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Katori Shingo 香取慎吾 ( Shingo Katori )

NameKatori Shingo
JPop GroupSMAP
Star SignAquarius
Birthday31 January 1977
Blood TypeA

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Filmography (28)
Kazoku no Katachi [2016]
Nagasato Daisuke
永里大介 (39)
SMOKING GUN ~Ketteiteki Shoko~ [2014]
Nagareta Enishi
Kasuka na Kanojo [2013]
Kamiyama Akira
Hiratsuka Heihachi
Shiawase ni Narou yo [2011]
Takakura Junpei
Kochikame [2009]
Ryotsu Kankichi (Ryo-san)
MR. BRAIN [2009]
a hijacker (ep. 8)
Bara no nai Hanaya [2008]
Shiomi Eiji
汐見英治 (30)
Galileo [2007]
Tagami Shoichi (epi 4)
Saiyuuki [2006]
Shinsengumi [2004]
Kondo Isami
HR [2002]
Todoroki Shingo
轟 慎吾
Hito ni Yasashiku [2002]
人にやさしく / 3ピース
Maeda Zen
前田 前 (26)
Star no Koi [2001]
Koda Iori
Love Story [2001]
Nabetomo Kyoji
Ai kotoba wa yuki [2000]
Yomigaeru kinro [1999]
Koi wa aserazu [1998]
Ichiban taisetsu na hito [1997]
Ii hito [1997]
Boku ga boku de aru tame ni [1997]
Doku [1996]
Toumei ningen [1996]
Aji ichimonme Season 2 [1996]
味いちもんめ 2
Miseinen [1995]
室岡 仁
Sashow taeko saigo no jiken [1995]
For you [1995]
Onegai demon! [1993]

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Users who voted for this artiste (51)
1. sakura_shinguji
I remember when first time I see him, I was sad and lonely. And then I take my SMAP cd and watch it, and he make me laugh everytime he appear. Even he sometimes just like kid, and the way his SMAP brother treat him like kid, I love it. Coz that is the main thing make him so cute. After that I try to watch all of his drama and I think he is one of the best actor in Japan. He can act, he can sing, he can dance....all the thing as an entertainer is inside him. More than I expected. His smile is the point that make me love him, smile truly from heart..original smile. He can smile even he is sad and lonely..He can smile even he lost something valueable in his life. And his smile, cheering me up everytime I see him...Luv ya with all my heart! Gambate ne Shingo!
2. Leyy
i love the way he talk...i may not understand it, coz i don't understand japanese but he always make me laugh...so i guess he is a funny guy...plus aside from takuya-san being oh so hot and sexy...he ranks 2nd to my sexiest man in japan .....i've yet to see his drama yet...arrrggghh i've so got so much more to learn in japanese entertainment...not that i'm complaining..ha ha ha
3. chibichan
actually i only watch him in Bara no nai hanaya, still i fall in love with him. He have a sexy and deep voice, and a mature look. My ideal type of man. Well, when i started to watch SmapxSmap, kinda shock, because he is too funny for my ideal man. But i still love him...
4. jashingo
My ichiban daisuki~ He had different kind of roles in different dramas.. & he always bring that character out well! From a boy to man.. Love his Love Story, The Wolf & Shinsengumi the most~ He's the most kakoii Kondo Sensei!! Hehe =)
5. ryoko293
OMG SHINGO chan! Wasn't he cute as Shingo Mama? Katsuken? Dressed up as Ninja? Oliver Kahn?(=German soccer player) ... and more .. .does he have his own identity? haha
no, he is really cute and I like his naughtyness YAY~
6. aznpride26
Hey! I love shingo! he seems like a great and funny guy! much love for shingo...i love him as a member of smap and i love him in hito ni yasashiku. very nice drama. you should watch it. okay?
7. moeru_h
The guy's so funny... the things he does. Esp. that Shingo mama song. Oh, I love him as Kondo Isami in Shinsengumi! I couldn't think of anyone more suited for the role. A great actor indeed!
8. Megumi-san
Best smile ever! Wonderful voice, good actor, great personality and really a true comedian at heart. All around wonderful guy! Gotta love Shingo! He's my ichiban!
9. Fye_D.Flowright
the one and only person can make smile each time I see him. Giving me strength, bright my days, and the reason why I still love SMAP....
Love you with all my heart!
10. Cherry Blossom
Amazing voice! Listen to his parts in Lion heart and Celery..you'll see. *faints* Extremely funny, great personality and an even better bod!
11. jgal
Probably the best actor in SMAP because of his versatility of being able to be funny and then be serious in a role. AND ALSO THE HOTTEST!!
12. hikkie
funny guys also the creatif member of smap ,sometimes look crazy but he doesnt care about that..^0^ always look happy
13. Juhis
I respect him.. I see he has a great future in acting.. though he is a funny but can be serious guy (sometimes).
14. ping_bong
Where can u find an actor who can act funny and be serious at the same time? The answer is right in front of u!
15. news_kty247
Shingo is sooo funny, cute, and i love his smile! A wonderful actor and singer!
16. katrinka
A really good actor. Gives his all everytime he takes on a new project!
17. xhidex33
Dai suki~ Both as Shingo-kun and Shingo Mama~ Tottemo Kawaiiiiiiiiiii
18. kumukurukuk
i like him, I think he's a great actor plus he's cute and can sing.
19. :::hALuCin8:::
Funny character...he makes me laugh! And he's kinda cute at times!
20. tk_iva
the baby of SMAP!!! he is now super interested in english...
21. aishetru
funny. always can make people laugh. has a sunshine smile.
22. Kachu
He was great in bara no nai hanaya!
And I love his smile.
23. kirakira
Fell for him in Love Story......The Kawaii Baby in Smappu.
24. jrenfuweix8956
yea~ SMAP~ he is very shuai... bu not photogenic worrx...
25. Taisuke
They're SMAP, and I love them. They're my biggest love !
26. kimjj33
A hilarious actor!!
He can act, sing, dance, and cook!
27. doramaqueen2004
He is so cute! He has changed so much over the years.
28. JAKQ
Great in Shinsengumi, and I love his SmaStation.
29. keiichi_mibara
�� �ˆ����I Can't wait for your new dorama!
30. celery
Funny guy. Recently watching him in HR.

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