若村弥生 (22)
Uehara Misa
Hirota Saori
弘田沙織 (23)
Koizumi Kotaro
Tsutsumi Shuusuke
堤 修介 (27)
Kohinata Fumiyo
Sakurada Shinya
桜田信哉 (48)
Otsuka Chihiro
Sekiyama Yuki
関山有紀 (22)
Nanase Natsumi
Kinoshita Asami
木下朝美 (35)
Otomo Minami
Higashino Haruka
東野はるか (22)
Fueki Yuko
Asou Kaoru
Takahashi Mariko
Kagawa Reiko
Koichi Mantaro
Watanabe Makoto
渡辺 誠 (38)
Asano Kazuyuki
Wakamura Shozo
若村昭三 (48)
Inoue Jun
Dazai Shinichiro
太宰晋一郎 (53)
Mano Yuko
Murayama Mizuho
Hoshino Natsuko
Takemoto Rie

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Drama Reviews (54)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Laughing out loud material! [Rating: 8/10]
This is a drama written according to the textbook. You have a rebellious youth who takes on an impossible task. The youth is faced with obstacles, especially in the form of people who are waiting for her to fail. There is always one ore two people cheering for her, but for the most part it�fs an uphill climb. She overcomes the obstacles and wins the people over because she is charming and a genuinely kind person. She succeeds in obtaining the impossible task after a tragic scenario that either deals with her biggest weakness, or one that is set up as another�fs. Then, there is always the side story of love, where she finds out she�fs in love with the same guy her friend has liked through the whole series.

Attention Please fits this textbook plot perfectly�c but it works beautifully! Regardless of all the predictability, this is an extremely hilarious drama. Ueto Aya has demonstrated that she�fs the perfect comedic actress, and although her voice gets a bit annoying, it�fs SUPPOSED to be for her role. Her facial expressions are grand, and the physical comedy is done with good taste. There is a balance of good drama in here as well, with real character interaction.

There is nothing astounding about this drama. It�fs just good, wholesome fun that is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.
Reviewed by Wynter on 24 September 2006
2. hard to be objective [Rating: 4/10]
Like someone mentioned before me, this is definitely no Good Luck. Aya Ueto is pretty but this show shows that looking good isn't all it takes. Her attempts at being a 'rebel' comes off as bratty and overacted. Her attempts at being funny and genki is just annoying and also overdone.

This show is suitable for tween girls (you know, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen straight-to-video type of lameness). I realize that many dramas aren't meant to be taken that seriously, but the 'manga'-comicness of this drama is just distracting and makes it even less funny. Aya Ueto doesn't pull off slapstick comedy well at all.

Although, I thought that the training classes were quite interesting and seemed pretty realistic. It was fun to see the different things they had to train for and it did make me rethink exactly what it takes to be a flight attendant. Must be hard work to always be smiling and pleasant to customers for such long periods of time. Also, on a superficial note, Aya Ueto is really pretty and Nishikido Ryo is handsome in a brooding way.

The only reason I tried to finish this drama was because I'd spent money buying it on eBay. Save yourself time and money and brain-cells by watching Good Luck (with Takuya Kimura) instead, funnier (in a subtler and smarter way) and has MUCH more heart.
Reviewed by tklover on 1 November 2007
3. Better Than Expected! [Rating: 8/10]
Having watched the last two Ueto Aya dramas, I�@���������@���������@�`�����������������@�o�����������@�������������������@���������@�����@�������@��������. Although they did adhere to the same formula that made the tennis and volleyball drama successful, there was more of an adult appeal to it. Sure, you can mature from competition in sports, but there's only so much you can learn on the court, but being a flight attendant (a real job in the real world), now that's something completely different. This time Aya isn't just someone that is supremely gifted in a sport and needed the guidance of her coaches and people around her to realize her full potential. This time it's about growing up and accepting the responsibities of being an adult. Kudos to the script writers for making flight attendants seem like such a respectable job, and not just waitresses in an airplane. Of course, all this just makes JAL look all the better. This is a lightbeat, funny, but educational drama, and again, character development really developed most of the characters, and everything tied in nicely. It was better than expected!
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 14 May 2007
4. mikami elegent [Rating: 10/10]
as much as i enjoy aya ueto acting, i enjoy the woman who hold mikami role. she's so elegent, a real charmer, a real woman. she's so capturing my eyes. eventhough she's the typical-i'm-strong-synical-but-i'm-nice teacher, she's really give her best. overall, i can't stop laughing while i watching this dorama. really really funny and some part that moving. the ending is the best, a real shocked. i never thought chii-chan is a flight attentdant also. but the suprise really get me.

