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Hongo Kanata 本郷奏多 ( Kanata Hongo )

NameHongo Kanata
Star SignScorpio
Birthday15 November 1990

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Filmography (11)
Kakkou no Tamago wa Dare no Mono [2016]
Kamijo Fumiya
Chanpon Tabetaka [2015]
Yoshida Masami
Yowakutemo Katemasu [2014]
Kamezawa Junichi
Nazo no Tenkosei [2014]
Mirai Nikki ANOTHER:WORLD [2012]
Moriguchi Rui
Yankee-kun to Megane-chan [2010]
Izumi Gaku
Seigi no Mikata [2008]
Okamoto Riku
Tantei Gakuen Q [2007]
Makino Daisuke
Seito Shokun! [2007]
Himitsu no Hanazono [2007]
Kataoka Hinata
Aikurushii [2005]
Nagumo Shu
南雲愁 (11)

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Users who voted for this artiste (44)
1. rookie-chan
kanata-kun is a really good actor (especially when he acted in NANA 2). He got the appeal to the audience- good looks plu good acting is equals to a genius like him. He acts naturally, and just a look at him, he looks like a kind person. Waa! >w< *carried away mode* and he is also the ryoma echizen in PoT live action and he played very well. Nya! 5 thumbs up for Knata Hongo-kun! ^_^ Gambatte!
2. kiku4
A very cute actor! I loved him in Himitsu no Hanazono. He was able to show the different sides to his character very well, and made a sad scene which would've been cheesy, very dramatic because his tears were so real. I hope he gets more roles in the future!
3. littleviet.
he's is so cuteee !
i like him. =D
want to see him.
but i'm 5 years younger then him.
maby i go to japan 2 years later, because i love
japan sins when i was young
4. je-chan
-I don't like Kanata Hongo...

I love him! Hehe..
he's cute in Prince of Tennis, he suits the role of Echizen Ryoma very well. Two thumbs up for Kanata-chan!

5. r1n
I just cried after watching ep 9 of Himitsu no Hanazono...3 years younger than me but damn u have great acting skills...ganbatte!!! I'll keep watching ur dramas
6. Zapper
I seen Hongo Kanata in Hinokio and also i seen him in prince of tennis. I really like Hongo Kanata and his acting he's a very smart boy to be in such movies.
7. michaela
he's very cute in himitsu no hanazono and hinokio but i like all of his performances esp with shida mirai in seigi no mikata.. they're so sweet together ^^
8. akira luver
this boy is just too cute and he also can act...so far i luv him the most as hinata in himitsu and ryoma in pot...i still havent seen nana2..
9. rahci akumatsu
first i saw him in the movie moon child..

he is really cute there...


kanata~san wa kakkoi desu >_<

i wish i can meet him
10. uchijin
He's a very good actor, and I would love to see more of his work later. Just wish you'd look your age *pinches his cheeks*
11. teragram
ahhhhh he's sooo cute :3 and very good actor just watched him in Seigi no Mikata now gonna watch his other films
12. hidezawa_himeko
i love him so much even i don't really like his acting.. not bad but he always played the sililiar characters.
13. rikku-chan
i love him cuz he's cute and very good in acting... i really love him in prince of tennis live action..
14. Frits
i hope he can improve his acting skill because he has more potention to be a great actor
15. nurul addina
hmmm, i vote him cuz my younger sister force. she like him very much...hehehe
16. kudoh
I love him!!!!! So Coool, looks so handsome all the time. and kawaii desu.
17. norika17
He's so adorable! I wish I could see him personally some day... Kawaii!!!
18. kath-san
yeah...he's so cool. he really act like Ryoma Echizen!
19. hayashi_nikka
because he is one of my favorite artist in japan..
20. Aiji.Y
21. aqilah oo
22. jessica161285
cool cool cool
23. gr@ce
24. est33
25. saito.hikaru
26. adrxuan
27. Ohmiya
28. partn3rsincrime
29. danicz24
30. Aini

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