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Eita 瑛太

Star SignSagittarius
Birthday13 December 1982
Blood TypeB

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Filmography (23)
Wakamonotachi 2014 [2014]
Sato Satoru
Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi [2013]
Saikou no Rikon [2013]
Hamasaki Mitsuo
Lucky Seven [2012]
Nitta Teru
Soredemo, Ikite Yuku [2011]
Fukami Hiroki
Sunao ni Narenakute [2010]
Nakajima Keisuke/"Nakaji"
Voice [2009]
Kaji Daiki
Last Friends [2008]
Mizushima Takeru
Loss:Time:Life [2008]
Nakayama Haruhiko (story 1)
Atsu-Hime [2008]
Kimotsuki Naogoro/Komatsu Tatewaki
Nodame Cantabile [2006]
のだめ カンタビ−レ
Mine Ryutaro (Violin)
Sapuri [2006]
Ogiwara Satoshi
Unfair [2006]
Ando Kazuyuki
安藤一之 (23)
Tokyo Friends [2005]
Shintani Ryuuji
Minna Mukashi wa Kodomo Datta [2005]
Sagami Masa
佐上柾 (24)
Medaka [2004]
Sakuragi Taku
桜木 拓 (23)
Orange Days [2004]
Yashima Keita
矢嶋啓太 (22)
Water Boys [2003]
Tanaka Masatoshi
Kimi wa Petto [2003]
Horibe Junpei
Itsumo futari de [2003]
Morinaga Kohei
Remote [2002]
Sawamura Keisuke
Lunch no Joou [2002]
Sakai Noboru
Sayonara, Ozu Sensei [2001]

Users who voted for this artiste (81)
1. akira luver
well eita is one of the best young actor now n also very versatile...i juz luv him no matter how weird his hairstyles is....he is one of my most fav actor...i luv him the most as ando in unfair and mine in nodame...both character is very different but he manage to play both role convincingly...he is also great in any roles he played...eita is the best
2. EstherM
Joking about his ears lets me forget that he is in fact a great actor who has done some seriously good movie work! He has played many different characters in dramas as well, mostly very convincingly and he always delivered: in bad dramas he was the only shining thing, Last Friends and Suppli, come to mind.
3. Patazilla
One of my recent absolute favourites! First I loved his talent and then I recognised how good-looking he is. He really is versatile and acts a lot of totally interesting roles, you never get bored of. I'm looking forward to seeing more of his skills (and beauty X'D). Very sympathetic on screen.
4. tabemonster
Unassuming but extremely prolific--he's always popping up and dramas and movies when I least expect him. Eita is always a joy to watch, and isn't afraid to give him characters an extra umph. I don't know 'bout you guys, but I find his boy-next-door looks quite charming ^^
5. jicks
I've always thought he's been overlooked but I'm really glad he finally got to lead a series w/ Voice... it was about time!! I've known he was talented for a long time but it's only just become obvious to me that he also possesses ridiculously boy-next-door good looks xD
6. kaitosan20
his like the best actor out there even though he hasnt played a first roll in dramas his still the best unlike ppl like matsumoto jun he accually can act...i dont know why matsumoto jun is number 2 it should be eita..matsumoto shouldnt even be there>.<
7. janas
I saw him first in Sapuri, then in Orange Days, Nodame Cantabile and at least in Water Boys... He�Ls an actor. In Nodame was really really GREAT. He�Ls not the cutiest but I love him.
Eita rulezzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. TakumaSan
AMAZING actor !
i think he should play a starting role.. cuz he has a lot of talent...
matsumoto jun doesnt have any talent and yet he's second..
i dont kno what ppl see in that fagget..
9. marspeach
Crazy hair and Dumbo ears yet I still find him so attractive. Great varied roles like in Unfair, Loss Time Life, Nodame Cantabile... usually with goofy hairstyles that I only love him more for.
10. sucigam
Eita is one of those guys who seems destined to play supporting roles for the rest of his life but man is he ever good at what he does, probably the most underrated young actor on this site.
11. Lee-chan
He might not be as hot as those Johnny's kids but has more acting skill in his pinkie toe than in some entire Johnny's groups. He's especially endearing as various quirky characters.
12. Doramako
He's already done many dorama, but it wasn't until Last Friends that he caught my attention. I loved him in "Unfair" and now I'm just happy everytime I see him on the screen!�@
13. xhidex33
Cute actor (not so much appearance wise...). Great clothing in Itsumo futari de, stupid and funny in Water Boys and Orange Days, and awesome in Unfair... He's great... =D
14. bihearts
acting wise, he devour every Johnny's bishonens... really, i mean he is really great in evrything he does

i like him in Water Boys and in Nodame Cantabile.
15. jumigurl
love his wild hair, all the dramas he has acted in i've always notices him, eventhough he is the supporting actor. i'm now watching medaka, it is quite good
16. pedang_patah
bcuz he's so kawaii na in water boys!!!he's mysterious since not much about him is known.he's going to be a great actor in da future.
17. Rare
Love him in Tokyo Friends!! He's been in every jdorama I've seen XD All and all, he's a great actor and he's going to be a big star
18. addie
what can i say??!! he is simply awesome! great actor ... he makes me feel each role he plays!! and he is so handsome!!!!
19. weetzie_bat
eita is the bomb! he can do everything! he's one of those you can't take your eyes off of when he's onscreen.
20. cwenting
Versatile actor. He is not the very handsome type of actor but he definitely has certain unique charms.
Eita may be young but such a versatile actor! I have watched everything he is in, does not disappoint.
22. czajka
I saw him only in "Kimi wa Pet" and "Nodame...". Now I think that I must watch his all doramas :)
23. rossoneri
really like the way he played his character in last friends..i just think its brilliant...
24. sonychak
I can always relate myself to his characters. He plays likable rolls that you cannot hate.
25. chibichan
Cute face
Great Acting skill
Eita have it both, hope to see him often in various dorama
26. iluvhyde
Eita is the kind that can act without saying a word. I love to watch this guy, everytime!
27. bettebogart
A mostly supporting actor that should get more attention, a very strong acting talent.
28. Chelsea47
He's a tough-looking guy and all his dramas fitted his personality...
29. thereisnomail
great in everything ive seen him in, although similarish characters
30. delta_young
nice acting! saw him in various movies as an outstanding figure...

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