btw, i'm enjoy this movie, the hero role also suit this movie. not too handsome, make the role look real. where can you find a plane engineer that so handsome??? it's so damn real. love the MK girls, both are adorable, while misaki's gang really fun to watch yet having good bond among them. a real struggle for misaki, but she's get through it not so easy. not easily predicted, so a hurray for this dorama. (an easily figured-out dorama is not so good). maybe the ending is predictable, but the storyline is not that easy to predict. lots of suprise and unpredictable plot come in.

thumbs up for this dorama!!!!
Reviewed by mangifera on 29 October 2006
5. Definitely a Must See [Rating: 10/10]
I love Ueto Aya! I think she's really cute so I'm always trying to catch her dramas. For the most part, she's kind of the Jessica Alba type where she's only there because of her looks. But that all changed with Attention Please. Ueto-kun was absolutely hilarious and entertaining. She was extremely charming and timed everything right. I wish she could act this well in all her roles. This drama had its random moments but all the episodes were definitely no fillers. There was always the natural progression. The ending was good too! I'm glad she and Nishikido didn't get together. They didn't have to. No need to force things. The supporting cast was also well put together.

I give it a 10! If you watch only one Ueto Aya drama, make it this one.

p.s. I love Kimura Kaela and she had a great cameo. Plenty of cute girls.
Reviewed by himitsu-kun on 14 August 2007
6. Excellent dorama filled with all kinds of emotions [Rating: 10/10]
I think this drama has something for everyone, it has comedy.. serious moments.. great life lessons that are not necessarily only regarding pilots and stew.. um I mean.. cabin attendants.. :) but lessons that you can apply in every aspect of life. My favorite character was instructor Mikami, I think she basically stole the attention.. :) simply amazing, her firmness, and the way she portrayed the character was the best I�Lve seen from her, but all the other characters were also full of energy, really and amazing dorama, and there�Ls the plus that between all the jokes and things... you�Lll get to learn about planes, and the importance of the job done by all the crews, I think this might be a little bit better than good luck :) EXTREMELY recommended!
Reviewed by deedlitmurata on 23 December 2009
7. This proves again that remakes are a ticket to med [Rating: 2/10]
Aya Ueto is no award winning actress, but her performance in this drama is absolutely laughable. Someone who has been playing ingenue roles for as long as I can remember certainly was bound to fail in portraying a "punk rocker." First of all, she's trying to simultaneously ride on the popularity of Nana yet also maintaining her "i'm an adorable and wholesome idol" burikko personality. Needless to say the two don't go together very well. Other than that, the story is the same "I'm a misfit but I'm going to do my best and finally make it while also making friends and falling love on that way! YAY!" formula that Japanese dramas love beating to death. I have seen worse dramas believe it or not, hence I bumped this drama up to a 2.
Reviewed by harakiri_love on 16 May 2006
i am not really into Japanese or Korean or Asian dramas/movies/series/anime before. So when my classmate invited me to watch this Japanese series, "Attention Please", I was at first hesitant to do so. But after the first series, I instantly became hooked to it and I even slept late (around 4am the next day) just to finish it till the end. I even searched for the 2 special episodes (Honolulu and Sydney). I super duper love it to the highest level!!!! However, the others are correct that Misaki's role was much more appreciated because of the Supporting Actors/Actresses like Mikami Tamaki (Maya Miki). I love the acting and the character of Mikami more than Misaki's.
Reviewed by splendorheartbreaker143 on 13 October 2010
9. Hmmmm... [Rating: 8/10]
I will probably never been an Ueto Aya fan. She's cute, certainly. And not a bad actress, to be sure. But she is just not... likeable. I can't remember why I watched this series, perhaps it was because of all the hype surrrounded by it? In the end, I was glad that I did! It had some fun parts and a good message! Most of all, I really enjoyed Maya Miki in the role of Mikami Tamaki. At times she was serious and graceful, but she also gave a wonderfully cute and girly side to her character. I really enjoyed watching her act! This series is not a "must-watch" of J-Dramas in generally, but definetly a highlight of the dramas of 2006!
Reviewed by Susan on 12 August 2006
10. ATTENTION PLEASE, funny comedy with Ueto! [Rating: 8/10]
Ueto Aya was not too bad in this, at first I thought she wasn't a very good PUNK, but she acutally surprised me and changed from ditzy Volleyball player to a Flight Attendant with attitude!
I recommed this for anyone, it's a hoot, and Nishikido looks quite charming in it. I wouldn't say he's the perfect match for Aya in this, but they did do a great job together. Aibu Saki gets paired to have a crush on Nishikido again...I wonder how they felt when they found out they were in this position again...heh.
Well I suggest this for anyone wanting some fun drama, it's a keeper!
Reviewed by Kirari Ililah on 31 July 2006
11. Fun, typical [Rating: 6/10]
This is by-the-numbers comedy-drama with Ueto as a former rocker who wants to become an airline stewardess, because they look hot in a uniform. Ueto tries way too hard to look upbeat and cute, and the results are sometimes counter-productive. Only a few scenes are truly funny, or moving.

