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Sawajiri Erika 沢尻エリカ ( Erika Sawajiri )

NameSawajiri Erika
Star SignAries
Birthday08 April 1986
Blood TypeA�^
Height160 cm
B/W/H83 / 58 / 86

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Filmography (8)
Haha ni Naru [2017]
Kashiwazaki Yui
Yokoso, Wagaya e [2015]
Kandori Asuka
First Class Season 2 [2014]
ファースト クラス 2
Yoshinari Chinami
吉成ちなみ (27)
First Class [2014]
ファースト クラス
Yoshinari Chinami
Taiyou no uta [2006]
Amane Kaoru
雨音 薫 (18)
Ichi Ritoru no Namida [2005]
Ikeuchi Aya
池内亜也 (15)
Aikurushii [2005]
Kizaki Honoka
木崎 ほのか (18)
Hotman [2003]
Akikawa Satsuki

Users who voted for this artiste (292)
1. OCster
This girl has the whole package. She's so cute and beautiful, but more importantly she managed to pull off such a difficult role in 1LOT with such talent and conviction. She simply astonished me. I really don't know how she was able to do it, to play the role of a girl who slowly loses all physical ability and make it look so real *blinks* I will NEVER forget her portrayal of Aya... she broke my heart and lifted my spirits with every eye blink. This girl is going to get far, I can promise you that much!