On the other hand, two others make it worthwhile. Miki Maya is amazingly effective as the "evil witch" who has to train uncooperative Ueto, and Aibu Saki is effective as the fellow tranee who puts up with her antics. It's almost a commercial for JAL at times, but mostly stays on track.
Reviewed by jdoramadotcom on 30 July 2008
12. Saved by the Supporting Cast [Rating: 4/10]
I have never watched Ueto in action, and after this drama, I swear I will never again watch any of her dramas. Her over-acting is unfunny and any attempt to be cute/funny/punk is just ridiculous and annoying. The first few episodes had little to show except to portray Ueto as the most annoying git ever, and the ending was predictable. The only thing that saved it - and made me gave it a 4 - was Maya Miki's impressive acting, and the strength of the rest of the supporting cast who overall did an excellent job (except Nishikido Ryo who looked stoned the whole time).
Reviewed by Limes on 25 September 2007
13. I wanna fly on JAL now! XD [Rating: 9/10]
To me, this drama was pretty good! The right elements were present. There was a romance story to it... actually more that one which made it more entertaining. Aya Ueto as Misaki Youko was perfect! She really matches the character and made the show more fun to watch =3 Also Ryo Nikishido = pure love! XD hes turning out to be a really goooood actor! However the only thing that was a downfall to the show was the ending =/ The Honolulu special was a blast X3 I guess because I live in Hawaii but... anyway! lol I would recomend this to any of my friends :3
Reviewed by yami-sakura on 27 March 2007
14. Not the worst I've seen, but not good at all [Rating: 4/10]
Unless you are one of Ueto Aya's many would-be stalkers, this drama isn't for you. Once again, she finds herself cast and an annoyingly cute rebel type who manages to annoy and be cute for everyone she meets.

There are lots of cute girls in this show who are not annoying and it has a good supporting cast, but they are all washed away since Ueto is the star.

The ending is preditctable and there are no plot twists at all to keep thew viewer interested -- unless you are only looking to see Ueto Aya.
Reviewed by booniez on 2 November 2006
15. most entertaining dorama of 2006 (so far) [Rating: 8/10]
Most entertaining dorama of 2006 (so far)! Aya Ueto is a natural for this role and nanase natsumi took to her role like a fish in water. A bit manga-like at times and keeps its light-hearted streak throughout the series. The plot was semi-predictable with surprises popping up here and there to liven things up. OST for this dorama was very fitting as well. Giving 9/10 is perhaps a bit high for light-hearted doramas but i think AP deserves it.
Reviewed by Shindou on 29 July 2006
16. smiles [Rating: ?/10]
I am absolutely loving this drama so far. Okay, so I actually started watching it because Nishikido Ryo is in it....but my reasons to continue watching are not only because of him...really! The story is very cute and I can't help but smile while watching it. I was surprised to see Aya as a tough tomboy type of girl striving to become a cabin attendant...but she is super good at it! Very likeable. Will edit and rate when completed.
Reviewed by noodlefreak on 25 May 2006
17. Worth watching! [Rating: 10/10]
terribly awesome and hilarious drama! not a single scene is boring at all.. funny really funny and adorable show. includes alot of meaningful aspects of life. well done! this show definitely deserves high ratings. being a cabin attendant, really is never easy. thumbs up for the cabin crew; full of my respect for them. i loveeee pilotttt.. i wonder, if there's any female pilot? hmm.. i want become pilottt..
Reviewed by chado87 on 15 July 2006
18. It's not Good Luck by any means [Rating: 6/10]
It's closer to "Bad Luck". The only thing that makes this drama watchable is the supporting cast. They are very, very good, but the mains are weak. Ueto is her usual annoyingly cute self while Nishikido is still sleepy-eyed and dead pan. I'm going to finish this show, though -- not because the story is very good or the main characters very interesting. I want to see how the supporting cast turns out.
Reviewed by booniez on 10 October 2006
19. Aya becoming a Cabin Attendent [Rating: 10/10]
Definately one of Aya's best drama. In this one she pretty much struggles going from a tomboy Rock singer to Cabin Attendent. Each episode gets better and better. Lots of comedy. I finally got my wish. Aya being in a comedy type drama. I'm very happy now. What I also like about this drama is that it doesn't depend on Aya. All other actresses really made this drama work. Best drama of 2006 so far I think.
Reviewed by K.T.Tran on 21 June 2006
20. what the hell are they thinking [Rating: 2/10]
I couldn't even stand the first episode. It was just annoying. Ueto Aya isn't one of the best actress, but what she has shown in this drama is just worse. The whole plot is absurd, her character is incredible stupid, she shoukd have stayed in her hometown and became something else but not a cabin attendant. OMG, what a waste of time. Give me back the 30 minutes I spend on this drama
Reviewed by Seelenfang on 15 February 2007
21. Not Recommended [Rating: 1/10]
I don't see what others see in this drama, but I didn't enjoy it at all.
All of the Aya Ueto's antics were corny and unfunny.
I should've stopped watching after Ep1, but since I had all of the episodes in my pc and didn't wanna give a review after just one episode, I ended up watching the whole thing.
Big mistake...
Reviewed by Beeeezer on 10 August 2006
22. Super must watch [Rating: 10/10]
this is prolly the best jdorama aya ueto has ever acted in! you'll get to see her taking on an entirely different character from her past roles in other jdpramas! I really loved aya ueto in this drama cause she's always so hot headed and she loves ROCK! YEAH! :3
Extremely funny and inspirational!
Go catch it!
Reviewed by JAP FREAK on 14 August 2006
23. Superb [Rating: 9/10]
it's very entertaining to watch this movie.. the character is so interesting and brought well by Aya Ueto.. i looking forward to watch this kind of movie again.. not to heavy and a bit funny with unique character that always had full of spirits and never give up to archieve their goals! Gambarre!
Reviewed by dyn on 26 October 2006
24. Honestly [Rating: 9/10]
Its worth watching if you have nothing else to do, and all of the specials are pretty funny. Also the specials seem to never end seeming like this drama continues forever

check out my dramas if you are interested in finding out which dramas are good, cause boy do i watch alot
Reviewed by mr_dreamboy on 27 November 2008
25. Nice dorama [Rating: 7/10]
Ueto Aya is totally cute in this (so is Aibu Saki! \o/) and Maya Miki does a very nice job portraying the instructor; too bad the two special episodes weren't that good (honestly, I found them quite bad)...anyway, it's definetely worth watching, imho...^__-
Reviewed by pash on 8 January 2012
26. DRY Boooring Yawn! [Rating: 2/10]
I watched it Attention please when I was going to become a stewardess. It's good for that but the acting was horrible to me. I even watched the SP just to know more about flying as a stewardess but for anything else, this series and movie was DRY!
Reviewed by iluvasiandrama on 8 April 2011
27. laughable drama [Rating: 10/10]
a great drama n must be watch who love comedy..aya's attitude make me falling in love for every episode n i cant stop meyself to keep watching it until finish..aya was so cute in her tomboy style but with some girls type..like her so much!!
Reviewed by aya_fans83 on 5 August 2006
28. Great cast made it better [Rating: 8/10]
It's not spectacular but a good drama with a great cast. Ueto Aya made her role interesting along with the supporting cast did a magnificent job. Aibu Saki should get some consideration points for supporting actress. Entertaining.
Reviewed by jjpsychic2 on 15 July 2006
29. Attention Please [Rating: 10/10]
A superb drama! Always enjoy watching Aya's drama and this drama also no exception. Gives you a better understanding of flight attendants job n greater respect for them! Beginning to be a Ryou fan too. He really has the X-factor!
Reviewed by Janicechen on 30 July 2006
30. Attention Please! [Rating: 10/10]
'Please enjoy the fRight'

Aya really rule this drama. love it. recommended. Very funny. you will rolling on the floor laughing. on the other hand, sometimes it's very touching and so many things you can learn from ths drama.
Reviewed by zend on 20 January 2007

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Comments From Users (320)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Kitsuchi [Rating: 9/10]
It was the first time for me watching Ueto Aya in a role in a dorama. In the first episode, I remember that I thought that I felt like she seems unsure in acting. I don't know what it was, but she seemed a bit fake? Maybe the fact that she was supposed to play a �hrocker�h-role. I didn't really get the feeling about her being a rocker – just some other hyper girl pretending. That was at first anyway, but the more I watched the series, I got used to her and began to like her.. She's not one of the best actors, she has yet to improve a bit, but she's surely on her way. Well, at least when talking about this series, since this is the only one I've watched Aya in so far.

The other from the cast were acting great and I can't recall any disturbing acts. The series was good and funny, yet so touching at times. I enjoyed watching this series. I wasn't bored. Though it didn't excite me much.. Maybe because nothing much did happen. Just Aya training and trying to be a cabin attendant and going through hardships through the way, with some of the senpai's/colleagues being evil and then turning nice..

But anyhow, the end turned to a good happy end and that's the most important, right? Though I wish that the relationship between Shouta and Misaki would have gone a little further, showing Shouta a bit being interested in Misaki at least, to give a little hope in the end for the two of them. But maybe he already seemed interested?