EDIT. She's really turning the tables on herself, isn't she. Erika hasn't really made much of herself lately (more of getting on people's nerves). Her atttiude has most certainly damaged her reputation. I can only hope she does not continue to spiral down and drive herself onto people's hate lists. She can be so much better than this!
2. Sorata
My favorite actress, she�Ls really beautiful, great acting and her singing his ok. I watched her in 1 Litre of Tears, Taiyou no Uta, Ghost Train, Angels Egg, Closed Note, Sugar&Spice, Shinobi, Hotman and Tegami. Like everyone says her most memorable role was in 1 Litre of Tears but my favorite one was Kaoru Amane in Taiyou no Uta, i really fell in love with that character, such a strong character despite the terminal desease and i loved her singing in the dorama.
It�Ls a pity that the fact that she�Ls a bitch in real life destroyed her career, and at the same time killed some of the mystic i had for some of her characters(1 Litre of Tears and Taiyou no Uta).
But i�Lm still a big fan so i hope she returns some day.
3. minilight1080
I first saw her in 1 litre of tears and omg she was really good. She is a really good actress....The disease in 1 litre of tears i believe is hard to acted out and she manages to pull it off with her good acting skills. I think she has a good crying skills based on what i see of her in 1 litre of tears. not to mention she is very pretty too..the next drama i saw of her was taiyou no uta I think she can sing okay but not the best but keep trying to sing erika..and practice.
4. megumi s.
her performance in 1 litre no namida is AMAZING. she really convincingly played a girl with a disease that slowly and progressively gets worse. this is definitely not easy. not only that but to convincingly convey the emotional turmoil of knowing that she may die from the disease is also not easy. her performance in Taiyou no uta was not as convincing, but 1 litre's performance is hard to follow up. worth keeping an on for the future
5. Finndlin
Ok, her reputation is shot nowadays, but still I think she a stunning actress. She went trhough several difficult role and was very convincing. That's a shame she won't probably act anymore, as she really is brilliant. Her masterpiece is "ichi ritoru no namida" but she was also extremely good in Taiyô no Uta. While cast in romantic/dramatic roles Erika is just splendid.
6. kchibi
im female myself but i gotta admit she's reaaaaly hot!!! i think all guys will drool over her hehe XD not only her face is good but her acting skills are a plus too!! only seen her in Ichi Littoru, her different expressions/emotions were sooo real which really made me feel her pain in the story too...~ i am sure she will become a big star in the near future! ^^
7. lilbabi1004
I first saw her in Ichi Litoru no Namida, and her acting skills were remarkable. I mean not anybody could play the role of a progressingly disabled teenager. She portrays the innocence and horror of the disease convincingly (yes there were some drawbacks). With her acting along with her cute smile, i'm sure she'll continue to charm in her future performances.
8. tsubasa_ash
Don't overlook Erika's talents by her pretty looks!!! Erika's way of acting portrayed the actual "Aya" so well...so touching, that the 1 litre of tears became such a great series...!!! Not to mention, she is so drop-dead gorgeous...tho her acting in taiyou no uta was a bit disappointing...but I seriously look forward to her upcoming movies...dramas and such!
9. ayumihamasakisan
Wow... Just wow. She pulled off one of the deepest roles I've seen anywhere in "1 Litre of Tears", and at the mere age of what, 19? She'll go REALLY far in the near future. Even people in my school in Hawaii (Roosevelt) are getting touched by her acting. Considering we're an English-dominated school, she's truly amazing.
10. littlemnazngirl
This is the first time i saw erika's movies and gosh she was amazingly good in taiyou no uta. she's a very good atress to be able to let you feel what she's feeling too. i cried with her. and gosh she is super kawaii. and i love her hair. she's so cute and a really amazing actress. i LOVE her.
11. MSZ-006C1
I only knew her as a Gravure Idol. Nice cute face, nice body, etc.
Well, since I watched "1 liter no namida" I have to revise my judgement : she proved she was also a very good actress, although she is still young. Her performance in this drama is really impressive !
12. Antique Pop
Before Ichi Rittoru no Namida, I only knew of her as an idol. I always thought she was so beautiful, but upon watching Ichi Rittoru, her performance has managed to move me to tears. She is a great actress! Hope to see her in more roles in the future.
13. ex(alibur`
put up a superb performance in tears. nobody could have done a better/more convincing job acting as the role of aya then erika, given more so the fact that it was her first major role. good looks + great acting skills = whats there not to like?
14. Jani
I must admit that her acting in Taiyo no Uta and 1 Litre of Tears are tearjerkers but there is something raw still about her acting. She will continue to grow with the years and hopefully jdramas will continue to polish the gem that she is.
15. darknitelight
She does a very nice job in 1 Liter Tears considering how she has to act out her part with her condition. And i agree with all of you other people that think her part in Shinobi was too small. But her part in hotman made sense.
16. Grim Eyes
Quite possibly the hottest and cutest girl on the planet. Being this cute is probably illegal in some parts of the world. Great performance in 1 litre of tears, proving she's not just about looks. Did I mention she was cute?
17. Jackykero
After seing her in 1 liter of tears, I was sure she was going to become a huge actress. Seing her in Taiyou no uta only confirmed it. I can't wait for her next dorama.
Don't you think she has something of Kimura Takuya?
18. cutina124
She blows me away with her acting. She can bring a light to the screen that many other japanese actors lack. Also her perseverance in both or her sad drama's just make you love her. I almost wish I could be like her.
19. venusling
She's a new actress but she act like experience actress in 1 litre tears drama! No one can replace her in this role coz she did really well in protrait AYA character. Hope to see this pretty gal in more dramas! ^ ^
20. Keru-chan
Erika is my absolutely favourite female actress. She's so amazing in One Litre of tears/Ichi Rittoru no Namida as Aya, I believe this role isn't easy to play, but she did an excellent job! Really amazing actress!
21. zushan
She was simply brilliant in 1 litre of tears. I don't really base a persons acting on just one show! But for her it was a special case. She is surely one of the Japanese drama industries greatest assets!
22. Jalapeno
She's really really good in "Ichi Rittoru no Namida". At first I didn't believe in her talent but geez, she made the whole drama so good and I can't think of anyone else who can take on that role!
23. Akira_m
Her acting, smile n everything is just magical n mesmerizing.. Superb performance in ichi ritoru no namida... Taiyo no uta was another reflection of her cool direct personality. She gets my vote!
24. IchibanB
She is very cute, and an excellent actor who really made me want to protect her in 1 Litre of Tears. It was painful to watch her in that excellent drama, but it was also a wonderful performance.
25. wecky
i have seen not much doramas but i think erika its one of the most female artists that had a full performance, really nice n enjoyed
1 liter of tears hope i can see more of her in jdoramas
26. bamboo
One of the most beautiful, gifted, with great potential young actresses in Japan and hopefully rising star for the whole Asia in near future. A must-know name for current Japan showbiz.
27. tenshi01
For her first major role in 1 Litre of Tears, she did a excellent job as Aya. She made you believe in her character, great acting skills. Hope to see her in more dramas in the future
28. AjiKan
Saw her in "1 Rittoru no Namida" and i just had to vote for her. She portrayed Aya so well in there, and it was as if I could feel her pain. Hats off to her, she did a great job. ^^
29. Acedia
Her performance in 1 Litre of Tears was brilliant. At times, the way she performed, it touched you to the degree where you felt like your heart was being ripped out from your chest.
30. liquid
very talented actress...the next takako tokiwa...very cute....really make me impress....did a very good job in 1 liter tears...I will be a big fans for this talented actress....

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