Anyway, Attention Please was a good series worth watching. At least give it a chance if you think it seems boring. ^_^ You get to know what hard work cabin attendants actually do, and not only serving tea or coffee to the passengers.
2. Comments by michiru3 [Rating: 8/10]
This was fun to watch, altho not a GREAT drama, but still enjoyable. I found it strange that Nishikido & Aibu are both in this again, after both being in Ganbatte Ikkimashoi, and the SAME THING HAPPENED between them!!! I feel bad for Aibu. Is she destined to play the same part opposite Nishikido? Anyway, Ueto was so hyper, it bordered on annoyance in the beginning. But after awhile, she calmed down and became charming. My fave chara of this is Nanase Natsumi though. I thought she did a great job while speaking little; her facial & body expression were really good. I'm disappointed in Nishikido's role here though; he has an even smaller part than he did in Ganbatte and Ichi Ritoru. I think he's best in Ichi Ritoru, but it's sad that he plays the same sort of chara. When are you gonna do something diff, Ryo-chan?? The story's engrossing and it was fun learning about all the stuff cabin attendants are expected to do. Just the different degrees of bowing seems hard.
3. Comments by pandaguitarist [Rating: 8/10]
when i first watched it, i got really hooked to the story. it's not just about this cute girl that claims she will do her best to achieve a goal; it's about her finding the purpose behind reaching that goal and changing her mindset as she works to reach it. what amazes me the most is how the great variety of plot works with character development. you really have to see for yourself.

yeah, it's true that sometimes the acting looks a little "fake," however that's not caused by the ability of the cast, but by the nature of the story. it's not meant to be like entirely serious to the point.. and the parts that are pretty serious make up for the ones that are not.

if you've stopped at or skipped episode 7 and/or 8, you'll regret it. watch them for the sake of watching dramas. =]
4. Comments by Sakebitosan [Rating: 7/10]
Punk rocker Yoko is at an airport with her bandmates, and comments that she wishes she could be a flight attendant when a group of them walks past - and gets instant jeers for "dreaming the impossible."

So Yoko digs in her heels and decides to prove her buddies wrong.

As is usually the case in J-doramas, the moral of the story is a powerful one - basically the virtues of ambition and achievement, of determination against formidable odds, of the struggle to better oneself even when it doesn't feel good.

This drama drags in its pacing here and there (it could easily have been shortened with little negative impact overall,) but the story is a progression of self-motivation and self-betterment; an exploration of excellence in work as a non-negotiable virtue.
5. Comments by K.T.Tran [Rating: 10/10]
Definately one of Aya's top dramas. Up there with Kinpachi Sensei and KouKou Kyoushi 2003. I'm surprised to see how the other actresses (the two who played Yayoi and Sekiyama) did an amazing job. Props to these two. Ryou did a pretty good job, his character could've been played worse by others. Karasu....dude's a pimp haha. Mikami was played fantasically. I felt she was protrayed as a strict instructor and not fake at all. Can't forget about Miss Shigatsu and Suuji. These two make the perfect pair for comedy. Overall, this drama is a must watch. Ep 1 started out great with laughs and it got better and better after each episode. Lots of comedy, you got the romance and the drama in there as well. Good flow. I'm going to buy this drama when its up for sale on Yesasia.
6. Comments by dekatrain [Rating: 8/10]
FINALLY...aya's starting to ACT! And I don't mean that she's becoming a great actor or anything, but I saw in this drama a little bit of progression in her acting abilities, especially in the second half of the drama. Sure, the whole rock chick that was pretty contrived, but it seemed to me that from about the middle of the series there was no longer much focus on her being a try-hard rock chick, and more about her overall personality. A strong back-up cast saved aya from carrying the whole load, and possibly saved it from slowly dying out half-way through. I enjoyed this drama, without REALLY loving it...probably 7 and 1/2 rather than 8.
7. Comments by Susan [Rating: 8/10]
I will probably never been an Ueto Aya fan. She's cute, certainly. And not a bad actress, to be sure. But she is just not... likeable. I can't remember why I watched this series, perhaps it was because of all the hype surrrounded by it? In the end, I was glad that I did! It had some fun parts and a good message! Most of all, I really enjoyed Maya Miki in the role of Mikami Tamaki. At times she was serious and graceful, but she also gave a wonderfully cute and girly side to her character. I really enjoyed watching her act! This series is not a "must-watch" of J-Dramas in generally, but definetly a highlight of the dramas of 2006!
8. Comments by Tu_triky [Rating: 8/10]
A light-hearted comedy driven by Aya Ueto's performance as the carefree young girl on a mission to prove herself as a capable cabin attendant! Aya Ueto's personality seems extremely well-suited to the role and it shows in her convincing portrayal as the young tomboyish girl who slowly transforms herself into a mature young woman who suffers some painful, albeit funny growing pains along the way. Enjoyable supporting cast. Endearing relationships b/n the main characters helps add a touch of drama to the show. Not awfully suspenseful but it's a comedy that's as fluffy as a white snowy bank of clouds
9. Comments by MRStakahisa [Rating: 8/10]
This show will appeal to cabin-attendent-wannabes. The whole show basically talks about the determination of a girl who used to be a punk rock singer. She wanted to become a cabin attendent because her friends and the guy whom she HAD a crush on thinks that cabin attendents look really feminine in their uniforms, and thus she went for an interview, and got in and blahblahblah~~~ Will recommend it to people who are interested in becoming a cabin attendent! =D

-People from NEWS-
Ryo Nishikido:
He's really cool! I grew to like him ever since I started watching this show... good acting skills!
10. Comments by jess [Rating: 9/10]
still watching since this drama is still airing so i shall give the rating later. However, so far it's the drama i enjoy the most=) The plot is basically about this girl who wants to be an air stewardess although her character clashes with the ideal one of an air stewardess. although the plot is not very unique, this drama is nevertheless pretty interesting and hilarious, well definitely brighten up one's day. Quite captivating also. I think aya acts well in this drama, and ryo is just as shuai as ever of course^^
11. Comments by ScrappedShinigami [Rating: 8/10]
Absolutely LOVED this drama!!! I am sooo glad that I listened to all the good reviews people had given this. I must admit before I watched this I was put off because Ryo was the main guy in it O.O but now alas I am fickle... and have become a bit of a Ryo fan! I really liked his character in this and his character's Chemistry with Aya. (Who was fantastic in this drama) she really made it for me cute (I'm jealous ^__^) and hillarious!
FANTASTIC drama! I'd recommend it to everyone!!!
12. Comments by Lochly [Rating: 10/10]
I rarely give series an actual '10' unless they can go above and beyond with me. And thankfully, this show didn't disappoint. Aya Ueto does a wonderful job of pissing you off and making you feel proud for reasons you're not entirely sure of. While the other characters do a good job of being just that--characters--Aya manages to encompass an entirely different persona that just feels REAL. Definitely recommended for anyone who loves a good laugh and some outrageous antics :D
13. Comments by yami-sakura [Rating: 9/10]
I really enjoyed this drama. Ueto Aya is a great actress and really brings the character of Misaki Youko to life ^^ The only thing I really did not like about the drama was the ending. I know its hinted that Misaki and Shouta get together but... waaaah I wanted to see them at least go on a date or..... confess to each other ;-; Over all it was good XD The Hawaii Special made me giggle all because I am from Hawaii and went to all the spots they filmed at.
14. Comments by xiong_here [Rating: 7/10]
So far it's cute...and cute is pretty much what I think it'll stay it. I really do think [Aya] could've done so much better in this role. Although her character is supposed to be blunt and brash about most things I feel that her character was certainly lacking and the attitude her character presents is just something to distract myself from who the character is. I also think that there are too many 'convenient' endings to some/ most of the episodes...
15. Comments by zileas [Rating: 6/10]
Certainly there have been better plots in a drama than becoming a cabin attendant. Worse too of course. As suspected the plot didn't turn out to be anything spectacular either. However it was still quite entertaining, mostly thanks to the laidback comedic approach and fitting acting from most main characters. So while nothing revolutionizing it is still a nice watch and recommendable for those wanting an easy show to watch with smiles and some laughs.
16. Comments by Shindou [Rating: 8/10]
Aya Ueto was perfect for her role and nanase natsumi was also perfect for the role of instructor mikami. a fun light-hearted dorama all round with some good acting by the whole cast in general. aya definitely seemed to bring the cast together with her magnetic personality and it was truly an enjoyable experience to watch this series. wonder if i should look for more airline-related doramas if AP and Good Luck!! are both this enjoyable.. :)
17. Comments by wanderingfish7 [Rating: 8/10]
Pretty interesting drama. I am not a fan of Aya, however this show has attracted me in some other way. The supporting actresses did a really good job, especially �^��݂� for casting �O�_���܂�. The show also give audience a pretty good idea about the life of flight attendance, which induce my interest to watch further. But most important, haha, it is because Nishikido Ryou is in it, even though he didn't have much plots to show his christma.
18. Comments by MakiharaR [Rating: 10/10]
This drama has became one of my favorites because it was so laid back and enjoyable. Aya Ueto did an amazing job portraying her character; from all the sad and emotional moments to the happy and inspirational. Each episode was great and I never felt like it was dragging on. The other characters were also well portrayed which created a great synergy between the cast, making it even more enjoyable. This is definitely a must watch!
19. Comments by calico [Rating: 6/10]
At the half-way mark of Episode 6, I find myself bored by the storyline and plot, but watching it for Ueto Aya, whom I am surprise to find has a refreshing and quite natural presence. She is able to carry this drama by herself. I do wish that Nishikido Ryo, who did such a fantastic job in One Litre of Tears, has a bigger role in this drama. At this point, his talent and screen presence is being wasted in this no-brainer drama.
20. Comments by tkarmina28 [Rating: 6/10]
Eh... I used to love Aya Ueto. And after watching this drama, I don't like her. At all. This was not a good drama for me. That sucks, cos I love Ryo. the storyline was weird...about planes. I guess that's what turned me off right from the beginning. Just Aya Ueto's character was really not appealing to me, so I didn't enjoy the drama at all. Even with Ryo in it. (I had One Litre to compare and Ryo was better in that one.)
21. Comments by duitsuchiya [Rating: 10/10]
Good Job Aya-chan (^^,) shes super cute!! this story good for gurl that want to be a pramugari especially in the Japan Air Lines [JAL],,aya-chan looks boyish at the first,,but she must try harder and also our friend,but i dissapointment why misaki yoko(aya-chan) not to be gurlfriend with Nakahara(Nishikido Ryou),,this story will be a beautiful of that.actress others so pretty ne,,the angels for all guys,,hontou ni!!
22. Comments by Swedish_Japan_Lover [Rating: 8/10]
If you overlook the unrealistic training of stewardess' in this one it's quite amusing to watch. Although you can get pretty irritated with Ueto's character in some scenes. I liked ryos part though, and aibu's part as well, im also a fan of maya!
I wished they could have develop the relationship between yoko and shota a bit more, not even in the specals you could feel it move forward....but anyway, i enjoyed it!
23. Comments by akane_MYV [Rating: 9/10]
This drama always made me happy, Misaki's character was awesome, I loved it.
But unfortunately there were so less scenes about Misaki and Shouta, and at the end, nobody knows, if Shouta loves Misaki or not...
But I got a good impression, how the job of a cabin attendant would be.
In "Attention Please" you can see how Misaki grow up, such an incredible feeling!...I really like it, and also would watch it again!
24. Comments by Helena [Rating: 6/10]
actually i can rate this drama better, provided if Ueto Aya n Nishikido Ryou can have more time on screen as a couple, coz thats wat i hav been waiting 4 since fr e 1st episode, e story is so so, there r lots of funny moments though, but overall its ok i guess, so dissappointed that ryou didnt confess his love 2 aya n vice versa, i thought at e end they will end up 2gether as a couple :(
25. Comments by Keru-chan [Rating: 10/10]
I really liked the story and Ueto Aya fits in this role just perfectly!
Nishikido Ryou is also really good in there. When I watch this dorama I always want to travel xD It's nice :D It has also many funny scenes! Ah, another thing: It's just perfect for learning japanese. All this "yoroshiku onegai shimasu" and things like that are repeated often, so it's a good way to remember them.^^
26. Comments by Tiffany [Rating: 6/10]
What can I say? It was enjoyable, but nothing I would go back and watch again. Does anyone draw parallels to "Ganbatte Ikkimasshoi" to this besides me? Anyways, Aya Ueto is extremely cute, but her performance as a "punk rocker" was almost a joke. Too wannabe NANA and not believable at all. The story has been way overdone. However, it had several endearing spots and cute moments as well.
27. Comments by sirhin [Rating: 8/10]
Youko's personality is great fun and it certainly makes everything more interesting and the actress who plays her fits so well! It's also a plus that Nishikido Ryo's in it. ^_^ It's a generally good drama, but if you're looking for a whole lot of romance, you'll be disappointed for there's only a HINT of it and it appears at the end. Even so, I thought it was nice and worth giving a go.
28. Comments by saikokru [Rating: 8/10]
Fun dorama, although formulaic in the all-too-Japanese way (misfit tries to do it alone, only to see that fitting it and doing it right is the proper way to go... while still retaining a bit of that rebellious self) ...which is not to say that it isn't fun ride.
Thoroughly enjoyable cast and story, although I would have hoped for a bit more satisfying ending.
29. Comments by uchi23 [Rating: 10/10]
just finished it right now.. ueto aya is the best young actress in japan right nao.. loved this drama and all its cast.. it has even made me consider working in an airport =].. but really a funny and warm feeling filled drama.. ueto aya is very charmin and kawaii in it.. so sad its done =( i want more.. lol but i relli hope it has a second season ^_^
30. Comments by Asakuro [Rating: 10/10]
Really nice drama. The story is about a tomboy trying to impress his boyfirend by signing up for the cabin attendant interview. The journey is long and hard for her and nobody would have imagine that she actually made it and even become one of the best. Her funny and boisterious behaviour have unknowingly affect her surrounding friends... MUST WATCH

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1. Helena
actually i can rate this drama better, provided if Ueto Aya n Nishikido Ryou can have more time on screen as a couple, coz thats wat i hav been waiting 4 since fr e 1st episode, e story is so so, there r lots of funny moments though, but overall its ok i guess, so dissappointed that ryou didnt confess his love 2 aya n vice versa, i thought at e end they will end up 2gether as a couple :(
2. uchi23
just finished it right now.. ueto aya is the best young actress in japan right nao.. loved this drama and all its cast.. it has even made me consider working in an airport =].. but really a funny and warm feeling filled drama.. ueto aya is very charmin and kawaii in it.. so sad its done =( i want more.. lol but i relli hope it has a second season ^_^
3. MakiharaR
This show is full of laughter and fun. Occasionally there are times where Misaki is forced to make difficult decisions, but she always makes it through. This isn't simply a comedic show, it is also one about hardships and the determination to get through them. Simply motivational, inspiring, and full of fun!
4. K.T.Tran
Heads up for everyone. Ep 5 and ep 6 will have you literally Rolling On Floor Laughing. I love Aya's character and her acting in this drama. She can play a lot different types of characters. The cast is pretty good too and so is the story. Will edit this comment after completely watching the drama.
5. Chrn0
Very cute and light hearted drama. Aya is cute as hell in this, and more true to her RL personality, at least more than her other dramas...

I'm kind of suspended between watching and now watching the last 2 episodes, i want to watch aya but i don't want AP to end so fast ><
6. aya83
just finished watching a laughable drama n i'm plan to watch it again with my frens..let's watch for those who still wondering what's the plot of this drama.i love all her crazy attitude. Let's vote for 2006 drama of the year!! go Aya...
7. CenturyLover
waaa kore sugoi naaa. I watched the first episode, it was really interesting! First I kinda doubted Aya, but she turned out to be real good and pretty^^ Ryotan was real kakkoii! Cant wait for next epis vv
8. mugenglider
No drama has involved me so much in its mania, its hysteria, its high-school age drama.
I will never forget Misaki-san's antics, nor those of the entire "Mikami-gang".
Let's go eat ramen sometime :)
9. lov_ayachan
attention please! anybody who has the english softsub or the hardsub Attention Please Special Drama, plz plz tell us in ueto aya forum...This drama very enjoyable n i keep laughing all the time.
10. AyaAya
Aya's so cute~!!!! In this drama we can see her being a straightforward and funny person who do things w/o much going thru de head however rumbling up hilarious scenes that makes my day XD
11. gto_girlz83
Enjoyable,laughable,entertaining...Don't know how to describe every single episode and i keep laughing all the times! Ueto Aya is really great in this drama! Watch our her AP Special..
12. Sangohan
It's a unique drama. One discover Cabien attendant's daily life though humoristical events. Cast is also pretty professional, and Ueto Aya plays a very very touching character in it.
13. crazy_of_u
a laughable drama to watch..another great drama from ueto aya that should be watch.. her character make me laugh, cry and sometimes feel the value of friendship..go Aya!!
14. enrique_chen
I can't help laughing when watching this dorama! |^_^| Aya's acting and performance was so good and she looked so KAWAIII in this dorama! Waiting for the SP edition!!!
15. cutie_girlz83
ATTENTION PLEASE!! This Ueto Aya's enjoyable drama 2 be watch.I suggest people 2 watch it n suitable 4 every generation.She's crazy n cute in stewardess uniform
16. ueto_aya
Attention Please!! This jdrama was really great, interesting and enjoyable. U may laugh and feel sad sometimes..Feel's touching and happiness from this drama
17. splendorheartbreaker143
I super love this drama not only because of the learnings and the good story it brings but also the characters most especially Maya Miki (Mikami Tamaki)
18. ThyGriever
Either Aya's best drama or one of the best! Touching, entertaining and very funny! I loved every second of it! I recommend this drama to anyone~
19. akane_MYV
It is an incredible drama, somehow it made me happy all the time..haha....really enjoyed watching it.
~~Wanna be a cabin attendant tooooo~~~~
20. jovie2109
is so funny to watch Aya's in this drama.she's so cute in cabin attendant dress n there's some plot about friendship which is good scene
21. Freefall
Supercool and funny drama. Great cast and especially Aya is just perfect for the role. She can really show her comedy talent here :-)
22. UetoAyaFanboy
Wow! Ueto Aya is at her best. The instructor is a good actress too. This drama hooked me till the last episode. Don't miss the two SP.
23. bcgurl
The bestest jdorama starring Ueto Aya. And there's Ryo.. And Chii-chan, the weird room-mate of Misaki Youlo. Heh. She's hilarious.
24. zhirong
The pace was good. The plot's funny and interesting. The acting by the casts was superb. All and all a drama that I enjoyed alot.
25. lov_aya
Very very enjoy this drama.Never get bored to watch it again and again..Aya was so cute n her acting skills has improved a lot..
26. aku
its told bout possitive side from being a cabin attendant,,n soo in love with NISHIKUDO RYOU,...n applause for Ueto Aya
27. greenepal_82
attention please..please watch this drama! it's still new drama n must be watch drama.. Aya was so kawaai...love her
28. odhie
aya ueto plays in this movie.. she's so funny,, and has talent.. anyways.. this movie is freaking hilarious..
29. Goldhawkz
speechless. one of the best comedy drama i've ever seen. some touching scenes also.. i watched it many times
30. kozue_girlz83
attention please..this was a drama that must be watch for any types of generation..aya's style was so cute

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